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2 thoughts on “FX Original”

  1. When you look at a new product or system you should not just look att the total profit. You should look at HOW they trade, to see if that is ok to you.

    Take a look at the FX Original statemets at myfxbooks. You can see that they have a fixed TP-level at 75 pips and a fixed SL-level at 100 pips. That is the first warning flag. Support and resistance levels and possible turning points cannot be set as fixed pips targets. And, obviously, the tool doesn’t reevaluate open orders. They are just left alone.

    The next red, blinking, warning signal is how they do money management. If a trade is stopped out, the lot size on the next trade is increased so that if the next trade meets its target at 75 pips, you are back on track immediately. And if you lose that trade to, the lot size for the next trade is increased even more. So far, I can see three losses in a row, with increasing lot sizes, and on the fourth trade, that risk is rather high. But, like for any system, there will come a day when the losses are five, six, perhaps ten in a row. With this dangerous money management, when that day comes, your account will be history and you will have to start all over again.

    So, once again: take a close look at HOW the trading is performed, before you consider to invest in it.

  2. Thanks Warren, some very good advice and insight into this system. I was about ready to buy but I try and do a great deal of research before committing any dollars.

    Thanks again for your feedback and input!

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