MRN BotMRN Bot or “Machine Readable News” Bot is a Forex EA that uses a new technology to predict market movement.

To be exact, it is using data mining technology to collect data from Forex trading forums and news sites that would identify the mood in the market. Then it also checks this data against indicators and creates trades.

According to the report released before the launch of MRN Bot, this technology of web crawling of what people are saying on the internet to predict the market movement is based on the research done by the University of Indiana. One interesting thing about it is that this research was publicly released only on October 16th, and today is October 23th. MRN Bot creators are apparently reacting fast.

Anyway, it’s an interesting technology and it will be interesting to see how it works out.

Other information about MRN Bot:

  • Cost: $97
  • Currency pairs supported: USDCHF and CHFJPY
  • Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee by Clickbank

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62 thoughts on “MRN Bot”

  1. Requires a Robot Key that is calculated from ClickBank receipt and MT4 account number. Fails on two different accounts.
    Also it loads a separate program into the MT4 program. What is this program doing?

    Looks interesting, waiting to hear from customer service

  2. This robot has not opened a trade all day. Also it requires a Key but there is no where to input it in the settings. Is anyone elso having this problem?

  3. No magic number!
    No response to emails!
    One trade in 5 days made 2 pips!
    I don’t think this robot is going to make any money, ever!

  4. This is the first EA that I am not even able to install. I have contacted the vendor and am awaiting a reply. The address of this vendor rings a bell.

  5. I mean how can you ask people to leave a review on a BOT before trying it out first, i should have smelt something fishy, however still went ahead and bought the M.R.N bot, it’s just sitting on the chart no trades, sent an e-mail 3 days ago, still waiting.

    I am afraid its back to basics for me. back to baby pips.

  6. Until we find out what this BOT does, you might want to remove the program that MRN installed into the your MT4 folder.

    Go to programs MRN BOT uninstall.

    Admin, Is it normal for a BOT to load a program into the MT4 folder? I don’t see this with any other BOT.

  7. I went ahead and purchased the MRN Bot. I installed it into my MT4 platform and completed all the data settings. It appeared the EA install correct into each of the pairings.

    One major problem!!! The EA is not entering any trades. It has been two days since I’ve installed everything. I have not heard anything since I sent an email regarding this two days ago.

  8. Day 2 and still no trades. Also I have the advanced copy. When I open up the settings, there is no where to input the key. This is what it shows:


    No section for a KEY. Does anyone elses Bot look like this?

  9. RobotKey should appear just after “Welcom” (why they can’t add the “e” is beyond me!) – try a fresh download and install.

    Been trying this for 2.5 days – 6 pairs (advanced version).
    Started with 5000 demo acct.
    Day 1 peaked at just over 6000 but the dropped to end the day +200.
    Day 2 started at +50 (due to overnight positions) and ended after at near enough breakeven.
    Day 3 current total is 5661 with a current loss of 274 showing.
    Expected better than this. Largest drawn down seems to be around the 700 mark.
    Note: I set the start hour to 1 and end to 23 (ignoring the minutes). Can’t see how the example in the manual would allow any trading outside of a 2 hour window (start at 1 and end at 3 ??) but I might be misunderstanding the principals. Also, I set the size to 0.1 not the 0.01 in the manual.
    Overall – shoddy workmanship I my opinion.

  10. >Admin, Is it normal for a BOT to load a program into the MT4 folder? I don’t see
    >this with any other BOT.

    No, but MRN Bot says:

    “Automatically Discovering The Profit Signals Hidden In The Daily News… Online Forums… And Social Media – And Trading On Them Instantly And Accurately”

    So I would think the program is for crawling those websites for signals, or communicating with their main servers which do that.

  11. hi,

    i’m having same problem like many users in here.
    so input for ‘robot key’. and no trades since 2 days..hmm waiting to hear from developers to this query. keeping fingers crossed.

  12. I had the same problem with the EA that was not entering any trades for hours and days. I solved it!!! Just make sure that “Allow DLL imports” is checked. For that go to :

    – Tools
    – Options
    – Expert Advisors tab
    -… and then check everything except “Ask manual confirmation” and “Confirm DLL function calls”. Leave both unchecked.

    Now it is suppose to work. It was not written in the USER GUIDE.

    Before starting to trade, backtest, backtest and backtest again, because the default settings that are supposed to be optimized for maximum profit don’t work for me yet. Always big lost in backtest. So I don’t take risk to put it on cruise control for now.


  13. I too have an email in to support to find out here my keycode is, and where to enter it. Got the DLL stuff checked ok with no problem by lookin at the pic in the manual. But I know I want be trading until I get that codekey thing. I never did see where the Member Page is, does anyone know where I go to log in to their Members Page?

  14. Thanks for the tips biju!!! i am a total newbi)) im wonder if it is going to work without the codekey setting!no line to put it in? ihave a smily face in the right corner and it sems to be conected,trying the advance version.Thanks all please leave more tips)))i hope they open a god members site and not only a sales page! sorry my english

  15. To access the “kind of” member page, just read the mail that followed your purchase. Under the section that looks like that:

    If this was a digital product and for some reason you did not receive access to
    the product after payment, please try again by following this link now:…………

    …click on that link provided.

