Forex STF

Forex STFForex STF is a new Expert Advisor that introduces a new automated trading technology, the “Genetic Algorithm”. This algorithm enables the EA to automatically adapt to market changes and alter its strategy within seconds.

Forex STF is built to trade EURUSD but can be traded on other currency pairs too. It supports all brokers that support the MetaTrader 4 platform, including 4 and 5 digit, and ECN brokers.

The authors also emphasize their support system which includes a support desk, email, and live chat.

Besides the EA, Forex STF will also offer an advanced version and a manual trading system for an extra price.

Further details:

  • Cost: $149
  • Currency pairs supported: EURUSD primarily, but can be traded with other major currency pairs
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day money back guarantee

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43 thoughts on “Forex STF”

  1. another scam… trust me.. the wording is nice just like last time a bold headed a5h0le promoting for forex brilliance… don’t be fooled.

    learn to trade and then open a trade, anyhow with super experts most of the time the results will be postively 50-70% success rate only.

  2. Hello Phil,
    May i know how ForexStf EA is working on Live account? Pls say. It will be useful for others before buying

  3. Still no trades, have emailed support, and they say it has only 3 to 4 trades a week.

    Will see what happens in the days to come.

  4. I installed this piece of crap on two different demo platforms. No trades on either platform. This piece of crap is nothing but a hyped up junker. Just like most all of the robots. This is my last experience with crap like this. I have put in for a refund yesterday. Good luck to anyone who buys it. Also they told me like the othere reviewer that this bot trades 3 to 4 times a week. If that is so then how the heck is he making 6450$ per day. Lies all lies. Be smart and get your money back while you can.

  5. I have installed the STF 6 working days ago – but no trade up to today.
    However, I have another (profitable) robot which behaves the same way: sometimes no trades in a week, then 2-5 trades in the next. It really depends on the programmed combination of the indicators.
    I will give it some time, as I have 5 more weeks to claim my money back.

  6. Hi, same as above comments – installed and no trades.

    So, how come in their latest email with link to webpage with various trading results there are many profitable trades? Are they lying or have we not set our parameters right or something? Anyway I’ll give it another week then ask for a refund.

  7. I have had a couple of trades on the non advanced version of the software, but not on the recommended EUR/USD.

    The profits have been very small

  8. I bought it but now I have my reservations, how if it is a trend trading program can you do it on a 1min time frame same as fap turbo another pc of crap, I will let it go for a bit but can see my trip to clickbank.

  9. I have bought it (both the base and the advanced), tried it, made an horrible backtest, leave it on demo account for one week, no trades, asked for a refund, and had the refund today from clickbank.
    I think that their tongue is better than their technical knowledge.
    So if you have an advise of a real good EA please let me know.

  10. I have installed both base and the advanced version on one live account and 1 demo account 5 days ago. No trades so far. Another piece of crap I suspected. But the manual trading system (bought at the same time with the STF) did have a few good entry points which could have made lots of pips. The manual indicators work on any currency pairs (I did try a few currency pairs and they all showed good entry points). If the base and advance versions are based on the manual systems, how comes there are no trades. I just don’t understand!

  11. I concur with Richard. I have installed both the standard and advanced EAs on two MT4 platforms running through 2 different brokers – FXCM and their recommended broker. Been going for the last week on a demo account with both but no trades as yet. This is only on EUR/USD currency pair.

    The manual indicators however look absolutely brilliant if you can be sitting in front of the screen waiting for them to happen. With a 9-5 job and sleep, it doesn’t usually work out that way.

    And if the EAs are based on this manual system, then why no trades? It doesn’t make sense.

  12. It is surprising why the recommended time frame for the manual system is 1hr while the results are amazing but you hv to monitor the signal constantly which is hard to do. But the STF EA is on 1min time frame not 1hr. Since 1 min is more volatile which means it should trade more times than the 1hr time frame. But the manual system did hv a few good entry signal while the EA sits doing nothing! What wrong? I will try the EA for 1 more week then refund will be the only way!

  13. Installed it more than a week ago with both the regular and advanced versions. Not a single trade so far. Not sure how Jim Stanford claims that it will start making profitable trades within minutes!! Exaggerated claims or bogus claims, I am yet to figure out. But I will give it another week or so. But hey does anyone have a genuine EA that has made money for traders?? Please comment.

  14. Bullshit!
    STF and STF Advanced running, first trade of Advanced version after 10 days… open since 3 days now and actually sinking my 3’000$ demo account with 1’404$ draw down!
    It has never been in profit and when I saw it openened a sell position at a very low point of EURUSD, I thought of manually closing the order… but I gave it a chance!
    Position: Opened: 07.06@01:35UK – Sell 0,73 lot price 1.25149
    No T/P no S/L… How does this shit work?
    I’ll let it play hoping the loss will be smaller than that!
    But sure I’ll go for a refund without waiting for 60 days!
    I have tested and let run other robots who are able to bring about 5-10% profit as long as I don’t trade on fridays!
    Everyone who had no trade with STF yet, delete it and claim a refund before you have a similar situation!

