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No Loss RobotNo Loss Robot comes out of the blue and announces that it can trade 100% successfully and 100% automatically. That’s certainly an outrageous claim – I’m yet to see a system that is really flawless – that’s impossible. Could it be a play on numbers? You be it is.

But first, the features. No Loss Robot has grown from a manual trading system which was based on trend spotting. The authors claim to have had great success with their system and they have decided to automate the process. As a result the robot is trend based too.

As the key unique feature of the system the specification lists the simultaneous monitoring of 8 different time frames. All the information helps the robot to detect trends with 100% precision, as stated. In addition to that, it adapts to different market conditions which play the most important part in trends, however no extra information about it is revealed.

Among other features, No Loss Robot has a built-in money management system, supports all currency pairs and works with any account size.

However, the trading statements reveal the real characteristics of this EA and where the 0% loss comes from. It’s a play with numbers extraordinaire. You see, the monthly statements show closed profitable trades, which account for 100% success, but what the authors fail to mention is the huge floating loss which is not counted into the bottom line! If you take that into account, you get 95% success rate.

But that’s not all. Since the negative trades aren’t closed early enough and they are left eating up the account(!) the average loss trade is enormous. And that’s a pity, because even with big floating loss, the bottom line is profitable at about 20% ROI.

Other characteristics show that “No Loss Robot” aims at about 150 pips Take Profit with about 20 pips Stops Loss. The risk/reward ratio in turn is ~0.13, which is reasonably small. However, many trades have no stop loss at all, which explains how the aforementioned floating loss is possible.

I can’t but conclude that this robot isn’t complete, since it doesn’t cut the losses. Unless you consider it to be a semi-automated system where it’s up to you to close the unprofitable trades.

Overall, I should probably recommend against No Loss Robot for its ludicrous attempt to fool us into thinking it’s flawless. However, it has potential in the right hands, because despite such a big flaw it ends up profitable at the bottom line (from the statements provided).

Some more facts:

  • Cost: $149
  • Guarantee: 60 days 100% Money Back
  • Currencies supported: All
  • Updates: Life-time free

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11 thoughts on “No Loss Robot”

  1. I appreciate your comments. I have lost money with every robot I have tried except the No Loss robot. I have only paper traded the No Loss robot and it has won for me impressively. However, before trusting it with real money, I wanted to get some negative review about the robot. This is the best such review I have found so far.
    All of the robots I have tried will win sometime but they have huge drawdowns. If I watched the robot every few minutes and did not use it when I could not watch it, I might make money with it. The same might could be said for all the other robots. I am almost ready to try it with real money but want to paper trade it some more.

  2. Good review and true. I have been trading it on a live account and was doing great for a short while. There was a change in direction on several currency pairs and I think the robot looks aat the long term trend ( will say it was long), but the short term trend was going short, so got into many trades going the wrong way. I don’t think there is a stop loss so they just kept going. Lost two thirds of my account. I did not realize there was no stop loss, of course it didn’t show one on the trade terminal, but usually there is a hidden one so the brokers don’t know where it is and hit it to get you out. I should have manually gotten out, but was too late as it really went down whilt away at work. You are right, if you can sit and watch your trades it might work okay, I did make about $1500 in 2 weeks on a $4,000 account, but lost more than that now. Thinking at this point that the only way to trade currencies is manually, have tried several robots.
    Hope this helps!!!

  3. Pleased I read these comments. As usual these EAs are just toooo good to be true. Glad I didnt purchase it,Im sure after a month Id be wanting a refund.
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment

  4. Well All is true I really appreciate all the comments. Although I didn’t use the robot and no interest in buying it but it work fine . If the only the stoploss module can be include into the coding of the robot. it will be fine. i trade edging so most time i don’t use stoploss because i edge any trade going against my wish, with very small lot size and when market reached it saturation point it reversed so far each edging steps has different take profit most time i have winning trades. I use edging in replace of stoploss.

  5. yeah thanks alot! so many trashy tricky people out there selling real crap! why not just be honest about it and tell the simple truth. Thanks again, I also had in mind to buy it before reading teh reviews. Would like to add that I bought the Ivybot (trading robot) and really suggest that nobody else does the same mistake. It did not even perform during the backtest!!
    best regards

  6. Thank GOD, i came here before purchasing yet another SCAM product, were the hell do these people come from. Nigerian con men filling up my emails with scams and now i have to deal with this too, its to much, im doing sucide tonite, im jumping out my window, did i fail to mention, i live on the first floor?….lol thanks forex trading reviews, u saved me $149 plus taxes $162.22

  7. I also was going to buy this robot but glad I found your review. I don’t have much money and have tried jumping out my window also, if only I could fit through these bars. LOL

  8. I am looking at entering the trading market but would like to get a program or robot that helps you understand the trades. The no loss robot looks good to me but I think it sounds too good to be true. If you done this review on the no loss robot and other viewers have used the no lose robot some like it some dont what suggestions or programs do you use or would recomend for us beginers in the trading market

  9. I have use the parent version of the NolossRobot, which is the Has Hedge robot which has twice the drawdown of the Noloss. Based on drawdown, the robots should make enough gains to offset the loss. For instance the robot makes 30% of 5000, 1500 the drawdown is usually that much or less for that month sometimes hardly any DD, next month the money compunds and does the same thing, if the market is mostly going sideways the robot does really nice, because of the countertrends. If you start small and are afraid use a small amount and it will compound to a nice amount by end of year. Just don’t stare at the screen and freak out. Many people will lose betting on football losing 5k in one bet and see a drawdown of a few thousand and freak out. There are risk to everything, just use money you are really to risk thats all. No pain no gain.

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