Forex Ultra Scalper

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5 thoughts on “Forex Ultra Scalper”

  1. I’m trying it but it seems price moves around 30 pips in the opposite directions before you get a signal to reverse your trade which seems a lot of pips to me,anyway in my first trade but not looking too promising have come within a whisker of being stopped out(20 pips) but early days

  2. Got a signal in opposite direction so closed above trade as per rules, 14 pip loss but probably wrong time of day to trade especially after the huge moves of today

  3. I got a refund although the indicators have got good reviews elsewhere i did not consider it a scalper as market moved too far before giving a signal in opposite direction almost always 30/40 pips,of course if market runs on in that direction indicators look brilliant but i got whipsawed too much for my liking which soon rack up your losses but others may have a positive experience of the system

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