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22 thoughts on “Hybrid Pips”

  1. I would like to hear reviews from anyone familiar with hybrid pips. I have been receiving a ton of emails from numerous affiliates pushing Hybrid Pips. I found an affiliate link for Hybrid Pips that showed an initial purchase from $37 to several upsells costing over $400. I am skeptical and will wait before purchasing. My instincts are telling me this is another flop.

  2. The secure payment form under recurring payments mentiones:
    First payment US$ 37.00
    Then US$ 37.00 every week
    Max. payments 999 (whatever that means)…
    Max. charges US$ 10,000.00

  3. There are 2 paths you can go by $37 per month or free trial then $37 per week? hmmmm interesting. There’s an upsell for a double your pips version @ $97 per month, but after hearing the ole no losses, i’m wondering if this is another martingale system. With a low 1% draw down with a 6.12 profit factor based on software that scrapes social clues from websites? Now thats intriguing! Is this for real or another stairway to heaven?

  4. Just check the Hybird Pips website again – they did change the payment to $37 a week like the website says. And, the free trail is just 3 days – then you pay the $37 a month. I don’t like Pilmus – I had a hard time with them when I tried to get a refund for another EA. Finally had to go to PayPal to get my money. I’ll wait awhile to see how other traders like this one before I buy.

  5. Hybrid Pips is an Expert Advisor or a signals service ? Which currency pairs? What timeframe ?

  6. This smells like another scam right from the start. Like Matt I have been receiving a ton of e-mails from just about every affiliate who has ever sent me something in the past. The original e-mail sent me to the sales page where the video said the price was $37 and $37 per month, but the text of the sales letter said $67…..???
    I sent an e-mail to support about the discrepancy and what the ‘max payments: $999″ and “max charges: $10,000” was all about, telling them I would never blindly authorize anything for $10,000. I did not hear back from them, but today the sales page changed to “Max. charge: $999” instead of “max payments: $999” and the max charge of $10,000 was dropped.
    A second e-mail went out to question whether this is an EA or a trade copier and why the 4 upsells. I asked how they determined what signals went to the standard $37 product and what signals went to the Pro version for $97. Other questions I asked:
    1-What is the unlimited version for $67? How am I limited if I don’t buy that product?
    2-Why no investors account and password to verify performance claims?
    There has been no response from support, although they did change the pricing on the sales page. Even so, the pricing is fishy. What is the Max charge of $999? Any support group who does not answer questions makes it even more fishy.
    Go at this one with caution, People. That max charge of (first) $10,000 and now $999 looms large in my mind. Personally, I will wait until they change that and I can just straight out authorize an up front charge and a weekly/monthly fee….nothing more.
    On the other hand, if any are so brave as to purchase this system, I am sure we would first love to hear how brave you are and then what kind of results you really get out of this. May luck be on your side!!

  7. Guys, if the seller makes a million dollars a year do you really believe he would invest so much effort trying to drain your wallets. Upsales are for making money and lack sincerity to give the buyer a product he can use or they try to trick you into paying for monthly updates “which are necessary because you know the market changes..” and a lot of other bul@$#@.

  8. I think Rudy got it right. There are a million upsells after the initial purchase. I would avoid this one. Typical bait and switch. There is no chris ryan who trades for you, most likely just an actor. Once you get into the members area you are supposed to pick from three traders to have their trades copied to your mt4. Surprise, not one of them is chris ryan. They are just some no name guys with results on fxbook nowhere near what is claimed on the sales page. They are eluded to in one of the upsells where you could pay extra to have his team of traders trade for you too since chris does have to sleep sometimes and can’t be trading 24/7. Even if you skip this upsell, these are the guys trading for you. No chris ryan, no racks of servers scanning the web to help pick winning trades, just a few guys with their PC making trades. Even if they were to produce good results, why would anyone want to do business with someone who just lied to them to get them to become a customer?

    The only good thing I can say about this one is I only had to reply to their comments once to get a refund instead of the usual never ending runaround you get. Save yourself the time and pass on this one. Hope this helps.

  9. I heard enough. I agree with all of you. I do not trust anyone who tells you how great their product is and when you buy it, you are bombarded with upsell after upsell. In the video he says $37 only yet on the order page it says $37 after 3 days and $37 per week after that. I am passing on this one.

  10. Iam pretty shure that this is scam
    At this page http://www.hybridpips.com/discount.php there is this picture http://www.hybridpips.com/images/proof/20110511145058-1.JPG
    This picture is taken from this monitoring http://www.myfxbook.com/members/ForexInvestGroup/pyramid-v40ma-eurusd-fxprocom/31429 (year 2010 stat.) offcourse ,there is 1 to 1 000 000 000 chance that this is just a coincidence =)

    There is absolutely no connections between those systems.
    btw who will take camera picture from computer monitor and put it on web site?!

  11. Each of the three also-ran traders mentioned above have trading records of 60% winners (allegedly). There is NO NEURAL Network of immense servers, it’s all hype to get a mediocre signal that produced a mix of minor pippery last week (2 trades, one of which is re-opening at a minor loss on Monday 23 May).
    My 3rd upsell ($99p.m.), out of four, was auto-refunded by Plimus (don’t know why because I hadn’t asked for it). Interminable B.S. upsells generating over 34 autogen emails from Plimus/Paypal and the seller. Notwithstanding all that it still took over three days and two emails to access the downloads. It’s a basic signals service with a very mediocre “claimed” track record and some undesirable aspects that are highlit in the bad experiences of the many complainants on their forum who can’t seem to get mno satisfaction (or their money back) – despite the advertised 12 months no quibble money-back guarantee.

    Stay clear. SCAMMER of the worst variety.

  12. I was going to try it out for 3 days, but the PayPal link wont work. No way am I leaving my credit details with these guys. Ill skip it.

  13. Far, FAR, too many negative comments!If you see not one positive comment any where on the entire site!I have cancelled my subscription with Plimus direct as well as emailing the company for safety.Good luck to you all, hope one of you has some success!

  14. paul9406 , If he cant show his own results of trading , and uses monitoring of another systems , he dont deserve even to be disussed.
    I dont know where you should be running =) to me Pyramid is one of those systems which have 1 year + monitoring history with DD less than 1/4(25%) this is good hsitory…
    btw you can get this advisor for free, visit site of developer.

  15. I am testing Hybrid Pips since 2 weeks. It is a copy service system with 3 traders.
    You can find their results in the FAQ of their site (direct link to live statement).
    The results are not presently very good in June, it was beter before. The system is working but you must be very very carefull when you begin.
    You must fix the right lot multiplier when you begin, mainly for the Trader “Ervin” which has a big equity. You will find all the explanation in the FAQ of their site.

  16. I had bouhgt Hybred pips and found that first the charge was 37USD/week when I objected I wastold it was 37 per month .
    They took 5 payments from june 2nd to june 6th for a total of 306.79 NZD totally unauthorised.
    This puts a huge question mark on the creditability of PLIMUS who made it very difficult to get the money refunded ( I still have not received it back) I will no longer use anyone that uses PLIMUS. steer clear of trouble.
    Tony Groot

  17. I just used this service a week ago and so far all trades are good and profitable ,also one week is not to judge ,I also close the trades by myself when there is profits

  18. The same story over again. These forex robot’s and signal services are beginning to sound like a broken record. Everyone is trying to have a piece of the action, trying to come up with the best sales pages,upsells etc.
    If it was that easy to make huge amounts of money, then no one would be working anymore, just sitting in front of their pc’s making millions on the forex market. LOL

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