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37 thoughts on “Nova Code Trader”

  1. Good Day All
    I’ve been getting lots of Emails for Nova Code Trader and it sounds really good but I’ve run into a problem. Being this.
    My Norton Keeps saying Treat Found when I try and download both the Installer as well as the EXE file.

    I don’t know if there is something his this file or not but my Norton Keeps deleting it.

    If any one else has the same problem and they get past Norton please let me know how.

    Thanks all and Happy Trading.

  2. The big hype on this NovaCode is the constant range bar application. I down loaded the application and installed it on my MT4. Looks good when it runs, but I can not keep it running. The range bars work for a time and then stops working. The software seems very unstable. I have to constantly reload the app by execute on chart command. The instructions say use all the indicators you are used to using, I have only used support/resistance lines and Fibonacci retraces, but doing anything on the chart stops the range bar app. Supposedly range bars for EURUSD is 8 pips. That works for awhile, and then, it starts bars which are only 7.9 pips or 7.8 pips. They are not necessarily the constant range as advertised. There seems to be no support for the free range bar app offered, which is a shame, since it makes one wondering if this is just some flaky app thrown together that they are going to try to sell, and then offer no support. Idea seems to have merit, but the application comes up short. At this point, it seems like more hype, no delivery.

  3. I attended their “canned” webinar! What a crock of BS.
    They say that they are only releasing 100 copies? More BS.
    These two clowns who were on the webinar? I recognize their voices from other webinars. They’re “profesional” rip-off artists!

  4. I made the order $1997 and got one of those %^%^&&* upsell pitches. Plimus called to verify my purchase and I googled here and decided to NOT approve my purchase. Boy if they ever got their sales pitch out of this lame format they might have sold me.

  5. I sat for 2 hours through their presentation and believe it was canned. Well done but not professional. Saying the things that a struggling or novice trader would like to hear but making it sound just too easy. I guess the same recording will be played a number of times more. Judging from their comments they “sold” more than 25 packages in the first 30 minutes. Playing on the fear of lost opportunity! They have about 6 more webinars planned but will only make 100 packages in total available. You figure! Anyone that claims to forecast the forex market for weeks to come is just not convincing. Selling too hard with the special offers but no real substance. I may be wrong but will give this one a miss for now.

  6. Bought the Package and will UPDATE in couple of Weeks..

    They give you 60 Days Money Back and I used 3 installments using Paypal and Plimus….So you know if you are NOT satisfied you will get your money back 100%..

  7. The one presentor has been pre-recorded. Further it is 99% marketing talk and no essence of what sets their system apart. Thanks Steve ann other guys for your comments. I also sat through the webinar.

  8. I attended 2 seminars today (3-23) on the Nova Code. I got in the 1:00 seminar and started recording it right away. I was about 8 minutes late into this supposedly filled seminar. Funny thing, 2 hour seminar recorded in 2-3 minutes???? Not much substance to seminar, no real applications shown, just a lot of hype. About time they first announced web site for special offer, I tried to find it. but could not find site. I then checked out recording, there is count down clock to show when special offer is over. ha ha! I then attended the 4;00 pm seminar and had the 2 hour live seminar recorded by 4:05 pm EST. I then left the live seminar and checked my 2nd recording. The whole seminar is there. At 4:35 PM I found the special offer site, at least 25 minutes before it is announced in the live seminar. ( No, this seminar is definitely not live.) Supposedly over $12,000.00 of software and bonuses offered for just $2497.00. No, special deal! All the software plus even more offered for $1997.00 or if you prefer, just 3 easy payments of $797.00! I am sorry, but the hype does not match the reality. As mentioned earlier, some of the software in the package was sold last summer under a different name. There is a site promoting NovaCode and AvaFX Metatrader that has pictures of the charts from the software being offered. Definitely 1st 5 modules same software from summer 2010. Should the buyer beware? I am pretty skeptical, maybe you should be too! Personally I do not think trading the forex can be as easy as they try to make it out to be. There is definitely money in forex trading, but one has to work at it. I believe you only need 40 pips net per day, every day, loses kept to to minimum and you can make very nice income. Too bad that free range bar app is so flaky! My goal is trade the morning European and London session and be done at 6:00 or 7:00 AM EST. About 5 hours!