    On the next page, just fill in the form, to access the member page, and then bookmark it.

    That’s it folks!
    Give me some news about it!


  16. Ok – Update on my previous post (no change in the settings I mentioned before).
    Left the bot running until 15:30 GMT on Friday. I checked where it got to on Saturday morning – accrued profit of 5978 with P/L of around -500.
    Restarted the bot at 8:45 GMT and noted that most of the overnight positions had been closed resulting in a taken loss of -367.
    Current balance is 5610 with P/L of -199 i.e. net equity of 5416.

  17. MRNBOT Advance made 3 trades last night about 10pm. plus .36 and minus .77 and plus $1.52 so I’m getting rich fast! I went and change the Lots from 0.01 as the Manual said, to 0.1 to see what happens. Still waiting for Support reply to my email Saturday night.

    Butch in Oklahoma

  18. Contain your excitement Butch 🙂

    My latest update – glad it’s not real money.
    It’s taken -900+ in losses today with an outstanding P/L of -1400 still running.
    I don’t think I’m going to put real money near this bot.

  19. ok just want to ask???did anyone get were to sett the ***** keycode i did a frech download but did not se a new line!!!are yours bot working without the keycode?? i have a smile face in the right corner but no trades!!! i can loss some dollars just to se the dam thing working or isit a new scam??

  20. My version did have a space for the keycode BUT it looks as if there’s been a new version made available that does not need the key. The documentation has not been updated to match (pictures don’t match) so if you have a smiley face – make sure you have made the correct settings for the DLL and Live trading as per page 8 of the manual

  21. Well – don’t forget that the default times are for a 2 hour period (probably the Asian markets so I read somewhere).
    I’ve set it to run for a near 24 hour period (01:00 GMT to 23:00GMT) so I’ve increased the chance of a trade occuring.
    Mind you – not happy with these settings. Today was a loss of 1700+ based on the settings/starting balance I’ve mentioned above.

  22. OK atlest it trading )))i wish they could be more specific with the settings but then you have to pay more money!!
    ok im gone let it run for some days and then send an email and ask for advice or get my money back!

  23. Not many trades. It looks like the creator decided to choose only two hours for trading each day. How can we make a lot of money ?
    1st day I’ve profit 3 trades from USDCHF 3+7+38 = 48 pips.
    2nd day only 7 pips (EURCHF).

    It’s hard to believe what the creator said. Anyway, still look for next days.

  24. Same experience.Ultimate version.
    First night opened several trades on demo with deposit $5000.After crashing my Metatrader several times.
    Result+ $230.Next night opened three trades on one pair only :usdcad .-$0.94 , -$0.55 and -$1.42.
    I think it is supposed to work during the night only form 0:28 to 2:48 .
    It also crashed my platform whenever it opened trades and I had to switch from Metatrader 226 to 225.
    No reaction to emails for support.
    I have decided to ask for refund.
    This does not lead to happy trading.
    Happy trading to you all,

  25. I could not even install the EA and the vendor has not bothered to reply to my emails. After waiting a week I decided to ask ClickBank for a refund. To their credit, ClickBank promptly refunded without any questions.

  26. Since last Friday, several trades in the late evenings. 6 trades just this afternoon late. But nearly all trades equaled a profit of around +$1.00 or less. Several lost a $1 or $2. Monday I changed the Lots from .01 to .10 with no change this week. I do not have any keycode, nor a place to insert one. No reponse from emails. I have it trading as the manual says: StartTradomg 1 and Stop 3. Glad to hear they do make refunds. Soon I’ll ask for mine if I dont get support from them.

    Butch in Oklahoma

  27. My EA is working:-)
    It has taken trades every day…all winners.
    In 4 days I’m up almost $250 on a $5000 demo-account.
    I have change the lotsize to 1,and it trades from 22.00 to 24.00…$250 is a small step,but it is a positive step:-)

  28. 8 trades by mrnbot sounds good…. BUT -$4.19 +.12 +1.06 +.19 +.86 -1.59 -1.10 -.64 for a net loss of $5.29 on a $3,000 demo account using leverage 100.

  29. My refund posted today to my account. Still no responses from support. I know this tread is only about MRN bot but are there any good Robots out there? This is the 4th robot I have bought.(Fab Turbo, HAS MTF org, HAS MTF Directional, MRN BOT) Even though I read much about the HAS Directional robot being a scam I have to say it is not. This bot like many is no good for trading by itself, however with a little bit of market reserch, this bot works really well. I bring this up because this is one of the only robot that i bought that is doing what is says it does. I knew this when i bought it. Like mrn bot, i have no idea why other robots take the trades it takes. It like a guessing game.
    Just my 2 cents

  30. I bought the bot on the 26th October. It’s taken 29 trades with two losing trades. The account is a 5k demo, 100-1 alpari uk account. Gain in equity is 563.72 which is very good over this short period. Some of the setting do concern me with respect to running it on a live account. The spread threshold is set to 11pips absically it will take any trade when its setup is correct. With a TP of 13 pips. On alive account this would not leave much profit once the spreads had been taken into consideration. On a demo account the spreads are consistant. I’ll demo test for another coupld of weeks and then put it on a live Micro account.

