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3 thoughts on “FX Speed Trader”

  1. so far so good, not massive gains but gains no the less. the only problem is the marketing again as you only get the ea for one pair!! you have to pay the same price for the other 3.

  2. @ Ian, thank you for your comment. I’m glad that so far it’s working for you. That’s encouraging, and good to hear. ForexMachines is right, every comment really does help. We got to kick all the scammers/spammers/fraudsters in this industry to the freakin’ curb! What do y’all say? I say let’s do it! Let’s start doin’ that vary thing right now! Don’t be afraid, and don’t let anybody intimidate you! Open up your mouth, and open up your fingers, and if you’ve been ripped off, if you’ve been put on, if you’ve been mistreated, if you’ve been defrauded, if anything illegitimate or illegal has happened to you during your forex career (no matter how long or short) be bold ladies and gentlemen, speak up loudly, and proudly, and call the companies, and the people, and all of the worthless products that are overrunning this industry by name! Put them to shame! Let’s collectively let them know that the game, is over. I’m glad for Ian’s success with this product though. That’s a rare bit of good positive news.

  3. I have been running demos for about 3 months now and speed trader on one of my platforms has not had a single loss and has double each account in several weeks when I increase the lot size. The settings on mine are very different to the scalping asian version. Mine is set to trade all the time and has 200 sl 35 tp trailing stop 15 and the same ea goes on all 4 pairs gu uc eg ec

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