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76 thoughts on “MBFX Forex System”

  1. i dont know what your talking about but i got 7 win trades wedsday and 4 win trades thursday and 1 loss it does not repaint it reconfigures thats how the system works im happy follow the rules and be patient

  2. Hey,danny.
    Don’t make me laugh!

    Losing trades are not supposed to exist.
    these signs look like a winning trade when you look at the chart of the past.
    However, the signs will not go out in real time.

    I call this RE-PAINT.

  3. If the system is so good, why don’t they post verifiable past trading history? And when you ask support about how best to trade their system, they are very vague and just tell you to try it on different pairs and time frames – nothing specific or really useful.

  4. This is the best system I have come across in a long time, I made 18% profit in 2 days. O yeah. this is so simple a child could do it

  5. Hey Paul don’t take it personally but this is simple and very accurate. Use the daily charts and only enter a trade if the price is touching the red or green. If in the blue or gray just wait.

  6. Hi, i bought the mbfx system.
    I’m asking danny, forex frenzy, how can i manage if it repaints?
    For example, i’m on 4h time chart: the target must be the blue line, the stop loss 1/2 of the target, as it’s said in the manual.
    Well, if the blue line moves, and always moves according to market’s movement, u understand that the target moves but the stop loss still equal: so most of time i do not hit the target, but i hit stop loss. How do you manage? can u assist me through for example a of your live trading? skype?

  7. Vianny,

    Trade only in the direction of trend.
    Check the direction of the lines.
    Only buy if lines going up(or almost horizontal).
    I sometimed wait till the price reaches the other side extreme zone.

  8. Vianny I use only the daily charts and trade just like it says when the price is touching the red I sell or green I buy.I place my stops below or above the last red or green line. I dont even use the timing indicator. Last week I had 24 trades on a demo account 100% winner and 35 trades on a live account 100% winners. I hope for the same this week

    I hope this is helpful

  9. Forex Frenzy, are you using the daily chart for reference or is that what your trading,because it seems like a lot of trades for the daily.Thanks for your imput on this system,you have been encouraging..

  10. William I am using the daily charts for reference I am not looking for 150 pips. I close out orders after 20-80 pips depending om the momentum of the market. Right now you should look to buy EURGBP on the daily chart .

    Happy Trading

  11. Hi, thanks all.
    I’m a bit confused.
    Zoltan do u use h4? where do u place stop loss and take profit? do u use risk ratio explained in the faq manual, sl 1/2 of tp?

    Forex Frenzy,
    where do u place sl? The last red or green line u mean that u enter the trade when a candle hit the first red/green line and u put sl at the red/green line next to it? In this case how can’t u suffer loss?
    U said your tp is 28-80 pipsm how do u calculate it? Not using blue line i understood, and how?
    If u have skype u can add me, sailorsky666

  12. Hi Vianny, I place my stop at 100 pips below the numbers on bottom green line or 100 pips above the top red line. My take
    profit is at the grey number but I will close prior to hitting the target if I am in good profit which has been always the case, take it dont be greedy,. Remember BULLS make money BEARS make money but PIGS get slaughtered.

    Hope this helps.
    PS I dont have skype I am a 51 yr old mother of 2 will ask my daughter about that

  13. I bought this system today and took my first trade on AUDUSD
    1 hour chart. Will post my experiences with this sytem later

  14. Hi Forex Frenzy,

    Your explanation of trading is interesting but I don’t understand how you had 35 trades in the same week with a daily chart.

  15. Hey Dom, I trade all pair the major, crosses and exotics. Also I take profit when its available usually 15-30 pips. The daily chart is for guidance and confirmation of a trend.If my trade goes into draw down but I have a clear confirmation of the trend trend direction , I’ll place another trade in the same direction of the original and take double profits.

    I hope this helps


  16. Forex Frenzy:

    Do you trade at H1 chart or H4 chart and use the daily chart as reference?


  17. danny:

    Would you also tell me the same thing please? What time frame do you use and what do you follow? Please inform me, I would appreciate so much.

