Forex Trading Scalper

Forex Trading ScalperForex Trading Scalper is a Forex scalping EA for trading EURUSD on 1 minute time frame.

In the 4 year backtest the system trades at a 97.6% rate with a 15% drawdown. The author emphasizes the low risk, but it’s still a scalper and it’s risk to award ratio is ~2, which is still risky.

The EA works on MetaTrader 4 with any broker inclusing 5 digits brokers and ECNs, it’s easy to install and use.

In addition to the Forex Trading Scalper EA, a Pro version is offered, as well as a manual trading system with indicators for an extra fee.

As an extra guarantee to the usual refund, the author offers a $100 to everyone who doesn’t make profit with this system in 60 days.

More details:

  • Cost: $97
  • Currency Pairs Supported: EURUSD
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day money back guarantee

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19 thoughts on “Forex Trading Scalper”

  1. I am extremely excited about hearing some feed back on this EA… sounds pretty good and with a max of 14% draw down it looks good.

  2. They have 2 upsells!
    If the system does not work as described without the upsells,
    why should we buy it?
    Why do they hide the details of the statement?
    If everything what they claim would be true, tey could show live statements.

  3. I bought it tried it and asked for support still waiting for their reply….

    I paid $97 + $77 pro version + $67 for manual system

    I did not get their pro version, downloaded and installed the robot but the robot did not trade till now been a week… I emailed their support no reply yet…

    Manual system caused me to lose half my capital I dunno it could be human error…

  4. to be specific after I paid all 3 amounts I was on a landing page to download but with the pro version part locked asking for another $77 so I downloaded only 2 parts the robot and the manual trading system and emailed them. I really hope this is not a scam….

  5. It is too early for any comments I think.
    But from my experience, I’ve only used it for 3 days oauto-pilot. I’m yet to lose 1 trade. It has captured the surge on the EUR/USD and has made me no less than 400 pips in the last 3 days of use. Whether that is down to a coincident upward move in the Euro I don’t know.

    What I like about it is the way it closes profits before the market turns. I know I shouldn’t have done this but I tried it on EUR/JPY and it made me 120 pips yesterday alone.
    I cannot say a bad word about this scalper; YET anyway.

  6. Can u help me on the settings, my scalper has not yet made any trade….pls help me…their support has not replied me yet…

  7. I did a little close reading of the published backtest and came up with this startling fact – they did a 5 year backtest, which equals over 1800 days. The total number of trades across 1800 days is less then 600. And this is on a 1 minute timeframe! You do the math. Any “scalper” that takes 3 days to figure out a single trade has got to be suspect.

  8. hi all yes my robots finally traded and won…their support responded my emails and I had my pro version downloaded and it started its first trade 16 pips profit wow…can’t wait to see it trade again…suggestion to all get both the robot and the pro version and install both…cheers!

  9. I am thinking of getting refund for Maximiser and buying this one. Scalping works for Fapturbo [if u close some trades manually, I make 60pips/day doing this] Scalping during London/NY sessions seems good idea with sw thats designed for it, and the provision of checking trend and being able to close manually. I like working with my screen, not sitting back and taking more risk. I am not convined Banks do anything else except scalp, I have never seen price charts in their offices, only digital dials.
    Any comments?

  10. THE PRO VERSION: 1st trade won 2nd trade won 3rd trade won beware of the 4th trade by the pro version its very bad so bad that my dealer closed it. It wiped out much much more than what it had won before! ALL HAPPENED ON MY LIVE ACCOUNT!!!

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