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Normally I don’t even write about software that has no firm ground to it and looks like a copycat of a system that you can get for free. But I will make an example of what to look out for. Now, I must admit I haven’t bought it and I don’t claim that it is a copycat or anything, but it just looks like someone decided to make some money by selling air.

What's in the box?I’m talking about Forex Typhoon. And here’s why I have a problem with it from square one. If you look at its website it’s has a fairy-tale on it about how a guy was trading Forex, lost everything, then met a mysterious guy who made millions with a system and has now decided to hand it over to a random guy he met on the forums. No, not to his kids, not to his wife, not even to his friend, but to a random guy. Oh come on!

That aside, the website tells nothing about the software at all. No technical information, no features, nothing. Just a generic description that any Forex robot falls under. So my question is, what on earth are they trying to sell?

I’m sorry Mr. James Jonson, but that’s just a cheap shot. Seriously, guys, you’re better off getting a free EA, then at least you’d be getting it free. But when it comes to money, why not just get one of time tested robots or at least one that tells you what it is about!

If you’re curious or the one who has to test everything, it does have a 60 day money back guarantee enforced by Clickbank, so you’re not gonna be ripped off if you buy it and you don’t find any use of it.

I’m not gonna buy it, but I will stand corrected if anyone does and has good results with  Forex Typhoon.

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