  9. Have been paying close attention to nova code and was put off by a few things… firstly they promote range bars but then go on to show you two methods of trading which are not using range bars. They talk about the equity curve and how flat it should look and give an example of using more than one non correllated trade to reduce draw down which does make good sense, but then go on to show you their new equity curve which turns out to be precisely the same as the first one. The only difference is (if you look at the scale on the right) they’ve changed the scale properties on the chart making the curve look flatter.

  10. what a bunch of crap any one can put # on past chart to show wre the money could have been made only idots would by this people wake up this same system was on the market less than a year ago all I can say is people are stupid if you fall for this crap

  11. Hello All
    I tried to Download the Range Bars but my Norton AV keeps deleting it because it says there is a Threat inside.
    I emailed NC and asked them 4 times how this could get fixed and so far I have not heard anything back from them.
    This may sound funny but this Webinar sounds a lot like one that was put on a while back.
    Also it seemed like some of the phrases were cut off before they were finished. Bad Editing as far as I’m concerned.

  12. The range bar script they distributing is stolen from me:
    They use a 2 years old version of range bars. If any one can help me track down their contact info I would appreciate it very much.
    Note, the was registered on Feb. 22 and is protected by WhoisGuard (so I cannot easily find the real name of Barron). Maybe someone who purchased their software can use the credit card company to track them down?

    Kind regards,

  13. You guys are a lifesaver. I will not be purchasing the Nova Code Trader. One of the men on the recording I have heard before promoting other forex material or an EA. I am almost 100% certain it was a recording and not a live event. Hope the folks that purchased get their refunds promptly upon request.

  14. exactly correct… a bogus webinair I new it was a scripted recording when 10 min into it I clicked the link again from my other computer and it started from the beginning….LOL And then on and on and on..with the same hype. and of course fake questions at the end…LOL Like someone mentioned above, the voices seemed familiar… Save your money…

  15. A COMPLETE SCAM! Don’t walk away, RUN! People like these( who by the way are not the exception) should be put in JAIL!

  16. here is what i got when i asked for a refund…

    “Sorry, but your refund request is rejected. As per our refund policy,
    you are required to trade the systems for at least 30 days and submit
    your trading statement to qualify for the refund. Once you do that, we
    will verify if you indeed trade according to our rules. If you do and
    the systems are not profitable in this 30 day period proven by your
    account statement, well promptly issue a courteous and prompt refund.
    As you know, per our refund policy customers need to provide a 30-day
    trading statement on a live or demo account that show the systems are
    not profitable to receive a refund. We would please ask you to respect
    it the same way we guarantee we will respect any personal refund
    request after fulfilling the refunds conditions. If you have a
    Support/Technical-related question, please send an email to and we are happy to help you out. Thanks
    a lot.”

    looks like i will have to find a 2nd job too get my money back..

  17. At last a place where others can come learn and be warned!

    Here it is quiet simply……In the email from these people they actually give an address for Baron…….do it yourselves
    do a google search on the address…….A YOUTH HOSTEL IN VENICE!!!!…. and this guy is a professional trader… always use due diligence people. A professional successful trader is not living in a youth hostel.

  18. Did you guys who bought Nova Code get a early or pre-release of the poroduct? I missed the webinar last week but I got another email from “Baron” yesterday saying that the BIG RELEASE of Nova Code will be this Tuesday the 29th. Thanks to all your posts here, I won’t be attending it.

    There is a fourth video added to the series as well but it is just more sales hype for this thing, showing entry and exit points on a chart. LOL It’s pretty easy to add those points to an old chart amd make it look like big wins were made.

