Forex-U-TurnForex-U-Turn is a manual Forex trend trading system by Jason Sweezey (his last product was 4X Pip Snager).

The system is a trend trading system based on current market price and U-turns in the market. A U-turn is basically a trend reversal, and the strategy is focused on identifying these reversals early and catching the new trend. Forex-U-Turn identifies these U-turns by using 3 indicators and a template that according to Jason is simple to use and minimizes human judgment requirement.

Forex-U-Turn is endorsed by Vladimir Ribakov who is one of the few respected and trusted experts in Forex community and doesn’t endorse just anything. That is a big plus for this system.

Other details:

  • Cost: $99
  • Currency pairs supported: All major currency pairs
  • Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee by Clickbank

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9 thoughts on “Forex-U-Turn”

  1. Well I was recommended the program by the MegaDroid people and so I went ahead and purchased the program.

    It has only been a day or so but I have to say I am underwhelmed.

    When I went through the manual I was surprised at all the stuff that was jammed in there. I could get the same for free from or similar.

    I had problems getting it started but Jason certainly helped with that and was pretty responsive.

    But all I am getting is a couple of moving averages to trade off.

    I some times think that the recommendations that we see out there have more to do with the affiliate programs than the value of the program to the end user.

    Anyway I will continue to study it and try it out but that Money Back Guarantee is looking pretty good right now…

  2. Forex Uturn is a very Solid system with a EA.
    Good money management 2-1
    Take the time to educate yourself with manual trading and you will understand how most of the systems work.

  3. I purchased the system through the Megadroid team as they were giving away Megadroid Pro and Forex Scalpa which I wanted, free with Forex U Turn. I was not so interested in FUT but tried out the EA. It seems to work but the SL and TP seem far apart so it needs keeping an eye out to make sure it does not leave you with a big loss. It is meant to be used on the day or week period but if you use it on the 5 minute time frame it goes berserk and buys and sells every two to three minutes! It is quite useful in warning you when a trend reversal is about to occur and could be handy to use in conjunction with the manual trading system.
    I asked Jason Sweezey a question or two about the EA and he more or less told me it was not very good and I was lucky to get it as it was free – Charming!!!

  4. Bob, could you SEND me that link for FUT purchase, I’m wanting scalpa as well, got it with cloner but cloner is monthly subscription and minute i cancel cloner scalpa stops working 🙁

  5. jason,
    I stunbled across your MBFX system in u-tube. rather captivated by it. could you inform me the link to the MBFX system.

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