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4,296 thoughts on “Leo Trader Pro”

  1. Running with a SL=300+, anf TP=15+…..R/R will be about 10:1
    and Risk pr trade of some 50%! Their account will blow up soon, just plain luck it hasnt happend already!

  2. They Proving the Proof!
    The Leo Trader Pro team have just updated their website with the investor password to an account
    that’s been trading the neural net based bot… and get this:
    It’s up almost 500% since August 1st of this year – it’s been averaging 113% PER MONTH with a drawdown
    of less than 1%!

    Login To Verify The Real-Money, Live Account :

    Login: 1331
    Password: LTP082010
    Server: FinFX-Live

  3. The true always come out one way or other. If it’s real, time will say by the reviews off our own traders, if it’s a scam like most of the systems out there it will be discover. But let’s keep helping each other to make sure we are not one of those one that fall for the scam.
    Good luck guys

  4. ok.. I gotta say this. a robot that provides the login and password to the account so you can see the results for yourself, straight from the account. that’s not something you see everyday. it might even be the real thing. now we only have to wait for it to be released and see if the results match

  5. My rule of thunb is to stay out if too many affliates promote a trading system, especially an EA. I will wait for positive feedback before I jump in.

  6. 13.

    On Friday we got to see Leo Trader Pro at The International Traders Expo in Las Vegas.
    On Sunday we saw undeniable, irrefutable, Investor Password PROOF!

    Today Leo Trader Pro team have updated their website again, we’re hearing the CEO of the brokerage… of that very same account, verifying Leo Trader’s performance!

  7. Ali, you’re a salesman, keep it down.
    Jordan, a stop loss hit that shows positive result is probably a trailing stop. the question is the ones that neither hit a sl nor a tp.

  8. Jordan I think that is not stop loss anymore, may be it a break even. It look the robot can change and edit stop loss to Break Even.

  9. Hello all,
    the trades that hit neither s/p or t/p were probably taken out early by the bot with risk management. Testing another bot that does just that. S/L positive is a trailing stop.

    Live acc does not show a bot in the nav under EA..hidden?

    bots have to be managed, adjusted and cannot be left on their own to wreck havic in your acc…at least so far

    Watched a GBP trade in the live acc last night..S/l set way out there…but the bot took down another winning trade. Will be interesting to test.

    If the cost is around 70 there will be 3 or 4 upsells I bet

  10. Looking at the trading statement the Leo bot started by trading 0.20 micro lots and then end september to end november it traded 1-2.10 microlots and now it is down to trading 0.2 micro again…hmm… why?

  11. Hey Ali,
    You have lost your english all of a sudden, no longer sounding like the salesman?? Bit of a reaction to Oloman? Are we to believe you are some innocent trusting foreigner having a go at making money in Forex?

  12. Sorry for my English I am African and I am not salesman. it look you don’t want me to comment… Ok I will keep quiet and just listen to you. I am sorry once again if I hurt you.
    Good luck guys.

  13. Are these guys from England? Sounds like it with the s/l and t/p they are running according to EGK. If so, be very cautious, my friends! The last two super-hot bots (Turbo Pip Sniper and Pips 4 Idiots) came out of England and I asked for refunds on both. England seems to be producing a lot of scams lately, probably from the same group.
    Properly coded bots that use good money management and trailing stops can hit a s/l and still be in profit, so that does not scare me. Initial stops, t/p levels and risk to reward ratios are important and it will be interesting to see what they have done and if this is real.
    Relying on proof from a ‘live’ account can be deceiving. Just take a look at Pips 4 Idiots and their ‘proof’.
    I think this bot is supposed to be released sometime this week…..16th?? Time and testing will tell if this is the real deal. Don’t hold your breath…..and be very cautious.
    BTW, why do all sellers of bots now have 2-3 upsells. Why can’t they deliver what they promise on the web site and just put a one price on it?….here it is, it works, here’s what it costs. If it does work, I don’t mind paying the price, but I hate the many pages of upsells! Upsells are a big red flag to me.

  14. I now know why…Live acc does not show a bot in the nav under EA.. you will not see one

    Oloman..not sure why the lot size is now .2 Might have something to do with parameters in risk management. They talked about lowering risk knowing a loss is due. Maybe this bot is doing just that…we shall see soon enough

  15. your right about the up sells if they have to sell you a add on that enhanses the EA performance the EA is a money maker for those who sell it only. the only bot i have found worth anything had no upsell

  16. You got to ask yourself this Question why would anyone in there right mind if they have what they say they do with this neural tech new discovery (people have been using it for years to perdict stock prices)sell it to the public when they have to be making massive amounts of money in thier private accounts. dont tell me thier doing it for the little guy. bots use indicators to pick direction if they have the indicator that picks 100% that is worth millions.
    it would’nt be for sale for 149.00 with upsells if there are any unthruths in this comment please tell me i would like to change the way these pips for idiots sale there products

  17. Nobody would sell their private system. This industry, like most, is driven by demand. There’s a huge demand for EAs so there are people who will create supply for them. They aren’t interested in creating “the EA”, they’re creating an EA, releasing it and moving on to the next. Because that’s what the market wants and it makes most business sense. When the market changes, the developers will follow.

  18. Marty…..just read the PDF for Leo Trader and I DO have some comments. There are a couple of things that stood out as I read the material:
    First, I am not a programmer and have never professed to be one, but the description of what a neural network is and how it functions leads me to believe that such a configuration within a trading robot would have to contain 1000’s and 1000’s of lines of code whereas a ‘regular’ EA would have at best a few hundred lines of code (if that). My guess is that, when this bot is released, it will not perform as you see on the live tests, even in back testing, and you will be required to live, forward test to get any meaningful results. It will take some time to sort this moving forward and get a real idea of potential.
    Secondly, they kept stressing how they will be transparent throughout, yet not one web site to date has given contact info, address, fax or e-mail, etc. Who are these people, specifically, where do they come from, what specific background do they have in FX trading and neural network configuration?……on and on and on. Let me see WHO you are before I buy. Where is the transparency in that regard??

  19. I don’t like how the sales seduction is going. It’s too severe! Wait so many days believe this broker’s statement on and on. What happen to the days of a free test drive where one could download the bot and test it for x number of days?

    I’ve had a number of AI Robots and they ALL were a pain in the butt to maintain! ALL Ai Robots MUST BE trained! How do you train them? By using past data DOH!!! That pdf is full of cramp!

    All bots fail due to a few reasons, the broker screw’n with it! Either sending it bad data or spiking the data or turning your bot off! Yes they can do that! Or worse stop hunting is their favorite.

    Let us not forget if the robot trades on report days and it’s a simpleton bot, you’re gonna get your rear end handed to you personally by your bot!

    All the hype of this bot tells me it’s a piece of work created by Marketers for one reason and one reason only.

    Virtual sex with your hiney!

  20. Most of what is posted about th live account seems legit “except” the Broker. I contacted them with some specific questions and have yet to receive a response. The only response I have to date is,” Forex is not regulated in Finland so there is no any authority where you could obtain such information unfortunately.” That is a RED flag for me. Unless I know something about this Broker or until the EA is tested with a recognized Broker I would take all with a grain of salt. Does anyone know anything about this Broker FinFX?


    1- How long have you existed and which government authority issued your business license.
    2- Which are the banks which provide you with liquidity
    3- Which bank keeps client funds
    4- Are client funds segregated or pooled
    5- Can you name some institutional traders who have accounts with you.

  21. I want to know where the data base is that will store the ever expanding knowledge base of the “self learning” robot.

    Personally I would have to see this thing trade on an account from a reputable, regulated broker before believing anything. Did anyone ever hear of FinFX before Leo showed up.

  22. As some pointed out a EA based on the technology they claim is in the negine would take a massive amount of coding. The “magic mirror”, in all this, would be that there is such a program running with the broker but the EA you would purchase would just be a shell…by the time you realize what you have been sold, these guys would have long gone with their scam. Does anyone have “any” contact information where to find these guys ..in case?

  23. I haven’t read anywhere that FinFx is a “required” broker. The EA should work through any broker, I would think. It is interesting that it doesn’t show up in the chart window. It could be that it is “investor mode” view only. I hate the upsells, too. Especially if there is a subscription involved i.e. “pips 4 idiots”. You’d have to be. Apologies if you bought. Anyway, I like to think the glass is half full until I see different….and there’s a guarantee.

  24. On of the videos the salesman says it can be used with any bank. It goes through their server then to your bank. That’s what I heard, totally new at this just rying to get more info.

  25. If, in fact, this new bot does run with AI, neural networks, I would suggest as I did before that the required coding would be too cumbersome to contain in each EA sent to customers. It is more likely to be a shell (as suggested by iliosellas)and perhaps a .dll file held on another server that would have to be accessed to complete the methodology. That would make more sense, but also would diminish the possibilities of back testing. We shall soon see.
    If they do have a .dll file (or something similar) to access. it should be up to date and no need to ‘train’ your EA. That presents another question….why then the need to up-sell? Do they have one trained and one ‘untrained’ file and you have to pay more to access the real, trained one? Just another bunch of marketing crap to extract more dollars from you and me, the customer.
    I guess we will know tomorrow where these people are from. My guess is they are from England, and if you have seen my previous posts, you know how I feel about that! Too many weird things coming out of there now.
    It will be interesting to finally see the ‘transparency!’

  26. It looks as if they are going to be using ClickBank to purchase their product. I have paid for and received refunds from about 10 bots that I purchased and didn’t work. The refund was given immediately upon asking. Since that is the case, I will try them and then get my money back if it doesn’t work. No harm there.

  27. Have you noticed their account is ECN, and micro account (1000$ per lot, 0.1$ per pip)and 1 pip spread
    I have asked FinFi , they confirm this is a special account not available to the public.

  28. If some of you actually watch and listen to the video clips on their web site; you’ll know that you don’t actually get the full bot and that they use Trade Replication from a central server. So signals are sent to the client’s “bot”.
    Not sure if it’s subscription based though..?

  29. Be careful with this EA. There is a ‘case of the amazing shrinking lots’ on their so called live account. From 29th Nov the lots start shrinking from 1.0+ to 0.90 all the way down to 0.20. This is to cover up any normal size potential losses prior to launch and to limit damage. Manipulation pure and simple and untruthful. the CEO of FinFX does not confirm the profits but only confirms it’s a live account. they have no contact details and we don’t know who the people are behind it. There seems to be a link with the people at Megadroid and Megadroid has gone to rat shit.

  30. Now that the launch has been delayed to Monday, the 20th, I have gotten at least 3 e-mails from affiliates indicating you can download a ‘free’ copy of Leo Trader just by following their link. The link goes to the main sales page……and no free copy.
    David points out that the bot is based on trade replication from signals through a different server. If that is so, the server should already have trained neurals and there should be no need for up-sell or a ‘training period’ yet we are going to get hit for up-sells. Interesting.
    Still, on their web page as of today, there is no contact info such as names, address, phone, fax, support. What I am trying to say is where is the transparency they promised? Perhaps our Administrator here would care to comment…..???

  31. I got those Email to telling me to go to there link for my free copy and it goes to there web page for you to buy

  32. Some dishonest affiliates do that to get you to the sales page thinking once you get there you will buy anyway. My advice is to unsubscribe from their lists.

  33. This has scam written all over it.

    They give no contact details, address etc. FinFx is a new brokerage and is unregulated. There appears to be not one losing trade. Too good to be true.

  34. Admin:
    Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, most of the affiliates and super affiliates out there do not even test the products they ‘recommend’, if you can call it that! They promote a product and ride the coat tails of the hype just to get you to buy and send them a commission. Most don’t even trade the Forex, so wouldn’t have a clue anyway. I have unsubscribed from the affiliates who sent the ‘free copy’ e-mails today. Very good advice, so again ‘thank you’!

  35. The people behind Leo Trading are the Megadroid team. It’s disappointing to see how they are behaving and bewildering as they are normally straight up guys. The ‘Honey I Shrunk the Lot Sizes’ is also very cynical, as is their lack of contact info and they probably own or are share holders in FinFx. Something is just not right . . . .

  36. To my mind it´s a clever made scam.
    Everybody is dreaming of making easy money.
    But honestly…would YOU sell a system that generates even 50% monthly ?
    I for myself would be sitting on a caribean beach with a laptop on my knees.
    I think they created a lot of accounts…took the best lucky one…presented it…and now increase the lot size to not blow it away before the release is done…anyway they work with SL > 300 pips if you take a closer look to the lucky account. I´m tired to lose my money with useless EA´s…the only thing, which could convince me would be the possibility of a free demo testing before a purchase decission…and not a clever made campaign only.

  37. The delay launch is a hype to make you salivate and jump before they “run out”..limited numbers and all that crap. Unless you can run a demo without strings attached for at least 3 months..DON’T TOUCH IT WITH A 10 FOOT POLL!

  38. This from their website

    We understand that many people are very eager to get their copy, but we felt that upgrading the servers before launching would completely secure the communication between our servers and neural nets and all of our clients MT4 terminals.

    Is this the future of trading bots….maybe..

  39. The truth is if thousands of us are all making profit by using it since everyone knows bot. who is going to lose? This is simply not going to happen.
    so it will just like other bots out there. Same history will repeat again again……

  40. The “live” account is fake. The wire transfer has no bank transaction number. I’ve opened many live accounts with different brokers and they always show transaction numbers.

    I think the FinFX CEO is in on the action, too. Don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

  41. Why else would a CEO of a forex broker go on record? Because he either works for them or is in on the action . . . .

  42. >The “live” account is fake. The wire transfer has no bank transaction number.
    >I’ve opened many live accounts with different brokers and they always show
    >transaction numbers.

    Have you logged in to those accounts with investor access?

  43. Investor Access is a Read Only reporting platform and would not divulge info like bank transaction numbers etc. it reports ‘need to know’ info and that’s it.

  44. I dont know if this can tell us something as I do not know about web domain registration so much..

    Registrant & administrator of leotraderpro.com is [WhoisGuard] with an address at [8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd. #110 – 732 Westchester, CA 90045] Tel/Fax: +16613102107.

    This is exactly the same details for forex-megadroid.com.

    Admin: please advise if domain name can be registered under general registrant & administrator name..

  45. Yes, that’s probably true as they send more emails about it than anyone else, and the mailing address matches. But how exactly is this bad? An EA developer releases an EA, a shocker indeed ^_^

  46. It’s very intersting reading all the comments regarding this particular robot & all the others.
    My personal beliefe is that if there is a truly a robot that guaranties net profit month after month, it will not be marketed to the general public. It will stay a family secret till death. Nobody will share their money making secret to the general public.

    Use your common sense a be very wary of any product or services advertized on the internet.

  47. Enough of the conspiracy theories already. Shall we wait and see? Hmmmm? $149 for 30-60 days at .01 lots w/guarantee is not a lot of risk. Get a grip. Time will tell.

  48. Yes, we will see….As quoted from another master…”if it work, good. If not, then discard it”.. and ask for the refund before the quarantee expire!” Good luck all 😉

  49. The robot costs $149 and trades EUR/USD and GBP/USD. There is one optional upsell for $97 for a version that trades USD/CHF and USD/JPY. I bought both. With Clickbank, there is no risk, so I figured, why not give it a shot? I’ll demo it for 59 days, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll get a refund.

    In the meantime, their download link to download the robot is broken. Their problem ticket system does not work. They haven’t responded to any of my e-mailed questions about the robot that I sent to them several days ago.

    Not a good start . . .

  50. Same here as Dennis,

    Purchased both EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF, USD/JPY. Their website is a mess. Broken links, no password protection etc.
    So far just got the landing page where you supposed to download the bot

    Looks like the website has been slapped together by amateur HTML noob. No one responds to e-mails or support tickets.

  51. Bought the EA and after 4 hr.s still can’t download. Their Support response is quick but yet to supply a correction to download their ex4 file

  52. So they fixed the download link. I installed the EA and DLL file as instructed. However the error pops up about a minute later stating that EA cannot connect to replicator server. When you click “OK” entire MT4 terminal crashes with unhadled exception.

    This product is buggy ATM, and feels like its been rushed out on the market before any testings was done. I certainly starting to wonder if this is real or another FX scam. Good thing I have 59 days left with click bank

  53. I, too, finally got the thing downloaded and installed on my MT4 platform (FinFx demo account). I keep running into the same problem that Mike right up above me did. MT4 comes up saying “System paused…” in the upper left-hand corner. Then I get the error message that Mike got.

    Right after I submit this comment, I am going to Clickbank to request a refund. I don’t dare trust this buggy software on my computer.

  54. Thanks for your views guys so far. I think I will hold fire on buying this one! Please comment if you have bought this EA and tell us how you are getting on. I will check this excellent forum daily. If it’s rubbish I hope they get hit for loads of refunds cos I’m sick and tired of Forex scammers!

  55. I’m gonna wait few days, perhaps they need to sort out issues with their replicator server. However, I hate being a beta tester especially for a financial product where maul-faction can result in losses.

    I’ll post an update here if anything develops.

  56. When it works, after few minutes the MT4 terminal dumps out. I have confirmed this on multiple machines using different brokers including FinFX.

    There has been a critical error
    Time : 2010.12.20 18:55
    Program : Client Terminal
    Version : 4.00 (build: 226, 24 Mar 2009)
    OS : Windows Vista Professional 6.1 (Build 7600)
    Processors : 2 x X86 (level 15)
    Memory : 2097151/1618452 kb
    Exception : 0EEDFADE
    Address : 75489617
    Access Type : NA
    Access Addr : 00000000

    Registers : EAX=073AF9A4 CS=001b EIP=75489617 EFLGS=00000212
    : EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=073AF9A4 EBP=073AF9F4
    : ECX=00000007 DS=0023 ESI=05FBFCC4 FS=003b
    : EDX=00000000 ES=0023 EDI=0000015C GS=0000

    Stack Trace : 05FC0173 05FC01F5 05FC1C76 00463D37
    : 004555B1 762A1328 75D91194 771BB495
    : 771BB468 00000000 00000000 00000000
    : 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

    Modules :
    1 : 00400000 004BB000 c:\program files\metatrader – alpari (us)\terminal.exe
    2 : 05F70000 00064000 c:\program files\metatrader – alpari (us)\experts\libraries\leotraderpro.dll
    3 : 6D3A0000 0011C000 c:\windows\system32\mfc42.dll
    4 : 6D550000 0008A000 c:\windows\system32\odbc32.dll
    5 : 6D700000 00038000 c:\windows\system32\odbcint.dll
    6 : 6E980000 00006000 c:\windows\system32\sensapi.dll
    7 : 6E990000 00005000 c:\windows\system32\msimg32.dll
    8 : 6F3E0000 00012000 c:\windows\system32\pnrpnsp.dll
    9 : 6F410000 0000D000 c:\windows\system32\wshbth.dll
    10 : 6F420000 00010000 c:\windows\system32\napinsp.dll
    11 : 6F430000 00008000 c:\windows\system32\winrnr.dll
    12 : 70350000 00006000 c:\windows\system32\rasadhlp.dll
    13 : 70360000 00025000 c:\program files\bonjour\mdnsnsp.dll
    14 : 72470000 00038000 c:\windows\system32\fwpuclnt.dll
    15 : 72A30000 00007000 c:\windows\system32\winnsi.dll
    16 : 72A40000 0001C000 c:\windows\system32\iphlpapi.dll
    17 : 72A60000 00007000 c:\windows\system32\wsock32.dll
    18 : 72CA0000 00012000 c:\windows\system32\mpr.dll
    19 : 73270000 0000D000 c:\windows\system32\rtutils.dll
    20 : 73280000 00015000 c:\windows\system32\rasman.dll
    21 : 732A0000 00052000 c:\windows\system32\rasapi32.dll
    22 : 73890000 00007000 c:\windows\system32\midimap.dll
    23 : 738A0000 00014000 c:\windows\system32\msacm32.dll
    24 : 738C0000 00008000 c:\windows\system32\msacm32.drv
    25 : 738D0000 00036000 c:\windows\system32\audioses.dll
    26 : 73940000 00013000 c:\windows\system32\dwmapi.dll
    27 : 739B0000 00030000 c:\windows\system32\wdmaud.drv
    28 : 73DF0000 00004000 c:\windows\system32\ksuser.dll
    29 : 73E00000 00032000 c:\windows\system32\winmm.dll
    30 : 73E70000 00040000 c:\windows\system32\uxtheme.dll
    31 : 73FB0000 0019E000 c:\windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft.windows.common-controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.7600.16661_none_420fe3fa2b8113bd\comctl32.dll
    32 : 743C0000 00021000 c:\windows\system32\ntmarta.dll
    33 : 74420000 000F5000 c:\windows\system32\propsys.dll
    34 : 74520000 00039000 c:\windows\system32\mmdevapi.dll
    35 : 745E0000 00010000 c:\windows\system32\nlaapi.dll
    36 : 74650000 00007000 c:\windows\system32\avrt.dll
    37 : 74790000 00009000 c:\windows\system32\version.dll
    38 : 74820000 00005000 c:\windows\system32\wshtcpip.dll
    39 : 74AB0000 0003B000 c:\windows\system32\rsaenh.dll
    40 : 74B90000 00044000 c:\windows\system32\dnsapi.dll
    41 : 74CC0000 00006000 c:\windows\system32\wship6.dll
    42 : 74CD0000 0003C000 c:\windows\system32\mswsock.dll
    43 : 74D10000 00016000 c:\windows\system32\cryptsp.dll
    44 : 75060000 0001A000 c:\windows\system32\sspicli.dll
    45 : 751B0000 0004B000 c:\windows\system32\apphelp.dll
    46 : 75200000 0000C000 c:\windows\system32\cryptbase.dll
    47 : 752A0000 0000E000 c:\windows\system32\rpcrtremote.dll
    48 : 752B0000 0000B000 c:\windows\system32\profapi.dll
    49 : 75320000 0000C000 c:\windows\system32\msasn1.dll
    50 : 75330000 0011C000 c:\windows\system32\crypt32.dll
    51 : 75450000 00027000 c:\windows\system32\cfgmgr32.dll
    52 : 75480000 0004A000 c:\windows\system32\kernelbase.dll
    53 : 754D0000 00012000 c:\windows\system32\devobj.dll
    54 : 755B0000 000A1000 c:\windows\system32\rpcrt4.dll
    55 : 75660000 00035000 c:\windows\system32\ws2_32.dll
    56 : 756A0000 00003000 c:\windows\system32\normaliz.dll
    57 : 756B0000 000CC000 c:\windows\system32\msctf.dll
    58 : 75790000 0015C000 c:\windows\system32\ole32.dll
    59 : 758F0000 0000A000 c:\windows\system32\lpk.dll
    60 : 75900000 00135000 c:\windows\system32\urlmon.dll
    61 : 75A40000 0004E000 c:\windows\system32\gdi32.dll
    62 : 75AC0000 00057000 c:\windows\system32\shlwapi.dll
    63 : 75B20000 00019000 c:\windows\system32\sechost.dll
    64 : 75B40000 001FA000 c:\windows\system32\iertutil.dll
    65 : 75D40000 000D4000 c:\windows\system32\kernel32.dll
    66 : 75E20000 0008F000 c:\windows\system32\oleaut32.dll
    67 : 75EB0000 000F4000 c:\windows\system32\wininet.dll
    68 : 75FB0000 0019D000 c:\windows\system32\setupapi.dll
    69 : 76150000 00045000 c:\windows\system32\wldap32.dll
    70 : 761A0000 000C9000 c:\windows\system32\user32.dll
    71 : 76270000 0001F000 c:\windows\system32\imm32.dll
    72 : 76290000 000AC000 c:\windows\system32\msvcrt.dll
    73 : 76340000 00C49000 c:\windows\system32\shell32.dll
    74 : 76F90000 000A0000 c:\windows\system32\advapi32.dll
    75 : 77030000 00083000 c:\windows\system32\clbcatq.dll
    76 : 770C0000 0009D000 c:\windows\system32\usp10.dll
    77 : 77160000 0013C000 c:\windows\system32\ntdll.dll
    78 : 772A0000 00006000 c:\windows\system32\nsi.dll
    79 : 772B0000 0007B000 c:\windows\system32\comdlg32.dll

    Call stack :

  57. I am also getting socket and API error on send messages. In addition, this piece of rubbish hogs 100% of my computer’s CPU while it forever stays in “System paused . . .” status. The only way that I can get out of it is to close down my MT4.

  58. I’m gonna run the packet sniffer and will try to intercept data sent/received by this EA. So far it looks like a basic signal copier implementation, however it seems to be very sensitive to dropped packets.

    I have coded number of MT4 solutions that implement signal copier. Typically you have a hear-beat based synchronous push/pull data exchange. This one seem to be asynchronous from initial observation.

  59. @Dennis Do you see the red/green bars labeled NN1, NN2,..,NN7? in the upper right corner of the chart this EA attached to?
    When you launch your MT4, let it sit there for a while till CPU usage drops, sometimes it starts working. You will see the bars move up and down.

  60. I’m 100% certain the “logic” of this EA runs on a server on their end. The MT4 EA is a simple signal copier that has been poorly implemented.

    They must have not accounted for number of clients trying to refresh data and as result are getting DDOSed by their own software. Looks like they changed something on the back-end server, as its throwing new API errors. I can only assume, there will be new client version coming out soon

  61. Grin, I saw the red and green bars over on the right-hand side only once. Then the thing gave me error messages and froze up again. I have let it sit there and sit there and sit there, waiting for the CPU usage to drop, but it never did (after something like 15 minutes). So, I have had to either shut down my MT4 or remove the robot from my chart every time.

  62. So far so good… I have this baby running on Alpari US demo. EA seem to have stabilized and is working since 7:30 pm. I can only guess they have made some changes on the server.

    This EA establishes connection to unmapped.dwdtechllc.com and receives about 400 to 600 Bytes per second. It’s quite chatty, for example the MT4 terminal with four charts open is receiving about 200 B/Sec. Im still collecting packet data to understand the protocol used to communicate with the head server.

  63. Grin, Dennis and all fellow traders

    This EA keeps in touch with their server as soon as u turn ur MT4 on. Is it really safe to send out info from ur PC to some other server (unknown) ? I mean look at Grin’s error massege up their which shows quite a few details of his PC.

    I dont really know how that could lead us as a trader in to any problem (hacking)???