  31. Hamish, glad to see you are getting trades. I got none on Friday. See what Monday brings. I am using Alpari too, ubut Alpari US. Do you use default settings? My Fapturbo is doing fine on demo. Has for over a month. Small trades, small profits, but doing much better than MRNBOT.

    Butch Bridges in Oklahoma

  32. No trades from MNRBOT today (Monday). I think I have the Times right….. Start 1 and Stop 3. But can’t get help from their tech support. Asked for Refunds last Friday. No word on that request either. -butch in Oklahoma

  33. What a coincidenc. As I typed the above Post, I got an email from David Morris (MRNBOT himself) telling me how I can make lots of money from copylivetrades.

  34. jap copylivetrade a little expensive for me 499$ and 149$ evry month sems to be a god service but for that kind of money i dont now))) today im gona check out the new forex bully ea and se wath it is.

  35. I got my refund posted back to my credit card today. MRN bot was a waste of my time. Looking back at the trades, you might as well have thrown a dart at a chart to pick a spot to enter.
    The only paid bots I have left are FXretibution and TheEventFX and both may be getting refunds as well.

  36. Received email today from ClcikBank stating my refund was approved and would appear in my account in 3 to 5 days. Good. Shame MRNbot did not prove out. But with NO tech support, I had not choice but to throw in the towel. And copylivetrade is WAY to much to invest on a ‘promise’ it will work. And the search continues for an EA that does work as promised. -butch in oklahoma

  37. Please lett oss now if you find some EA that holds wat they are promis! i was realy hoping that MRNbot shoud be a god one(( do anyone off you now about any god forum or blogg that are discusions abot EAs sorry my english))

  38. My Fapturbo with default settings seems to do well, almost. Like Thursday Nov 11th there was the following trades:

    $1.92, $6.76, $6.26, $6.86, $10.65, $7.59

    and this is the way it is most of the time. But then like on on Nov 8th it was -$72 and -$60 so that wiped out all profit in my $3,000 demo account.

  39. I went from a link that i got in the buymail from clickbank and asked for the refund. you have to order a ticket for your order about a refund after 2 days i had my money in my account)))
    Hope you get your refund

  40. Yesterday, Nov 15th, my Fapturbo $3,000 demo account made 14 winning trades ($97.79) and 2 losing trades ($28.08) for a net profit of $69.71 not bad at all.

  41. I need to backup here. Monday I stated my Fapturbo made 16 trades. WRONG. It was MRNBOT and yesterday (Tue) too. Tue it made 27 trades: 24 wins $159.50 and 3 loses $32.09 leaving me a net profit of $127.41 for Tuesday. Since I had already got a refund for MRNBOT last week, I didnt know it was still working. Now to see what happens the rest of the week. -butch in Oklahoma

  42. can anyone help with generating a key for MRN bot, my current broker keeps blocking it from live account, so need to change platform, but original page with generator expired or someth and no news from support. is anyone elses page for key generator still alive pls?
    thanks in advance

  43. Jack ask for a refund! i dont think anyone have got there emails answerd alot off people dont get there MRNbot to work
    and maybe the brokers fault? check your broker so your not being scamed!!

    God luck
    gussi Forex peace army

  44. Jack, it’s not the broker blocking the mrn bot – it’s the bot itself which has a little algorithm that calculates the number. Later versions didn’t even bother with this validation hence why some of the comments above ask where to enter the magic number (as per the out of date documentation). Your best option is to get the version that doesn’t need the key which you should be able to do from the links on your Clickbank receipt.
    Personally – I’d get your money back and not waste time on it.

  45. I have closed all my MRNbot charts. Got my money back on 2 our of 3 purchases from MRNbot. Now to work on getting that last refund from them. MRNbot just don’t perform well, day after day after day. Gains a little over a bunch of trades, but then looses all those gains on the next 2 or 3 trades. Have gone to manual trading as of yesterday evening. Did good yesterday evening, 10 pips. -butch, the Okie Trader

  46. Offer from vendor looked like scam from the first second.
    Just look at this guy, he looks very hungry and he never earned some real bucks.
    Still he is not stupid and he found way to get some cash.
    Robot + Advanced version for 77$ + manual system for 47$ and finally YES this is SWEET – monthly subscription @ 77$.
    He doesn’t do anything to support his system what equalls he steals money @ 77$/month per subscriber.
    Didn’t work on 4 from my 6 PCs on which I test different software (various OS and configuration). It east lot of time for meaningless trades (random wins and losses).
    Guy will go directly to Hell IMO.
    Money back please.

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