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  1. Algorithm Shamborithm. Garbage In; Garbage Out. Let’s see the theory behind the Loophole Trading algorithm, and then we can render judgement on how frigging effective it actually is at making money. There is often a huge chasm between what a marketer sees as the perfect vision of a perfect EA tool, and the ability of a developer to actually write the algorithm that MetaTrader understands and acts upon day in and day out. Damn few EAs actually implement the theory that ultimately ends up as executable code.

  2. I have the robot and got it at $27. So far it test very well. We will see what it does in the market. Also the settings are set to 225 SL with 25TP which did ok in testing but when changed to 225 SL and 225TP it did much better.

  3. when you pay for the EA are you then taken to another page thst says ” this is aone off offer to buy the pro version etc”? Also what size is the file? It would have to quite large to do all the vendor says it does

  4. First trade was made today and i’m over 80 pips up. I changed the TP to 225pips and SL is still set to 225pip. I think im just going to close out at 100pips. Not bad so far

  5. Phil
    My percent risk is 0.0
    Also it made another trade 45min after I closed out at 97Pips. The second trade i closed at 20pips profit. So far I like what I’m seeing. Still needs much more forward testing.

  6. Phil can you tell us the pairs that you made profit with?
    Last nite it made 2 positive trade usdchf $25.07 and gbpchf $25.02 (no change in settings). It still working on the first 2 pairs from yesterday (usdcad $-17.00 and usdjpy

  7. Well I have had it for about a week and a half on a live trade and it’s done zilch. It’s on a VPS, would that make a difference?. Megadroid churns up a few ┬ús every now and then on the same platform. The only time it attempted to trade, I got error 131. Anyone have any ideas as the vendor is painfully slow at answering my emails. If I don’t hear from him soon, I shall be visiting clickank!

  8. one question.
    On the website is listed 37 dollar one time fee, but paypal tells me there is a monthly fee. did you pay this as well and/or do you get this refunded as wel if you do not like the ea

  9. Reinier,
    I saw that also. You can elect not to do the monthly fee and just pay the $37. My thought are that if you ask for a refund they should cancel the monthly as well.

    Update. No trades at all today. Will see tomorrow. Also I just bought another ea called TurboPipSniper which has another tread here https://www.forexmachines.com/reviews/turbo-pip-sniper/

    When i back tested it, the result were unbelieveble so i put in on my live account trading very small lot sizes. So far it has made 4 trade for a total of 42pips. No losses. Has anyone elso had the success i’m having because i feel like this is just luck and nothing more but i will take it.

  10. I have forward test on several demos and have had probably 8 or nine trades. It doesn’t trade often but it hasn’t lost yet.

  11. CONFUSED:I normally dont buy EA’s but recently tried Megadroid,Crescendo,turbopipsniper and loophole.My experience with forward sim started late November with mostly default settings.Loophole settings,TP25,SL50, percent risk 5.0%,0.1 lots,dec02-13,$412.05 profit,6 trades no losers,only EURUSD,1 min chart

    Support for this product is extremly poor and i made the mistake of signing up for a reoccurring monthly amount of $71.05 cdn-stupid on my part but if performance continues it might be worth it,there is a lot of BS in this world,I would like to hear how others feel.
    Megadroid made $112 in this same peroid

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