    Other thing is that there are very much chances of their server getting stuck every now and then because high traffic and that may lead the trades in to problem trades.

    The most beautiful thing what I liked since last week in regards to the promo of this EA is ,,

    All those previous scammers (EA sellers) were promoting this EA with same old script like “this has never happened in the past”.. “this is the real forex trading system” and all those BS. The most latest before this was Pips 4 Idiots which was promoted like a money making this and that which in a week turned out another BS, didnt they all were saying this, that I was new to forex, I am not a programmer but I now own BMW and a mention /penthouse …. It really makes me laugh when we all are keep being victims of these scammers and still we buy the products promoted by the same scammers…? atleast I feel that for myself.

    Anyway I m not discouraging anyone but this was all came out as I felt for myself as a trader. Guys if these were the returns (1700%) why would anyone go to work man, people will simply borrow $5K to whatever amount from anywhere and buy these EAs to make them this great amount of money… Why the hell they will waste time in selling their product for $17 to $147 and take all these headaches. Do u think there is anyone out there in this world such an honest who really cares for other and give a key to goldmine to people for $100. I have not seen anyone like that yet.

    Happy trading guys and wish u all a Very happy holidays.
    Dont drive and trade when u r drunk.. 🙂

    I m claiming my refund today for TPS. Goodbuy EA, I will still be comming here to see the comments and will sure buy Leo if it is a real EA but not for now atleast.

    Thanks guys.

  64. So guys, here is how we can BS test this system…

    1) Download FinFX and login with their investor account.
    2) Setup this EA on FinFX demo or another broker of choice.
    3) Compare trades thier “proof” account does vs. your results.

    As always, keep in mind your results may be different due to following reasons;
    1) Difference in EA configuration, especially MM.
    2) PIP Spread of your broker (use FinFX demo as control).
    3) Broker slip. (Some brokers have nasty habit to re-quote, by using FinFX as control account you can eliminate that).
    4) If you do not have VPS server, your computer may go in to sleep mode and simply never take or exit trades when signaled. (I use VPS for my algo trading hosted here http://www.ihostasp.net/HostedAppliance/)

  65. @Bharat

    The algo based trading systems are utilized by major banks and trading firms 24/7, and some are very profitable. (read up on “flash orders”).

    Even the simplest algo system can be profitable when it’s curve fitted. It is same as a broken clock showing right time two times a day. The neuro-net based algos are essentially like having hundreds of back-tests on multiple periods and correlated pairs run on every tick. Similar to weather prediction systems, a well tunned neuro net can get close to 7 to 3 or 70% win ratio.

    Combined with sound MM strategy, such algorithm can trade profitably for some time until adjustments are necessary. Similar to training a spam filter bayesian algorithm, a skilled operator(s) can prune b-trees and further curve fit the logic.

    I do not believe the long term sustained 113% monthly results claimed, however I’m happy in the 12-14% monthly profit. On 10K account thats $1200 to $1400 in profit without over trading.

  66. I just read Grin’s comment posted at 8:14 PM stating that the robot has stabilized and appears to be working. So, I fired up my MT4 and, yes, after a few seconds, the bars appeared on the right-hand side. It appears — at least for now — that the stupid thing is working.

    I will run it on my FinFx demo account and monitor its performance vs. the vendor’s live account.

  67. Ah, but there is still a problem with it. When I click on the smiley face to review or change the input parameters, the input parameter box does not open.

  68. @Dennis
    Yes I confirm the same problem. Also, when you click the MT4 “expert advisers” button, it does not stop. When I close chart window, MT4 terminal crashes.

  69. Grin

    You sound like u do have some knowledge about all this new system. I honestly dont know that much , all I could understand is that ur live/demo account is talking to Leo’s server as far as u r logged in / ur EA button is enabled. and thats what making me little nervous.

    Thanks for the info though.

  70. Thank you for a great blog and for all your expert comments, I was ready to buy this thing but now I’m convinced it is another scam, a very elaborate scam. As has been mentioned before why would anyone share such a program? they would sit back making millions. Sharing it would just create saturation, there has to be losers in FX in order for there to be winners. Its a scam and I agree with the person who said it stinks of the same old English scammers.. remember Fap Turbo? what a joker that guy was.

  71. @Bharat I’m amateur FX Trader and seasoned programmer. My personal hobby is to take apart various FX algos, free or commercial. I have been dabbling in MT4 API for several years and have used, and modified hundreds of EA’s and indicators. Some made money in certain trending markets, others are complete junk. There are numerous free opensource MT4 EA’s that are absolutely awesome when they work.

    I have no inside knowledge about LEO’s claim to fame. However, if they truly did build a trading neuro-net, it could be worthy of attention.

  72. The biggest issue right now as I see it, the buggy client side code. I have decompiled the .mq4 EA and basically its a MT4 API proxy for the included LeoTraderPro.dll which runs in asynchronous thread.

    This creates problems with MT4 terminal interface since DLL is running under different thread and stops responding to UI calls. Whoever programmed this part, did a hack job. Its obvious version 1.00 has never been field tested outside the dev environment. Rather this product should be an early alpha test stage at this point.

    Furthermore, the DLL was compiled using debug option which produces stack dumps and overall not a production copy any self respecting programmer would produce. It will be interesting to see how fast LEO responds and releases an updated versions to address these issues.

  73. Can anyone please tell me what is the time frame for these charts (EUR/USD and GBP/USD)? M1, M5, M30,H1, H4, etc. ???? I could not see on the PDF manual. Please help here… Thanks.

  74. @Denise I don’t think this EA trades on any particular time frame on the chart. It listens for the signals from outside and executes trades. Right now if you have this EA working and try changing the time frame, the MT4 terminal will crash.

    If that happens, open windows task manager and kill the terminal.exe process. The DLL I mentioned above runs in separate thread, and does not quit when the MT4 terminal process terminates.

  75. Also, there is an input parameter called “EquityLimit” with a default value of zero that is not mentioned at all in the user manual PDF.

    And I just got a terminal dump, then an error box stating “Runtime error 217 at 02F32740”.

    For cryin’ out loud, what a piece of garbage this robot is.

    I submitted my refund request through Clickbank hours ago. When I see the refund posted to my credit card account, I will heave a huge sigh of relief and say to myself “Good riddance!”

  76. Thanks Grin. What about risk limit? I did not understand this part very good, so i put down -5.0, which is for, i guess, not-fixed based lots. A lot of things are not clear here, not good amount of information is given out.
    By the way, what is the best time frame for you? I dont like long term trade, like week or so. I like short term one. What is your advise in this case? Thanks

  77. @Dennis I don’t blame you, if things don’t improve soon, I will be claiming the 60 day refund option.

    Just FYI for all readers; The safest way to test any EA or FX product is by using PayPal payment. In this case the vendor using click-bank which offers 100% 60 day money back guarantee. In almost 100% of cases PayPal will refund the customer and issue a charge back to vendor. This is especially true if no physical good were shipped. This process is as simple as pushing a dispute button.

  78. @Denise From what I understand, the manual is clear as to MM used.

    If value is negative like -5.0, that means EA will use 5% account equity to open new trades. If value is positive, it represents fixed number of lots each trade will be. For example value of 0.5 will trade half lot and 1.0 will always trade one lot.

    Like I said earlier, this EA uses internal time frames for correlations and receives trading signals from the server. The time frame on the chart EA attached to has no bearing on its operation from what I can tell.

  79. @Grin,
    It sounds like you have faith this thing could work. I think it will be best to wait until they fix all the teething problems, do you agree and do you think they will?

  80. I downloaded the investor password to the mt4 and the robot was in a trade. The robot never risks more than 1% of the an account its on? The lot size was .40 on the EU with a stop loss of 325 pips and a take profit of 18. $2972 account 1% risk is $29.72 div by .40 = 72 pip stop, more like 4.5% of the account.

  81. @Jboy I will let them hold my money for a while and will see how things develop. If they don’t fix glaring bugs ASAP and system BS test I outlined previously does not pass. I will be pushing the “REFUND” button before day 59 is over ;0, I even have it in my outlook reminder now.

  82. I also emailed them for the technical support but have not heard anything from them yet. This is just a first day, that is what I am thinking. I hope everything will be ok later on. Is there any one here who heard from their tech. support?

  83. @Denise I’m sure they are now flooded with emails of all sorts. It’s clear the post release support and maintenance cycles forthis product were not even an afterthought.

    In the way it is encouraging, since authors seem to not have a solid conversion and support pipeline like many ScamBOTs I see on the market. This tells me whoever is making this bot is new to the FX scene. I’m hoping they read this thread and address basic issues first so we can test this system.

    I’m skeptically optimistic as this point. $250 I spent in total is not a huge sum by FX standards. If system can indelibly generate 12% monthly income it will be well worth it for me.

  84. Finally I installed the robot on 4 currencies, still no trade for past 4 hours, I think the bot is running full time.

  85. @Grin

    You’ve mentioned there are several OpenSource MT4 EA which have quite consistent performance.

    Would you mind sharing what are they?


  86. Been running for about 4 hrs as well on both EURUSD & GBPUSD as well as USDJPY & USDCHF. I only changed the one field to -5.0.
    All runnung in 1hr time. When pressing F7 it only opens on USDJPY & USDCHF and not all the original input field appear.

    No trades as yet but I will post as soon as 1 opens

  87. It would be nice if Leo Trader Pro had contact information on there website order page. I thought Leo Trader Pro wanted transparency? Is Leo Trader Pro based in the USA and where? Do they have a phone number and/or email address that may be contacted prior to purchase? I think these are legitimate questions and concerns. I have not purchased as of yet. I am new to the robot (Expert Advisor) forex world, so I have never owned any robots. I would be open to robot recommendations that have a proven reliable consistent track record. It seems like they all use click bank.

  88. from support

    Fisrt Q about why I can’t right-click chart,EA, properties will not work. Can’t change inputs that way. Here’s what they said.

    LTP needs to be removed from the chart and then reattached to change settings. Please refer to the manual for details. Right-click on the smiley face then select Expert Advisors -> Remove, afterwards you can drag the EA back to the chart from the navigator panel.

    The Equity Limit setting defines the minimal account equity in your account currency, upon reaching which, the robot will stop trading to prevent any further losses. This value specify as a number of units in your account currency.

    Well at least they responded

  89. Their support is working:
    “It is usualy caused by attempting to change settings without removing it then reattaching it to the chart. Replicators like LTP need to be removed from the chart then reattached to change settings – the manual explains to right-click the smiley face then select Expert Advisors -> Remove, then you can drag the EA back to the chart from the navigator panel. Please remove the EA and close the platform, then reopen you MT4 and attach the EA with correct settings, please do not try to change settings and timeframes when the EA is attached to the chart.”

  90. Hi Folks. Well after returning TPS and Pips4Idiots (i actually made 40 pips off Pips 4 idoits b4 i read the decompiled info and got out of it (lucky me). This one did come from someone I know as fairly reliable (even though the scammers were pitching it too). I haven’t bought it as of yet, but I did notice one thing. On the live account trade made 12-16-2010 at 1:52, the ea took a buy trade at 1.32257, if you look at the high/low for the 1:00 hour, the high was 1.32253. So aparently since this is a fractional account the robot either took the trade at a price that did not exist, or the spread was .4 pips. Wish my broker gave that kind of spread 😉

  91. @John The ticket #1126057 Buy EURUSD @1.32257 and SL was tripped @1.32420 thats 16.3 PIP win. I would say a solid scalp in my book.

    Judging from the trade history, this bot uses SL to lock in profits. More than half of wins were triggered by SL. not a bad MM strategy if you ask me.

  92. Let me explain better. I’m not disputing the stop loss profit. The trade was taken at a price that did not exist. The price never reached 13.2257,, unless the ask was with a .4 pip spread. The high price for the hour was only 1.32253

  93. First post , I have the ea running on just the eurusd now, the support team has responded to my time fram question, and it is any time fram the ea will run. It has not taken a trade , I had a problem when trying to download the dll file , my norton virus did not like this file, I downloaded the zip file and I quess I have all the files. I went and looked at there live account today and notice that they removed the ea , I seen this in the Journal, another thing on my mt4 platform , when I had all 4 charts open and it looked like they were running, by the blinking of the indicator lights, they were all the same for all 4 pairs. You would think that each pair would have different neural network levels for each pair. If anyone has any sucess with this ea please email me dkulskioc@comcast.net

    I think something is wrong and they must respond ASAP.

  94. Hi all!

    After a lot of problems I think it’s working… Nevertheless, I can’t see any trade so far. It just appears the equalizer which indicates signal strenght going up and down, but no action so far.

    Has someone’s Leo Trader make at least one attempt of trading?

    Greetings from Ecuador,


  95. JTX– Magic number is receipt code–second up from bottom in inputs

    indicator levels at 100 in all four pairs,never budges from there,no blinking lights.

    No trades as of yet

  96. Another word of warning: While the robot is running on your chart, do not change the time frame of your chart. If you do, you will get a terminal dump, then an endless loop of error boxes that you cannot get out of without terminating the MT4 terminal process inside of Task Manager. This happens to me anytime I change the time frame.

    I’m running Windows XP SP3.

    Anybody else have the same thing happen?

  97. Marty, I have the same problem, It is so far the worst ea I ever had, It has not taken a trade, I think the ea is set up for hedging and I cant hedge.there is a true /false to turn off hedging ,but it might really effect the trading , if I can get it to trade. Another thingy, the support from leo trader , you are only allowed I think three of them. I sent another and it would not send it.
    this is bs and I am starting to get pissed. I will get a working ea or my money back.Has anyone that bought this ea have it taken a trade on any pair? leo trader needs to come up with some answers.

  98. I am wondering if this ea is set up for 5 digit ecn trading?
    most of all the other ea have a ecn true /flase option.

  99. Dennis, I have Windows XP SP3 and that exact same thing happens to mine – a series of errors and manually having to close the terminal if you change the timeframe setting with it running. But like I suspected, and like another poster said, the timeframe setting does not matter for this EA. Mine seems to be working but has not traded yet in 18 hours. But for 2 of those 18 hours I was unaware my ISP had lost it’s connection (rare, happens once a month or so). and on mu computer – Losing an Internet connection crashes the terminal in the exact same way as the timeframe scenario.

  100. Interesting, the Leo Trader Pro EA just sits for hours and doesnt trade….well not yet from what I’ve seen. Gents, I’m beginning to think that the Leo Trader Pro replication server probably has live trading turned off or something of the other. They cant keep it going like this. This is some straight foolishness, I keep getting email from support@fapturbo.com and pips4idiots about this thing being the bom-diggity! What gives???!!!!

    Count me in the bunch that’ll wait this out to see if it does live up to what it says it can perform to do, at least I’ve got Pips4idiots bringing in the consistent profits for now.

  101. Guys, guys stop buying these scam EA’s. Just for fun I’m on a lot of mailing list for new EA’s and this one is marketed via all third party people I know They all try to make money from people desperate for an income from Forex and that still believe that for under 200$ you can buy a system that will generate thousands. In forex only people that really know how to trade and people that sell stuff for Forex will get richer. There are soem good courses and training methods out there however but they are never EA’s that will make you money while sleeping.

  102. It took me forever to get this thing setup.I have been running several rebots over the past 2 years and this one was a pain. Once you get it set don’t touch it! If you change charts or time frames or go from demo to live account LEO TRADER has a major problem (numerous error codes ect.) I have been running for about 4 hrs no trades. It appears to be working. The processing status bars are the same on all charts and my bet is that they are only for show and really don’t mean anything. I will keep running for a few weeks to see what happens but I have not found a robot that works and i have tested a lot of them so i’m not holding my breath.

  103. This is from the email the Leo pro team sent me this morning, would this accurately describe any of you who bought it?

    Well John,

    All the traders currently utilizing our Neural Net can’t be wrong can they?

    There’s only one thing on the lips of traders everywhere right now and…
    you guessed it… it’s Leo Trader Pro!

    We had a fantastic opening yesterday and we’ve received some very
    positive feedback. If you’re in the group of people who generally wait to
    see what everyone else says before you dive in…

    …well, we really can’t blame you. You’ve probably been burned a few
    times and we can’t fault you for being cautious.

    Let’s put your mind at ease…after everyone who got their hands on Leo
    Trader Pro yesterday, performance is still 100% as expected. They’re
    trading comfortably and soon they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Why haven’t you joined them?

  104. Marty – The Magic Number could be only numbers, no letters, couldnt it? But the Receipt code is numbers and letters…
    such Y8VDFPV9…

  105. Me, The Puzzled Trader: Tue, Dec 21 2010 9:03am
    How long does it take before LeoTrader begins trading???
    Them, SlowMolasses Leo Trader Support: Tue, Dec 21 2010 9:42am – Jane
    We will fix the problem as soon as possible. It will not take a lot of time.
    We thank you for the patience and apologize for the inconveniences.

  106. Hey John I’ve found if you lose your internet connection (from your ISP) for even a second (happened to me at 9am today), it will crash the terminal. Whereas my other EAs wont crash the terminal, and will come back on automatically (with no help from us) when the ISP connection comes back. That’s because those others don’t rely on a remote server, apparently with a remote server — losing the ISP connection really messes things up. Luckily this only happens on my ISP about once every 2 weeks on average.

  107. Also, when they fix the problem of “our EAs not yet trading”, I would expect a crash(s) then too, most likely the “signal out” will be enabled and disabled as they are tweeking/fixing the servers.

  108. I bought this EA just to see how it runs? I like everyone else have had endless crashes but have managed to get it running on 2 charts for about 10hrs but no trades yet. It’s very unstable and as soon as you try to change anything on charts or MT4 crashes the system.
    Advise for anyone that ever buys this stuff make sure you use PayPal so if ever not happy you can easily get money back.(dont ever pay straight from credit card)
    I probably ask for money back but I’ll run it for a little while to see what happens?
    Neural Nets is nothing new, I recently re-read about it in Van Tharps “Trading your way to Finacial Freedom” book and he talks about it(big banks & fund managers have had this type of software for years) as his book must be about 10 years old now. Basically for example its software that will predict tomorrows High,Low & close for a market and use those predictions for profit targets & stops etc. A little more to it than that but its not new(maybe new to MT4)

    Lets see what happens.

  109. I just received Clickbank confirmation of my refunds. No arguments or arm-twisting from the vendor, so that’s a good thing.

    As soon as I see the charges credited back to my credit card (usually takes about three business days), I am going to delete this ugly monster of an EA from my computer forever.

    Good riddance!

    Good luck to you guys and gals who choose to hang in there with LTP. I’ll be checking back here occasionally to see how you’re doing. Heck, if the vendor ever gets all of the bugs out of it and you folks are reporting live trading results as good as what we see in the vendor’s live account, I must just re-up for LTP and give it another go.

  110. Grin @ I heard u buddy. Good on you. I m sure waiting this time till it really shows some shine in the world of trading. I m not technically inclined and by reading all u guys here, for sure this not my time to jump in. 🙂

    Happy trading and happy holidays.

  111. Hello,
    So far, mine has been working without any interruption. I am also checking their live account constantly to see if they are trading or not. Their last trade was yesterday and we were kind of late for this, I guess. If their robot catches a trade and ours don’t, then I guess we have a problem. But it is just new and I will give it a little time to see how it is doing. Their customer support was consistent and they answered my questions this morning. And also we can not open a ticket for each question we need to ask, but according to them, we can use the same email to reply if we have any question. They said the robot can trade in any time frame. For the receipt number, we are supposed to use the click-bank receipt number. For the risk part, I used -5.0 (5% of the account-this part is up to you). If we don’t enter these, we can not run the robot. If we try to change the time frame, it closes itself. At this moment you have to remove the EA and reattach it again adjusting the things all over again. If I am wrong so far, please some one correct me. Any information is appreciated…

  112. To: ———–@hotmail.com
    > Subject: [#623030] LeoTrader
    > From: support@leotraderpro.com
    > Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 23:53:35 +0000
    > — do not edit —
    > KinGSolomonsPools,
    > A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #623030 with the following response:
    > There is no such an average value, but it begins its trading activity after attaching to the charts. Please wait for a longer time, so the market conditions will be suitable for trading and the EA will open the trades.
    > We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, reply to this email or login to your account for a complete archive of all your support requests and responses.
    > http://www.leotraderpro.com/support/view.php?e=

  113. JTX–as I understand it..the so-called magic number is the receipt code…

    Receipt Code

    You receipt code is your user license for Leo Trader Pro. When
    attaching Leo Trader Pro to a chart, this code must be entered in
    order for your copy of Leo Trader Pro to be authenticated on the

    The receipt code is an 8 character alphanumeric (letters and
    numbers) string. Hope this helps

  114. I’m very sorry to say that guys, but I have been watching Leo Trader Pro recently as well and there seems to be a conclusive proof that we have all been scammed. I have submitted this to ForexPeaceArmy today as well.


  115. No commercially realeased EA will ever work people..Start trading four hour charts manually..High probability set ups..You wont look back.

  116. @ Jason So are you saying there is privately owned EAs out there that do work?
    Also could you be kind enough to elaborate on how to work the four hour charts as I am kinda new at this.

  117. Dear Dennis( and others),
    I would like to thank you all for your posts.

    I was nearly taken in by the hype and saw all the comments of the complexities required to run this from you all, that I KNOW are above my IT capabilities; so did not buy.

    If any of you do come accross something that actually works and does not require a PHD ogf IT knowledge to run as well, would you be kind enough to send me details at my email 100ventures@gmail.com.

    Also I am afraid to say, like many of you have mentioned already,that if what they promised was real, why would they sell it? Borrow US$50K and just trade for two years and you could reire with millions. Very, very, very unlikely!!.

    All best for Christnas and 2011 to you all and down with scammers.
    Hong Kong

  118. Marty – The problem is, if the Magic Number is the Receipt Code, than you are not able to change it. To change the Magic Number is essential for testing/compearing at different brokers, etc. 🙁

  119. Hi fellow traders,

    I think, that I ´ve found the solution to the crashes and multiple popups. Here is my last statement in the LTP support Center:

    Hi Sergio,

    OK, I think I got it. I assume, that you mean, generally open one Currency Pair in a single Metatrader Session.

    This means, if I have both robots, I should install two instances of Metatrader in different directories. Then open one of them and open lets say Eur/USD and implement the robot for Eur/USD and GBP/USD in only Eur/USD.

    Then open the metatrader from the other directory, open USD/CHF and implement the robot for USD/CHF and USD/JPY in this single Currency Pair.

    This seems to work. Am I right?

    Thanx and have a nice xmastime


  120. Choose the same account (demo or live) for both sessions of course. I opened and closed metatrader several times and it automatically started blinking without crashes and popups.

    I´m looking forward to see this thing trading 😉



  121. I have Vista (sorry for me) and had a hard time installing it! Think I have it now? Support is pretty much a joke. I’m a novice trader and got sucked in, was trying to use it for knowledge and if it made money the better.
    A users manual would have been nice and thank you to everyone that posted to use the receipt #, think they would tell you that! Going on 2 days with it slowly coming around and then have itself close down.
    If anyone from LTR reads these post, read again and fix it!

  122. Hello All,
    I am still getting the plattform crash. I am running XP, forex.com broker and placing the charts (EURUSD and USDCHF) to run the 4 pairs.

    Did anyone found the solution?



  123. Hey everyone , just though I would stop by and give my opinions . First of all how can they release this version of the bot , like someone already mentioned this should of been an early test version . frequent crashes are realy starting to piss me off . I decided to leave it on over night expecting it to maybe open a trade just to wake up and find out that It opened 225 error messages instead .It’s hard for me to trust this Bot to trade live money when it can’t even do the simple task of running on a trading platform without crashing . Personaly I will keep it for a week or so to see if it opens trades or not an what are the outcomes .

  124. Hi Marcel,

    maybe LTP made a bad job explaining how to implement the robot correctly, but I finally found out how to stop the crashes and 225 error messages. pls read my comments above. Guess it helps.


  125. @ Matt

    I only have the EURUSD GBPUSD robot so what should I do
    ? I open and closed MT4 a few times removed the Leo Trader and added it back in again , but I still get that error message .

  126. Their Support did reply:

    Q1. I am able to download only 1 EA. How do I download the secondary copy?
    A1. Please note that the robot is the same but the receipts are different. For example, one receipt is for EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs, and the other – for USD/JPY and USD/CHF.

    Q2. I am trying Leo on fxcm, it gives me “Asynchronous socket error 10060” and crashes. What should I do?
    A2. Currrently we are working on the problem. Try to reattach the EA to the chart a bit later. Please excuse us for the inconveniences.

    Q3. What is the RiskLevel for your live account 1331?
    A3. Just set the “RiskLevel” setting to 0.06 per $1,000

  127. after sorting out all the crashes etc IT IS RUNNING BUT NO TRADES YET .. anyone – please report if it trades for you!

  128. @ Ian
    The product is designed to work with EURUSD GBPUSD , there is an upsell to have a second bot which will run with USDJYP and USDCHF also . I didn’t take it by the way . I am going to try this one first and if it ever starts working and giving me positive winnings then I might get it later on

  129. thanks for the info marcel, good luck with it i hope you have a positive trade, after all i think if you do then so should everyone else.

  130. Hi Marcel,

    then it is even easier. You only need one installed MT4. The main point is, that you only open one chart (currency pair) i.e Eur/USD. Here you implement the robot with your receipt code. This single chart works for Eur/Usd and GBP/USD. Just an illustration:



  131. Yes, crashing problems are back. Since Yestarday LTP was running stable, but today i got MT4 crash after crash again like connection problems, runtime errors, bunch or errors. I running LTP on FinFX demo. At the moment there is no point to try it on live account at all. Hope they will fix these problems or release fixed version of LTP. Because this version can’t even work together with MT4, we can forget about trades at least for these first day.

  132. Yeah thx matt I kinda figured it out after reading the post a few times , everything is running for now , has anybody had a trade opened since it started monday ?

  133. no trades yet!!! this loser is up and running since monday with all sorts of problems and troubles but yet any trade to see.

    very bad start for an EA….

  134. I have this EA running since 12/20/10 on my VPS. It has not taken trades nor has any trades occurred on their “proof” account. This is not a problem since based on their trading history the EA makes one or two trades per day and some days it stays out of the market.

    For those seeking action, I don’t believe this is a scalping algo, so please be patient.I would rather have several winning trades per week, than bunch of tiny wins and huge losses like many known scalping EAs do.