  18. Denise I use the daily charts only because I do not want to be tied to the monitor. Look at the EURGBP daily chart that is a good setup but the other time frames are not. I am long on this pair according to the rules of engagement.

    I hope this helps

  19. @ Forex Frenzy,can you provide us with your demo statement or live account statement using fx statement provider so we can learn more about your experience with mbfx system.please share.

  20. Mr GTO,if you walk me through providing my demo account I will be more than happy to provide it.

    Forex Frenzy

  21. I have found that the timing indicator is very helpful in making sure you don’t pull the trigger too quickly. The key to this game is use it as a tool and always employ good money management – even if everything lines up DO NOT ENTER unless your risk reward looks favourable. Just my take.

  22. @ Forex Frenzy, can i suggest http://www.fxstat.com ,http://www.mt4i.com , from there you can sign up for free and they provide tutorial on how to setup an account and how to publish your statement, on my side i will try to create a video tutorial for you on how to setup your account with them
    hope this will help.

    Trader Helping Trader ; )

  23. This MBFX system is the most accurate easy trading system I’ve ever used.
    Highly recommended to anyone who what setups that work.(thats a no brainer)
    Works well on 15 min & 30 min charts as well but best on 1hr & excellent on 4hr & daily(manual says 98% accurate on 4hr & up) I believe it as I’ve been using for 3 weeks and haven’t seen a daily or 4hr signal fail.
    Forget about spending thousands on trading systems. This is the best $100 you will ever spend.


  24. Just bought this system last night and have had 2 trades so far and both have been successful. Very easy to understand – just have to watch the charts and get ready to pull the trigger when indicators match up.

  25. SOO glad this conversation is still going, I bought, have been trying. Started on 15 min to hourly, some losses some gains but…can’t understand, I started with H4 and MOST have been losses, few days ago I was on EUR/GBP SHORT on H4 because it went into red and hit stop, MOST of my trades have been stops, WAS making $$ but then lost it all in 2 H4’s and rest on M30 (well, he DID say less than H4 is less accurate) but I can’t understand WHY I’m even getting LOSSES on H4, I SHOULDN’T?? if 98% accurate, look, I DID make, but I’ve lost it all again lol (maybe just stick to H4???)
    I’m in AUD/USD trade right NOW, so far so good

  26. I must admit, some things I said in last comment weren’t true, only 3 4H have stopped out on me, the rest were M30, seems if you go under 4 hour the win/loss ration is less. Another thing, the short I took on eur/gbp was on a “straight” (not up or down) but price WAS in red, maybe “straight” lines shouldn’t be traded, but if price is in red SURELY it’ll drop????? Even if the lines are straight!

  27. So ok, to those who HAVE come right with this system, please tell me, ON DAILY EUR/GBP, EUR/USD, EUR/CAD and EUR/AUD are all pairs that are nearly ready to go short on?
    I say nearly because I’m now waiting for timer to change (I think is safer)

    Forex Frenzy, are my suggestions RIGHT here, would YOU trade these???

    Thank you

  28. Bought this system + indicator last friday,and not doing well with it,i think Craig and i have same problem with mbfx,can you help us here Dino or Forex Frenzy?

    Thank in advance.


  29. It also seems that once the timer FINALLY shows up that due to volatility price has almost made its way BACK to blue already, CAN I still take this trade??? To me it just gets very risky. I would prefer just to LEAVE these trades and go for the ones with less volatility (price is still in green/red by the time yellow shows up), but…there’s PLENTY opportunities to TRADE amongst all the pairs forex has to offer so I don’t see why NOT (go for one’s that’s less volatile)

    Mr.GTO: It seems to me 4 HR and up IS more accurate, I’ve had 2 losses with 4 hour since I’ve started trading this system (I’ve been MOSTLY trading 15 min and hourly which was 50-50 results)

    Last two days (Thurs and Fri) I traded GBP/USD and AUD/USD on 4 HR, BOTH wins, I would’ve taken USD/CAD too on 4 hour (didn’t see THAT one), I see it would STILL BE in trade right now but looks positive right now anyway.

