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18 thoughts on “Greg’s Success Signals”

  1. can i use your signal without VPS. and also can it is necessary that i must my internet conncetion 24\7. should i need any robot to use your signal.
    do you provide robot for trading, or i can place trade manually.

  2. hi, i need a contact address of gregssuccesssignal. the reason is that am a Nigerian, and we dont have access to clickbank to get his softare. I want to know if he has other payment options. Thanks

  3. Hi there,

    I just started off with GSS around 10 hours ago, with a $200 deposit. I like it , cos it’s giving me profits already, without any losses so far. Small profits, for a small trade. I am convinced with GSS, thus have changed Divide Ratio from 1.0 to 1.5 Will increase deposit with further positive results.

  4. Use Broker Pepperstone, easy registration and funding. Needs no VPS nor other accessories. Can OFF PC , and Internet and go to zzzzzzzzzzz. Return later to check profits

  5. After about 2 weeks of this service, my 5k demo account shows $170 of realized profit, and about -$130 of open trades. At one time it was as high as -$250 in open trades. Some trades have been open for 13 days and mostly in the minus. Some went as much as -200 pips… So after 13 days, my 5k demo account is fluctuating between -70 and +40 in net profit (less than 1% gains between open and closed trades)… I wonder if Greg really trades this way. It seems inefficient to me, but hey I am not a professional trader. Thus far, it seems to be a service that can not make you a lot of money. And considering the huge risk that some trades take (over 200 pips) with multiple trades open simultaneously, it’s not likely that you can trade other than micro lots or make good money unless you have a 100k account or so and can stomach risking big dollars… But I will continue testing for 2 more weeks and see. These are only the basic signals, not the upsells. PC has to be running all the time unless using VPS.

  6. Seriously this guy lie to make money for his vacation…look around his past products and there are not many good reviews about his product..

    why are you guys even wasting your time?

    this one month you could have learned to come up with your own long term strategy rather than wasting time to let somebody else trade your account….

    Ask yourself if a person can make you 5000$ a month why would that person charge you 47 or 97$ a month? no manage trader will waste his time for 47$…

    by the way GREG is using EA to trade your account while he eat lions meat in africa…

  7. Look like Gregs trades payed off I had to change accounts because I was using an account with a .05 lot minimum and so after having his ea attacted I closed all trades for a small profit. But I attached the ea on to a small account of only $560 and today the balance is $640. so not bad. I think Gregs Success Signals is a keeper. At least for now.

  8. Two weeks later and this small $560. account is now at $788. and equity is at $744. Gregs SS is doing great. So far is the best EA I’ve had and now Tom’s EA is taking 2nd spot at taking a account of $550. Dec 28 now at $1,215. with equity at $1,182.00 and my FPC ea into 3rd which you can see at . Unfortunately my account with Gregs SS on it will not link to Myfxbook being a small UK broker and my Toms EA is linked but I had other programs running in it which have had losses and skewed my results. Kazeem you will just have to take my word I have absolutely no reason to be give false claims.

  9. Hi Rudy… after a month, my 5K demo account gained a little less than $500 or 10% using the recommended setting of .02 lots for US residents using leverage of 50:1. What settings are you using to get such high percentage gain without margin calls? Because at some point, I had over $350 in drawdown even with these conservative settings. If you like to e-mail me pls do so at (remove dots): a.o.m.b.i.z.AT.g.m.a.i.l.c.o.m


  10. Hi I just added the ea with the default settings so right away it started with .02 and I have 1:100 leverage and hedge.

  11. I’m looking for joining this signal, and if it doesn’t work well then I will ask for a refund.. I can’t totally trust 100% people’s testimonial here, will need to proof it myself

  12. Hi Rudy… These are my same settings (.02 lots), except the leverage. How negative in open trades did you get? At times I got more than $-350 in open trades. That’s more than 50% of your $560 account. That’s too much of a risk for me.

    Currently on my 5k account, since the beginning of April, GSS is up about $425, with $-102 in 9 open trades.

    Perhaps I can increase the risk a bit and go for .04 instead of .02 default lots. The thing is, I cannot tell how many trades the system can open simultaneously… At times I thought I had more than 15 trades open!

    I also asked once whether or not they have some master account that we can compare our trades to, but I go no response.

    It seems there are too many loose ends with this system to be traded comfortably with other than very small lots.

    I am not quite sure yet if I am going to keep it.

  13. i am using it since the launch, account up nearly $300 using 0.01 lot with DivideRate 0.5. Now i changed the DivideRate to 1.0 but i am still getting 0.01 lot. Emailed the support twice but no response.

  14. Gregs ss ea got into a large draw down and since we were going into a trend that the euro and pound could go down a lot I stopped the ea with a small profit.
    It look like gregs ss ea doesn’t do well with long trends and likes a market that only moves up and down about 200 pips. I have cancelled my subscription.

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