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38 thoughts on “Forex Steam”

  1. Hi I checked some reviews and performance
    Pls can you explain the reason of SL (usually 20) but some cases 50 or 150 (August 2010)
    are you using different setting now ?
    Thanks and regards

  2. Just a warning about this EA, I did not heed to previous warning and spent my hard earned on it. This EA (light version) is an exact copy of the Euro-Blaster v7.2 , while the full version is a copy of RSI_MA_Scalper which is available for free. I have put in a request thru paypal to get my money back, so will see how it turns out

  3. I have both the EA’s running at the same time and they take totally different trades. Seems to be the same back bone but I am doing really well with forex steam light.

  4. Forex Steam is just a junk. My LIVE result and MT4 live result ( is completely different. It seem like they only showing the best part while the worst part is hidden. Check at… they are not honest to their client.

  5. Jacob can you please post your results? I just got this product yesterday and will post all my results from a demo account weekly.

  6. Hey folks I was thinking of buying this product, any chance some one can send me some back tests (:

    Has the light EA been winning over the last 4 months or spinning the wheels?


  7. Steam is not a scam, I know this robot has to be run on the right borker, like alot of different robots, there are alot of crap brokers out there that dont like people trading with EA’s and thats why your having problems with steam. I’m running it on a broker called Hot Forex, all my robots run so much better using this broker, they are an ECN broker, reletively new and they give a 50% bonus on every deposit into your account. So if your having crao results, try a few different brokers, trust me it makes a big difference.

  8. On their website one of their bulletpoints deals with the matter of brokers:

    · Stealth: This is another element part of your protection plan with Forex Steam. Using this just keeps you out of the pesky broker’s radar.

    If that is true, then one would not have to use a particular broker as Don is suggesting?

    That aside their live statement looks very good, but getting conflicting reports here. I do know that ForexRobotNation can not be trusted. It would be good to get more feedback from users using it ‘live’

  9. Forex Steam is a SCAM!!!

    Their “live” account is completely fake and fabricated. It’s been publically proven on other sites like Donna forex.

    If they have to fake their results to get you to buy and you fall for it, then you deserve to lose your money.

  10. I bought Forex Steam Light a few months ago and I could never get it to work on my VPS so I had a refund. The only Bot I have ever actually paid for is Forex Megadroid though I have tried loads and the only reason was, I missed the deadline for getting a refund. It does occasionally make a profit but it is so intermittent and slow. The only EA I have had any real success with is Forex Luger which nobody seems to have heard of and I think is quite old and I was given that by an Austrian friend of mine.

  11. If you are on of those lazy traders who wants to get rich using robots you are dreaming lets get real. This Forex Steam is a BIG LOOSER so keep yor money. This rubbish EA HAS A VERY FLAW IN ITS MONEY MANAGEMENT. It uses a very big 90 pip stop loss to gain 10 pips. It might hit 7 wins and by the eighth trade it has increased the lot size and thats when its pips retrace kicks in but it wont function if the trade continues to go north or south beyond 90 pips. You might have a big smile in your first week but that is sure to be wiped out pretty quickly. If you think you will get support just forget about it. Thse scammers dont care. They just want you money. If you are still eligible for a refund get it quick and forget your bad dream

    I hope this helps you suckers out there

  12. Anyone has live results for this EA? Just bought it and turned it on. Lost about 90 pips recently. Just wanna confirm with earlier live account users if it worked well in their accounts.

  13. Tried this EA on a 5 digit demo account and it wouldn’t trade. I then tried a 4 digit account and it trades. Has anyone else experienced this

  14. Take a close look at their trading report, for one its not live, heck its not even demo. It’s a complete fake. If you look at the order numbers and swaps closely shit doesn’t add up. It’s also not updated live on a regular basis, jeez I wonder why!


  15. This product is a scam. You notice that there is no open trade column on the live trade they have on their web-site. This is to cover up large losing trades. Also, they won’t refund your purchase even if you produce the required statement of trades and within 30 days.

  16. As said, this system had been making some money consistently here, but one day it reached the 90 S/L and most money is gone. I checked and the single 90 S/L trade simply is not shown on MT4Live. Most others are quite close to those shown though. It wins over 80% of the times. I am not sure if we can call the system a scam. Perhaps only time could tell.

