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8 thoughts on “FX Predator Pro”

  1. They say you can be up and running in 7 minutes.
    2 weeks later I am still waiting.
    Also waiting for response from Customer Support after 4 prompts.

  2. I bought Fx predator pro today.Unable to open guide manuals.Code is corrupted according to java and microsoft.It is very frustrating.

  3. I bought and waited for a week to get my licenses to run the software. I requested help at least 3 times without ever getting a response except that a ticket had been opened. Software is definitely not intuitive and the manuals refer to charts and examples that are non existent.

  4. I purchased the product 6 days ago. Tried for 2 hours to open the manual and the download software with no luck. Defaults to code instead of opening. Contacts to support have been ignored to date. I may soon have to test the 60-day money-back guarantee!

  5. My comments mirror what others have already said. I too will be going for my money back simply because if you can’t use the product, move on to something you can use. To date, this doesn’t seem to be it. The sales pitch was great but that’s where it ends.

  6. I recently purchased the software, downloaded great and received my activation keys the same day. It looks great on the screens however when you review the videos they seem to be in a very big hurry to get it over with.They could explain a little more about the system without rushing to get through it. I also am missing the charts and examples they talk about in various modules. I opened a help support ticket 4 days ago, with no response as of this date. I too will be requesting a refund if I have no response in the next couple of days.

  7. same. I purchased but was unable to download. Requested
    support 5 times, no response. Asked for a refund and finally
    support contacted me. wanted to know why I was requesting a refund. Tols them why. Haven’t heard back yet.

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