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8 thoughts on “Forex Trendsetter”

  1. Hi Guys, looks like I’m the first one in here. I just purchased Forex Trendsetter and loaded it into a demo account for a couple of weeks of trial. Anyone else out there using the product?

  2. Hi Bill,

    It’s the FIRST product I have ever seen which hasn’t got any up sells or cross sells!

    Just started testing. So I will let you know how it goes, it’s still early for me to tell.

  3. I also have purchased this one. Have taken 2 trades following the systems recommendation but alas 2 losses. Only on demo and small lots 0.02. Mmmm must have got something wrong ? However we will try it for another 2 or 3 weeks. Dont seem to have any support. Have emailed twice first one 8 days ago but no response. Thats never a good sign. Will post here again shortly

  4. Hi all,

    I have been using the product for just over a week now trading the majors on 5 and 15 min. I had planned to test it in demo for a couple of weeks, but I have really been getting quite good results and I plan to go live on Monday. So far my best day (out of 6) has been +93 pips, and my worst day +1/2 a pip, so no losses (per day) so far. Here are a couple of tips.

    Firstly, don’t take every signal! If you do, you WILL lose. You need to sort out the good signals from the bad. If the trend is drifting south, and you get a signal to go north, look for other supporting signs. Use other indicators, support and resistance levels, etc. If you have any indecision, go get a cup of coffee and wait for the next signal. I am using 6 pairs on 2 time frames, that’s 12 charts to watch, and I reject more than half of the signals which come up. At the very least, use the info in the book covering “further guidance” – it will help a lot.

    Secondly, I think that the exit strategy in the manual is a bit too simplistic. Personally, If I don’t see 3 consecutive bars (as per the manual), I wait for 20 pip profit, then move my S/L to break even. After that for each 10 pip move in profit I move my S/L accordingly (effectively a trailing stop). If the trend is not so strong, I use 5 pip intervals.

    Lastly, I set my initial S/L at 5-7 pips from the previous high or low. And DON’T ever move it!!! Take the losses (there will be some) and move on.

    Good luck guys. I’ll let you know how the live trading progresses.



  5. By the way Bill. As for the support issue, maybe he is starting to get a bit swamped as sales go up. I sent 2 emails to Matt (if he really exists – they often don’t) and got the first reply after 2 days, and the second on the same day. Can’t understand why you didn’t get a reply.



  6. Great product! Good results. Use with stochastic and/or %W for confirmation. Best on shorter time frames but effective on 1hr plus also, especially if one is clued up on divergence trading.
    Good value for money strategy! Fairly relaxed trading with the tight stops which are not too often hit, anyway!


    God bless


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