    But Mostafa DID warn however that lower than 4 hour IS less accurate though, can’t REALLY complain then but I need to know if the daily pairs mentioned above are about ready for trade?? is this correct guys???
    Another thing I’m wanting to try is IF stoch (timer) is rock bottom or right on top and timer isn’t yellow yet one can STILL trade it before price starts making a U-Turn since stoch doesn’t really have much CHOICE, I mean, it won’t go to 101 or -1 😉 so price won’t go TOO much more in the wrong direction????

    Thank guys

  30. rule number 1

    Don’t use this indicator only on One chart.

    rule number 2

    Don’t trade against the DAILY trend.

    rule number 3

    Don’t open Trades when you see the YELloW timer. Wait for it to turn GREEN or Red..

    rule number 4

    Stop Loss should be set on previous bar. You want to risk less and Gain more. Always use TRAILING STOPS at 10-15 Pips.

    rule number 5 [optional]

    Scalp when the price hits the gray line. Use this method on 15 min time frame. Don’t WAiT Too long to take your profit…

    good luck..

  31. Hello all,
    Could someone PLEASE post some examples of trades as they trade (daily OR 4 hour) please, for example, I’ve got EUR/NZD (long) and NZD/CHF (short) I open right now on 4 hour, I’m close to stop on BOTH, I opened when timer closed on yellow and BOTH are close to SL, I’m NOT counter trending, I’ve placed about 12 trades on 4 hour and lost about 3 since, also two stopped last night for me, one was short on GBP/AUD ALSO 4 hour. I’m trying 4 hour and daily as for 98% win, but I just don’t see currently, I’m tp at blue line like Mostafa said
    Please someone perhaps show their trades (tp AND sl) on perhaps daily? (will help for people working)
    Thanks guys!

  32. craig

    did u follow the simple rules i provided..?

    those blue lines are not guaranteed to hit TP…U must set TRAILING STOPS to 10-15 pips…

    Those yellow lines are repainting when the candles are not closed and that is why u must trade on Green or Red line..

    Keep trying and u must look at the left side of the chart to see how the market is moving..

    Trade with small lots..
    Trade on 15 min more and less on Daily/H4…

    There is hope and stay cool..

  33. @Kukur
    I see your point on this USDCHF M15 on 2011.06.10 12.57 after it touch blue line do some scalping,yes working just fine,good job Kukur ; ).More tips please : )

  34. Well, I’m actually just following Mostafa’s rules, when it touches green/red and timer closes on yellow this is when you open, this is what I’m doing on 4 hour and daily, then I close on blue, this is how I’m trading

  35. Mr.Gto want more tips?

    this is not related to this indicator but what I am giving can help you profit a lot..

    Open 3 moving average indicator 3, 25, 35 all Exponential Close.
    Open MACD 2 Lines [Blue and Red] search in google.

    Open trade when MA 3 close 25 and 30
    Close when MACD 2 Line THE RED LINE crosses the BLUE LINE

    Rule 1: Put a f(((ing stop loss [Max 13 pips SL]
    Rule 2: Stay Cool, Disciplined and Trade SMALLER lots
    Rule 3: Trade during the Market Hours OPEN and CLOSING times [OVER LAPSING]. 1 Min Time frame works well if you got low spread. I recommend 5 and 15 Mins.


    Just combine MA with MBFX and place your trades…

    Good Trading…

    Stay Cool..

  36. Hello Everybody,

    When I read your conversations I can see that some of you are very knowledgeable. You know what you are doing, so you win most of the time. And some of us are kind of new on this. However, Is it possible to help each-other?, Such as which trade is close to Green/Red, which one to take and which one not to take, etc. You know better. Is this kind of help possible here? For example I can see on 4 hour chart that, EUR/JPY is at the turning point.But I have not seen yellow yet. However Currency Market Meter (you can find it at http://www.newsprofiteer.com/newsprofiteer-meter, it is free) shows that EUR is still high and JPY is still low, so EUR/JPY may still climb, etc.