  15. had one trade since i purchased it. made $27 profit, forexSTF is defintely a piece of crap. I’m going to wait 2 more weeks before I get my refund. If you want an EA that makes you money consistantly try megadroid. I honestly tripled my account using this EA. It’s the best one I tried so far hands down.

  16. I had install and run Forex STF from the first day it open for sale until today it only make 1 win trade. I have make 2 complain in difference week to Forex STF support team and ask them why this EA do not work like the way they said in the web advertisement and here are what the answer I got

    “Hi Mohd,

    To make sure STF Robot’s settings are correct please do the following:
    1. Make sure to use the recommended currency and timeframe which is EURUSD 1-Minute.
    2. Not all brokers enable using Expert Advisors by default. Make sure your broker allows using robots on your account,
    especially if this is the first time you used robots on this account.
    3. Click the “Expert Advisors” button on the tools menu.
    4. Go to tools, choose options, click the Expert Advisors tab and make sure to tick the four main boxes.
    The secondary boxes should remain unchecked.
    5. Important: Make sure that the robot’s settings are as on the user guide.

    If the settings are correct, a smiley face should appear on the upper right side of your chart.
    It means the robot is working (however it will show the smiley face even if your broker didn’t allow robots on your account).
    Please note that the STF Robot usually executes 3-4 trades a week. It will not open trades if it doesn’t identify very good trade setups.


    ForexSTF Support Team”

    I think this is a bullshit. The EA also don’t have a library like other EA in the market and the ex4 file are to small if you compare to other EA in the market. That make me wonder how come the EA that they claim to be the latest technologies and the survival of the fittest (STF) only make 1 trade but other EA that I’m using with the same currency pair have make 12 trade in the past 3 weeks. The same time I install ForexSTF.

    I gave them 1 more week then I will ask for refund.

  17. Take my advice – stay away from STF. I bought it two weeks ago and installed in on an Alpari Demo account. Got in touch with tech support as no trades for a week and got the bog standard reply ‘Very profitable robot, 3-4 trades etc’

    They did say I probably got the installation wrong (how? Even if you don’t follow the paddi… detailed installation instructions its a bit of a no brainer). Nevertheless, reinstall I did and copied settings exactly from the manual (If these settings are the only ones STF will work with, why aren’t the default?)

    Yay, trades in week two. But be careful what you wish for. First trade in profit, small but hey, a winner’s a winner.

    Trade 2 – the killer. Took my demo account from £5000 down to £90.50 in six trading days DESPITE having money management enabled and setting my risk to a rather extravagant 5% of account. The trade was actually stopped by Alpari as there was no more money to lose, being as it traded 3 full lots. Checked the settings against those in the manual – spot on.

    The question is, if only 5% of the account is risked per trade how come drawdown was 98%?

    Basically, its either crap or buggy crap and you’d be better of spending your money towards a course by Steve Nison. Learn to do it properly and you won’t be at the mercy of marketers.

    I did and have consigned all robots to the circular filing cabinet, but out of curiosity (genuine genetic algorithms are fascinating) bought this to try it. Now I’m off to Clickbank….

  18. I purchased STF June 23rd!

    On the same day on a $5000 demo account, at 19.56hrs it opened the first trade!

    This trade (Eur/USD) is still running, showing a loss at this moment of -$1016 (it has been very close to -$2000).

    As it has gone along, it has opened other trades, all on the same currency.

    At the moment one trade is showing a profit of $294, one is showing a loss of $6 and one is showing a loss of $294.

    This gives open position losses of $1030.18, including Swaps.

    It has also opened and closed six other trades, all at a profit, $118, $50, $6, $10, $8 and $98, a total of $290.

    My conclsion is that STF is a ‘thinking robot’ as it opens trades to try and recover losses, the first time I have seen this in a robot.

    However I have asked for a refund, because it is just too scary for me with only a small account.

    Maybe if I can build up my account to a large enough sum, I would repurchase STF and try it again!

  19. Installed Forex Samarai on my FXDD account. So far in two weeks eight trades, all of them profitable. So far so good.


  20. I have purchased this EA which did surprise me as all of the other EA’s I have purchased have proved to be rubbish, well what I surprise I got when it actually was winning trades I have been running it on the currency pair that is eur/usd 1min time frame both the normal software and the advanced software
    since the 2/7/10 it only traded once for over a 10 day period but since then has made another 7 trades it does trade long and short trades and does trade wether a buy or sell opportunity occurs it has made 8 trades so far 3 short trades
    and 5 long trades all were successful it has made £1,775 profit in a 21 day period this is on a demo account trading at £1/pip here’s hoping it continues to do so 8 out of 8 winning trades this may be the one that actual does work fingers crossed

  21. Disappointing. Money Management doesnt work. 50% of my account was risked in a single trade, and the advice from the support desk was wrong and contradicted the manual.

