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14 thoughts on “Passive Forex Profits”

  1. backtest before 14 november is good, but after 14th november is all loosing…don’t know why. also trades is less a lot compare with backtest.

  2. Been trading approximately 10 hours and have made a loss of 16.50 dollars!!! This robot is a complete SCAM!!!

  3. It made lots of trade and lot’s of losses also, more than it’s winning trade. I asked Martin about this he don’t have an answer so far. Agree with other reviewers here.

  4. This EA is buying at resistance and selling at support, that is a TERRIBLE trading strategy. Will be asking for my money back!

  5. No trades in 5 days & insufficient replies fm Mr Henderson.

    Have asked Plimus for a refund & awaiting response fm Plimus / Supermo mktg.

    The free ones are better than this one….


  6. been using it for 3 days on the vsp server no trades
    a complete waste of money no reply back from mr henderson

    probably say good by to my money

  7. well i have only been demo trading for a few months and know how hard it is when you have no experience so i thiught i would try this .what a load of shit . after looking at loads of other robots and magical indicators that will make you rich . then going onto comment boards only to find that all of them are shit. I have come to the conclusion that these vutures will lie and lie ,their money back guarantee is not worth the paper its on,its to late they already have your money . They will prey on everyone looking for the easy answer . there aint one FOREX IS A MINE FIELD BE CAREFULL . GOOD LUCK .PS IF I FIND THE HOLY GRAIL I WILL SELL IT FOR 97 DOLLARS.LOL

  8. I have bought this product. There is a pdf booklet which is also sent which concentrates more on downloading the metatrader platform than it does on the actual system. It’s very confusing to say the least. Yes there is a support email address but the sender unfortunately does not respond to emails like he says. I think a lot of time has been spent on the sales copy but not the actual product.
    I am in the process of getting my money back.
    Please could someone advise me that there is such a forex product that can make you money or are all of these so called guru’s part of a national conspiracy???

  9. I had to take it off my live account it lost 5 trades within 30 mins at a cost of $59.00 it’s now in the recycle bin and thats were it’s staying.

  10. I have just cheched this guys address on google earth well it aint millionaire row its council house ken row . this bloke is such a c–t he is now sending me other peoples robots , why would i want another when his one will make me rich . SAYS IT ALL

  11. I bought into this Forex system in November but never obtained the promised software. I decided to withdraw in December, within thirty days of purchase and re-claim by fee. Although I have written to the company several times I have yet to recieve an answer. I have also instructed my bank not to make any payment to these people. In my opinion i consider this practice to be corrupt. If I am wrong then let the company tell me so directly.

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