    I am a scared person and so afraid of taking actions by myself. Can anyone show us the way? I am sure there are people here like me, so I am sure we all need help. I appreciate your help and time here, and your patience.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  37. Denise,


    If you can spot these than you can profit…See the circles? those are your chances to take small profit…Set 1-2 pips away from that last candle…You must use trailing stops as fast as possible for less loss and more profits…Sometimes you will PROFIT and sometimes you will not…Market is complicated even with knowledge…Only risk 1 to 2% of your trade…

    If you practice enough and learn to trade with less emotion than you will not need any indicator in future…It is very easy to make money when the major market like UK and US is about to open…They are always trending smoothly…So practice…


    You can simply draw lines using fractals on H4 Timeframe..This works very well with Pairs that Trends Nicely..


    Like I said only trade with 1-2% of your investment…


  38. Dear Kukur,

    Thank you so much for your reply. Your answer is so helpful. I wish I could trust myself more and could trade without being scared. But as you said practice makes all better.


  39. Forex Frenzy: What price do you use for entry?

    Do you wait for the day to close then put your order in?

    Thanks so much

  40. kukur,

    I read your rules and I have a question:

    Do you always enter the trade when the price touches the red/greeen indicator (and the timing indicator turns to red/green) or is there any exception? For example, do you enter a trade when the timing indicator is OK and the trend is OK but the price action touches the grey line?

    Thanks for your answer!

  41. Kukur where are you man?…thanks for the tips,still practising on it.

    Center Of Gravity n MBFX are from the same person?is anyone here have an answer?

    @Forexfrenxy how’s your trading with MBFX?


  42. Hi everyone
    Here is something which is helping me demo trade but faster its simple forex tester
    It re runs past charts set it back to ie same time last year and let it run you can make it run fast or slow and place trades best thing you can speed up time so if you want to practice on Daily charts then put this on fast and its cool

    it’s not my programme but any programme which will not backtest but Replay the chart wnd allow you to add the MBFX or any other indicator will work fine thus you can practice seeing the set ups and trade them and see if it works

    hope it helps

    Excellent read

  43. Richard, I have Forex Tester also…can you tell me how you put the MBFX indicators and ex4 files on the program so it will be a good simulation of the past months charts? I would appreciate any insight as running MBFX on that would be a great tool to build practice and confidence in the systems ability.

  44. Richard, thanks for the input, but can you tell us in details how to use MBFX indicator with Forex Tester, thanks in advance.


  45. Hi like to know if any of u guys steal making profit with this system?? and if those which were losing now wining with it

    if anybody want’s to share his method could add me on skype sauser860

    thank you

  46. I won 2 trades from yesterday but with ea automatically.i, m studing this system.it s not repAint the recalculating its norma l.You must follia the sig al in the moment.

  47. This definitely does repaint. The easiest way to test for this is draw a horizontal line on the current candle. Then vertical lines on each of the indicator line green, red, grey, blue etc. On a M5 chart using GBPAUD within five candles (25 minutes) the blue line is 3.5 pips out, green 2.5 pips, red 9.5 pips, and grey 7.1 pips out from where they started. On the sales page they show a screen shot with multiple trades having reached there target. However with the indicator “re-painting” this is just a attractive looking indicator which can’t be very accurate.

  48. Hi Guys… I thought that the bands move with current market conditions which is excellent. I found best on the 30min TF.

  49. This is a dynamic indicator meaning that it is continually calculating according to some basis. In this case the basis are the lines which are moving/shifting fibonacci levels. So this indicator is alway calculating for the most current fibo levels based on current price action. Repainting is when something is static and prints simply to provide you with a false impression of indicator accuracy. I have made $7400 using 4hr TF with this indicator in 5 weeks. Waiting for the correct entry is key. If you can not wait. Don’t trade forex. You will never be succesful. If you are a failed trader, don’t blame systems, blame yourself. You must master the waiting game.