    Also keep in mind, we are in holiday season right now, the markets are volatile due to low volumes, generally I sit on the sidelines with my manual strategies until second week of January. I imagine great number of traders and institutions do the same.

  135. Hi All,
    I have been trying two days in a row to set up LTP in demo accounts on FINFX and IBFX MT4 but each time MT4 dumps out erros and crashes. I opened couple of tickets seeking for help but all they provided is a solution – to restart MT4 – ridiculous. I have restarted my PC, uninstalled/installed in attempts to get it working several times but failed. How did you guys managed to get it working? My past experiences of setting up other junk robots has been really easy though they don’t do the real job. Anyone please provide how to get rid of MT4 dump errors and runtime error dialog box which cannot be closed. Want to give it try before I refund my money. Appreciate your help.

  136. reinstall MT4, download new files from leotraderpro.com, ones you attached the EA make sure you update all the required information on popup. Later if you try to change any thing it will crash. do all your arrangements Time Frame etc before you attach the EA.

    hope this helps

  137. @Max

    Read my posts from Monday. This EA is buggy, I have decompiled the mq4. Essentially They are using asynchronous thread for the DLL which is causing problems with MT4. Like I said earlier, this EA has been rushed and has not been field tested. My impression from the support responses is that they are aware of the issue, however only offer the “restart your MT4” solution.

  138. I got 1st trade too. Buy trade on GBPUSD @ 1.5398. The same on vendors site. From sup tickets i got answer, that now LTP only works when it is attached only to the one EURUSD chart. Attaching to GBPUSD chart is no longer necessary. Trades gonna happen on both pairs anyway. That works for me well. So if i trying to attach LTP to GBPUSD chart too i got MT4 crash. Anyway this is solution for now.

  139. Hi Ahmed and all other facing crashes,

    just read my previous comments. It works.

    BTW. It opened the Buy in GBPUSD, but wtf with 10 Lot on a 10000 Dollar account. eeeek

    I set the risk level to 5 % (-5), minimum lotsize to 0,1 and maximum lotsize to 10. And it took the maximum. Something is going wrong.


  140. @ ahmed
    Did you reads matt discription of how to fix this ? It worked for me , Only drag your Expert adviser on One of the 2 charts . Either drag it on the EURUSD or the GPBUSD not both . It will still run for both pairs even if you only drag it on one of the two . You should first restart MT4 right click on the chart go to expert adviser and remove it on both chart , then shut down and restart MT4 and drag your Leo Trader Pro on only the EURUSD or only the GBPUSD not both . then it should be alright . Mine didn’t crash again after this .

  141. I have 5k demo account on FinFX and i set risk level 0.04, so i got 0.1 lot size. Loos like that LTP team has to make new manual and clear installation instructions for this buggy EA.

  142. thanks @ Marcel and Matt
    its finally working, without any trades but.

    since i purchased EURUSD and USDJPY, i installed MT4 in to different folders and ran EA on EUR/USD on 1st MT and USD/JYP on 2nd with same account.

    lets see what happens.


  143. Here is the e-mail I sent to LEO Trader support:

    The version 1.00 is too buggy and is unstable. The EA crashes MT4 terminal and is simply unusable under normal circumstances. With the current issues I would never consider using this on real money account even if the trading strategy works. I’m familiar with MQL and do write my own algos including signal copier implementations. There are number of commercial and open source MT4 signal copying solutions that do not suffer same problems your product does. I believe you guys are using asynchronous thread for the DLL process without a solid thread marshaling, this is causing issues with MT4 interface synchronization.

    This product crashes MT4 terminal when:
    1) You change chart time frame.
    2) Try to modify EA settings.
    3) Smallest packet loss to the replicator server.
    4) Sometimes just crashes spontaneously without any input.

    I run this on a clean Windows 2003 Server VPS installation, no external programs or AV. This VPS was specifically provisioned to test this EA. You need to address these issues ASAP. I have stopped trying to test the strategy because of the problems mentioned above.

    Just FYI, one with basic coding abilities can simply copy trading signals from your investor account in real-time. I know you guys want to prove the strategy works, however you basically selling a signal service and your signals are free on the investor account access. I think if you provided a WebAPI interface and let others code algos to take your signals, you may have a better results.

    Also, you should folow discussion here https://www.forexmachines.com/reviews/leo-trader-pro/

  144. Hi Matt,

    I justt set 0.04 in the risk level section, thats all what i changed. Thats how i got 0.1 lot from 5k demo account, and my leverage is 1:200.

  145. I’m only doing EURUSD, no trades yet. However, I have pips4idiots too. And it will sometimes trade several times in one day, then not trade for days, very erratic/random–things must meet it’s set of rules. Well last Wednesday is the last time it traded, 8 times in one day, all wins, BUT NO TRADES SINCE LAST WEDNESDAY FOR THE PIPS4IDIOTS. In the case of the Leo Trader not yet trading I just hope it’s because it’s early on and/or the market is “no good” this week before Christmas.


  147. That GBP/USD trade that LTP opened is set with a 330-pip S/L and a 10-pip T/P. That is an awful risk/reward ratio. I would never trade a live account with this robot. One S/L takes 33 wins to recoup. Ugh!

  148. Hi andy,

    when you put a positive value in the risklevel section which is below the brokers minimum lot requirement, then it automatically takes their requirement. At least I understand it that way from the LTP manual.

    When you put in a minus value, it should adjust it by this risk level. But at the moment, I did not find a proper value.

    Does anybody know, what should be inserted there to have the risk adjustment LTP has in their liveaccount?


  149. Finally got mine working. The only thing I changed on the inputs tab is risk set at -3.0 or 3% of acc balance. GLTA

  150. @Marty

    If you have 3.0 that means next trade will be 3 LOTS! Not 3%.
    If you want MM to use equity %, you need to set value to -3.0.

    Read the PDF its clear regarding MM settings. Positive values mean fixed lot trading, negative mean % or account equity.

  151. Hi Matt,

    Yes You are right. In this case according to manual it doesn’t matter if i set 0.04 or 0.02, the lowest lot size what i can get is 0.1 with FinFx vendors broker. There is no lower value avaliable for this broker.

  152. the GBP/USD trade is down 30 pips right now with a 10 pip take profit so when they say that there DD is low you have to wonder how true that is

  153. So far Leo Trader is a piece of crap. I have experienced all the crashes that everyone else has. I fially got it going and then decided to make a change… what a mistake that was! When i tried to set it up again constant crashes and then it opened the gbp/usd trade naked no stop loss and no take profitand then crashed again. As of now down about 30pips with no stop loss. I think I will be getting my refund.

  154. I thought this would be a semi scam. These guys are pushing the hell out of this thing and people will find out soon enough that it is going to tear up their accounts. 300 pip SL and a 10 pip TP. What’s wrong with that picture. Just another scammer with good marketing sense.

    I made my own system last week and started it running on Sunday evening. So far from then to now It has made 274 pips. I have a little refining to do and I will make even more pips. I really believe that these EA’s are nothing but a lot of BS

  155. Grin–did you notice the – sign behind the (risk set at) on the first line. I missed the GBP trade @ 1.5398 because I had 4 charts open with Leo in them. Reinstalled with 2 charts and got the blinking lights and all. Seems to be working right as of now. Manually entered GBP @ 1.53694 with TP @ 1.54055 with 1 mini lot. SL @ 1.52750 on 5000 demo.


  156. Hello,
    I have a question. If this is a signal copier (I get this because of time frames do not matter and even though you open one chart you can trade with both currencies), we needed to start trading all together. By the way, I checked their account and did not see any open trade since 20th. How so some of us trading and others are not at this moment. I could not understand that. Because, we need to catch the trade together especially if we are using their broker or a low spread broker. Can someone explain this please? Thanks…

  157. Hi Denise,

    How can You not see. Please check LTP broker FinFX with investor access or visit LTP site account statement. Today we got one open trade on GBPUSD buy @ 1.5398 thats is for sure.

  158. Denise, there has not been a EURUSD trade on their account since earlier on Monday. But there was/is a trade right now going on in their account–a GBP/USD. I was only running a EUR/USD chart so I missed that one, but some of the other people on this forum are in that trade now – because they were running a GBP/USD chart. I’ve since started running both a EUR/USD and GBP/USD chart so I’ll be ready for the next one. Glad to hear from others that when that GBP/USD trade started on the Leo account, it also started on their own computer too.

  159. I will wait untill my trade is complete to load the new files. Lets hope some or most of the bugs are fixed. On the bright side, looks like support and company are getting things fixed very quickly. That says alot.

  160. Hi Dave,

    There is no matter which chart You running. I installed LTP EA to the EURUSD chart only. But got open trade on GBPUSD, the same trade on vendors site and account. Maybe You missed trade, because You in the LTP EA inputs line “AllowSymbols” set to trade EURUSD only. This field must be empty if you want to get trade signals on both pairs.

  161. But I have been running both charts since the first day. Nothing happen. I left my pc on day and night, and I did not see any error during this time. Why? Just could not understand.

  162. Thanks Andy, I had wondered, because the instruction manual seemed to indirectly indicate that could happen — as long as you did not specify only one pair to be used in the allowsymbol settings (mine is left blank). But on the other hand I didn’t know if my broker would allow a GBPUSD to open in a EUR/USD chart. But for some reason, I missed that GBPUSD trade this morning. Maybe my broker (and some, but not all) won’t allow anything but a EURUSD trade to open in a EURUSD chart? Another reason possibly is because – I did not install my updated dll and EX4 file until after that trade had started. I am referring to the new version they sent/emailed out this morning.

  163. I got open trade with older LTP version not updated.
    1.Remove LTP from all charts.
    2.Drag and drop LTP EA from navigator to EURUSD chart only.
    Insert your XXXXXXXX Receipt code, set Risk value.
    3. Click OK, and wait for trades on both pairs.
    You can open clear GBPUSD chart or another chart for monitoring or do trades manually.

  164. Hi all,

    I installed the new version. The main difference is, that there is a Pending Order Size mentioned in the chart. So you have control about the size of the next order. So you can adjust your risk levels. The maximum order size is set to 10 Lot. I set risk level to -5, did not change minimum (0.0) and maximum (10.0). I have a 10000 Dollar account and the Pending Order Size is 1.44 Lot in USDCHFJPY and 1.51 Lot in EURGBPUSD.

    Cool, I then wait for new positions opened.


  165. Matt, I noticed that on the new version too. My pending lot size is .06 – my account is a mini and my broker allows down to like .01. The .06 is the result of a -1% risk setting and a $200 demo mini account.

  166. I noticed they have new version of EA and same DLL version. Also the PDF manual file is slightly deferent, will be testing this soon. The version 1.00 was completely bugged, I gave up on it.

  167. Not that it matters but my new version (and manual) still says 1.00 not 1.00a. But I know it is different because the manual is different, and my pending lot size is displayed on the chart.

  168. The new updated version “1.00” seem to have solved MT4 crash issue when changing the time frame. I’m gonna test it further for known issues.

  169. I baught Leo Trader, since 3 days I am running it on a live account, so far no trades. Today 22 december they have a new version. That version has crashed the MT4 platform, so I can not run it. If you want to contact their support you have to submit a ticket, this ticket software is not reliable, after 3 tickets you can not send another ticket. I give it a go for another week if it performs as it does until now I will claim my money back

  170. Also, since I’m using a US broker I have to check the HEDGING option FALSE. Don’t know if that had anything to do with me missing that GBP/USD trade this morning, that is currently still going on.

  171. Hi Dropje,

    you can use the same ticket again and again. I only have one ticket and I make new requests by adding a new message.


  172. New version has a pending order size displayed in the chart window, but I have a eur/usd and gbp/usd chart open and when I changed the tf it crashed

  173. If I have lets say only the eurusd chart open do I still have to type in the synbols? for both pairs, on the one open chart?

  174. Hi Dropje,

    no problems with the new version. Did you already read my comments from this morning? Maybe this can help you.


  175. Hi Matt,
    I think I know what went wrong, after reading your emails, I opened 2 charts. Now I have only opened 1 chart EURUSD and so far it is ok. So if the EA is running on the EURUSD it also handles the GBPUSD. If the input field for the Curr pair is blank?
    Thanks for your help

  176. The original crashes if more than one ea is attached per platform as suggested by Mat.I placed the first EA for the cable/euro group on the first platform;no more crashes. I downloaded a second platform into a new labeled file: Alpari 2 and ran the second EA for swissy/ yen group on the second platform(same mt4# and password); no crashes so far. You only need one chart for each group and again only one chart for each platform.

  177. I sent the folloiwng letter:

    Thank you for your indication where to find the files. Unfortunately when installed the system crashes immediately, I dont know whether I have to inform you or the broker you adviced, anyhow I get a message that i have to press F7 and after that a
    “sorry for the crash” apears followed by a lot of information. Anyhow, I consider the installation manual accompanying “LEO Trader” very poor, too many different ways to follow to install the software, very confusing. On page 23 under general settings the receipt code is mentioned, but no indication where to find that code only says that it is an 8 char alfa num, strin.. Was that code also sent in an email that I missed perhaps?

    Awaiting your early reply i sign

    dr f j meijer

  178. Yes it hit it’s take profit, but it dropped to 1.53558 before turning around! That’s 400 points down to chase a mere 100 points up, plus the stop loss was way, way, way down .. do you think we just got lucky. Seems really risky to me!

  179. Hello Matt and John,

    I did not understand what you meant opening charts under another platform. But I tried opening another demo account and using EUR/USD in one account and GBP/USD in the other one was really helpful. It really lowered the load on the EA in one account and there is no error so far because of that (crossed the fingers). But that required two demo account opening. Would you please help me to open different platform under the same broker account(if this was what you meant)? Thanks a lot for your help.

  180. When you install the software it is saved in a metatrader file and a shortcut is created. This is what I called the first platform. Rename this shortcut for example: Metatrader4 Alpari#1 UK. Include the #1 somewhere in the name. Next go to program files in your C drive and create a new file and name it Alpari#2 or whatever your broker name is(I’ll refer to it as Alpari), just make sure it’s labeled #2. Install the the MT4 software again but this time when it prompts you,change the file it loads to to Alpari#2, the new file. Finish the install and you should have 2 shortcuts on the desktop. Relabel the second shortcut Alpari#2.You can now open two separate platforms and use the same login and password for both. Good luck and Merry Christmas.

  181. I wish you weren’t serious… Only one chart, so I have to run MT4 FOUR TIMES to make this work? I have other EAs running (like FAP Turbo) and have several open trades windows in them (up to seven); no problems (other than the fact that I should be trading Christmas week… but they are demo accounts, so why not?).

    I’ve opened a trouble ticket (and included the error messages; there’s really nothing in there that’s personal, with the possible exception of the version of Windows you’re running).

    We’ll see what happens!

    The license number is in the email that you received from ClickBank when you purchased. It’s the 8 digit ClickBank receipt number.

  182. Thanks John, I appreciate your help. Merry Christmas to you too…
    And Merry Christmas everyone here…

    I hope the problems will be solved and everything will be better after the holiday. 🙂

  183. Good morning all,

    I read some of the comments and found this one, where LTP stated, that the risk level should be set to (-)0.06 per $ 1000. As I have a 10000 Dollar demoaccount I set the value to – 0.6. The Pending Order Size is 0.18 and 0.17 Lot. With approximately 0.2 I would earn 20 Dollar (10 pip TP) and risk 600 Dollar (300 pip SL).

    Would you say, that this is reasonable and the settings are ok for that size of account?

    I wish all a very happy xmastime. I´ll be back on monday.


  184. Anyone smell the death trade zooming LTP way..Place a long on USD/CHF now!!..Current price 0.95030..Good luck to all who have purchased LTP

  185. Did ANYONE get the a first trade using A DEMO ACCOUNT that IS NOT thru FinFx??? I’m starting to worry that this thing may not work on demo accounts, and/or only works with FinFX and their high spreads.

    My system runs fine, does not crash, but missed the Wednesday GBP/USD trade. My settings are set correctly, allowsymbols line left blank, one chart (EUR/USD) running leo, etc. But I had to set the hedging option to false because I’m using a US broker. Also only using a 200 dollar demo account with -1% risk — and .06 lot size pending a first trade, if it ever happens.

  186. Great, a 2nd trade just started “EURUSD” and my system did not pick it up either. Support says I’ve got too many tickets open to write a new ticket, this when I don’t have one damn ticket open, any suggestions how to get them to respond to me???—because I cant use the ticket option.

  187. Hi Dave,

    choose the same ticket to write them.

    It opened two positions in Eur/USD. One is already finished with appr 18 Dollar profit. The second is going to develop.

    Looks good.


  188. Watched a live trade–that was done on my system too. Once it got well into the profit it readjusted the stoploss to 1 pip in the profit. Good thing in a way–because it came back and hit that stoploss, for a small profit, but still not a loss. I did not catch the first trade 2 minutes before that trade started. One was a buy, the other a sell, so probably has to do with hedging not allowed by my US broker, I might have to go over seas on the broker if this thing continues to work well, but miss some trades due to hedging.

  189. I had my first trade too. 🙂 Thanks God…

    By the way, is there any way of setting up something in this EA so that it will give sort of alarm when it enters the trade? This is a good way of following up with the trades too. Any idea is appreciated. Thanks…

  190. Need some help here guys, my account is Live at $200 starting.

    How do i set this thing with the correct Risk, Lot Size min/max etc. I’m expecting to see a nice safe average amount of profits from this. Just thought the King would ask the good people. Thanks guys. 🙂

  191. Hi King,

    you see this, when you attach the robot to the chart. For 200 Dollars I would set the risk level to 0.012. and leave min/max as they are.



  192. I am not on FinFx but running a demo account on an Australian broker.

    Mine took the two EURUSD sells – the first 14 pips profit in 1 minutes hitting the TP, the second 3 pips profit in 13 mins hitting a SL

  193. Thanks to you guys I now have the latest version loaded on EU only and it has not crashed MT4 for 4 hours!

    Thank you!

  194. mine just made its first trade on the Euro, nice healthy profit(demo), i still cant get it to stop crashing when i try to install a second chart. seems the answer it to open a second platform and run it separetly but i cant with same broker on demo accounts.

    someone mentioned earlier that they had a gbp trade go off. was it a sucsess?

  195. Understand this good people..NO commercially released EA will ever bring you to the level of success you wish to achieve..The market is manipulated to the slow extreme..Brokers simply adapt to whatever new software emerges..They allow limited success..Hoping you will up the ante..then drop the A bomb at the time of their choosing..The marketing of this product has reached new and slicker levels than seen previously..It seems,once again,many have been taken in..Trade MANUALLY ONLY people..Step back from the small time frame charts..Begin at weekly,Daily then ultimately 4 hour..to bring it all into real perspective..Eventually you will see it unfold..I have posted some trades for you all earlier..these will put some profits in your pockets..jase..Australia

  196. First of all to everyone , have a wonderful holiday day season.
    Well, I woke up and to my surprise, the bot made 2 – trades,
    both on EU, and both made from a small live account. I want to see if it will work live and forward testing.
    price= 1.31299, tp 1.31066 at risk level -5 gave me a lot size of .14, and a profit of real money = $3.35, not bad for a first trade. Still sl was way to big, would like to know more about this. secound trade was profitable for 3 pips, now pending order size is .15, so it is calculating.
    I only have $100.00 is this account for testing. and I do have a secound chart open with usd/jpy, on the same mt4 platform, but no trades.

  197. Hi Dave,

    Are You joking. FinFX has lower spreads i ever seen. This is ECN broker and they spreads are so small that i can’t even notice spread presence. So far i got 3 profit trades and one trade is running now. Later gonna try to test LTP on my live account.

  198. Hey I just realised LTP opened a sell signal on the GBP & I dont even have it attached to a GBPUSD chart let alone have the chart open, I only had the EURUSD chart open.

    Wierd huh! I would have thought I had to have both charts open with LTP attached to both?

    Be careful if anyone runs this with the intention of using one pair only.

  199. my EA is missing the trades, am running the EA only on EUR/USD chart without any Symbol in EA setting. as in previous comments it is suppose to open GBP trade with EA running on EUR chart. is it correct ? am i missing something ?

  200. i think there is some problem with my MT4, the “new order” button is disabled and i cannot open any trade manually and also the EA does’nt open any trades.

    how do i enable the “new order” button from the tool bar.

    thank you

  201. I not sure if its supposed to open trades on both pairs once its attached to 1 chart.

    All I know is I couldnt get both charts to run as it crashed MT4 every time so I emailed support again and in the mean time I just left it running with EURUSD.

    It looks like we dont need both charts open.

  202. Hello Jason
    could I email you and we could talk , I would like to know what type of signals and trading systems you use on the higher time frame charts . my Email is marceleb19 @ gmail.com
    Thanks in advance

  203. Correct, you only need to attach the EA to EUR for it to work on both EUR and GBP charts. Seems illogical but it works.

  204. Well the GBP closed out with a profit.

    First day of trading for LTP has gone well.

    Lets see what happens, I want to run this for 2-3 weeks in demo before I go live.

    Good luck everyone.

  205. The first trades done 🙂 GBPUSD sell
    FinFx – 15 PIPS
    Fx Exness – 13.3 PIPS

    Now EURUSD buying on open.

    BUT it is not trading on my FxPro demo account! Anybody has any idea why? All the same setup on every brokers acc…

  206. My broker told me on the phone they couldn’t see a GBP/USD trade opening up on their platform if I only had a EUR/USD chart running. But on the other hand he said “well ya know what, maybe if your EA is connected to a remote server, because orders can be placed with us w/out a chart open”.

    WELL TO MY RELIEF I’VE NOW GOTTEN EUR/USD AND GBP/USD TRADES WITH ONLY ONE CHART OPEN — A EUR/USD CHART. And it’s on a US broker with only a $200 mini demo account. Since it looks like it follows the 1331 account, and that account has a recent/long history of low drawdown, just set the risk up to -3% from -1%. Pending lot size is now .18 up from .06.

  207. well This Adviser is trading with a mentality of “chances are the trade will hit my TP at 10-15 pips before the currency goes 300 points in the opposite direction , which can be a good thing and a bad thing . I could trade like this on my own using just basic price action .

  208. @Dave

    The chart to which EA attached does not mean EA can olnly trade that particular pair. I write my own EAs and can tell you with 100% certainty if EA is coded to pull price data from the MT4 API, it does not matter which chart is is on. As long as the EURUSD and GBPUSD is available in in the market watch windows you are ok.

    The reason EA may not taken some trades are due to slip and spread. Your broker could have had higher that allowed spread or slipped your your order, thus EA never opened the trade when signal was sent.

  209. marcel, then that’s what you should do! no one should let a bot control their live account without any intervention whatsoever.

  210. On my PC the EA run without any problems – but very often (always if I do an input, regardless in which program) Windows XP show the following message in German but I try to translate): “The program or DLL c:\windows\system32\forexcodeguard.dll is not a valid Windows file. Check this with the installation disc” Do anyone know what this message means and how I can solve this problem?

  211. For those that are having trouble installing the new version,I had the same crashes etc. I had to completely uninstall leo. I mean completely from mt4 and EA files then install the new version. running both charts just fine. Have had 3 trades 110.00, 7.80, 65.00 profit. In a 4th trade EUR right now.

    Also if you do not like the S/L position you can change it From what I understand. It will not effect Leo’s performance unless of course you move it to close…still got what…56 days to test..GLTA

  212. Hi Marty,

    I think, I can remember, that the SL of 300 + is only set as a kathastrophy SL. If everything goes wrong. It was mentioned in one of the videos from Las Vegas, that LTP has got an inherent SL mechanism, which can not be manipulated by some forexbrokers. I think it will never hit that SL at 300 + pips. But nobody knows it exactly.

    Hallo Manfred,

    schön das noch ein weiterer deutscher Trader hier ist. Bei deinem Problem kann ich dir leider auch nicht helfen, da ich das selbe Problem habe. Ich weiss aber nicht, ob es an LTP liegt, aber diese Fehlermeldung habe ich bei einem einzigen Programm auch gehabt. Das es keine valide Win 32 Bit Anwendung ist, obwohl ich Win 7 64 Bit habe. Nur Bill Gates wirds wissen.

    Wenn du mir persönlich schreiben willst, dann kannst du das unter ceo at worldtra.de machen.

    Bis dahin frohe Weihnachten

    Matt aka Matze

  213. For the record, SL with -328 pips also uses well known EA bot, which calls FX Overdrive. Maybe SL -328 pips is some daily range worstest loss level.

  214. So far, going well. 4 trades, 4 winners and account up 5% in 24 hours. Hope it continues!!
    Noticed that FinFx has tight spreads but takes commission on each trade, so I guess they’re happy to host the robot…

  215. I found out why mine missed just one trade since the new 1.00a was installed. I found in my broker journal it initiated the trade at 3 minutes after the hour. Then 7 minutes after the hour the trade still had not happened and a “trade timeout” error was issued. I remember the lights on the EA stopping during those 4 minutes, and I had a lot of programs running on my computer, even other platforms, etc. So for now I’m dismissing it as a fluke – slow internet connection, slow broker, or too many programs slowing things down on my computer, etc.

  216. Hi toughcookie,

    FinFx takes commission, because its ECN broker, not MM. I was checking this broker before. It started working only since april 04.01.2010 (registration date). So its kind of unknown. Maybe all this LTP thing is collaboration between this broker and EA vendor. Also in the Finlad, FX market is unregulated. Anyway, as always, time will tell.

  217. Dave,

    It doesn’t matter how many programms You running. Most important is stable internet connection without losing packets. In background i even runing P2P client at full download speed, and still receiving all LTP signals. Also i keeping both live and demo platforms open.

  218. @Jason,
    Absolutely dead-on RIGHT!
    Black box EA’s will not stand the test of time, IMHO.
    Price action never changes.

    Daily charts. Established trends. Pinbars.

    ‘Nuff said…

  219. Hi all,

    I wonder if it would be possible to share dedicated server to run mt4 and LTP on it? Does anybody have experiences with those servers and knows if it is possible to share the server with other traders just in order to share the cost. I would also prefer a separate access to “my” area on such a server.


  220. Hi Neil,

    yes, as it receives signals and open and closes positions 24/5. Maybe it would be more cost effective to have a shared dedicated server instead of running your PC 24/5.


