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  1. Just bought this and wish I had not.
    Does not use a stop. Goes for 5 pip wins. First trade on the tester gave me a $3400 loss before it worked its way back over 12 days to make $50. Did not trade the next five days.
    Only trades 2 to 3 hours a day and does not take a trade most days. I can’t imagine what criteria it uses to get in when. In my opinion, it could flip coins to do as well.
    I’m not surprised it wins most of its trades. If you are lucky enough to not take that unlucky jump off the tallest peak in the last six months then you will eventually come back to the entry plus 5 pips. But the one time it does not work will wipe you out.

  2. I agree 100% with John. This man who sells this junk, is a liar of the worst kind. Probably he is a big looser trading the Forex market and try now this way to make money.
    Most days this EA doesn’t trade at all – you must be lucky if it trades 2 times a week but it better don’t trade at all.
    Of course there is no loose, if it don’t trade.
    I am very disappointed in the way this impostor try to sell this junk.

  3. I purchased this product and was directed to an upsell page with no opportunity to download the product unless I purchased the “better” version. I complained and after about a day and a half, the author sent me a link to download the product.

    The download contained a manual in Word format (instead of PDF). And the manual contained errors (like the fact that the author does not tell you that if you choose to use the money management option, you need to set the stop loss).

    The download also contained a copy of the MT4 code. It’s an interesting read (don’t ask me for a copy because it’s not mine to distribute). I will say that I found errors in the code which can cause certain types of orders to no close.

    My recommendation – stay away from this poor quality product.

  4. Bought the software 9-7-10 and has made a trade at all in three weeks. Request support but got no answers. Have requested and received a refund from clickbank.

  5. Iam testing this one and the jury is yet out – the posts are true – they want you to buy the advanced version because the standard version does not trade often enough for most buyers style – a no stop loss system is like a martingale – it wins big untill it loses, bigger – the way to postpone this is to trade very small lots and try to quit before the inevitable total drawdown occurs – then start over again – noticing how the EA responds to the changing market and luck also plays a part – however the average of a series of runs could well result in a large gain. – This puts Forex EAs on the level of horse betting – a great combination!

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