    Once again I’m glad for this site. It is the ONLY true and honest review site for these forex products.

  19. To those who bought this stuff and want refund. Simply use Paypal or your credit card company for refund request. Barron would have trouble to fight them from the Youth Hostel 🙂

  20. Thanks …Lionel,I have had the same reponse as you have had…Just an ongoing battle between the vendor and myself with Plimus just looking on. I have complained to Plimus re: the misleading refund wording..still just ignored me. I have contacted my credit card company explaining the scam and also noted that Plimus were very unhelpful as regards refund action. Will let you know of any progress. Thanks for the info and comments.

  21. @LEE..

    I am gonna try for 30 days and if I don’t win more than 797$ using their stupid indicator than I am going to ask for refund again..If plimus doesn’t help then hopefully PAYPAL will..

  22. Do not fool yourself. 60 days made for the time to collect their money and disapearing. the sales pitch is too fast. I have participate webinars with real mentor that promised to reveakl all his trading secrets for 2 K $ but not much decide o participate.
    search the internet and you wikll find authentic orders for 467 USD only. If it is so good why the discount?
    Never belive any one that says he ment to sell only 100 copies !!!
    what a junk !!!

  23. what am i suppose to do if those ahole don’t give my money back?

    well so far this is are my close trade using nova trader system indicator 1…


    I got 5 more trades open in my demo account and they have -181$…I should have used TRAILING STOPS…

  24. Hello Traders,

    I guess I am in the same boat as most. I have also written my thesis to Plimus. No respond yet. The vendor did response with his same story of 30 day refund. Will be contacting the credit card company end of business today.

  25. Hi Folks

    I will never purchase any other product from Plimus again.

    They took my money then held on to it for 4 days before releasing the product. Before that time I email Plimus support and asked to close my order and refund. In the end I had to use PayPal support to get the refund. If any of you purchased this piece of Cr*p via PayPal go to them to help you, like they did for me.


  26. Hello All

    This might sound strange but then again mayby not.But after the first webinar with only a limited number of NCs up for grabs I think it was 240 or around there that the nova code system would be sold out by now.

    I keep getting all of these invites to the webinar again even after the thing is over and that tells me something.

    1 either they didn’t sell all of them because of the high price because no one could afford it.

    2 They had more NCs than they claim to have had.


    3 they are trying another marketing scam.

    I don’t think I’m the only one right now getting these Emails.

    BTW the last Video sounds alot like the webinar but just bits and parts of it.
    I might be wrong but I don’t think so.
    For those of you who bought it Good luck on your Trading.

    For those of you who didn’t Don’t.

    Happy Trading to all and have a Great Weekend.

  27. Hello Ken,

    It is possible for you to email your refund email to me so that I can also add that to my dispute form to my credit card company?


  28. Glad I got my credit I am getting bombarded with sellers now selling it at $297.00 this show everyone it was a con.

    Hi Mr N I did not get an email I used the on-line PayPal system


  29. I bought this package and it is working fine with me and making money. It is expensive though but it would be my last purchase if it did not work. But so far it is awersome. I hope it will keep that way.

  30. I downloaded and installed the free constant range bars and was having problems running it, it would slow down my computer and freeze MT4, so I reinstalled Oanda’s MT4 over the current installation without deleting the current installation and haven’t had a problem since. After I got it running I realized that the installation program also installs a template which is all you’ll need to make money. I only trade from 8-1 NY time and it gives me several trades a day I just follow the line indicator in their custom MACD, which loads with the template,if it points up buy if it points down sell. I only take 15-20 pips a trade but there are many trades which could easily get 50+ pips. I didn’t pay a dime for it and I grew my account 28% last week using 50:1 leverage. I agree that their webinars are a bunch of BS designed to rob you blind but the constant range bars are great once you add the template to it and realize how to use it. I realized what they gave me on my own, don’t pay any attention to what the promotional videos say they’ll just confuse you.

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