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1 thought on “Forex Strategy Master”

  1. This appears to be the first review of the above forex ‘levelator’ trading system.
    I first became aware of Russ Hornes ‘Forex Strategy Master’ through promotional emails which led to a series of videos, which I watched in their entirety. I then proceeded to download the plugin for MT4.
    My first impression being a lot of pretty colours upon adding the template to my charts.
    Being skeptical of forex scams which seem to abound on the net. I thought I’d give ‘Forex Strategy Master’ a test run. I read the brief manual which came with the plugin.
    I studied forex pairs using various timeframes from 5 min to weekly charts.
    I used my ‘demo’ account to give the levelator a chance to prove itself.
    So far I have made 11 trades, the results, 8 profitable 1 loss and 2 still open.
    Now I am aware that a few swallows do not make a summer, and further extensive demo trading is required, but the initial results are surprisingly encouraging
    I have not purchased the full ‘Forex Strategy Master’ system this review being so far on the Levelator plug-in.

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