  221. Hi Matt,

    I can’t publish free EA hosting URL, but i can say, that You can get free quality EA hosting if Your broker are GAIN cpt Forex, which is mine. You can check their site for free EA hosting.

  222. Hi Andy,

    I know this broker as I am Introducing broker for them. But I want to choose FinFx ECN account.


  223. Matt,

    I was thinkinkg too, to open account with ECN broker long time ago. And there is a chance to put together raw spread ECN broker with they promising EA baby. But we still have time to test LTP carefully on other live and demo accounts. Point is , There is no need to hurry.

  224. I purchased the “Leo trader Pro” but there seems to be problems. I used it on Alpari UK, FinFX, and FXDD with all 4 charts of the extra payment for the Pro version, it only traded once on FinFX, then it must off locked itself, no further trades and it keeps on crashing on all MT 4 Platforms I tested. I sort it was the MT4 Platform, but when I live chatted with FinFx I was told to only use one chart for 1 EA for each MT4 otherwise it crashes, that means 4 instances of MT4 each with one chart. They have to be joking this is an impossible situation, they have to debug this thing, this is not a workable EA.

    When it traded it made $ 32 for that trade, I cannot see how it can produce 135% per Month at that rate, it only trades once per day ?

    I am cured I will never purchased a hyped up EA again, the way this EA is now it is useless.

  225. Hi Andy,

    I don´t have any other current live accounts. You are right, there is no need to hurry, but I think, every day I am not connected to this is a lost day. I am excited. Am I the only one here? haha.



  226. guys, my EA is missing all the trades i dont understand what is the problem, also no reply from LTP support. any one else having this problem ?

  227. Ahmed, Since installing the new 1.00a, mine is doing better. Only missed one trade in the last 15 hours, or 1 in 4. I found out why on that one, or the prime area. You might want to check the following. I checked my broker journal (at bottom of platform it says “journal”). On mine it said it was starting the trade at the time of the missed trade. Then 4 minutes later it logged/said the trade had not started and had a “time out” error. I’m putting that one on my broker. And because this platform says “no connection” several times in the day even though I have an internet connection and all other web pages I’m logged onto don’t lose their connection. If this keeps being a regular problem I may switch brokers. Too much “delay” or slippage in your broker can cause problems like this. But you are not the only one, so the EA seems to still have some bugs/crashes for some users, which they seem to slowly be improving – they are headed in the right direction.

  228. thanks dave,

    if am running a demo account wiht $500 what should be risk be ? if its only -5 can it open a 0.1 lot ?

  229. Ahmed, some brokers and account types, don’t allow less than .1 lot. Mine does. I am running a 200 dollar demo mini account, and initially set the risk at -1%, causing Leo to trade at .06 lots on this 200 dollar mini demo account. When I kicked the risk up to -3% the lots went up 3 times, to .18 (makes sense). But keep in mind, as it says in the manual, if your risk percent or lot size calls for .01 lots, but the lowest your broker allows is .1, then it will use .1. It can only go as low as the broker allows.

  230. this is the worst forex robot i have ever had, it keep crashing and crashing and have to restart metatrader 4 all the time. run it for 3 days not a single trade. support very poor message sent for 2 days no reply.

    complete waste of $149. giving it some weeks if it does not improve then refund will be requested.

  231. For the records: I put it on a live 500USD account. The 5th trade is closed with 350USD profit. So the price of the bot is back!!! 🙂

  232. Wlc. But now none of my brokers account trading with the 6th trade of LTP. Seems the bot is running, but none of the account have this open trade (FinFx, Exness, FxPro).
    What could happen?

  233. George – not 2 days, that was only one trade, the 5th one… on live account. But now all my MT4 (demos and live) not receiving the trades from the LTP EA. I donnow what happened…

  234. For the records: I put it on a live 500USD account. The 5th trade is closed with 350USD profit. So the price of the bot is back!!! 🙂

    John,what setting do you use? Please share : )

  235. Mr.GTO – as I said: leverege 1:1000, risk in the LTP EA setting is -5 (5%). No other settings I did, as I know; I am a newbie in forex. But ask me, I try to answer… 🙂

  236. Hi JTX, maybe you did not pick up the 6th trade because your leverage it TOO high for a $500 account!!! You might not have enough margin, check your Journal or Expert tab to see if you can understand what is happening. Maybe someone with more knowledge can comment on this. I am not 100% sure.

  237. FX Cutie – I have 3 other demo account with 10.000 deposit, 1:200 leverea. But none of these pick up the 6th trade… 🙁

  238. FX Cutie that may be right about leverage too high. On another account/bot I had a trade terminated BEFORE it hit the stoploss. It stopped/tagged me for an $87 loss. Seconds before it happened the margin was fine but then the margin line turned red (a margin warning call) as the trade went more into the red. You can be too much into the margin BEFORE a trade — which wont allow it to start in the first place, or be like mine and get into the red in the middle of a falling trade (towards, into the red).

  239. Hmm strange thing.

    I still have EUR/USD trade at my EUR?USD chart but… trade was closed 20 mins ago (21.53) at 1.31116 -15 pips . What is going on ? I’ve just checked at FinFX LPT account and this trade is still runing. More… Looks like my MT4 believe that this trade is running (as I said it’s still at chart with “play” icon). Crazy…

  240. I followed the instructions of this useful blog and it worked… Runnung on a single VPS, 4 MT4s, one per each pair and then it finally didn’t crash. Stil no trades, but at least it doesn’t crash anymore. I’m on a live account,500 usd, also with 2 other EA’s (but running different MT4’s away from LTP).
    I’m only putting 0.01 lots on it to see what happens (I don’t trust in the -5 for an EA with so many troubles in the beginning)

    Happy Holidays, take care!

  241. JTX

    If you have your live account with a leverege 1:1000 you will kill your account in the next few days, try to download your leverage to 1:100 it will be more safe for you.
    If the LTP open a position and it went down 100 – 150 pips you will be dead with your account and it will not be the EA

  242. obviously, anyone playing around with forex using leverage of 1:1000 has no clue what forex is or what it will do to an account! my advice, stay far away from brokers that even offer that kind of leverage. if you’re just starting out, i wouldn’t trade with a live account with more than 1:50 which is definitely manageable. don’t get greedy, you will lose your shirt in a heartbeat.

  243. I am running this on a $3000 demo account. I set the risk level to allow 3% yet it opened the trade with .27 of a standard lot which is about $860 and is WAY more than 3 % of the account. Does anyone know what that’s all about?

  244. while i don’t condone the use of ea’s without some kind of intervention, if you’re considering putting any kind of bot on a live account, you need to understand the importance of money management or risk management. this aspect is more important than what a bot can do for your profit potential. too many people look at how much money a bot can make them, and not look at how it actually manages risk! improper risk management will lead to margin calls or worse, capital liquidation. understand margin and what your broker requires because everyone will incur drawdown.

  245. #CO, it all comes to leverage, what leverage are you using?

    Example, if you use 1:100 leverage, it means that you control $100,000 lot with only $1,000 (1:100 is called standard lot). With this, each PIP (based on USD) worth $10. So if the trade gives you 10 pips, that means you made $100, if you lose 10 pips, you lose 100.

  246. #CO If your leverage is 1:1000, each pip worth $100, and 0.27 represents 27 dollars for each pip. It means you are controlling 27% of the lot size.

  247. This 500 acc is at exness.com. The min lot size is .01
    The pending order size is .1 on the EA, but the trade size is actually 1.0 …
    Anyway I am listening to all of you and will turn down the leverage to 1:200 or something…
    But still wants to unserstand, why not receiving the trade signals from LTP… I just copied manually the trades

  248. There is a problem with the port on my PC to open the EA LeoTraderPro, what is the port to have administrator rights on the MT4 platform?

  249. Hello,
    Is there anyone here having problem with the charts of FinFx? My screen is frozen, and market time is frozen too. Even their life chat is offline. That is so weird. What would I do if I had a live account with them? My other broker screen is working very well indeed. Everything is fine with my other system except FinFx charts. 🙁

  250. Denise, that FinFx platform is doing EXACTLY what my US broker/platform does when it closes down on Friday at 4pm EST. The time freezes, everything freezes when they shut down, then everything starts moving again Sunday Evening. And my time always freezes at 359pm EST, as it closes at 4pm. Notice on the FinFx site it is frozen at 559, like they closed at 6am today for the holiday. My Us broker was going to close the 24th at Noon EST. Wasn’t expecting the Euro broker to close this early, but glad I closed this trade manually (for this reason) when it was slightly in the profit. Last 2 weeks it seems the market has opened up 20 pips (EUR/USD) down on Sunday Evening, which would put this trade back in the red!

  251. Dear Dave, thanks for your information. I was expecting at least a notice from them before closing down. But, thanks God, that was only demo account and I am learning it. Thanks again.

  252. I don’t have crash problem,maybe because i’m using VPS but still no trade since the day i bought it.Just the indicator that make a bright light,goes down and goes up but still no trade for me not even a single trade.

    My broker is IBFX and the chart i use is GBPUSD M15, i also attached Megadroid in a H1 chart. My account size is (live)USD400.00.Can anyone help me here?Pending order size is 0.01 lots,but still not trigger any trade not even a single trade.

  253. Mr Gto I love the Pontiac GTO and was nicknamed “Pontiac Dave” in college LOL.

    I am using a US InterbankFX demo mini account, $200, -3% risk, has been trading at .18 lots, and did one trade at .06 lots when risk was at -1%. I am on a M1 EUR/USD chart, it has traded EUR and GBP with just that 1 chart running leo. I was not getting any trades either. My first came a little over 24 hours ago after installing 1.00a. But I have missed one since. I discovered in my journal that trade was commanded to start 3 minutes after the hour, then 4 minutes later it had not happened and got a “trade timeout” error. So the signal seems to have been sent from LEO. Seems like sometimes the IBFX clock stops for a minute, IBFX may be part of the problem. But with so many people missing trades I’ve gotta wait a bit to see if Leo fixes it on their end, and what happens on the next 20 trades or so. So far all I have is like 4 and one missed after it made it’s first trade. FYI, restarting your platform clears that journal. So wait for the next missed trade, then don’t shut it off w/out first checking that journal. Also on US brokers you must check the hedging option as FALSE on your leo settings.

  254. i downloaded the latest version of LTP but still it version 1.00 not 1.00a, and am missing all the trades. LTP live account opened around 6 trades and my EA missed them all.

    any suggessions.


  255. Change of Trading Conditions

    From December 27, 2010 till December 31, 2010 the following restrictions apply:

    * Maximum leverage for all account types will be changed to 1:50.
    * Spreads for most currency pairs will be somewhat wider than in the normal mode of operation. Please bear in mind during trading that Stop Levels and Freeze Levels cannot be less than the spread value.

    Starting from January 3, 2011 when the Forex market opens, Exness default trading conditions will be renewed.

  256. Good morning all,

    I was wondering, how LTP adjusted the decrease of the risklevel in November to trade with smaller lots. I asked them and they told me, that it is due to the trader to increase or decrease the risklevel. I thought, that we could keep the risk level and everything else is done by their server.

    So, I guess we should watch their positions and adjust our risk level.



  257. Hey Jason in Australia, you seem to be taking the same entries as I am – trading off quality support & resistance levels on the 4 hr charts. My question to you is how are handling your exits?

  258. Hi Matt..Once the major support has been established it is generally a good sized move..In the case of that USD/CHF long ..My target was set at 0.96220..The price peaked somewhere near 0.96645..So target was reached easily..It is somewhat difficult to explain my exit stratagy because I use many..But that USD/CHF trade in particular..My aim was for about 40-50% of the 5 day high low..

  259. I’m not sure when the real results are “real”. For example only 3: adroitea.com , qdiamondsystems.com , automatedforexea.com and many others. Seem to be a lot of excellent EA at reasonable price, ready to be bought and ready to produce interesting earnings at very low risk. I’ll be glad if someone can reply.

  260. I received a comformation of a refund, too many bugs for me. Not as easy as advertised. It kept making my computer act up and alot of the same problems others are getting.
    Thank you for all your post, it is very helpful and I’m still reading to see if all the kinks are worked out with the system. I don’t have the knowledge alot of you have and that is a big concern for me.
    A guide on how set everything in the input would be nice and a troubleshooting platform. But for $149 what do you think your going to get.

    Happy Holidays

  261. Anyone noticed the live feed on the LTP website of their trade account has been stuck for the past couple of hours now?!

  262. Criag wrote: “But for $149 what do you think your going to get.”

    Hi Criag,

    If and I say if it works in the future as seen in the last 5 month, then this one time fee is the best investment ever. Similar (if there are similar ones I don´t know) services cost monthly fees of about several hundred USD. The disadvantage of those signal services is, that they send live signals and you have to be at your computer to open and close positions. Here anything seems to be automatically.

    If it works technically as they advertised, then I would also pay a monthly fee for this service. A one time fee seems, and I say seems to be a bargain.



  263. “Anyone noticed the live feed on the LTP website of their trade account has been stuck for the past couple of hours now?!”

    yes, the market in Finland at FinFx is already closed for holidays.


  264. Matt,

    What I meant was that for the price it is not going to be an easy set up for everyone. Yes for the potential profit it is cheap but it needs to be polished up and fine tuned and then I know it would cost more but for alot of people that would be the ticket.
    There will be kinks to be worked out and I will admit that I should not have bought until I had read the post after it went live.

  265. Hi Criag,

    I had my difficulties too to setup LTP. Their manual was not describing everything correctly. Hope they will make it easier to implement.

    I am very curious if this thing will continue it´s performance in 2011.



  266. Don’t know what to make of this yet. Besides the usual suspect spammers, one or two forex voices I respect support this EA. I have his installed on FinFX demo remote hosted and FinFX demo on own PC. Lots of crashes on former, little problem on latter.

    With 5 trades opened on gpp/usd and euro/usd pairs my £3000 ac is up to £3445.05 between 22 Dec until today.

    My main concerns are about money management. It’s trading at lot size 1 (£10 per pip) and two trades – £100 and £34 profit were stopped out to take profit. The default stop loss appears to be 330 pips i.e £3300. What happens if there is a movement of 50+ pips against your position?

  267. I agree LeoPro is very buggy and not robust, but whatever trade algorithm it uses seems to work based on what I have seen. Mind has crashed slot and the following is what prevents this:
    1) load LTP on only 1 of the 2 pairs-it trades both pairs and chart timescale doesn’t matter
    2) their support group indicates that only one chart running LTP should be loaded on a given instance of MT4. I plan on setting this up over the weekend. This is very inconvenient, but I’m going to give it a go
    3) when both EURUSD and USDCHF are running (so 4 pairs are in play), I have seen potential bad interaction with FapTurbo. Closing a FT USDCHF trade was coincident to system crash.
    4) again, with 2 LTP charts running in a sigle instance of MT4, changing chart timeframe causes a crash, unloading the EA causes a crash, closing the chart causes a crash. Only way to recover is to shut all LTP charts down, restart MT4, and reload LTP
    5) if you’re behind a router, you may need to configure it to get LTP to connect with external server. I initially enabled UPnP, but not LTP has indicated that port 1000 needs to be opened. I am seeing if port triggering will do the trick as I have 2 systems running on my network. If you just have 1system, port forwarding should work.

    Other comments:
    A) there support is good and timely-much better than Forex Bully, which was nonexistent
    B) trades can get dropped. I have ATC and FinFX running. ATC seems to pick up all trades that show up in the LTP account and FinFX has missed a few, but both accounts have had only winning trades since I started 2 days ago (about 5).
    C) I’m running at -2 risk and getting ~0.2 lots on a $3,500 account, and this is much more than 2% at ~320 pip SL
    D) trades in ATC correspond 1:1 with LTP account

    All in all, the robustness and ease of use of LTP sucks; the returns look good however, but time will tell if this will continue. However, I must say I am encouraged given the high correlation between trades on the LTP FinFX account and my ATC and FinFX accounts.

    I hope they correct some of the usability issues, but for now, I am resigned to creating duplicated MT4 files so that I can isolate LTP to a single instance per MT4 (running it on EURUSD on one and USDCHF on the other).


  268. Denise: when you install 2 instances of MT4 as you described earlier do trades on one not show up in trade view and history of the other?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas


  269. The FinFX was closed so early on yesterday for Holiday, because the Santa Claus is living in Finland… 🙂

    One important point, by the support:

    A single license can be run on 2 accounts only, both accounts must run from one IP-address.

    So that’s why my third account at FxPro did not picked up the signals…

  270. Thank you JTX,

    this explains something 😉 So I don´t need to forward my licenses to a friend of mine. That also seems to be important, when you trade from an external server and you also have an account open on your PC at home. This might not work.



  271. For those of you, who did not already bought LTP, you can open your own Clickbank account and buy your licenses from your own link. Then you keep the commission in your pocket.

    I bought LTP from a guy called Keith Marshal. He offered alot of bonuses, but as I wrote an email to him, the email came back undelivered. This guy sucks.


  272. > For those of you, who did not already bought LTP, you can
    > open your own Clickbank account and buy your licenses from
    > your own link.

    That won’t work unless you’re gonna sell it to other people too. You need to meet the payout threshold as well as make sales to 5 different credit cards before you can cash out. That’s exactly there to prevent people from creating accounts and buying for a “discount”.

  273. On a 10K demo with both EA’s , what are the best settings to achieve the pre 19th Nov results when they changed to settings to almost nothing? Cheers all and Merry Xmas.

  274. Hi admin,

    ah OK, I did not know this. I assumed, that it will work this way. I learned 14 years ago: Assumption is the mother of all fucking up.


  275. Thanks Pontiac Dave..; )If this LTP work out well and deliver trades to my account..i will surely drive a Pontiac..maybe 10 years from now.; )

  276. I’ve heard LTP will only work from one IP address, maybe it’s true, or not true.

    If the above is true, and say I have to get a new computer, will LTP work on it, and if not, is there something that can be done by you, to allow me to use it on a new computer???

    This next question may be more for my account/broker people.–> If my home computer is on and logged into my account with LTP running, but I am 2000 miles away with a laptop, can I log into that account (and work/affect it) from the laptop??? Or will I get “kicked out” because the 2 different computers are not allowed account access at the same time?? If there’s no away around this I might just have to shut the home computer down and take the laptop with me. But then there’s the possible problem of 2 ip addresses not being allowed, thus not allowing LTP to work with the laptop (the 2nd computer).

  277. Hi Dave,

    I guess, there will be no problem, if you buy a new computer. If you open MT4 on Computers with different IP´s and run LTP on them, then you might face problems. At the same time of course. When you for instance close the session on one computer you can then work on an other computer.

    I.E. When I start using a dedicated server, I should avoid logging in mt4 on my computer with LTP on it in the same account. This might bring problems.

    To make things short. Run mt4, LTP in one account only on one computer / server. You can login to your account a second time from the moon, only when there is no LTP running, which might cause problems.

    Hope I got it right this time 😉



  278. Thanks Matt, And hopefully when they say 1 ip address, they mean “1 at a time”, and not — you can’t use a 2nd ip even after shutting the first ip/computer down. Even if the latter is true, I’d expect/hope that LEO would work with me w/out making me buy another copy.

  279. The crashes most likely have been discussed by everyone, the way I fixed the crashes was to not run both EUR/USD and the USD/JPY on the the MT4 platform. Running them together works for a shor time then eventually crashes. I also made sure my firewall allowed the DLL to communicate properly. Here is an answer I recieve back from support:

    Please try to remove the EA from the chart and download the fixed version from the download page (the separate files from Option 1), then reattach it with your Clickbank receipt number and correct RiskLevel value (not the default value). To trade both currencies, just attach robot to EUR/USD chart. If you want to trade only one currency, fill “AllowSymbols” field in EA settings as it is described in the Manual. Please don’t attach the EA to both charts, as it can cause instability in the MT4 platform. If you would like to change the settings, you’ll need to remove the EA and attach it again with the desired properties. Also please check if the DLL file isn’t blocked by your system, firewall or antivirus software. We also recommend using separate MT4 platform for USD/JPY and USD/CHF currencies.

  280. Hello Doug:
    Under FinFx, I created 2 platform, and named them FinFx1 and FinFx2. In one platform I opened EUR/USD and in the other one GBP/USD. And both charts caught the EUR/USD trade at the same time. It was weird, but yes it worked indeed.
    Then I wanted to see if I open one more chart under different broker account,whether it would work or not (3 charts at the same time). It is a demo account and I would not loose anything. Then I opened GBP/USD chart under different broker account. That time,3 charts caught EUR/USD trade at the same time. Shortly, it worked really well. Since brokers are closed now, we will see whether it is going to be ok when the market is open again. I think under same IP address, anything is possible. However, I have no idea for different IP addresses. Hope that helps.

    Merry Christmas.

  281. Hi Denise,

    yes, that seems to work. Different brokers at the same time and same IP. You only need to install LTP in Eur/USD in order to trade GBP/USD also. Or vice versa.

    You´ll need a second instance, only if you want to run the USDCHFJPY robot too.

    Did anyone notice, that LTP only opens Eur/USD and GBP/USD positions in their 1331 account? I wonder, why not in USDCHF or USDJPY.



  282. Hey. Bought bout a week ago. Had trouble with crashing MT4. Have opened a new MT4 (demo atm) for 1 chart with this EA and have cut down the crashing to maybe once or twice a day (24hrs). It has so far traded 5 times with 5 winning trades (70 pips profit). One trade still open at close of market (11 pips down). It closes trades not necessarily at tp (sl?). So far only eurusd/gbpusd ea has traded a bit concerned the usdjpy/usdchf ea has no trades. Waiting for a losing trade but fairly impressed so far.

  283. I can’t get LTP to connect now. When I try to attach it to a chart on one system it goes thru 3 connection attempt for both main and backup server and then notes it can’t connect. On my other system, it tries once and then I have a pop up that there are too many simultaneous connections.

    Is this just a weekend thing that will resolve when the markets open?


  284. My guess is yes. Many Ea’s that I have loaded won’t completely load until the market is open and moves by at least a pip.

  285. I bought this system the day it was released. It crashed numerous times until I downloaded Finfx, then it seemed to work ?? Although I have the smiley face and all the coloured bars it has not taken one trade yet.
    I emailed them with the problems and they did get back to me abouut the crash and asked me to send files, my computer is not running the same , extremely slow.
    They have not got back to me about not taking any trades.
    I do not understand what you are supposed to put in the risk level and min lot size and max lot size. Do you change all of them??
    If the time is not right for trading as it is christmas why would they release it a week before ?? That time is eating into the trial period !
    I actually think the only way to make consistant profits is to read the markets yourself and manually trade , as many other people have said on here if it is that great why would they share it and secondly if it is supposed to make you vast amounts of money surely they would charge more . I think i will claiming a refund.

  286. I have segregated my 2 LeoPro charts into separate MT4’s and no crashes seen thus far. So this is a good thing.

    Is anyone going to be live on LTP this week or are you choosing to not open new trades? I’m running my demo this week but have shut down opening new trades on my live account


  287. Use logmein.com to log in remotely.Set up on your home computer(where your mt4 is installed), then you can log in from another comp in your home or from 2000 miles away.No IP problem……

    “This next question may be more for my account/broker people.–> If my home computer is on and logged into my account with LTP running, but I am 2000 miles away with a laptop, can I log into that account (and work/affect it) from the laptop??? Or will I get “kicked out” because the 2 different computers are not allowed account access at the same time?? If there’s no away around this I might just have to shut the home computer down and take the laptop with me. But then there’s the possible problem of 2 ip addresses not being allowed, thus not allowing LTP to work with the laptop (the 2nd computer).”

  288. For the experts..

    If you can leave the setting for say a $500 account, so that everyone would be close to the same page, that would be a big help, since support is non-existent (overloaded).

    Also, is it necessary to open a second account with the same broker in order to run usd/jpy.

    It would be interesting to see everyone running these robots, rather than listening to them having problems..so let all help if we can..if they work, we’ll all have some fun. Good Luck n Thanx

  289. Anyone know how to change the inputs while LP is running? (pending a trade).

    This board is going to become popular is their slow support continues.

    What it all boils down too is..u have 60 days to easily get your money back (if they dont run off lol) so theres no reason to bash these bots. If they dont work for you, or you dont think they’re not up to your high standards, please post one that is..then ask for a refund. I personally are enjoying playing around with them and i’m sure most others are also..if not, refunds abut a click away..so lets have sum fun with them and help everyone get theirs up and running…just sayin

  290. Here ya go…

    60 Day Risk FREE Money Back Guarantee

    If at ANY time within the next 60 days, for ANY reason at all, you aren’t happy with Leo Trader Pro™ then simply e-mail us and we’ll refund every cent of your purchase.

    No questions asked, no ifs, no buts, no whys! Your satisfaction is our success and if we can’t fulfil that, then we don’t want your money.

    So no bot bashin needed.

  291. received email from leo,leaving on thru the holidays. No JPY or CHF trades yet. Running both eur and jpy on same mt4 platform. no problems, no crashes

    Norm–no same acc but you may want to use 2 platforms to run both,1 on each platform. I will change to that later

    Found cheap vps with 100% uptime. LInux.cpanel. easy 4 to 6 mt4’s running. I going live acc, a must have. GLTA

  292. Re: no JPY trades. There are 2 rather negative JPY trades in play now, so additional JPY trades may be unlikely until these close

  293. Ya Marty. I’ve learned a lot abound LTP looking at the live accounts. Now if only the open EURUSD trade closes for a gain in my live account I’ll really be happy (about 5pips down as I type); I’ll also be tempted to let LTP open new trades this week . . . . But my better judgement tells me not to.

  294. I am still running on demo. Going to leave running to see how leo performs. I would close a live acc and leave demo running. eur 6 pips down entered 1.31264 GLTA

  295. Whats the point of running a demo account when you can open trades for 10 cents a pip?…30 pips 3 bucks lol then you can write home and tell ma you’re makin money at last!

  296. Doug–more then welcome.

    Norm—funny stuff…lol

    well,well in profit…hummmmm

    Have a tactic in an extreme drawdown on acc. Must be a seasoned trader though. Not for the faint of heart. Will share if and when leo faulters….if anybody is interested.

  297. Hey Marty, I have a great fear of extreme drawdowns..thats why I play fake breakouts..i wait for the big boys to set em up (stop hunters, God luv em)..I’m only in the market for 30 seconds..and longer than that and my life flashes before my eyes lol.

