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5 thoughts on “MaxEDD”

  1. Unfortunately I can’t really offer anything definitive about this product yet, either positive or negative. I’m just here now to say “Man! People have been blowin’ up my email box about this thing lately.”. As far as I know, the concept is new and unique, especially if this product is able to do what it claims it can in a realtime, automated fassion. My senses are keyed up y’all, and don’t worry, I am very very carefully observing this thing, with eyes and ears that are both openly skeptical.

  2. **ALERT!** Scam possible! I’ve just finished reading a “press release” which as of right now (9/19/2011 at 10:37 AM PDT) be found at [link removed]. After calling the phone number listed on the page, I was politely (although firmly) told by the gentlemen who answered that basically he’s never sold or had even a remote kind of connection with anything like MaxEdd at all, and that he believed his number was obtained and placed fraudulently, and without his consent. NOT a good sign.

  3. I’ve removed the link to the “press release” because it’s nothing but an affiliate spam (not implying it’s from you, but someone who has put it up there). Do not base your judgment whether it’s scam or not on that. The product is sold through Clickbank meaning anyone can promote it as an affiliate without the vendor having to give them permission. That also means there are 1000s of “press releases” like that out there by this time, everyone trying to get their commission.

  4. @Admin, I understand what you’re saying, and I do sincerely apologize if my posting a link even came anywhere close to violating anything. I appreciate your courtacy, as it was (and still is) not my entention to mislead or misinform anybody at all, in any way.
    @Bowie No, I haven’t used this software yet, and in my limited defense, I purposefully tried to make that fact quite obvious from my very first comment about this product. If and when I do, I’ll immediately begin (just as I currently do) to report factually each major thing that happens to me while I am working (or trying to work with) this software.

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