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Forex Supernatural VideoForex Supernatural is another automated Forex trading robot. What’s so special about this robot is that it is very active. It’s a scalping robot and trades every day. That of course adds a hazard to quickly lose money – you have to be careful about that, especially considering its profit-reward ratio is rather small at 1.2. But the potential is there nonetheless.

The testing results it declares is the account increase from $10k to a bit over $100k in 12 months. However, they don’t disclose the loss rate, which is a bad thing and increases your own risk.

Forex Supernatural works on Meta Trader platform and works with any broker that uses it. By default it works in 1 hour time frame, and targets 300 pips with an adjustable stop loss (default 250 pips), using trailing orders at the same time. It supports all currencies (EUR/USD as the default).

Most robots make trades scarcely, some only monthly – that’s an issue to most day traders, as they are looking for activity. In that case, Forex Supernatural is something to consider, as long as you understand the risk behind such activity.

Some more facts:

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: 30 days 100% Money Back
  • Currencies supported: All
  • Updates: Life-time free
  • Average Profit Target: 300 pips
  • Avg Stop-loss Target: 250 pips

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4 thoughts on “Forex Supernatural”

  1. Hi Admin ,
    Did you notice that the guy in the ForexSuperNatural Video is the same guy as in the supremo fx signals video ?
    I wonder if he’s just a paid actor and not a real forex trader/EA developer . Anyways , have you heard of real live results from ForexSupernatural users? There are so many robots out there ….its hard to believe anyone especially when the most sold robots like FAPturbo and Ivybot have NOT worked for me.

  2. Hi,

    Yes, it’s from the same guys.

    It’s been a while since I made this post and I lost track of this one, so I can’t really say anything more about it.

  3. Steven Lee Jones is the marketer managing the marketing campaigns for these products. Simon is the guy on video. But they’re not the same person as far as I know.

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