  298. Hey, if these things work..we’ll be sittin on sum carabean island with a bunch of dancin girls…gettin flashed all day long lol

  299. what leverage LTP is using ? their fxbook says 100:1 but with -5.1 pips and 0.40 lot only $-2.04 negetive!!!

    12.23.2010 19:38 EURUSD Buy 0.40 1.31263 1.31513 1.27963 -2.04 -5.1 0.0

  300. heres 2 trades running on usd/jpy at 1:15am new york time

    buy 83.809
    buy 83.704

    positions are trading right now about 100 pips down. might wanna jump in lol

    80.424 yup you heard it 300+ pip stoplosses whew!

    lemmie know if i’m wrong..gl

  301. “They” took usd/jpy sideways for 47 hours and finally broke below support…i gotta feelin it was a false breakout…looks like LTP thinks so too (LTP hasnt cashed out) should be interestin.

  302. is there a separate finfx live acct # and investor password for the jpy and chf pairs? I sped through the checkout and feel like I missed it somewhere.

    anyone tried the robin hood system their giving away?

  303. norm –jump on 82.550 may not go there…but I got this funny feeling…lol

    I know why they run with such a large SL…BROKER HUNTERS..kinda like hunter killers…

    r we going to tag eur…within 3..

  304. Hi guys, I am out of the EURUSD with 24 pips profit, my platform did not receive the trailing SL change. This was the first time I have not received a signal from LTP. Wondering why.

  305. Hey Marty, usd/jpy got within 10 pips of 82.55 looks like its turnin…good call 😉

    EUR/USD LTP gettin close to cashin out with a $12 profit..its 2:30 am est. trailin stop is at 1.31549 gl

  306. I forgot that it was Sunday today. The market opened and I forgot turning on my computer to continue my trades. Then I realized and opened them and got shocked really: Leo already had profit and closed the trades after wards. I have never seen that kind of EA before. While I was having holiday, my demo account got a lot of profit. It is weird,isn’t it???

  307. Yea, nice surprise..dont quit your day job just yet…soon tho lol

    Here’s a message i got from support.

    Thank you for your e-mail.
    In the average robot makes two trades per day. But due to the holidays the market is extremely volatile and EA’s trading frequency has been reduced in order to prevent losses. So, please, be patient else a little and robot will make a profit for you.

  308. I hv been trying since 22nd Dec. but no luck. I didn’t get a single trade. Looks like the setup is correct – connected to Master server etc. Still waiting ……hmm…

  309. I am running the EA on a live account and I use a VPS server.The first trade was made on 23 dec on the EURUSD at 1.31272 (buy). It has closed today 27 dec at 1.31513. it made 24.2 pips , Lot size 0.1, profit 18.33 EUR, using Alpari UK.

    Th SL and TP where not hit, that means that the SL is a protective SL and the close of the trade is based on the the logic in the programme.

    I have still one problem I can not change the settings of the EA when it is running. Does anyone else have the same problem? please let me know.

  310. Hi Dropje,

    You cant change LTP settings/properties F7, while it running. This is LTP bug too. So if You want to change settings, You have to remove LTP from chart and reattach it back by changing settings, this is the only way.

  311. @Doug. What is the difference between 0.06 (which they have recommended) and -2. I can’t see doubling the acct every month with 0.06. Is -2 the pre 19th Nov setting? Thanks.

  312. -2 is as aggressive as I am willing to go. If original SL of ~330 pips is hit, a -2 setting would result in about 20% of my investment being lost. I don’t know how LTP calculates lot size based on the risk level you enter, but it doesn’t seem to be intuitive.

  313. Not 100% sure I get this but here’s what they said about running both robots in the same account.

    NOTE#2:In case you want to use both EA versions EURUSD / GBPUSD and USDJPY/USDCHF simultaneously in the same account.

    Install a 2nd copy of MT4 from your broker and log into the same account from each copy of MT4 – that would allow you to run the 2nd copy of the EA from the 2nd copy of MT4.

  314. Now you can change LTP settings with F7, while it running.

    “So if You want to change settings, You have to remove LTP from chart and reattach it back by changing settings, this is the only way.”

    No more!!

  315. Hi to all,

    May I know why I go to their LTP invester live account, I can’t found where is the smiley face on their chart to show that their account running LTP?. And on that their invester account, what is the time frame they use actually?

  316. Norm you said trailing stop hit on your eur trade?
    mine hit target and out…1.31513

    3432717 2010.12.23 19:39 buy 0.47 eurusd 1.31264 1.27963 1.31513 2010.12.27 08:48 1.31513

  317. They’ve given away the robinhood strategy with steal pips as well. Sounds like steal pips has re-invented themselves. How ever if the EA makes pips, who cares?

  318. Been trying to log in using the investor password. says the acct number is changed I am using 1331 and the password from the add anybody have any suggestions?

  319. For USDJPY LTP account:

    Account#: 2729
    Password: LTP15112010
    Server:      FinFx-Live

  320. Marty, may have hit TP i, i thought it hit ts was very close. hey nice call on usd/jpy came within 9 pips of ur call..now up 20 pips..hasta climb nuther 35 pips just for LT to break even..i’m in manually.

  321. Thanks Doug I dont know what I am doing wrong cant seem tpo get the appropriate screens up with activity. Have deleted and reinstalled FIn FX Metatrader several times


    Before attaching robot to the chart ensure that you don’t forget to enter Risk Level(Must be differ from “0”).

    Didn’t see it mentioned anywheres on this board..thanks guys. default setting is 0.0 and it wont run at that setting.

  323. Norm–thought maybe it would touch the 55 area but…
    eur–out on tp @ 1.31513
    pete– uninstall everything, I mean everything including the dll and ea in files as well as ea in mt4. then reinstall if you can’t get it to work right. I have both the eur and jpy running on 1 platform with no problems at the moment.

  324. Thanks Doug

    For USDJPY LTP account:

    Account#: 2729
    Password: LTP15112010
    Server: FinFx-Live

  325. Marty, did you happen to go long when usd/jpy was at 64? LTP was down over 115 pips at that point.

    Oh, btw do u have a foreign acc. need to open one prolly with Finfx..we’re losein trades not being able to hedge.

  326. I have 2 different MT4 aaoucnts. One is running the EURUSD pairs and the other is runing the USDJPY Pair.

    But I Don’t have any trades that opened as of yet. Pretty frustrating I am In Phoenix AZ.
    IS anyone else from the USA or all of you good people that have open trades are from Europe?

    ALSO, the time zones are all messed up. The LTP Times for London Tokyo New york and the GMT offsets on the LTP Robot are all not correct.
    Would anyone know if there is a way to change the time zones to the correct time?

  327. I can hedge with ATC Brokers, a US firm, because they have set up their system to meet the rules and still allow hedging. Their spreads and commissions are good. I also opened account with FinFX so I also have some funds offshore.

  328. LTP still down over 100 pips at approx. 4:30 est monday trading usd/jpy.

    Gonna take this baby a while to make up those 100 pips plus a profit…should be interestin…no big loss on a micro account…dont think a hedge fund would be havin fun now lol

  329. Norm–NO, I am not manually trading at this point. Want to learn what Leo is capable of doing at this point. Will trade man later.

    Have 2 accs. 1 at fxcentral. very high commissions though
    2nd at finfx….both allow hedging

    Has anybody tried using a 1/2 % such as 1.5% risk?

  330. Doug:
    yes my risk level is at -5
    Are you in the USA? or Europe?

    The time zones on my LTP are not showing the correct times for New Yrok Tokyo London and I might suspect that that is why I don’t get any trades.

    Did anyone get any trades today int he past 10-12 hours?

    Would any of you know how or rather where to adjust the GMT offset?

  331. hi, i am in Asia and my time also all wrong… i have changed my PC time zone to GMT since last night but so far no trade yet (it’s about 10 hours already) Marty, may be you try to change your PC time zone to GMT and see whether it works or not… regards.


    I missed the very last trade 1331 made–and is in now, and have missed 2 of the last 5 trades. My settings are fine–support even told me so. My system never crashes, runs smooth other than missed trades. I don’t know what else to do on my end. There were no errors in my journal on the last missed trade—like the broker never received the trade signal. I told support with 1 missed trade in the last 4, I needed another 20 or so to know if the one missed was a fluke (not Leo’s error). But then I missed the next trade, so now 2 in the last 5 are missed. I’ve just sent them an email asking what else I can do, OR IF THEY ARE STILL WORKING ON MISSED TRADES FROM THEIR END.

    But I wanted to know from you all if you’ve been told THEY ARE STILL WORKING ON THE MISSED TRADE PROBLEM?

  333. I have missed trades on FinFX demo account but not on ATC Brokers live account. I took my live account offline for this week and am now testing ATC broker demo account. I haven’t elevated misses to LTP support yet.

  334. Thanks Doug, and I forgot to mention my account is a demo account thru IBFX, maybe it won’t miss trades when I go live.

  335. I missed the last trade as well. My system is running perfectly though. I only missed the last one and the change of SL amount. So it accounts for 2 in a row! Not good!

  336. I had a missed trade. My LTP is running on a VPS, Demo account, EA (EURUSD, USDJPY)attached on seperate platform (one account), no crashes, all timezone & GMT offset shown correctly, risklevel: 0.02, pending order size: 0.02 lots, no error messages shown in the journal.

    Submitted a support ticket, waiting for their reply.

  337. I didn’t get the G/U trade either. In fact, I got LTP on the release day and haven’t gotten it to trade yet. I finally got the MT4 crash problems resolved (except I could never get it to work on a IBFX micro account) but now it just sits there.

    At this rate, my time using LTP will be VERY short.

  338. This is a bad couple of weeks to release robots..they probably are only releasing to a portion of traders to see how it goes..they know how nasty forex traders can become if they stub their toe.

  339. missed the gbp and the chf trades.now i am having problems.

    yes I see norm….if it blows through ..next stop could be the 81.50 mark

    got some work to do on this

  340. 330 pip stoploss I doubt it’ll hit it whew! 330 pips ok for micro acc. lol

    Thnx e-trader, I’ll check them out..need a good hedging broker so we dont lose trades with these bots.. they hedge some trades as u prolly know, and we can’t with us brokers ( for those that don’t know).

  341. Hey e-trade, Smarttradefx seems to be an excellent broker, and an ECN also..has all the bells n whistes including gold n silver, plus hedging for our sweet lil bots that r gonna make money lol Hey, if they dont, they’re more fun than watchin tv. thnx for the broker..oh and they speak english! and you dont have any dumb login and password..that looks like a first.

  342. Missed the last two trades here too, gbp and chf. Running a live acct at IBFX.

    If you live in the US you won’t be able to use a foreign broker.

  343. hey guys, I am new in forex market. i am looking a great robot. is leotraderpro ‘s robot great? you all using now right? can make profit? i view the mt4 (investor password), is only can be used on two pair. can it use on other pair? hope you guys can answer me.

  344. I missed them 2 and entered them manually, not sure it was a good move… They are together 143 pips against me… 😮

  345. “If you live in the US you won’t be able to use a foreign broker.”

    Where did you hear that? I think you can..actually they could have insisted we use their broker in Finland or charged us more…thats what I would have done..They probably didn’t want to overwhelm the guy. If this thing works the way they say it does, i’ll open an account with their broker if they get a commission from them.

  346. Hang in there cutie if you’re on a micro account…LTP isnt wrong very often. Im sure some think u should bail, but if its a micro account, you may wanna hang on…or get out if price breaks major support…then get back on when it comes back up…LTP may be hedging in foriegn accounts..we can’t do it in us. grrrrrrrr

  347. hey guys, I am new in forex market. i am looking a great robot. is leotraderpro ‘s robot great? you all using now right? can make profit? i view the mt4 (investor password), is only can be used on two pair. can it use on other pair? hope you guys can answer me.


    Dear forex new bird,

    Time will tell with this Leo Trader Pro,anyway, and trade EURUSD,GBPUSD with it regular robot(USD149) and it upsell bot is (USD97) which trade USDJPY and USDCHF.

  348. “If you live in the US you won’t be able to use a foreign broker.

    Where did you hear that?”

    It came from our wonderful government. The same law that reduced our leverage to 50:1 made it so that we can’t use off shore brokers offering higher leverage to circumvent that law. As a US citizen, I had to close my UK and Australia accounts.

  349. Update of my previous post:

    A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #564575 with the following response:

    Hi Thu,
    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Please send us screen shots of the “Expert” and “Journal” tabs. Also provide us with a screen shot of the chart the robot is attached to and point your broker

    Did anyone also receive similar email from the support team?

  350. yes, i did receive the same feedback. anyway, i think i hv solve the problem by myself… no further feedback from the support team after i attached all the screen shots.

  351. @ BEN… you likely had to close your UK and AUSSIE accounts because they were based in the US (like IBFX and FOREX.COM perhaps).
    That doesn’t mean that you can’t open an account with a broker who does NOT have offices in the US because YOU CAN.

  352. Hi, everyone – the LTP team hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and are preparing for a memorable New Year, too!

    Having read this entire thread, we thought it would be worthwhile clearing up a few issues as there seems to be some confusion…

    1) if you bought the main LTP EURUSD-GBPUSD version then attach it to **ONE** chart ONLY – it doesn’t matter which but we suggest EURUSD so that you have an indication of the pair(s) it should be trading. To activate it, you must enter the ClickBank order number for the EURUSD/GBPUSD version into the ReceiptCode field.

    2) if you bought the optional USDJPY-USDCHF version then attach it to **ONE** chart ONLY – it doesn’t matter which but we suggest USDJPY so that you have an indication of the pair(s) it should be trading. To activate it, you must enter the ClickBank order number for the USDJPY/USDCHF version into the ReceiptCode field.

    3) The RiskLevel setting has been changed so that a value of ZERO will trade the minimum fixed lot size permitted by your broker

    4)The updated system (1.00a) released at 17:30 GMT on the 22nd has resolved the issues of MT4 crashing as far as we can tell – if you are still experiencing crashes then ensure that you have installed the very latest files and be certain that you are not running more than *ONE* instance of LTP per ClickBank order number within any single copy of MT4.

    5) Our servers are configured to limit the number of connections for a given ClickBank order number. As from January 1st, that will be set to 2 connections from a maximum of 2 IP addresses so you can either run 2 copies from a single PC or 1 copy from each of 2 different PCs.

    6) Server capacity – the server upgrades implemented between the 16th and 20th were tested to in excess of 80,000 connections – significantly higher than we will require during normal operation.

    7) Missed trades – although communication between our server and your LTP replicator EA should occur within seconds, there are circumstances that may cause a signal to be ignored. Obvious ones would be the normal MT4 disconnections from your broker’s server which could make the signal “too old” to be processed (remember that the default lifespan is 120 seconds!), too much variance between our entry price and the price available from your broker, and simply slippage.

    Future releases of LTP will indicate the reason why a particular trade was not placed.

    8) Brokers – LTP will work with *ANY* broker. We suggest that users may wish to consider FinFX because they have excellent spreads HOWEVER, the main reasons are:

    a. the account opening process is extremely fast
    b. US clients are not restricted in any way

    Are there other brokers who can offer “normal” leverage, hedging and no FIFO to US clients… YES! We simply have not bothered to locate or use them as we found FinFX catered to our requirements perfectly.

    As far as we understand, the criteria for offering “normal” trading facilities to US clients is simply that the brokerage in question must have no US presence i.e. no staff, no offices, no banking and no deposit handling on US soil.

    9) Support – we have a fully staffed support team managing tickets and emails during market hours. We do NOT provide support at weekends because it is not possible to carry out tests or confirm any aspect of the system operation without data ticks from the brokers involved.

    Contact details for the support team are clearly shown on the product download page.

    Please note that the download page is NOT password protected for two reasons:

    a. it makes access simpler for clients
    b. the server security makes illegal copies of the replicator EA completely useless

    10) Chart timeframes – the timeframe of the chart you attach LTP to is totally irrelevant. Signals are generated by our server and are timeframe-independent.

    11) Replicator settings – all replicator settings are totally discretionary on your part – with the exception of RiskLevel, all other settings will filter out trades taken on our main account. To obtain the closest match to the trades shown on our live accounts (allowing for trades missed due to the reasons stated above), leave all settings at their default values.

    12) RiskLevel – the percentage risk level calculation is based on available equity, the catastrophe SL distance and the minimum lot sizes permitted by your broker. Within a reasonable margin, should the catastrophe SL be hit then the loss for that trade should equate to the specified percentage risk per trade.

    Hopefully the above comments will clarify things and allow users experiencing issues to identify the reasons / causes more easily.


    The Leo Trader Pro Team

  353. hi Thu,

    i guess the LTP support team has answered most of the questions, but us in Asia with time zone difference of +8, we will need to change our PC time zone to GMT in order for the LTP to work properly. I did that then i have got the two trades on 28/12… good luck.

  354. Hi Chai,

    I am using VPS. Do you mean I have to change the VPS time? My Broker time, GMT offset, etc. are all correct.

    Please explain further.


  355. FX Cutie: Per support, trailing stops are set locally, not by server, so a miss in a trailing stop is not the same as a miss in trade. I guess if a trailing stop is “missed” it is due to subtle differences in broker pricing and entry. My LTP didn’t “catch” the trailing stop change you mentioned either.


  356. Some follow-ups…

    1) Timezone – there should be no need to adjust the timezone of your PC or VPS. Provided that GMT is correctly shown on the chart then the system has already adjusted for the difference internally.

    2) Trailing stops – changes in SL and/or TP are replicated as necessary from our central account and are not managed locally by the replicator in the normal fashion. If your system is not mimicking our central account then there may be a connection issue and restarting MT4 should resolve it.


    The Leo Trader Pro Team


    First of all, let me start by explaining why the system they created is dangerous to trade with!
    OK, let’s start! I don’t know what are they doing. They hold positions for a nasty pair like usdjpy for more than a week, even at this time of the year where market is in total chaos. Now just look carefully at the total drawdown, they are now as I write, in more than 350 pips of drawdown. Look at the amount of money in floating, sooner or later if this downtrend does not retrace, this account will blown up completely I am confident to speak of this.

    PEOPLE, the reason why at the EXPO you saw their projector presentation where they show you the live account (account number 1331 trading gbpusd and eurusd, maximum DD is only less than 1%, that is simply because they HAVE NOT COMPLETELY LOSS A TRADE IN -100, -200, -300 etc of pips so the MT4 recorded it as less than 1%, because so far their real loss in trades are only a few dollars so to speak.
    If you ever take the initiative to study their every trade and trace them down your MT4 charts and you start studying the pattern involved when every of their trade was in live action, you will see and realize there are a great number of time where they are holding HUGE NEGATIVE pips before the trade went above their break even point and eventually close the trade in tiniest number of pips, those that are in RED COLOR in their MT4 ACCOUNT HISTORY. The trailing stop are taken to action in helping to trail as much of a profit as possible. Again, why the account detailed statement showed <1% MAX DD, because as I said they have not let loose any of their trades (NOT YET SO FAR) in huge number of pips losses. MT4 only record trades that are close in MINUS as Drawdown, live action drawdown you will have to see back the chart pattern in a particular trade in specific day or time of trade.

    Well the best example of what I SAID ABOVE you can easily witnessed the proof for their usdjpy and usdchf account. See to it that there are suffering huge number of – pips in total floating now? Trust me, they are going to hold these huge floating trades for as long it has not hit the 300 pips+ massive SL they set for each trade (they claim to avoid dirty hands from broker but in REAL FACT that is to protect their own trades from suffering massive recorded MAX DD in detailed statement so all newbies traders will fall for them as though the real DD is only like <1% which is only a few dollars LOLZ).
    Maybe in a week's time when the downtrend for usdjpy finally started to retrace, they will eventually close them all in profits which in RED color thanks to their trailing stop. SO, YOU SEE NOW WHY THEIR ACCOUNT IS BEHAVING SO NICE THAT NEWBIES ARE SO BLUR TO KNOW WHAT IS THE REAL SITUATION BEHIND THE SCENES. So you really think that with trades that have 300+ SL will have a nice MAX DD OF <1%? WAKE UP PEOPLE, THIS WILL ONLY HAPPEN TO SYSTEM OR STRATEGIES THAT TRADES USING +300 TO +500 PIPS SL. Yeah, sure at the end of day their detailed trading statement sure looks nice, because many trades MANAGED TO SURVIVE A RETRACE and did not hit the +300 to +500 SL. If it ever hits that, like what happen this year on MAY 2010 for YEN related pairs, trades that trade at high risk will have their account totally wiped up to ZERO, A COMPLETE STOPPED OUT!

    Before you do anything, don't just see their account trades history where you see GREEN AND RED and start to count on them. Study their every trade details and see how they fare in charts, see the chart candle high and low and compare with their entry and exit prices. Not forgetting that they are only trading low risk of micro lots with these few trades of USDJPY. Imagine what happen if they trade higher risk level? I am sure even the most stupid trader will know the outcome.

    TO close it all down, I have to admit that their GBPUSD and EURUSD account is doing a lot better. I do not know why they come out with USDJPY and USDCHF Neural NET. It is spoiling their reputation and slowly destroying their legacy as the best Neural NET ever created in the history, as what they said is supposed true.


  358. They just open a position to buy eurusd when the market trend is in obvious sell, simple indicators along with higher timeframe chart can even verify and confirm the downtrend.
    What the hell they think they doing with many of the traders real money at stake here?

    You see, just look at the amount of negative pips they are into now. What is happening behind the brains of Neural NET???

  359. Thu,

    I am not a LTP user. I will not be a LTP user. See the real picture yourself, as I said be your own judge. I can only lay down with what my view about this neural network trading that they are offering. What I mean is try to understand every behavior of the trades. Either you do it right or prepared for a wild ride where dangers can come at anytime. If you already traded with their system, I suggest you manually monitor all open trades, not just hook up in a vps and forget about them. You gotta trust your own capability and knowledge in forex trading even though the system is trading on autopilot for you.

  360. Leo Trader Pro Team: Thanks for the information. It is very helpful to clarify and correct misunderstanding. I, for one, appreciate the customer support that you provide. Regarding your post, I only have 1 comment, regarding item #12:

    You state: 12) RiskLevel – the percentage risk level calculation is based on available equity, the catastrophe SL distance and the minimum lot sizes permitted by your broker. Within a reasonable margin, should the catastrophe SL be hit then the loss for that trade should equate to the specified percentage risk per trade.

    I don’t find this to be the case. I have set my RiskLevel to -2, so, based on your explanation, I’d expect a max of 2% loss if SL is hit. But based on the lots traded and the ~330 pip stop loss it appears to be ~10 times that.

  361. eurusd buy @ 1.32097 TP: 1.32197 SL: 1.28797

    This trade is going crazy. Drawdown is getting bigger…

    I don’t think this is a right signal entry at all. Anyway let’s see that this trade gets into profits soon. Don’t tell me this is a fake movement that neuro net misses it. It is going to be many more trades like this in the coming weeks and months.

  362. LeoTraderPro Support.
    Thanks for your follow up on SL and trailing stops (item #2 above, 9:24 am). “Trailing stops – changes in SL and/or TP are replicated as necessary from our central account and are not managed locally by the replicator in the normal fashion.

    Here is the response I got from the support website:
    “The trailing stop is set by your LTP, not from the server.”

    Can you please clarify?


  363. I have my risk level set to -5.0. I have had 2 trades so far on eur/usd none on usd/chf. The lot size that the trades opened with are .75. I am using alpari and .75 should be $.75/pip. But what is happening is $7.50/ PIP .With a 5% risk level the max drawn down of my account (demo with $5000) should be $250 I am currently down about $700 on 1 trade. That is 14% of the account balance. Has anyone else experienced this?

  364. William: see my comment at 11:14. I don’t think the calc is correct. My guess is that -5 setting would result in about half account value loss at catastrophic 330 pip SL

  365. I’m just curious, think if you are leveraged correctly with say 3% risk that even if the market fell by 500 pips, so what, that’s only 3% of your account. Ok, now say you risk 3% per trade and say all 4 pairs open a trade and all 4 go bad at one time (VERY UNLIKELY), you just lost 12%. I’m not sure of the history of USDJPY and USDCHF but the GBPUSD and EURUSD history is 100% wins. So, if that continues, your “draw-down”, (worst case) would be less then 12% of your balance. Am I missing something?

  366. Guys, I’m new to Forex, but I know you don’t wanna put much risk into the market at this time of year, until say Jan. 4. Leo even sent an email saying they’d leave the system running, but if you are risk sensitive you may not wanna let it trade until Jan. 4. The only reason I’m letting it trade is because I’m not using real money and am more concerned with fixing the “missed trades” at this point, than if the trades win or lose.–I will judge that after Jan 4, and the W-L record was good (and still is) for the last few months prior to Christmas.

    I got this last/current EUR/USD trade. So mine has got 4 of the last 6 trades with the EUR/USD GBP/USD package. I use IBFX here in the USA, $200 dollar mini demo.

    Support said this to me about missed trades, this morning.

    “”Trading results can differ within different brokers. For example, various connection speeds may result in missing of a trade or a different signal. Also, a minor price difference between different brokers can be the cause. That’s why we strongly recommend to use FinFX broker.”””

  367. Trav: if you are actually risking 3%, then you are correct. But be aware that setting the RiskLevel setting to -3 does not risk 3% of your account value-it risks substantially more. For EURUSD, the dollars you are risking = lot size x SL x 10

  368. Dave, ok guess I’m not quite sure how risk is calculated. I would think if one knows the SL, then they could just risk the amount of $ per pip to equal 3% or whatever. I’m not a user yet so I am guessing the system automatically changes your values even if you set it to low-risk settings.

  369. If you look on your screen you will see the PENDING LOT SIZE right after you set your risk level..I have mine set at 0.01 so if price changes, its 10 cents a pip..100 pips = $10..330 sl = $33, about 4% of my account..if all 4 pairs hit their stoploss, my total loss is 16% of my acc. 4 trades all hitting stops @ 4% = aprox. $140. odds of LTP hitting all 4 stops on all four trades are extremely low..and even it were to happen, I still have 86% of my account left.

  370. Call me nervous, but I choose the refund option today. Thanks to Fx Live Trading. You are absolutely right about the “invisible” DD. And you see the inconvenient truth at the moment in these open positions.