  50. Do not enter right away when you get a signal. Wait for the timing indicator to turn from neutral color to opposite color. I use 4hr TF so this can take many hours before this occurs. Just wait for it. This will save you many pips on the draw down. In a few trades I have had draw downs close to 60 pips only for the trade to turn around to earn 120+ pips. If you are the type of trader that always have to be actively trading, then you might struggle with this system. I’ve tried lower time frames and I’ve found that anything lower than 30min TF has an extremely low win/loss ratio. I lost 4 out of 6 trades using the 5 min. Its better to use a higher TF and wait around for perfect the entry. It will make you money this way.

  51. Dear Tony,

    How do you apply the MoneyManagement? What’s your Reward/Risk ratio? Do you use a technical stop loss (below/above the swing lows/highs)? Or do you keep the instructions of the manual (TP at blue line and SL is the half of TP)?

  52. Hello Friend’s, I had completed around 6 months in learning forex and the Real trading part.I had incurred profit and loss tooo.As a new comer even i had buyed around 1000$ for some of the so called Best indicator in the Forex Market.But did not even earned what i had bought this so called indicator.I had lost all the money.And i had lost the faith in all those who claim big big profit .

    My speech was just to ask all who can help me to send the link of MBFX,so i can try in the demo and see it really work’s or is it like the same claim story.

    Friend this a Humble request to those who had really lost their hard earned money in this so called claim one.

    Thank You,
    take care

  53. Hello
    I tried MBFX in 4H for 4 weeks, I found it so profitable, but from last week I found that price never hits the green or red lines, it means there is no strong chance to enter a trade in 4H TF in pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and USDCAD.

    so I am out of market for about 2 weeks. What about you and what you think.

  54. have so much benefited form Ur question & answer i now can do better in my trade thank guy

  55. Hello Group
    Am surprised that there are negetive comments about mbfx system, mbfx is not for scalping traders, its a bitter truth but i have to tell you, mbfx does not work well with smaller time frames like minutes and 1H, if you are planning opn using it full time the best time frames are 4H charts aand daily, if you want at least daily signals and shorter trades use the 4H chart, if you want to swing use the daily charts, as for those of you claiming that it repaints, there is no system that does not repaint. mbfx needs brains it is not a get rich quick scheme. 49 trades so far 45 wins 4 losses so far. am still running.

  56. Hello everyone, I agree with the last comment. 4 hour and daily. For the first time I am making regular pips.Demo only at at present but over 900 pips in 3 weeks and only trading 2 days a week. Put on the trade and go do something else and let the market do what the market does. I find when I watch the charts I get out of would be winners when they retrace. For me not looking is best. Thank You Mustafa, this is real trading, I used to spend hours watching and working hard at trading , this system , as I gain confidence in it has freed me from my past bad habits , mainly , overtrading.

  57. Hi

    Has anyone managed to create an EA for this. I want to trade the 4HR & Daily timeframes and rather than sit by the pc for the entire week to get 2 trades, I want the system to email me instead

  58. these trading bands are a statistically effective and predictive mean reversion tool based on polynomial regression formulas which plot curvilinear deviation channels that can be projected into the future. Jan Arps Hurst Bands are basically what these are. And Jan Arps is the trader/inventor of this method. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JioYAbuXokc


    Mustapha Belkhayate made them famous I guess, and then someone programmed / adapted them for Metatrader.

  59. Trade with this system so far so good. Not recommended for scalper since M5 repaint quite rapid.

  60. Hi guys, I’ve bought the MBFX system. But there is really an interesting manupilation in the system. Can you please comment on this?
    When using the number-1 indicator, when the price hit the second red upper band, a number 3 and a BIG green arrow appears to tell us the time to SELL. Normally at this moment you think that you should open a sell position. But after several hours, the price continues to go up and I noticed that the arrow and the signal moves there. So, actually it is not a signal, it is just appearing where the highest point is. It is just moving itself. So, in this case what will ahppen to your position opened when you first see the signal? you are in LOST. I have pictures of this actions, if you want I can share it with you.
    In this case how will we trust on these signals?


  61. i really appreciate all what i read here about this mbfx, i will give it a try. But what about abha cog can someone tell us his or her experience about it. Thanks

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