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Forex TwisterForex Twister is new long term Expert Advisor that among its unique features declares a 95% success rater and Artificial Intelligence under the hood. The robot works with all major currencies and any type of Forex broker that works with MetaTrader 4 platform.

It also has money management system which allows you to enter your own rules as well. Risk management  seems to be the strong side of Forex Twister, which is good to see because I can’t say that about all EAs. Let’s look at the numbers.

While there aren’t many details about its Artificial Intelligence and how it works, we can see the Twister’s performance. It trades with an average stop loss of 86 pips and take profit of 326, which accounts for a risk/award ratio of an average of 0.27. Considering that the lost trades, as reported, is only 5%, this makes the strategy behind this robot one of the best out there. Why? Because it would take almost 4 consequent lost trades to lose the profit of the last successful trade, and the chance of that happening is low (albeit there’s always that chance). I’m pleasantly surprised.

Forex Twister has made a strong statement which seems to have basis at least in theory. Having in mind that it costs like your average EA, I think it’s well worth a try.

Some more facts:

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: 60 days 100% Money Back
  • Currencies supported: All major currencies
  • Updates: Life-time free

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21 thoughts on “Forex Twister”

  1. I have bought twister to trial, I note its take profit is 15 NOT 326 and its stop loss is 150, thats big risk for small return but we will see how trial goes.

  2. Ah bummer, and on the sales page they show examples of low risk. So either that’s adjustable or with that risk it’s not gonna go very far.

  3. I bought it last night and I have copied it to my meta trader4 and it’s been almost 9 hours and no positions has been opened yet …
    Is it normal ???

  4. Purchased yesterday plus the advanced robot, loaded software on platform, yet not robot positions yet and the trend lines do not operate at all, any ideas?
    Unable to download the advanced robot from email link.

  5. I bought the standard bot two days ago but for some reason I cant copy it onto metatrader. Emailed support but no reply after 2 days! Any ideas? Is there a certain special way to load it on metatrader?

  6. I paid for the advanced version but got a broken link. I tried to contact the support but no answer. Clickbank also not responding. Is it a scam?

  7. Clickbank usually responds in 48 hours, but they always respond. Should you ask for a refund, you’ll definitely get it.

    It’s sad to see, though, that there’s lack of support from the Twister guys. Unfortunately, less than stellar customer service is too common.

  8. Hi,

    Forex Twister gurus by the Forex Twister team didnt send me Forex Twister EA I paid many days ago. They dont answer on my urgent mails. They ignore me.

    I can think that Forex Twister is scam and people behind only want to take my money for nothink.

  9. My friend bought this set up and he had the same thing happen to him as what is happening to youall. This nothing more than a scam. He didn’t get back to my friend and i am certain you wioll receive the exact same treatment. Now this morning i reveived an email from Twister. They are selling the thing for 47$. What a joke.

  10. As much as I feel your frustration, I wouldn’t use the word “scam” so lightly. There’s a word for that – poor customer service. Though, I’d like to think they will solve the issue eventually.

    You can always get your money back from Clickbank if you don’t want to wait to see what turns out of it.

  11. I been trying out your Forex Twister for almost three weeks

    This system works with a 15/1.5 (witch is the same as 10/1) risk/Gain ratio

    This means that for Avery takeout (lost); you need to make ten consecutive target hits (gains), just to break even

    I’m sorry; this just doesn’t work for me.

    I’ll like a refund please, and thank you much

  12. I’ve got the Forex Twister EA and the Forex Twister manual system on a demo account. The manual system is actually working very well if you use the stop loss as the system teaches you and enter take profit at 30 pips from price entered. Doing it this way every trade has been successful so far. The Advanced EA is not so good so far – losses exceed profits. I think I will keep the manual system and get a refund on the EA.

  13. Hi everyone, I recommend that you get a refund from Clickbank for this Forex Twister product because the EA doesn’t is working well. Do what Kathy is doing, that is keep the manual system but get a refund on the EA.

  14. Re the manual system I’m having problems with the trend 1 indicator now as well. Maybe I was just lucky for the first week when they were all sell signals which the trend line (the red line) seems to be working for but not the buy signal for which the blue line doesn’t seem to work – hmmmm

  15. Bought Twister advanced 3 months ago and am very pleased with it. Trust me it does make money and the losses are minimal. You need to be patient and let the trades run without panicking. Eventually the profit comes. The only bitch I have is the lack of support. You have a great product Twister team, so why not build on this. I would buy more products off you’s if you learn to answer emails.

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