    I’d like to thank you for taking the time in reading the many posts on this very informative board, and we all hope you will visit and leave your comments often. All of us here will try to help your efforts in any way that we can. Your in-dept explaination of the settings helped very much to all the readers here..I thank you, and thanks for allowing many to be a part of the release of LTP and for being a part of your family.

    Our moderator of this board does an excellent job in insuring that all comments are appropriate..and many of us will help Him in that effort.

  372. I don’t see anything “invisible” maybe i missed something the stoploss is there for all to see..whats so invisible about it? We dont know how LTP trades but we can see the performance..thats all I’m personally interested in.

  373. Norm, I think the point of view expressed by some on this board arises when you confuse drawdown (which is the decrease in account value due to closed losing trades) with open trades that are in negative territory. LTP currently has 4 trades that are in negative territory, and some of them very substantially so. But you and I know that the game isn’t over until the trade closes; I for one will waIt for the data that will enable me to calculate the expectation of the LTP system.

  374. I’m sure we will have visits from the competition from time to time..and I doubt they will like having to compete with LTP..so be ready for comments like the one’s above. They really haven’t discovered any deep dark secret that LTP is hiding..so for those of you that are refunding..good luck on your hunt for that EA thats worthy of your money..but I doubt you will find it.

  375. Everyone please listen. These ‘signals’ are just awful, the very, very, very worst since Forex Ambush. This EA will ruin you. It’s just a dreadful guessing machine with a silly little graph thing in the top right hand corner going up and down to make you think it’s doing something really mesmeric. Just rubbish. The support is eastern European generic tripe. The settings will never get you to 100% a month but will ruin your account. Look at the positions, my dog could guess better. Claim your money back now before it’s too late.

  376. Doug, I understand your concern to be cautious..and with so many scams out there I dont blame you..we’ve all heard the claims. I personally am sceptical also..lets hope they have a winning formula..I’d like to think thy do, and so do many on this board..it would be nice if all would keep an upbeat attitude untill proven otherwise..lets all have fun with LTP.

  377. You must work for them Norm. This is the worst since the Forex Ambush nonsense. And cut the sarcastic remarks. Oh my dog has just put his paws on usdchf and is nodding vigourously suggesting an immediate short with a 3000 pip s/l and a 2 pip gain. Jump on in Norm.

  378. OMGG I will have lost $3.30! whew, may not be able to sleep at night..you can set the risk level at 0.01 I do believe..NO ONE should be using a higher setting than that till we see how it goes..If I’m wrong..please point it out..Appreciate all of everyone’s comments good or bad..they make it fun.

  379. A guidence from he support:
    “In case you want to use both EA versions EURUSD / GBPUSD and USDJPY/USDCHF simultaneously in the same account.
    Install a 2nd copy of MT4 from your broker and log into the same account from each copy of MT4 – that would allow you to run the 2nd copy of the EA from the 2nd copy of MT4.”

  380. They are the Megadroid team, Norm. Look, any one can put out a signal with a 300 pip loss at 0.6% loss and eventually after days or weeks it will turn to a profit. Ask my dog 😉

  381. I’m running LTP on EURUSD chart side by side with three brokers; FinFX, Alpari US, and FXCM. All settings are identical, all have same starting balance. The US brokers have hedging option turned off.

    First of all, I agree with above posters. This EA SL levels can easily cause margin call especially with over-leveraged accounts. Having said that, I’m seeing huge discrepancies in trading behavior on FinFX vs. other brokers. Both Alpari and FXCM have spreads equal or better than FinFX, I confirm this by running indicator that plots spreads over time.

    For example the LTP entered long position when the EURUSD was falling, ended up -178 PIPs today. The LTP EA closed with losses this afternoon on Alpari and FXCM, however FinFX
    keeps trading (still huge loss atm). Also EA does not enter trades as often with other brokers compared to FinFX. I have compared the chart price in excel for each broker minute-by-minute, and do not see much price discrepancies.

    This leads me to believe this EA has some kind of affinity to FinFX

  382. Hey john..maybe you can show us these trades lasting weeks or months in their live account..sure they can go in and doctor the account..thats why everyone should trade on a demo account for a while to see how it goes..I’ll give them a chance to prove their case. Most on here know what they’re doing.

  383. Just a wild theory, however I often wonder why it hasn’t happen before.

    What if LTP and FinFX are together on this? What if EA was created to lure more traders to FinFX brokerage? The account we see there is controlled by broker. The MT4 server can be controlled by FX broker. They can close or modify position at will, also the trade history can be changed.

    I’m gonna start taking daily snapshots of FinFX investor account and save them. Later in 30 days I will be comparing it for changes. If they change history on particular ticket number, the older reports will have discrepancy vs. new.

  384. Folks, one reason the large stoploss is necessary is to protect against stoploss hunters..the big money boyz can and do drive price all over the board hunting your stops and they know exactly what they are doing..they constantly hunt stops looking for easy marks..so everyone just relax.

  385. Hey Grin..good idea, please let us know if you find anything..but I doubt you will..thats too obvious..i’m sure lots of people are watching every trade. will need proof of any findings.

  386. @Norm

    The SL is part of MM strategy, how else do you stop losses when a trend reversal or news spike occurs? A 300 to 400 PIP movement on $1000 account equity and 0.2 position size will cause margin call. Just simple math. If we do not know where the sops are, how can you know the position size to enter with?

    I trade manually for number of years, and seen and used many EAs. Most are curve fitted to trade in a trend by taking guesses and using wide SL. This works for a while as long as EA takes trades in the trend direction and SL are wide enough to carry trade until a retrace.

    What will happen when a major reversal like last year Dubai news? Day 1 had 480 PIP movement followed by several weeks of major bulls. What if EA takes position with the current trend and market reverses? Peoples accounts will pop like firecrackers with such SL levels.

  387. The stoploss hunters have to work between certain ranges..Im sure LTP is fully aware of them and have designed their robot to exploit those ranges..again, this is just my humble opinion.

  388. For example there are open source EAs, my favorite is “Blessing” http://www.jtatoday.com/get-b3.html

    I have made multiple modifications to code and have several private editions that trade very well in particular trend. However all of them rely on my sentiment to input correct mathematical parameters and constants. It’s an adaptation to known trading methods with custom MM logic.

    The reason I don’t sell my custom EA copies, is because I know each one will fail sooner than later. Only the MM that I program keeps losses in check and shuts off EA after number of consecutive losses. Some of the editions can trade with profit for many month until market fundamentals are shifted.

  389. I am seeing equal to better performance of LTP on ATC vs FinFX. Openings on my 2 broker accounts look very similar to LTC published data on FinFX. Closings also look similar. The data set is only 8 trades thus far, with 2 of these still open in my accounts and at LTC FinFX.

    I have evaluated 4 EAs in 2010, and service and support for LTP is tops, followed closely by FAP Turbo. Service at FXNitro was non discript and by Forex Bully was non existent-worst by far. As far as data “proving” performance, LTP is the only group I’ve ever seen with read only access to the trading account. My ability to verify trades real time has bolstered my confidence that LTP is not a scam.

    Now as to performance on my machine, only time will tell.

    My request is that we get back to discussing facts and data and that we avoid histrionics. Thank you all in advance for your input, questions, and answers.

    Here’s to a blessed 2011 to each and every one of you.


  390. Grin, im sure LTP is fully aware of news spikes and is quite capable of dealing with them..unless the stop is gapped over, all stops have to be honored..I’ve never seen a 330 pip gap..BUT i have seen tons of false breakouts..most likely caused by stop hunters. Being in the market with a 20 or a 50 pip stop for any length of time is a joke..right John

  391. The problem with wide SL and narrow TP MM strategy is that it has the characteristic to make many small wins, followed by catastrophic loss. In many cases losses can exceed 50% of account equity.

    Think about this, if you loose 50% of your account, you will have to double it to make back the losses?

    Also, there is nothing wrong with 40 pip SL, all depends on time frame for trade. Most scalping strategies have narrow SL since you enter/exit market multiple time a day. A SL level should express the price level at which your strategy has failed. The stop hunting concept is silly. Market is simply a price at which you can buy or sell stuff at this very moment. I have multiple accounts with major brokers and monitor spreads and chart data in real time by plotting standard deviation index. Most are 99.9% identical to each-other. The suggestion that “Evil” broker sends spike signals is silly.

  392. I think LTP has found a way to exploit certain ranges..they are pretty confident..lets wait and see..should be fun and interesting..just keep your trades at the minimum..AND you may not want to try and think you can take trades when LTP is in a deep drawdown.. if you do, you either need to be able to hedge your position or respect the breaking of S/R ..remember the hunters luv taking your money…again JMHO not necessarily LTP’s
    Oh, I do recommend opening a small test accout with Fixfx, only because LTP needs to hedge certain trades..otherwise you will not receive those trades..you can open an account with any foriegn broker that doesn’t have an affiliation with the usa..make absolutly sure they dont, otherwise you will have wasted your time..one broker mentioned was smarttradefx in canada..just remember…LTP has been working with Finfx.

  393. Grin..i didnt say “brokers” hunt stops..to think that the markets are truly honest is Naive ..ask the many traders if things didn’t look quite right when they took trades..I dont have the faith you do in humanity when it comes to money..jmho

  394. LTP now just did something weird on my MT4. This last trade on EUR buy @ 1.3209 , just closed @ 1.3117 with -92 pips without any notification. But this trade still runing on LTP site and they live account. I am running LTP on FinFX demo.

  395. Thanks God, my live account was NOT receving ALL trade signal!
    My 10.000USD DEMO account @ FinFX made a loss of 873 USD
    3487072 2010/12/28 06:26:54 Buy 1.00 USDCHF 0.95595 0.92309 0.95689 2010/12/28 16:24:25 0.94767 – 7.00 0.00 – 873.72 – 82.8

    Anyway, my live 1.300USD account made a 50USD profit today, while we were skiing on holiday in Slovenija:
    14951048 2010/12/28 00:21:32 Buy 0.18 GBPUSDm 1.54803 1.51528 1.55078 2010/12/28 11:53:23 1.55078 0.00 0.00 49.50 27.5

  396. I look at the market as a price level over time. Even if its manipulated, which is what we do when we take long or short positions. Market however has trends and cycles that are what we all try to recognize before they happen.

    My understanding of MM algo trading strategies says; regardless how many times you win, eventually you will have a loss. From the observable MM of LTP EA I deduce it uses wide SL and narrow TP augmented with certain logic. In my previous post I have outlined how such strategy works, its a statistical certainty.

  397. The leo trader system SUCKS.
    no customer support, no trads in 6 days.
    No help from the support team.
    I would suggest a refund & find a sysyem that works or has customer support.

  398. Here is closed trade on Alpari US that is still running on FinFX. Same thing occured on FXCM

    Tiket #:13678346
    Date: 2010.12.28 15:24
    Type: buy
    Size: 0.15
    Pair: eurusd
    Price: 1.32100
    SL: 1.28797
    TP: 1.32197
    Close Date: 2010.12.28 21:57
    Close Price: 1.31191
    Profit: -136.35

  399. Norm – it was closed. It was a Buy USDCHF 1.00 Open @0.95595 S/L 0.92309 T/P 0.95689 and it was closed @ 0.94767 @ FinFx…
    minus 82 pips 🙁

  400. By the way thats 330PIP SL in that trade for a 9 PIP TP!!!!

    With 0.15 lot size that trade risks $495.00 loss for a $13.50 win? Slot machines in Vegas have 98% payback ratio, if you do risk analysis. You are safer playing slots over long run than this EA.

  401. @JTX

    Im certain the EA has internal SL and TP levels that are not sent to MT4 broker. The SL/TP levels we see are just in case of disconnected client.

    However what puzzles me, is why all bad trades were closed with loss on all platforms other than FinFX?

  402. Jay: I know how frustrating poor customer support can be. For me, LTP has been good in support. You can post issues at leotraderpro.com/support. They have also answered e-mails I sent to support@leotraderpro.com. Regarding no trades, ensuring RiskLevel has an entry and that you see the colored animation in the upper right of the chart are 2 places to start.

    Hope it gets better


  403. Grin..do you have a profitable EA over time that you could share the password with all of us..would be fully appreciated.

  404. My EURUSD trade at ATC Broker is still in play-so is one with FinFX. I did have a trade close before it hit SL, but this was associated with. LTP crash that required MT4 restart.

  405. Ahhhh ya gotta luv all the guys that want this to fail lol will be a killer when they hafta eat crow..i’m gonna love it..shame they cant be blocked from buying in.

    just waitin for the next attack lol

  406. Grin…did you actually buy this bot? you sound like you didn’t…if you did, you sound pretty negative towards it..sounds like your best bet is a refund..they may disappear overnight just sayin.

  407. Would be great if they could exploit these imaginary stop hunters..ya think! oh well, we all know the fx market is perfectly honest…just the rambling of a wise ole man.

  408. Wow—this is gonna be fun…I have no losses..only 7 trades though. There seems to be a huge Q about the 330 sl default settings. Ok first things first—-Ea systems are not stand alone systems. At best, I would call them Trade Assistants. You must have the ability to trade MANUALLY. It’s like this, if you can’t trade then learn. As far as a trade that has gone against your position, you have to be able to attack that trade on small retractions of 20 to 40 pips manually. Another thing one can do is if Leo puts on a trade, your shaking your head WTF…close the trade and move on. There is nothing stopping you. If you think maybe the trade has a chance but not to sure–move the SL up to a more technical position and or a SL you can live with. EA’s at this juncture in time simply cann’t be left on there own at raise havoc in your acc. You must intervene from time to time….Boy that was fun…wish you all good Luck trading

  409. Hey Marty..how ya doin..yes this looks like its gonna be very interestin..as far as anyone changing sl and tp orders, I’d almost doubt that the average trader can outsmart this bot..there are reasons for the way it trades..probably well thought out ones. As you said, this should be fun. sheeesh this place is like a morgue.

  410. Hello,

    My demo account caught GBP/USD trade and I dont see any T/P and S/L, they are all zero’s. Why did it happen? Does anyone have any idea?

  411. Hi Denise is it a demo account? if so you can ask support i’m sure they will answer quickly…you need to enter a stoploss if its a live account..if its a demo, wait and see if the information shows up..but ask them what happened…let us know.

  412. It is a demo account. I will ask support then. I will let you know if I hear anything from them. Thank you Norm.

  413. Ooops, sorry, just seen it was a demo acc. When did u receive the trade and whats the buy price..my account doesnt show it.

  414. Hey norm–hope you took some profit on that jpy scalp. Seems everybody’s in I do-no mode..lol.
    here’s one for ya…jpy buy @ 82.55 tp 82.90 sl 82.10 only take on momentum/break…if I were trading man of course…hummmm…What ya think there Norm

    Next Leo trade I will modify sl and tp, Call me crazy..

    EUR not giving me a direction as of yet. But as you know things can change extremely fast.

    Denise—check live acc then modify trade to match..If you are not sure where to put them. GLTA

    In no trades as of right now

  415. Marty, if people start trading this robot manually, they will incure big losses..I have no doubt, and they will post here that they didnt touch the trades, mainly because they lost and need something to blame..I have a feeling thats going to start showing up.

  416. GBP/USD
    Time: 19:33 NY time
    Price: 1.53810 Buy
    S/L: 0.00000
    T/P: 0.00000

    Scary really 🙁 what if it was a live account. I would have had heart-attack.

  417. hi Thu, have you got your LTP running? if your VPS is not in UK then probably you can think of set up a British VPS… no harm to try as this may solve the problem. regards.

  418. Quote by Norm on December 28, 2010 @ 3:02 pm
    I’m sure we will have visits from the competition from time to time..and I doubt they will like having to compete with LTP..so be ready for comments like the one’s above. They really haven’t discovered any deep dark secret that LTP is hiding..so for those of you that are refunding..good luck on your hunt for that EA thats worthy of your money..but I doubt you will find it.


    Let me say it straight out. People have their right to speak their views out and whether is honest or not you guys have all proof to see for yourself. Since you all missed pass history trades in the past 5 months or so now it is the best time to eye witness for yourself how this system works in live action. I am sure many by now have found the answers to it.
    What I did, I tried to inform traders about the danger side of this system, that’s it! You see many still go in to trade, some said they want to test the data and see if it is well worth it or not etc… Well I just don’t care that is all your own money in your own trading account. Even you decided to trade only on demo so? The fact that you traded demo is to find and hope that 1 day this system satisfies you or meet your requirements so you could then start to earn real money. Of course, because this is what we all hope for isn’t it?

    Those that will do pretty well with this LTP system is those that know what they are doing, know how trades are folded in actions, know how long a trade is risk at the market and at what time of day because you might wanna keep an eye for upcoming major news release that will impact the movement of your trade in positive or negatively. Monitor all open positions at all time. If necessary close trades to minimize losses when you know a particular trade is not going to survive it then why let them hit the -300 SL? Cut the losses you have to live with losses in trading! Playing it smart, plan your money management wisely and not over trade their account. Forget about getting 100% a month because to get this you will have to risk a lot more higher which might kill your margin. Take down your greed.

    I am sure by now I have done the job to inform those that are still in the misinform mood about this system, those that about to jump down straight at it without knowing how well they know about this system first that will trade for them, and go with full force! Okay, why not? They thought… After all this is so damm good with only few dollars of losses to date. Better still, their live statement showed only Less than 1% of Drawdown, and with more than 100% gain in equity a month.

    You see, not all traders are good to know type and that is practically why they keep looking, in search of a great ea to trade for them, again hoping to earn money from it. When something so good as LTP arrives, they think ‘this is it’ and after eye witnessing their real trading account with great performance, they go all out! Some will see that since this Neural Net system is so low on DD, why not trade bigger risk or lots and start earning the big way? You see, I just see that this might hurt some of the traders out there that are greedy and misinform.

    BTW, what have I got to gain by writing a view (you might call it a negative review about LTP) but guess what, you like it or not, I just don’t care at all! To say that negative viewers are some competitors you are out of your god damm mind. I disagree!

  419. I emailed support. I will let you know as soon as I hear something.
    The weird part is that my ATC demo account got the signal and FinFx demo account did not get the signal, and ATC is trading at this moment. It is going up and I have no idea when it is going to stop.

  420. FX Good warning to all…many will overtrade their accounts and blame LTP, as I have stated..its a shame but LTP isn’t to blame.

    Thanks for the warning, hopefully most will listen but I doubt it. They have to learn the hard way.

  421. It is unbelievable. My trade is just closed. Although the T/P and S/L was zero, it reached a point and closed itself with profit. I started believing that system really has some kind of T/P and S/L adjustments inside. Wow, really weird 🙂

  422. Now seeing the Leo Trade website, they also closed the GBP/USD trade with profit. I think everything is controlled by these signals coming from them, i mean everything, unless we don’t touch and close the trade manually. Weird indeed…

  423. Hi Chai, (comment @8:59pm)

    I’m still waiting for their reply, just give them a bit more time. Appreciate very much for your kind concern. Will keep it update here.

  424. Its well known that this week has wild swings in it probably from manipulation because of lite volume..most SMART traders are afraid of this week lol but you dont see LTP shyin away..we got a tiger..all the girls are sittin on the sidelines, skeered lol


    We hope you’re doing well with Leo Trader Pro so far however, our support team has highlighted some questions which seem to keep cropping up so we wanted to be sure that you had the information in hand…

    The important thing to remember is this: DO NOT attach Leo Trader Pro to more than *ONE* chart using the same ReceiptCode (ClickBank order number)!

    Leo Trader Pro works on the basis of a “User License” so if you purchased the main product then you have a user license for trading EURUSD and GBPUSD which means you should attach *ONE* copy of Leo Trader Pro to *ONE* chart only (we suggest EURUSD).

    If you also purchased the optional “upgrade” product then you also have a user license for trading USDJPY and USDCHF so you should attach *ONE* additional copy of Leo Trader Pro to *ONE* additional chart (we suggest USDJPY).

    Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you have more than ONE copy
    of Leo Trader Pro running with a single ReceiptCode (ClickBank order number) and, if you also purchased the USDJPY/USDCHF license, no more than TWO copies of Leo Trader Pro running inside a single copy
    of MetaTrader.

    In fact, if you have purchased both licenses then we strongly suggest
    that you install a 2nd copy of MetaTrader and run just ONE copy of
    Leo Trader Pro in each.

    Please also note that while running Leo Trader Pro, you *MUST NOT* attempt to change either the chart timeframe or the currency displayed by that chart!

    Certain other signal replicators (and most EAs) wait for the next price tick from your broker before checking for a new signal. This can result in a signal processing delay of up to 10 minutes during the Asian session which is totally unacceptable!

    Leo Trader Pro uses a special mechanism which allows it to check for new signals approximately 1-2 times each secondregardless of trading session (the actual speed is indicated by the “Processing Status” bar on the chart) and attempting to change the chart timeframe and / or chart
    symbol will invariably result in MetaTrader crashing. If you absolutely must change either the chart timeframe or the chart symbol then please remove the EA from the chart first as explained in the manual.

    Happy Holidays!

    The Leo Trader Pro Team


    Are you seeing the smily face and the colored bars in eur/usd?

    whats your risk setting?

    Im sure you have your receipt code entered properly..do you?

  427. This is for Leo Trader Support,

    I purchased 1 license for LTP EUR/USD & GBP/USD, so what your saying is I should ONLY open 1 chart preferably the EUR/USD chart using my ClickBank receipt # and that ONE chart will allow for trades to be opened and closed for the EUR/USD & GBP/USD pairs simultaneously?? Which also means I should not open a 2nd chart for the GBP/USD using my same ClickBank receipt # that I used in my EUR/USD chart?


  428. Mohammed–yes the colored bars should be moving up and down as well the processing status light should be moving from left to right. If no movement–no trades as well

  429. Thanks King…yes i got all the lights active include in the processing status…that why Im bit worried too….may be i am doing something wrong…coz all the lights been working for whole last week and LTP live account is well and truly trading but not mine….Im very close to asking for a refund…seems like I have paid only for some fancy lightings
    which just illuminated my meta trader ….any ideas?

  430. Hi Norm
    Yes I got colored bars,smiley face,…bars are moving up $ down,…process status light moving left to right…everything as per the book….
    My risk setting is -1….

    only one thing missing is TRADE…..

  431. I just tried to hedge on alpari-us says prohibited.

    Will open a hedging account with finfx, since their software works best with them..LTP should be an introducing broker..its wild that they aren’t..no link provided. maybe they get a cut from ever license installed..hope they do, they could insist.

  432. Mohammed, I’m sure support will figure it out, hang in there, this is all new..takes a while to iron all the bugs out..you have 40 or so days left to decide..no big rush.

  433. Mohammed–who’s broker?

    pending order size lefthand corner?

    local time in chart should match your time

    risk setting?

    You say lights active,I gotta ask…are they moving?

  434. I cut and pasted my code from my clickbank receipt from email comformation everytime I had to reinstall. Can’t be wrong that way.

  435. The market makers filled the gap in eur. they did a sloppy job..overshot it..will have to go bak into in for a while. IMHO <– have to put the caveat

  436. Hi Guys

    pending lot size is 0.04 for euro/usd …I bought the upsell too and they are on separate platform…support didnt say anithing regarding the trade…they just keep advising me about the crashing prob which has been fixed…

    one thing though …the local time doesnt match with my chart time….is it a prob?..if so, how do i fix it?
    If LTP live account trading my live account should trade too…..it cant go without a trade a whole week….support isnt helping much guys…

  437. yes Marty …lights are moving…license no. has been enetered correctly….one for euro/usd and the other one for usd/jpy….

  438. Hi Norm

    My broker is axistrader..
    Pending lot size is there on the left side corner….
    local time on chart doesnt match my time though …its one hour difference due to the daylight savings I guess and I cant change it one the chart either coz there is no option for it….

    risk setting is -1

    dont know whats happeneing…

  439. Mohammed

    10) Chart timeframes – the timeframe of the chart you attach LTP to is totally irrelevant. Signals are generated by our server and are timeframe-independent

    wait till the next trade or two show up.

  440. Hi Norm,
    Can you help me please,my problem is the same as Mohammad, i already email the support team and they reply : )
    saying that all other chart have to be close and i already done that, but still no trade for me until these very day.

    p.s don’t want to miss the fun anymore!

  441. Hi Norm

    Thats what I thought about the time too…but the prob is its not placing any trade…not even one in the whole week…thats really weird…
    out of curiousity, any manual trade that I place should not interven the bot or should it?

  442. Mohammed, do you have trades open in the same pairs?

    I wait till LTP makes a trade, before i trade, but it shouldnt matter.

    you and Mr GTO can watch the live account and trade off of it, thats what I was doing until my trades started.

    Both of you may want to open accounts with Finfx..they say its super easy and fast, may be the way to go till you figure out the problem..i know its extreme but i bet it works.

  443. Mr GTO, I suggest that you take screen shots and your journal and send then to support..they will need all of them..only way they can see if everythings ok.

  444. Even I never got any trade since I purchased this EA. I tested EA on 4 different brokers and 2 different computers and still no trades. Support asked me to send the screen shots which I did 2 days back and still no reply.

    Any thing with you Mohammad?

  445. You can watch the trades taken in the live account..then place yours..I did that twice when the pairs were at good support, both pairs were in deep drawdowns..if they broke support I just bailed..with a micro account, it all in fun for now..try it risk 0.10 till this thing proves itself..have fun and play with 10 cent pips for awhile.

  446. WARNING


    Just had two trades closed…system crashed out of the blue.

  447. To prevent this problem happening to you i strongly suggest that you install the upsell into a different copy of metatrader..that may help with the problem if you run into crashes.

  448. I think this happened on my end..too many open programs and not enough memory..I had over 1/2 dozen windows open, so be careful if you overload your system memory..that very well could have been the cause..anyways, its very rare.

  449. I have 5 trades going that i took when LTP was in deep drawdown..3 are in profit..2 to go. I dont have any LTP trades at the moment..will exit were LTP had its buy in’s.

  450. I’ve installed the LTP since the first day it release, no trade for the past 8 days. Today, I notice my VPS time is 5 sec fastest than the FinFX broker time. I try my luck to set the VPS time sync with the broker time. Surprise, I got my first trade open, USD/CHF. Shall monitor whether I will miss the subsequent trade.