    It doesnt trade on my test account.

    FAPTURBO is brilliant, by the way.

    Unique for me – the only expert that has consistently made money.

  22. Installed STF, no trades for 1st week. 2nd week, it placed 3 trades within a few hours of each other, all open at same time. Market moved and all three trades were profitable for a return of over 30% on total account (started with $2,000, made over $600 with the 3 trades). So far so good, waiting for it to get me into the next trade(s).

  23. In first trade of this week. Took a 50-point drawdown (not bad at all, had worse with other EAs) and trade is in a profit now. Not yet singing the praises of STF, but warming up for the performance.

  24. NOW I’m singing the praises of STF!!!
    Just got out of LARGE trade.
    VERY happy with STF!
    Paid $97 for it, made over $1000 from it (so far).

  25. First month of trading with STF: started with $2,000. Now at $3,650. It makes only 1 or 2 trades a week (if that, sometimes NO trades in a week), but when it does trade, it works!

  26. One more thing: I WOULD be up FAR more, had I just left STF alone. I placed stops manually, placed manual trades in addition to what STF was doing, and STILL made almost doubled my $$$ in my first month. Had I done NOTHING, I would would have done better than doubled my account. My total account would be at about $4,250, instead of $3,650, but I’m NOT griping.

  27. One last post, becuse I don’t plan on spending much more time on this forum…. Everything in my previous posts was on REAL accounts with REAL $$$. Screw those bad reviews based on demo accounts. Play forex for real or go home!

  28. plz i need smile automoney robot that sells and buys automaticaly on the meta trader 4, plz if any one has it send it to penjolly @ plz help me thanks. plz help

  29. me again. STF got me into a trade a few days ago and it took a 125% drawdown (yikes!), but it came back from that last night (see the upturn in the Euro from this morning? Guess who was riding that money-making wave?) Scary drawdowns at times, but STF is still making $$$ for me! And, on the drawdowns, since we know it’ll come back from those, I just buy in again at the lower price (half of 1st trade, but I may go bolder in the future). This is only my 2nd trend ride with STF, but making good money so far. If you see a long-haired guy named Marcus on the cover of Forbes soon, that’s me!

  30. hi there, i would like to buy Forex STF but clickbank has not put my country Kenya on their order form.What do i do to access this robot? Somebody help me please.


  31. I thought I’d be staying away from this forum, but the bragging is too much fun! lol

    Started on Aug 1 with $2,000.
    Its now Oct 1 and I have $7,000.

    THANKS FOREX STF!!!!!!!!!

  32. I just use the default settings and when the drawdown gets big (it’s been up to 125%!!!) I just buy in at the better price. When it turns (it has ALWAYS gone in favor of the EA’s prediction eventually) I make major profits on the auto-trade and the additonal one.

    However, I came here to day to annouce that I had accidentaly turned the EA off and didn’t notice for a few days 🙁 Down to $6,100 due to my own mistakes. But still can’t gripe, since I started with $2,000. Griping more about the fact that I might’ve missed the trend turning. After 3 months (roughly) ForexSTF is still great! Buy it!!!

  33. So I was with all of you all, I cursed this bot, I wanted a refund and all that. but now I have put the bot on a demo acct. and let it sit for 2 weeks. I’m now up 20K! In two weeks! Granted the EUR/USD is trending very nicely, but still. It works….nuff said. Good luck!


  34. I bought the forexSTF (robot & manual) just last week and I got the two versions installed this monday since more than 12hrs ago no single trade. I was about to send a mail to support but then I found myself here. With all that I have read so far I will give the robot version some time I stll have more than 50 days to do that. The manual looks promising though.
    What happen next I will let you know gutz.

  35. Well, me again. Due to my own stupidity, I’ve had some big losses. However, I am coming back strong, thanks to Forex STF MANUAL System. If you have the regular EA, you’ve already paid for the Manual System, go back to the download page and get the Manual one. It would’ve prevented those big losses for me.

    Glad to see many have come here and decided to give STF more time. The regular STF only tells you the turning points in the overall trend, meaning you might not get a signal for as much as 2 weeks. The Manual system will provide signals for those in-between times. Using both, my profits are very nice.

    I thought I was doing excellent, till I read in above posts that one of us is ahead over 20K!!! Very Nice! Anyone doing anything different or unusual with STF should post the info here. Working together with STF and this forum, we can ALL make some decent $$$.

  36. I copied Forex-STF.ex4 and ForexSTF-Adv.ex4 to the experts folder in Meta Trader.

    Then I restarted MetaTrader but the Forex-STF and the Forex-STF-Adv icons are not colored like the MACD Sample and the Moving Averages are.

    Then I did the settings as explained in the manual, but in the inputs the manual for Forex-STF-Adv says to: UseHourTrade: True but the program is using false; so how do I change it?

    The manual says; MM: ( auto money management ) default is “True” but the program says false.

    When I right click on the chart #forex-stf-system.tpl is not listed in the template drop down box.

    Thank you,

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