  451. EUR/USD could run up 200 pips here..soon as it breaks 1.3150 check it out market makers need to clean up their act..sloppy trading higher up.

  452. LTP just closed the last EURUSD. 107 pips, 430USD profit. 🙂
    14968438 2010/12/28 19:41:46 Buy 0.40 EURUSDm 1.31121 1.28797 1.32197 2010/12/29 18:05:41 1.32197 0.00 0.80 430.40 107.6

  453. yup got the chf trade…not to sure I wanted it though. May have to hedge it….naw…going to let Leo do its thing for now

  454. JTX: I have same exit price on EURUSD close but significantly different entry price. You doing anything different (or maybe it’s me)?

  455. Hi Ahmed
    Naa man …no luck…I just dont understand this robot..It should work same for everybody …But thats not the case with LTP…

  456. The thing seems to be working well for me. I shut down about 3 days around Christmas but started up again yesterday the 28th. Have had 5 trades in all and all winners. LTP put on a long EURUSD with a TP of 0.00097 from entry and then the pair fell out of bed. I manually put on a X2 position and that was the money play when both hit the same TP.

    I have lowered the MaxLotSize to 1.0 down from 10.0. Has anyone adjusted the EquityLimit? I have set mine at 0.33 but don’t know if that will do anything.

  457. Doug: Still cant understand why, but my LTP does not pick up all the trade from the server. So what can I do? I made the trades manually. Fortunately all the time I made manually, my entry price was at significantly better level…
    It is guite nice, but I wish not to made by hand, but leave it work automatically, as a ROBOT…

  458. Grant. The manual seems to imply that a dollar value should be entered into the EquityLimit field. I’m not using it-yet. However, given that balance is used to calculate lot size ( when risklimit is entered as a negative value), I may start using it soon.

  459. JTX: Forgot you were manually entering trades. I have no idea why you don’t grt trades. Have you looked in the Expert tab? I know some EAs indicate when settings are blocking trades. I haven’t looked there buy I’m going to now.

  460. JTX: Don’t see anything of help in Expert or Journal tab (I have had some missed trades and was hoping some clue would be there).

    Have you elevated to Support?

  461. Now that’s interesting. I added the USDJPY with the same setting as EURUSD with the different ClickBank Order # and it crashed the platform within 5 minutes.

  462. Grant: You may want to read the string above-esp. The posts from LeoTraderPro Support. If you run both EURUSD and USDCHF you should run them in separate MT4s and you will avoid crash

  463. Doug – I have some journal items such as follows:

    01:07:55 Old tick EURUSDm60 1.30883/1.30901
    01:07:58 Old tick EURUSDm60 1.30895/1.30913
    01:11:48 Old tick EURUSDm60 1.31001/1.31019
    01:12:02 Old tick EURUSDm60 1.31019/1.31039
    01:12:02 Old tick EURUSDm60 1.31018/1.31040
    01:33:40 ‘28520’: instant order buy 0.11 GBPUSDm at 1.53808 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000
    01:33:40 ‘28520’: request was accepted by server
    01:33:42 ‘28520’: order buy 0.11 GBPUSDm opening at 1.53808 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 failed [Trade context is busy]
    01:33:42 TradeDispatcher: trade context is busy
    01:33:43 ‘28520’: order was opened : #14970556 buy 0.11 GBPUSDm at 1.53808 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000
    04:15:17 ‘28520’: close order #14970556 buy 0.11 GBPUSDm at 1.53808 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 at price 1.54022
    04:15:17 ‘28520’: request was accepted by server
    04:15:20 ‘28520’: order #14970556 buy 0.11 GBPUSDm closing at 1.54022 failed [Trade context is busy]
    04:15:20 TradeDispatcher: trade context is busy
    04:15:21 ‘28520’: order #14970556 buy 0.11 GBPUSDm at 1.53808 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 closed at price 1.54022
    18:49:02 MetaTrader 4.00 build 229 started (Exness Ltd.)
    18:49:29 Expert MTILivePublisherEA EURUSDm,H1: loaded successfully
    18:49:31 Expert LeoTraderPro EURUSDm,H1: loaded successfully
    18:49:35 ‘28520’: login
    18:59:42 Old tick EURUSDm60 1.31946/1.31965
    18:59:42 Old tick EURUSDm60 1.31940/1.31960
    18:59:42 Old tick EURUSDm60 1.31940/1.31961
    19:24:57 Old tick EURUSDm60 1.32343/1.32368

  464. MAGIC NUMBERS – by support:

    “There is no Magic Number setting, and has inbuilt value that can’t be changed manually. “

  465. Yesterday I was checking my zero S/L and T/P section then I saw the ID number. I think ID is the magic number. When you go to order number with your mouse (without clicking- just let your mouse cursor stay there), you will see an ID number will appear there. Then I checked all the trades with LTP and each time the ID was different. I think they change their magic number for each trade. Please check it yourself and let me know if I am wrong.

  466. I think, they are assigned by the main server remotely, and they are just random numbers. I believe that is good. So, everything is controlled by them. All we have to do is get money, get broker, enter risk number and click-bank receipt number. Let me know if I am wrong.

  467. And I did not get either EURUSD or GBPUSD on either broker that I am using (even though I had smiles and lights). I entered manually a pip or 2 more favorable.

  468. So, we have two fresh trades goin at about 6 pm new york time on eur/usd and gbp/usd both sells..check live demo..no tp or sl just 00000’s sl and tp are on charts tho.

  469. Support says that lots are calculated (when RiskLevel is set to negative number) based on total account balance, but my observations would indicate that available margin is used. Anyone else have any opinion on this?

  470. Hmmmm I’m getting to believe LTP doesn’t care about support and resistance.. the “catastrophic” stop is placed just a bove major support. fig that one out, its tradin as if s/r doesn’t exist.

  471. nope I did not get the eur or the gbp trades. seems I am only getting about half of the signals. wonder if it has anything to do with the strenght of the neural net signal levels. mine are only about half or less most of the time.

  472. could it be that Leo is only sending out 1 set of signals and that some or all of the data is getting lost so to speak.

  473. Hey Marty,how ya doin…I got a feelin LTP isn’t giving everyone trades..may be giving them out in sections..dont want to overload them case of problems..just sayin

  474. good Norm…you?…hope the boyz get it together soon. well i could enter the eur trade man but I will skip it. bout 30 pips diff right now. haven’t looked at the gbp trade. want to take this live but right now…that would be abit insane..for me anyway. markets crazy right now. going out to play. catch up late tonight.

  475. If you are talking about the euro trade from yesterday that was down about 200 pips… it closed out in profit this afternoon

  476. Hi guys, I here missed the 2 last trades either… Disappointing, the bright side is that I entered them manually now with 90 pips in my favor. xox

  477. i do not understand some of you? god sake seem some want too get rich overnight???????????hes impossible sure the robot has too be adjusted time too time?????????anywhere the live account do not lye right so if you buy the robot then followed the set up same has they have you cannot go wrong sure he may no trade for 4 days but hes not losing money has the others do clean up your account grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    so what do you want win the lotto?????????????????
    just be patient then i am sure they will show you how the robot hes a winner a small one but a real one if some of you can trade manually making a killing good for you but dont put bad comment some of us want only too make extra bucks?????

  478. That’s a demo account anyway 🙂
    But as I jumped in late, both are in profit now. Just lucky, I did the same with the 2 USDJPY that are stuck forever, got out with 60 pips profit.

  479. here you are

    2010.12.29 08:45:57 Old tick GBPUSD30 1.54529/1.54538

    2010.12.29 08:45:57 Old tick EURUSD240 1.31852/1.31856

    and then theres this,been logged in the whole time

    2010.12.29 12:31:19 ‘10695’: login
    2010.12.29 12:49:01 ‘10695’: login
    2010.12.29 12:58:44 ‘10695’: login
    2010.12.29 13:09:22 ‘10695’: login
    2010.12.29 13:11:35 ‘10695’: ping failed
    2010.12.29 13:11:37 ‘10695’: login
    2010.12.29 13:12:43 ‘10695’: login

    so the Q is why am I having to log in so often….or rather why isn’t it staying logged in

  480. Marty..may want to try your other broker for a while.

    Cutie, w2g..careful when u go to sleep.

    Glibert..thnx for the headsup.

  481. Ok, heres my take on LTP.. it obviously doesnt start trades at or near support and resistance AND it scans for many hours for the right setup..it must need several things to fall on line..whatever that may be.It uses the whole 330 pip range for the trade AND it knows how to hedge. That may be the reason we need a foreign accout, so that it can hedge a losing position. The bot could put on a hedge at pip number 299, or wherever,if it has too (hedging is just an order in the opposite direction, offsetting the trade) for those of you that dont know..a very good strategy..the hard part is taking the hedge off..apparently the bot knows how. Looks like the designers have found a new way to trade..they seem to be pretty sure of themselves.
    I do see why a big fund manager couldn’t use LTP..imagine starin at a 300 pip loss with a few thousand contracts lol

  482. Thanks Norm. My concern regarding hedging is, if it is initiated from there server, that the signal would be missed. This seems to be an issue that many are having. I for one didn’t receive sell signals for the last 2 trades on 2 dif brokerage accounts (one of which is FinFX). But I hope that hedging is initiated locally so that missed signals aren’t an issue.

  483. Hey Doug, thnx..we may have to wait and see which brokers LTP works best with, plus the designers will improve the feed that LTP is sending and receiving..don’t forget, dealing with so many brokers en masse will take a while..we just need to figure who the best ones are..LTP seems to think its Finfx. Their funding and withdrawl needs to be alittle easier..I dont want to pay $30 to make a deposit (my bank fee) or a $30 withdrawl fee (their fee) on a few hundred dollar test account..(I dont believe in demo’s) but we do need a broker that streamlines things and works well with LTP..I have no doubt that will happen.

  484. FinFX fees are worse than that Norm. My bank charged $45 for the international wire and their bank charged $25 to deposit it! I need to look into this more-seems a bit steep.

  485. Listen, surely you can afford 10 cents a pip..you can easily spend $50-$75 on a night out (guys, I doubt ladies do lol) demo accounts don’t have the same feeds, no matter what a broker will tell you. So, you may want to think about opening a live account..just remember..you do not have much of a chance in fores..if LTP doesnt work, run for the forex exits or lose everything you’ve worked hard for..most people will tell you this game isnt rigged, but trust me it is, and will stay that way until the day that low life hedge fund and bank managers become saints. When you “play” (not investing lol) in forex you’re trying to take the big boyz money away from them..do ya really think you can..statistics prove the vast majority lose..wonder why? Do ya really think the big bankes will let YOU take their money, or will they take yours? Hopefully ya gotta chance with LTP..time will tell. GL

  486. update for my previous post (28Dec 11:20pm)

    After sending my screenshots to the support, my LTP starts to work & having three trades opened:

    Buy USDCHF @0.9514
    Sell EURUSD @1.3219
    Sell GBPUSD @1.5484

    (LTP run on VPS, install on seperate platform (one account), Risk Level: 0.02, all settings remain by default)

    No crashes, no error messages in journal tab.

  487. Guys, what is this LTP ? I was under impression that it is a fully automated trading system but after reading most of u here it looks like that all u guys are wide awake while dealing with LTP.

  488. Bharat, We just like to watch it go into deep drawdowns lol and LTP if fully automated..go get a copy n have fun..it’ll keep you busy.

  489. Norm,

    Honestly after reading all u guys here I m so much confused about LTP and specially when I m not that much experienced forex trader like u guys.

    thanks for ur input though.
    will wait for few more days before I get my copy.


  490. I still can’t believe they’d bring this robot out this week of all weeks..this week puts fear in the hearts of all the hot traders that show up on this board or that will. But we aint skeered, are we lol. LTP aint afraid of nuthin..bring em on lol…thats what a lil spiked eggnog will do to you.

  491. This is more of a Question than a comment but I will comment on LTP as well.

    How is it that LTP can trade the EURUSD and the GBPUSD on the same MT4 Trading Platform with Fix FX and they don’t have the problems of Crashing like we do?

    I have had LTP running on my Net book computer with only the EURUSD trading and it has only opened up 1 trade since I bought it on the 20th of Dec.

    What gives?

  492. I have not had no one trade since I bought LTP. All it seems to be OK. (smile face, message: pending order.., color indicator, expert, journal, without crashes)

    I have LTP on 2 accounts: FXDD Malta (4 digits) and ThinkForex (5 digits)

    What is wrong?

  493. Ron, LTP has been working with Finfx since last may I believe..they’ve got it down to a science..thats why they STRONGLY recommend we trade thru Finfx..they could insist that we do.

    As far as only one trade..I think they only give out a portion of the trades so they can watch the servers and that support has the ability to respond in a timely manner..you know how traders can get if they aren’t catered to instantly. Thanks for your question…interesting you’re only trading eur/usd.

  494. I have a trade going on gbp…no smiley, no pending order,no color bars, nothing lol 330 pip stoploss is there tho..makes ya feel all warm n fuzzy.

  495. I have not had no one trade since I bought LTP. All it seems to be OK. (smile face, message: pending order.., color indicator, expert, journal, without crashes)

    I have LTP on 2 accounts: FXDD Malta (4 digits) and ThinkForex (5 digits)

    What is wrong?

    Iam trading EURUSD and USDJPY.

  496. Dunno, maybe you have to have the charts up for all 4 pairs, or maybe at least the same two. I’d have them all open the way they were designed..increases your odds of a trade…try that and let us know.

  497. Ron, you were offered usd/jpy and usd/chf as you were purchasing eur/usd and gbp/usd..usd/jpy and usd/chf are called an upsell..meaning you could purchase an additional pair..the additional pair is called an upsell.

  498. I have not had no one trade since I bought LTP. All it seems to be OK. (smile face, message: pending order.., color indicator, expert, journal, without crashes)

    I have LTP on 2 accounts: FXDD Malta (4 digits) and ThinkForex (5 digits)

    What is wrong?

    Iam trading EURUSD and USDJPY.

    Dear Joze,

    I’ve managed to solve my problem(no trades since 21/12/2010)
    by changing my VPS server time to broker time,i think i’ve you using a pc or laptop try change your pc time to your broker, i would suggest you use a VPS for trading with LTP.

    I got this from the post here, i can’t remember which one but thanks for sharing.

    Another thing you should consider, just attach LTP to only on chart, i don’t buy the upsell just primary bot that trade only EURUSD and GBPUSD, just attach it according to their suggestion ,which is EURUSD.Hope this info will help you Joze,

    Happy Profitable New Year

  499. Hello Norm- do you trade with more than one platforms too? Did you get these last trades with all of your platforms, or not? My ATC demo account caught the trades and FinFx demo account could not, and this is second time happening. I am not sure why. Do you have any idea? Thanks

  500. Hi Denise, I only have one copy of metatrader with all 4 charts going…actually, I couldn’t figure out how to put the upsell into the same folder as the other one, naturally when i did i got a popup that said “do you want to replace this file” so i renamed LTP to LTP2 and have gotten just about all the trades including the last two.

    I think that the guys running the servers are rolling the trades out in sections so theres no overload.

    I do plan on using two separate copies of metatrader..they highly recommend it..its logical, so there are no conflicts.

  501. Hi guys,

    I would like to share my experience of using LTP. I purchased this robot on the 27 Dec and i started to installed it on the same date. Guess what??? I face the same problems that most of you had commented above. But i must give good credit to the support system that managed to answer my question during that time. On 28 Dec, I managed to overcome all the problems that I’m facing. And I am overjoy to see the system is working. The currency strength (the colour equalizer bar)is running like it should!!!! But I was frustrated having to wait from one day until the other. Until today the robot has not done any trading in my demo account. I have checked, where does it goes wrong and i have done exactly like I am supposed to do. I have enter the risk level to -5. But there is still no trading until today!!! IT HAVE BEEN 3 DAYS AND MY COMPUTER IS RUNNING WITHOUT FAIL FOR 72 HOURS!!!

    Does anyone have the same problem like mine? I thought of asking for refund.

  502. Norm, you said 4 charts in one MT4? is it FinFx? Doesn’t it give error though? Did you catch all the trades? My FinFx demo did not catch the last 2 trades and I did not understand really why actually.
    Thanks for the help.

  503. Dear NR

    I’ve managed to solve my problem(no trades since 21/12/2010)
    by changing my VPS server time to broker time,i think i’ve you using a pc or laptop try change your pc time to your broker, i would suggest you use a VPS for trading with LTP.

    I got this from the post here, i can’t remember which one but thanks for sharing.

    Another thing you should consider, just attach LTP to only on chart, i don’t buy the upsell just primary bot that trade only EURUSD and GBPUSD, just attach it according to their suggestion ,which is EURUSD.Hope this info will help you NR,

    Happy Profitable New Year

  504. Denise, I do use Finfx as my demo for 1331 and 2729 and I did receive both trades on it…eur/usa and gbp/usd..i have 2 separate accounts (1331 and 2729) both trades are on 1331.

    On my live IBFX account I only have 1 copy of metatrader running and i do have both of the trades on it also.

    Btw, LTP DOES NOT use support and resistance when placing trades..they use a totally different method involving the 300+ stoploss and hedging tactics, IF your account allows hedging..if you want the maximum amount of trades you will need a broker that allows hedging..some trades will not be taken if you have a us broker, a hedging broker cannot have any affiliation with the usa.

  505. Hey all.running demo on finfx
    I think my problem may lie with my dsl service and an older computor.

    Norm—somebody posted this somewhere above in the tread. will have to thank he/she later

    When you install the software it is saved in a metatrader file and a shortcut is created. This is what I called the first platform. Rename this shortcut for example: Metatrader4 Alpari#1 UK. Include the #1 somewhere in the name. Next go to program files in your C drive and create a new file and name it Alpari#2 or whatever your broker name is(I’ll refer to it as Alpari), just make sure it’s labeled #2. Install the the MT4 software again but this time when it prompts you,change the file it loads to to Alpari#2, the new file. Finish the install and you should have 2 shortcuts on the desktop. Relabel the second shortcut Alpari#2.You can now open two separate platforms and use the same login and password for both.

  506. F*CK. LTP is sucked me, with this 0000 S/L and 0000 T/P.
    LTP just closed the last EURUSD sell, but only at my account, not on its public account!!! There it is still open!!!
    The close: Sell 0.26 EURUSDm 1.32197 2010/12/30 08:04:42 1.32383 0.00 0.00 – 48.36 – 18.6

    It meda me a loss of 18 PIPS, -48USD!
    Why it is closed just on my account, without any S/L or T/P????

  507. Mr-Gto you suggested we should use a VPS service..whats the advantage of VPS..and what VPS service do you use? thnx – Norm

  508. JTX it happened to me also..my metatrader crashed yesterday and i lost the trade with negative pips grrrrrr
    We may have to use a VPS service to eliminate that problem..I think mine crashed because of low memory resources..but anyways, maybe a VPS service will prevent that from happening. plus i read where they install your EA for you..not that its that hard.

  509. Marty, thanks for posting that EA install..I read it but have a question with it, so I couldn’t use it. thanks, i’ll study it and see if I can figure it out.

  510. Oh Great JTX..I’ll ask support whats going on..actually I was taken out of 2 trades yesterday. They should know what problem is..it could get expensive AND we cant trust the trades.

  511. Hi Norm. Can you please post the reply you get from support, while I like the theory of LTP, I don’t like all the discrepencies, and like you say it could become expensive and untrustworhty

  512. Hi Mr. Gto.

    I am confused!!! Why do we need VPS. But when purchasing the robot they did not mention that we have to used VPS. So you mean that we have to subscribe VPS? Is there any way that we can do, since I am already demotivate with this robot and if possible I do not want to spend any more on this “unknown outcome”. Does the VPS and robot (LTP) give you the a good result ? Have you made any profit from LTP? Or does anyone of you out there ( using LTP) has gain profit for every trade ? Pls share with me, before i ask for refund.

  513. Norm: re, crashes and unintended close of position

    Did your crash generate a crash report? The vast majority of crashes that I have had with LTP happened when I had 2 or more LTP charts open in a single instance of MT4. The crashes generated crash reports that pointed to LTP. The first of these crashes resulted in a premature closure for a loss. As you are running multiple LTP charts and has a recent crash and premature closure, I thought I’d point this out.

    Of course your crashes may be due to something entirely different


  514. Hi NR,

    Hope you still following this thread, i’m publishing my result doing manually with LTP and doing trendline(the info i get from http://leotraderpro.com/blog

    P.S i’m only make it public just for this thread for only 2 hours time, i don’t want my VPS to be overloaded by traffic,


    it a live account, special thanks to Norm for the information about news release,

    just for this 2 hours.

    Thanks for the post here,it really useful

  515. ive got no trades in two days one Usdchf is dragging, i changed time on computer to same as broker and meta4 got error message, but after restart runns fine will report if i get any new trades

  516. Doug, here is what Support had to say about the settings on a $2,000 account. I thought I would like to use the negative RiskLevel and allow LTP set the lot size. Since I changed EquityLimit to $400.00 from 0.33, I haven’t had a trade.

    “Thank you for your e-mail.

    We suggest you set next settings:
    1. MRiskLevel 0.12
    2. MinLotSize default is at 0.0
    3. EquityLimit default is at 0.0

    If you use both licences on different accounts. Or set the Risk level About 0.05 or 0.04 per $1000 if trading all 4 currency pairs on one account.

    The Equity Limit setting defines the minimal account equity in your account currency, upon reaching which, the robot will stop trading to prevent any further losses. This value is specified as a percentage of money amount.
    Note, the Equity Limit is %. We recommend use default 0.

  517. Grant: so they indicate the equity Limit should be entered as a percent. For you that would be 33. I would guess that 400 would mean it never trades. I think that a risk level value of -2 would yield a lot size of ~0.12 on a $2000 account. Try this and see if pending lot size is about 0.12. If not, just adjust risk level until it is. Be aware that 0.12 lots in a $2000 account risks about 20% of account value should the 330 LTP SL be breached.


  518. A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, #461826 with the following response: Hello Neil,The risk level is 5%

  519. Neil: once you enter -5 what is the pending lot size? Multiply this by $10/lot/pip; multiply this by 330 ( the stp loss) once you have this number, divide it by the account balance and then multiply the value by 100. What value do you obtain? I think you will be surprised.

  520. Doug – to be honest although I have purchased LTP I have not installed it at all (neither demo or live), there are too many discrepencies and bugs for me to trust it, certainly at present, If these issues are resolved then I may consider installing it but for the time being I am going to sit on the sidelines

  521. That’s certainly your choice. Loading only 1 LTP chart per MT4 results in a very stable product. If/When you do load, be sure to calculate the % equity at risk (equation above) before you start using a “5%” (-5 in RiskLevel) setting.

  522. Good Afternoon everyone…I hope all of you are having funnn lol
    I havent received an answer about the two losing trades that the robot dropped from my account when it crashed. I sent the question into support as to why this event occured..I can deal with a system crash but not taking a losing trade with a 330 pip stoploss.
    I am going to force the system to crash, to see if it will drop more trades..if it continues to happen,the robot will be worthless to me. unless support can guarantee the trades..this could happen to anyone at any time. its happened to others also.

  523. Hi, All

    It seems like this thread has been busy since our last post but I’ll try to cover all of the questions that have been raised since then…

    First, please read right to the end of this post – it covers a lot of important information.

    Next, the way LTP trades is not going to suit all traders (and we appreciate that) but the details of every single trade was made very, very public prior to the system being released so I think it’s a bit sad that certain individuals have tried to make themselves look important (and/or attempted to make others feel stupid) by “bashing” LTP and how it functions – it’s always interesting to note that the people who write those posts and complain about proven and successful systems never seem to make their own trading records public! 😉

    Now, on to the questions…

    No Trades / missed trades
    All trade signals are broadcast to all users but remember that LTP will automatically filter out “old” signals and the default lifespan of any signal is just 120 seconds. You can obviously increase that value but the first thing to do is to ensure that you have synchronized your PC clock with the internet time server so that the UTC time we mark signals with is as close as possible to UTC time that we calculate on your computer.

    A related issue is that of “old ticks” – some brokers have a very poor price feed and/or access to very restricted liquidity which means that trades on certain pairs can be far less frequent than for brokers with good liquidity pools from multiple providers. When an “old tick” is reported, it means that MT4 cannot confirm the available price for a currency pair and that can prevent a trade from being opened if the price confirmation is received beyond the lifespan of the signal we have broadcast to you.

    Please also be aware that if you have a US trading account (and therefore have AllowHedging set to False) then LTP will not open more than one position on a given currency pair as FIFO must be respected in addition to the lack of hedging facilities. This can give the impression of missed trades when teh signals were actually received but rejected due to your own or your broker’s requirements.

    Lot Size / RiskLevel
    The calculation determines the risked percentage of available equity and divides that by the catastrophe SL distance (330 pips) to get the $ risk per pip. That value is then divided by the Tick value to obtain a lot size which is then rounded up or down based on the value of the broker’s minimum lot size and lot increment size plus the minimum and maximum lot sizes specified by you. Small accounts with larger minimum lot sizes will generally result in higher-than-desired risk but the proposed lot size will be displayed on the chart before a trade opens so you have the option to allow the trade or not.

    My XXXX platform got the trade but my YYYY platform didn’t…
    Remember that our system does *NOT* allow unlimited logins / connections – a single ReceiptCode will only permit TWO instances of LTP (which can be on the same or different computers) to receive signals. You do not need to specify the brokerages / account numbers / computers involved – the process is totally automatic and handled by our server.

    Trailing Stop
    There is NO trailing stop (in the usual sense) employed by your LTP replicator – what you are seeing is the adustments to the SL on our master account being replicated.

    “The system just opened a Buy when the market is clearly falling…”
    LTP is trading *its* plan… not yours! What IT sees in the market is the result of the most recent neural net re-training and is not going to be based on what you can see on a chart. If the system makes the wrong call then that is going to be an unfortunate but, eventually, inevitable aspect of trading. The point to bear in mind is that you almost certainly bought your license to achieve the same kind of win rate that our live account proves we achieve – if your own trade calls were half as accurate then you probably wouldn’t need or want LTP.

    USDJPY – USDCHF license
    If you have the license for the additional pairs (USDJPY and USDCHF) then please install a 2nd copy of MT4 and run it from there. There are various technical reasons for this but the most obvious one is that MT4 is only able to cope with one EA sending trade instructions to your broker at a time. This is not usually an issue as most EAs are tick-activated and trade on different timeframes but LTP is checking ultra-frquently and the possibility of a clash is therefore heightened, resulting in a “Trade context busy” error. By running the 2nd license from a 2nd copy of MT4, this issue is immediately resolved as each copy of MT4 can leave its trade context process available for the single copy of LTP running on it.

    A future release of LTP will allow multiple ReceiptCodes to be entered into a single instance of LTP which will then trade whichever pairs you hold a license for.

    We have no special arrangement with FinFX beyond the fact that we trade there. You are free to use any broker of your choice. Please, however, be aware that there is a vast difference between the spreads offered by different brokers and their ability to provide fills at the prices shown (resulting in significant numbers of requotes). This situation is impossible to assess on a demo account which, by its nature, is an instant execution environment since there is no counter-party to your trade. Please also be aware that some large brokers show their tightest spreads (from commission-based feeds) on all demo accounts to give a better impression but these spreads cannot be attained with their micro or more classic accounts. By contrast, you should find that FinFX demo accounts match the equivalent live accounts in terms of spread and, from our experience, requotes have been non-existant.

    Note for Norm: If you feel like taking daily snapshots of the account to look for Tippex-covered “corrections” then go for it – I assume that you’ll be shouting from the roof-tops just how accurate and unadulterated our account records are once your investigation period is concluded 😉

    FXCM VPS users
    It seems that FXCM’s VPS service is actively blocking the ports that LTP uses to communicate with our server. We are in contact with FXCM regarding this issue. If you are an FXCM VPS user then please contact their support department and explain that your VPS requires TCP access to ports 1000 thru 2000.

    EquityLimit setting
    This is a MONETARY value i.e. you have a $1,000 account and want to limit things to 25% so you would enter 750 – LTP would then ignore new signals while the available equity was below $750.

    Trading manually
    There is no issue with placing manual trades. LTP uses its own “Magic Numbers” which are all negative to avoid conflicts with other systems and/or manual trades.

    I hope that the above clears up some of the issues for you and wish you well with your New Year celebrations. 🙂


    The Leo Trader Pro Team

  524. Hi Norman/Marty, I found another way to “reinstall” the MT4, to run the second pair in a different installation,
    Simply go to C:\Program Files and there you will find the Folder of your MT4 installation, select that folder and do a copy and paste, all ready you have now the second installation with the same setting of the original one. To open it, open the new folder you’ve just pasted and execute the file called Terminal.exe (you might want to add a shortcut of this file on your desktop). xox

  525. Leo Trader Pro Team: Thank you. Your consolidated communications go a long way toward clarifying things.

    Please be aware that my XP system, MT4 program crashes if internet connection is lost. This appears to be driven by LTP because only MT4s running LTP crash-all others keep running. I have also seen MT4 crashes on my Vista system running LTP but have not isolated the cause. I am only running 1 LTP chart per MT4 on all systems.

    Finaly, when trades are opened by LTP with blank SL and TP, what should we do?

    Thanks for your support!


    I’m not saying your account is or has been adulterated..obviously you misunderstood..i’m saying your robot closed 2 of my trades that were in deep drawdown..that should never have happened, and if it happened to me, it has happen to you also, over the 5 month of testing before the release, I’m wondering why that problem hasn’t been corrected in the 5 month testing period. I and all of the board and all future comers to it reading this post would appreciate a detailed answer as to why this event can occur. I requested an answer 12 hours ago and still havent heard back..can you please respond asap. I hope i’ve made myself clear as to the 2 losses in my account. Thanks
    P/s If you need proof of the happenings, I can provide it.

  527. Hi Norm, have you checked for journal/expert logs for margin errors?? With another EA I had one close at about 50 pips down. My lot size, small balance, etc didn’t leave enough margin. And there were error codes to indicate MY BROKER closed it for this reason, not the EA. After using smaller lot size it stopped doing that, in my case.

  528. Hi Dave, The price didnt trigger a margin call..I did check the logs..the two trades disappeard from the chart when I opened my account right after the crash..its strange that it happened..I’m sure that support can see the trades and how they were closed..Im waiting for a response from them, will probably be told that they were closed manually..hopefully it won’t continue.

  529. I’m going to install LTP into two different folders..eur/usd and gbp/usd into one,and usd/jpy into the other. Hopefully that will correct the problem..it probably will..I may have a conflict with two copies of LTP in the same folder..and thanks FXCUTIE for your help.

  530. I have had good results with Leotrader ever since I took a closer look at the pdf. and actually installed it correctly. I found that I can not run other EA’s on the same mt4 platform with leotrader as it seems to occassionally crash. Since installing a second instance of mt4 specifically for leotrader, no more issues whatsoever. It has been trading and so far so good. Maybe the developers should have been more clear about the installation to begin with because this probably caused their support to backlog severely. As for myself, lets see during the next few months if I can see the same results as they showed on Finfx. Happy Trading, from Canada!


    I will try your suggestion of having only one license per folder..as I mentioned, I probably had a serious conflict by the way I installed the two copies into the same folder..most likely my mistake. Sorry for the mishap.

  532. Hey Norm
    OK now I know what you mean my upsell. Yes I bought all 4 with 2 different Click Bank #s. I tried there updated version by trading the EURUSD and USDJPY on 1 MT4 Platform just to see what happens and it thing still crashes even with the 2 different CB #s. It’s a good thing I’m not flying around I’d never get nowhere, I’d keep crashing LOL.
    I’m thinking about using a VPS system but the VPS thing is all new to me. I’d have to learn how that works as well.
    OH well who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
    Happy New Year to all and Happy Trading.

    Who knows May 2011 will be the year we can all retire with LTP and have fun finally.

    Happy New Year.

  533. Only install leotrader on one chart. Euro/Usd 1 hour chart. It will trade the GBP/Usd without the Gbp/Usd chart. This may seem odd, but you only use one chart to trade both currency pairs. Otherwise, your system will crash. If you bought the upsell, you need to install a second instance of mt4 and open just one chart for that one.

    Took me a little while to figure that one out myself but if you read the pdf. carefully, it will explain this.

  534. I have set up LTP on an H1 demo chart with my broker and use this for keeping an eye on the development of the program before live trading.

    It has occurred to me that LTP could be setting up trades on an assortment of time periods – to suit their program design.

    If one looks at the current USDCHF trade on an H1 chart, the price is approx halfway between t/p and the scary looking s/l.

    Have a look at this trade on a D1 or W1 chart and it looks quite normal with there being large rises and falls in pips over a daily or weekly period.

    Things don’t look so scary, do they? And trades appear to vary in periodicity and are therefore sometimes meant to be regarded as longer period trades and not necessarily intraday.

    I prefer to see LTP in this light and accept that I need greater patience with some trades. The initial trades were over much quicker periods with much less s/l and t/p.

    Make sense???


  535. Sorry, I meant to say that the above comment refers to the size of each hourly, daily or weekly candle in relation to the trade s/l and t/p values.

    Cheers, Larney

  536. okay i have the robot on demo on EURO/US how the robot then can trade GBP/US?????????????????ALSO WHAT THE TIME FRAME TRADING 1 HR,4HR,30M,15M,OR WHAT EVER all same okay smiling and the colour chart then they say pending order size lot 0.10 lots so what mean all working good right.
    many thanks if someone can confirm that
    happy new year too all

  537. Asked for a refund from LTP coz I never had a trade placed by the robot……..The support asked me to windows time settings…which I did…My current setting on the chart is ..
    Broker 23:48:09..GMT OFFSET 0……LOCAL 10:48…..GMT 23:48..LONDON 00:49..TOKYO 08:49..NEW YORK 19:48…

    Now with this setting London and Newyork time is 1 hour ahead than current.By the way im from melbourne…does any one have any idea if the setting is correct or not?…or what else can I do…

  538. Gilbert,

    Your settings are correct. You can use any time frame but recommended is 1hr. You only need the Euro/Usd chart and it will trade both pairs. Don’t open the Gbp/Usd chart as this will cause it to crash. This is not a regular Expert Advisor. It is a trade replicator. The trade signals are send from the Leotrader server. It will send trade signals for the Euro as well as the Gbp. I know it is a little odd, but this is how it is set up. So you are correct in your settings. The pending trade means that it is looking for apotential trade of .01 lot size. They give you this information in case you want to change it. If you change it however, you have to remove the ea from the chart and re-attach it in order for it to work.

  539. Albert oh thanks sir i appreciated i just want it have the same set up has the live account of Leo trader then i be very happy fews extra bucks make me happy and contented
    have a very happy new year

  540. I also use a program called MSFX Tick Sender. You can google it and download it. You just leave it running on your desktop. Takes care of old tick issues.

  541. Hello Mohammed:
    Broker time: 23:48
    GMT : 23:48
    therefore GMT offset: 0 which is correct

    London time: 00:49 (does not match with your GMT, it does not match every time, but this time of season it should be the same with GMT)

    Tokyo is 9 hours faster then GMT, so
    Tokyo time: 08:48 this almost matches with your GMT which is good but it does not match with London time which is weird.

    London time is weird here, I am not sure why.

    You said you are from Melbourne: Your time should be: 10:48 AM (you said also) which is 12 hours different between you and your broker, which is also correct.

    You do not have to set your GMT time, which is automatically set by LTP but the weird part is London time in your information is 1 hour faster then GMT time which is wrong. Try to correct your times, but I am not sure how it is supposed to be done. Have you sent these times to LTP support. Use the email they just sent you today. That works faster than tickets and other replying method.
    That is my opinion, I am sure you knew this already. But I am sure the support can help on this. Take care.

  542. Thanks very much Denise..The prob with support is they just say what they want to tell you….this is the 4th time I have written to support…everytime, they asked me to attach the chart on different platform etc. today they asked me to change the windows time settings and thats about it.No further instructions or help.they dont concentrate on individual’s problem.Just giving an overall advise is just not good enough for this ridiculous EA.

    The London and New york time is 1 hour ahead and I just dont get it how…and how its effecting the trade I got no idea.

  543. Hey Ron

    Yea, i’m gonna spend all my money on dancin girls..take em all to the caribbean to my lil island lol
    We just received the charter membership cool huh

  544. The problem could simply be with your broker server settings. You should try a demo account with a different broker.

  545. I didn’t receive the charter membership. Just an email saying it was going to be given. Not sure if they give it to members who didn’t buy the upsell.

  546. I need to buy 5 more licenses for friends before time runs out..wish they would extend our time to come up with the money.Would be nice if they’d give us more than one day to call friends and tell them of the amazing offer..1 day, whew!

  547. Mohammed, Hang in there, things will straighten out..you’ll kick yourself if LTP proves profitable. you have 40 plus days left, and support knows it..trust me, they’ll get ya up n runnin before the 40 days runs out.

  548. Mohammed:

    Albert is right. Maybe you need to try another broker. What do you have right now? FinFx or something else? The broker has to offer low spread also. That timing issue may possibly be caused by your broker.

  549. Hi Albert,Norm

    I know..I dont want to give up..We didnt buy it to return it in a week..Right?…but this EA got too much complications ..just driving me mad…After all the crashing issues are over, now its sitting there over a week doing nothing..I would understand If i had even half of the trades placed that LTP live account had…it just zero result..
    But I will listen to you guys …I will close the refund ticket and wait for a miracle..

  550. Hi Denise
    I am using axistrader at the moment.two reasons I dont want to change the broker righ now..firstly, I dont want to change the broker without knowing that the actuall problem is occuring because of the broker..otherwise I move to the new broker and the problem might still exist.
    Secondly I want to stick with an onshore (Australian) broker if I can , than having too much issues such as money transfer.withdrawal issues,fees etc. with a broker in overseas.
    I would be glad if LTP support at least could tell me where the prob is.I even sent the screenshots to them which in return they said “change your windows time settings”.

  551. Mohammed, how about opening 2 other demo accounts from 2 different brokers..1 Finfx and 1 from smarttraderfx..both are easy to aquire..then install one pair in one broker and one pair in the other. you’ll get up n runnin..also, you dont want to lose the charter membership..trust me, this ea is amazing, and worth the trouble.

  552. I sincerely hope your issue can be resolved. But, please do try the demo with a different broker to iliminate broker issues. Talk to you later.

  553. just Checked with my broker regarding the London time..and they confirmed its due to the day light savings 1 hour…so there is nothing wrong from my broker side as long as the GMT is fine…They asked me to contact LTP for not recieving the signal.


  554. I spoke with my broker Interbankfx the other day, we were just chatin about customer profitability,. and he said they had 30,000 accounts and that 30% were profitable and 70% were not..interesting.

  555. Hi Guys

    I think I have found out what might be the problem.I have to open up the port for LTP.Coz my VPS firewall is in protected mode.And its blocking the robot to recieve any signals.
    I dont want to open the port up for everything.Does anyone know what the port name and NO. would be for LTP?Thanks guys.

  556. Thats right Norm ..we all were expecting an amazing EA..and hope it will come true…lets see if I can get the port name and no. to resolve my issue.

    By the way I have changed my refund ticket to a tech support.
    Lets see what happens.

  557. Mohammed: forward port 1000 TCP service or use port triggering for port 1000 TCP Service

    Let me know if it works


  558. Hi Doug

    When I go into firewall settings and select add port the following window opens up

    Port name:
    Port NO.:

    would you mind to ellaborate a little what exactly I should put under those boxes.Many Thanks.

  559. Is this under a settins name like port forwarding or something similar?

    Port name: if editable, call it LTP or something similar
    Port NO.: 1000
    TCP- you want to enable TCP forwarding
    UDP-I don’t know if it is needed, but you can enable this also

    Hope this helps


  560. Hi Mr. Gto

    Thanks for sharing, but i did not the chance to have a look at the account. But at least can u pls share, whether you have gain profit from this robot and does it trade as same as the Leo Trader Investor account.

    Hi Albert and Mr. GTO,

    Can u pls share how to synchronize the broker server time and our laptop time. Is there any specific way to do it or just go to clock time and click. Cause if that is the way, i have done it, but the robot haven’t done any trading for my account since the past 30 hours ago.

    Dear Anyone,

    Can anyone pls check whether i have enter the right amount.
    Min lot size = 0.0(as default setting)
    Max lot size =10.0 (as default setting)
    Risk level = 0.06
    I have equity of 3000USD in my demo account. Pls advise me what to do!!!


  561. Mohammad, you need to turn the firewall and anti-virus off for a while..I haven’t run a firewall or anti-virus for years..yes i may be lucky, but i never have those damn blocking issues you’re having..turn em all off for a while and see , then add one at a time. thats probably your whole problem..be sure to run them in separate folders also.

  562. Awesome Doug .. thanks very much…now do I have to do anything with 1000 thru 2000 term or entering 1000 would be just fine.

  563. Between the time I was finalizing my trial with Turbo Pip Sniper, hi Marty and Bharat, and waiting for Leo to start, I tried Forexhacked.com. All the while you’ve been trying to figure out LTP, and I’ve followed every blog entry, I’ve profited, albeit demo, $3000 on a $2000 account. Considering this is during Christmas time, December, I would say it is an accomplishment. You all have tried so hard to make LTP work. Think about trying forexhacked. They have a guarantee, too. You may be surprised. I only offer this opinion because we’re in the same boat. If it was a clickbank product I would include the shortcut, but it’s not. It’s just IMHO. Cheers.

  564. Mohammed: LTP Support did mention ports 1000-2000 most recently. When I asked a few days back they communicated port 1000 to me. I am only doing port 1000 and things work fine.


  565. Hi Norm
    If this 1000 thing doesnt work..I will definitely turn the firewall off…Lets cross my fingers now…hopefully this will solve the issue.

  566. Hi all

    This may sound silly but my LTP has only traded 1 time and that was on the 12 27 2010 with the ERUUSD.
    And as of this writing NOTHING. Has anybody else having better luck than I am??

    I hope so. I looked at the FinFX live account and they had a trade on the 28th for the EURUSD and the rest were GBP trades.
    Well good luck to all and happy trading.

  567. HELP..!!!

    I bought this EA the first day it was sold. I have tried it on AVAFX, InvestechFX, and finally on FinFX (as they have their live account there).

    – The chart is set up on only 1 chart EURUSD, only on 1 MT4 platform. with setting of 5%. Account balance is about $2750.

    – I have downloaded the 2nd version which they say is avoiding crashing problems.

    – The MT4 is still crashing…on which ever broker, so it can not be a broker problem. It fails/crashes on Finfx also.

    – I have raised many tickets, their response it too slow… and anyways worthless….as it does not help.

    – Not a single trade taken till date

    Looks like your version of LTP is atleast working…
    ANY HELP..!!!?

  568. MR KAUSHIK please remember they respond only in working hours they did responded in 30 minutes when i did rise an issue perhaps they are too busy too reply then new year co min up wrong timing grrrrrrrr yes mine did crash also so did deleted all then loaded again all fine now did you enter your purchased clickbank receipt

  569. I’d suggest turning off your firewall AND anti virus and leave them off for a few days..no ones gonna steal all your stuff lol
    Hard for a special signal to get thru all that crap sometimes..try it.

  570. Norm…I guess we will have to make some money first in order to get stolen..lol..so I will turn it off for a little while just to try it out.Thanks mate.

  571. Hi Norm,NR

    1.For me it really important to have a VPS when trading forex using an EA,the VPS has a stable connection and run 24/7 and keep on running your MT4 Platform 24/7 too whether you log in our logout.

    2.In my opinion if you run your EA from your computer then you have to switch it on 24/5 for catching the trades(correct me if i’m wrong)

    3.If you going somewhere else and left the pc or laptop at home,then you cannot monitor your trade from other pc,and this will not happen if you have subcribed to VPS service, for as long as you have your VPS I.P address and username and password you can log in anywhere else that have a internet connection and a pc.

    4.If your pc crash, what will happen to your trades?If you doing manual trade with no stop loss or take profit what will happen?

    5.For me i’m using entry level Forex VPS which cost me about USD12.00 and i’m using ucvhost.com.I don’t have problems with them(support) or their services.There are many vps services out there which is more cheaper or much better at much expensive price.do googling a bit.

    For NR,

    1.I will share my results only on weekend ,hope this will help you ; ).I’m a newbie too in Forex,and still learning and wish to have a profitable years ahead.

    2.I’m using -0.05 RiskLevel and it trigger 0.01 lot.Just don’t want to risk higher than that due to my small account size.I do manual trade copying LTP.But i do it at my own risk.I do not suggest you to do the same.It up to you,it your account.; )

    3.I’m only adjust the window time on my VPS and sync it with my broker time…and start catching trade from LTP.try to flush your dns,type run command prompt it will show something like this c:\Users\your computer name>,then type
    ipconfig/flushdns and then exit and then restart your MT4 Platform… hope it will work for you.

    Happy new year all.Best wishes for 2011.



  572. Yea Mohammed, they wont get much outta me either…i’ve hade my anti virus off for about 6 years..i get the free one, think its zone alarm) when they say there’s an attack coming..then delete it when its over..norton anti virus is just over priced memory hog pain in the butt..firewalls are as bad or worse..can drive ya crazy at times, like now..wouldnt surprise me if these blockers were the problem. TURN EM OFF FOLKS!

  573. gusy, i think LTP is in another bad trade with EUR/USD as its Bullish. USD/JPY is still bearish, USD/CHF might turn around. LTP will be in trouble if trades go bad.

    lets see

    happy new year to all.

  574. You still have problems with installation… amazing. Two MT4 in different directories, 2 copies of scipt, and only one chart 1H. Turn it on and don’t touch.. that’s all.

    Better think about trades… Look at 2729 account – 4 trades almost 250$ (1/3 balance) drawndown, acconunt 1331 eur/usd – 1 trade more than 140 pips drawndown.

    Do you still believe this is “neutral network” ?

    I think it’s a bullshit. I think there are 2 people or 4 (or maybe more) – first one for usd/eur, second one for usd/chf, etc… putting orders no matter which way. They are praying now for trend change because this can put them out of bussiness 😉

    Next EA for free ? Sure – they must tell us something if they don’t want to have 70k refunds today… (in a next few days).

  575. Hi All

    My Grandmother had a phase she use to tell me a long time ago.
    Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit.

    If this thing does really work don’t give up.

    And if it does work then we will be laughing all the way to the bank.

    Happy New Years to All.


  576. Hey Guys
    Have you seen the FIN FX chart for the EURUSD The thing is going up and up.
    I’m suprised LTP didn’t go long instead of short.
    Maybe it’s a End of Year or Friday thing, Happy trading all

  577. d U no y I chose the refund? It is because of these massive “invisible” and now visible minus trades. Thanx for giving us access to 2729. And now it is visible in 1331. Don´t no if it is neural at all.


    PS: happy new year to all

  578. Happy New Year Everyone… I wish New Year will bring us a lot of positive trades and lots of luck… Be happy… 🙂

  579. sailmail— good to see you here..looking at least

    will check out the hacked fx you suggest ..thankx

    Happy New Year Folks

  580. Hey Marty, I may have spoke too soon. It appears I was running too aggresive settings with too little capital running both EUR and GBP. With the large upswing in those markets it took the whole demo account:( I may have messed it up because I shut it down over night. I think I lost the continuity of the hedges. The demo account with the broker I’m with will only do mini lots so I’m just going to try GBP this time. When I trade live I will use micro lots until I build up the capital. I still have to say I’m pretty impressed with the EA. Good luck. I hope we all make some good money this year! Happy New Year!!


    2 minutes out of sync with NIST.gov is all is takes to miss every single trade that LTP pumps out. I was missing trades before but now things are running more predictably.





    Did I mention that you should really sync your system clock with an internet time server?

  582. Good reminder T. I have LTP running on 2 systems. The system that missed more trades is also quicker to get out of sync with universal time. So I obtained atomic.exe and used it to increase my time sync frequency to every 6 hours on the bad system and 12 hours on the other one. Be sure to give atomic.exe admin permission so that it can reset the sync frequency. I don’t know why but I have to run it 2 or so times to get the frequency to adjust.


  583. Hi all, I totally agree with Grin on MM logic mgmt…

    In whatever game we are betting, there can only be 2 results, or as with any other casino games. (Even in Forex, if one remove the terminology of the game). For at the end of the day, it all just boil down to only 2 outcome…it is either Head or Tails, Red or Black, and Up or Down. That it! Like the bet of tossing a coin. No need to complicate & confuse the goal with rocket science. After decade of experimenting, the following may help some who is still struggling on the negative side of the 95%.

    To think straight, imagine you found an opponent to play a game of tossing coin, to accept the 3 conditions below. It is not an exaggeration to say that in the middle or the long term, you will come out ahead if he goes by the rules below:

    1) He is willing to pay you more when you win, but accept less when he does win. (Win/lost ratio mgmt).

    2) Allow you to continue the game if you’re on a roll/win, but quit once you lose a little. (Let profit run, but cut lost).

    3) Allow unlimited bets, by whatever method/system, at anytime and in any market condition. (Trend riding theory)

    Forex has evolved (due to technological advancement) which now make it possible for currency retail investor to participate easily with a touch of a button, and if one is armed with a good MM logic, proper SL/TP setting, plus emotionless cum disciplined trading attitude with a well planned strategy, you may locate your cash-cow (that curve-fit the 3 requirements above),sooner than you think.

    This msg is not an ego statement nor am I selling anything -I am neither for, or against LTP. I pray it will work well too.

    Happy new year! 🙂

  584. Well, Good Morning and Happy New Year…to all those that woke up to their Charter Menbership in LTP..I have a feeling this is going to be a fun year. As you can see, LTP does’t trade the old fashioned way of using support and resistance (as you can easily see). LTP quite obviously uses a reveloutionary way of trading..the days of support and restance trading are long gone..welcome to the world of neural net trading. Its easy to see that LTP has been formulated to think for itself..LTP has the ability to see “things” that humans cannot, as it constantly analyzes many aspects of market conditions like no human possibly can. LTP doesn’t look at a trade the way you would..not even close. The designers of LTP have come up with a whole new strategy of trading, once again, thats very obvious. I’d also like to thank the designers of LTP for creating the Charter Membership, and allowing us to be a part of it..Thanks LTP and I have a feeling this is going to be a Very Happy New Year!

  585. Ok, the first thing everyone needs to do is to install your robot properly..eur/usd and gbp/usd MUST be in its own copy within the metatrader platform. Then you need to create another folder (copy) and install usd/jpy and usd/chf in another folder so that its isolated from eur/usd. If you’re not sure how to do it,just ask. Also, support states the the clock has no bearing on whether you receive trades or not, so,its not necessary to spend time on learning clock settings..the main concern is to have the 2 folder installation completed for the market opening sunday night..if you need help,just ask.

  586. Doug-I’ve read this board top to bottom-seen you have tried FAP Turbo. I have a demo acct. with the broker they suggest and was wondering if they would be good for LTP…they have low spreads and welcome EA’s, and they also offer free VPS with a live acct.

    Another thing, I have a live acct. with a different broker on a separate MT4…EA turned on for FAP Turbo also turns on for my live acct…turn off for live acct also turns off demo. how can this be on two separate platforms? Any suggestions? I want to figure everything out before I set up ant more EA”s

  587. If you are speaking of IamFX, they would prob be OK for LTP, but I can’t say for sure because I have used them. Their spreads are pretty good and they allow EAs. Regarding your question about running on 2 separate systems, I don’t understand what you are asking.

    Good luck


  588. Doug-
    I have 2 different MT4…1 with demo EA with IamFX, and the other is a live acct with Forex that I trade manually. If I shut off “Expert Advisors” on my live acct it shuts off on my demo acct and the bot won’t work. It’s not really a problem but the spreads are large and only makes pennies on winning trades on the live acct, Will I have a problem when I go to set up another MT4 for LTP?

  589. Remove the EA from chart if you want to address the issues you are having. If you have separate MT4 and you load dif EAs in separate MT4s, you should be able to shut off EAs in one MT4 and keep on in the other EA.


  590. Thanks Doug. I am going to buy LTP tonight and set it all up for Monday. I think I will go with FinFX, since it has been proven to work with this bot the best. Thanks for your responses so far. I will let you know how it goes next week.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

  591. Got it all set up. I put USDJPY and USDCHF on Smartrader and all seems good to go, got smiley face and network levels showing. I put EURUSD and GBPUSD on FinFX. I do have smiley face but not