  17. The publishing of trades is delayed by a full day for good reason. People could just copy the trades if they are published with zero time delay. And MT4live publishing details are impossible to fake. So stop yelling scam. How can your live trades differ from MT4Live publishing? It can’t. People just make crap up here, I swear. Also, how can on 90 SL hitting wipe out your account? What are you risking per trade anyway? What is your leverage and balance? And as you can see from the MT4Live publishing details, all trades match up. It is the newbies making utter crap comments on here. I think either they are truly retarded or have some bizarre ulterior motive. I realize that you are retarded but you can’t even be honest?

  18. I agree with Jonny. The commentary here is just awful. The trades should be delayed so people can’t copy, but that’s just the start. The people that claim the results are fake are clearly competitors. I use the EA, my trades match up always because I follow their instructions and update regularly. Just a handful of people trying to bad mouth a good thing, too much of that on the internet.

  19. Thanks Guys,
    For the hype. This is what I call traders Integrity. Who’s honest and who’s not?
    and that is what life is all about -“B..LS..T”

  20. All you can do is trust your own results. This is a much maligned system for no reason.

    My trades match up with theirs every step of the way and because of this system I have been able to increase my trading accounts substantially over the last two years.

  21. Really impressed with the latest version 5.2. Bought Steam over a year ago but didn’t even start using it live until the last 4 months. Really happy with the way it is trading!

  22. I have been running this EA on two different small live accounts and on a $1000 account the 90 pip SL is way too high, this can actually wipe out such a small account !
    After about 9 months of running the EA with the default settings, I changed the SL to 25 pips and the EA performs very well now, should have done that already when I installed the bot.
    What I can see is that there are differencies with the brokers. Last years performance was on one broker +242 pips and on the other +797 pips.
    On the 1st of February I started running this EA on a third broker and it’s 115 pips up now (SL25, TP10)
    I have tested many EA’s and have to say that so far this has performed much better than any other !

  23. Forex Steam is rubbish EA. It will produce negative result after 2 weeks. Then mr. Paul ( forex steam support)will tell you they will never accept refund. ( But their website stated very cleary that lifetime membership includes 30 days money back guarantee)

    They are all scammer selling rubbish EA!!

  24. Hello, my results for April were very good; 31 winners at 10 pips and 6 losers at 20 pips. I will say that my trades do not match up with the MT4Live results exactly. For example, on their last 15 trades, I only matched up on 10 and did not have 5 of the 10 pip winners. Overall, I like it but I can also see the frustration that some people are expressing regarding lack of response with questions to Paul. He seems like a nice person and has helped me hen I initially bought Steam V6 but there have been other times when I asked questions that were never answered. I have a question for those who say that their trades match up exactly. Specifically, my question is to Jonny who posted on August 10, 2012 @ 3:37 pm. Which broker are you using? I was surprised by the differences regarding which broker you use.

  25. Steam is still the best system I have ever used. Over the past three months I have made over 430 pips. It is the only automated system that I use today and plan on using as long as they plan sticking around.

  26. I wish that people like Hans on FEB 4th 2013 would put the names of the trading platform he uses with such good success so as other people can achieve the same results. It would also help stopping the bad results comments so please get him to supply the names of the platforms and it will make people aware he is not connected to Steam.

  27. Steam has been doing very good for me. I am using the new Light 6 Version. It is worth checking out.

  28. Version 7.1 released!

    It’s improving and some people are getting results.

    Those who have it, can you share here the configuration of both EAs (M5 + M30)?

  29. I can’t believe all the negative reviews Forex Steam is having, I’ll say it is the best Forex Robot in the market. I’ve seen the results on the Forex Robot Nation page and it had has a lot of losses but that’s part of the strategy to be a winner in the long road. There’s no such thing as a Forex Robot without any losing trades. If you see statements on Forex Steam you’ll see it’s a winner in the long road. Better than the hyped FAPTurbo.

  30. I have looked for ages to find a good, low risk, EA.

    I bought Steam a few weeks ago, ran it on a demo account first with VPS, mainly to make sure the settings were right and it was trading. It did, and had around 5 winning trades (+50) with 1 loss (-20).

    Then I put it in my live account, I have had 6 trades sp far, 5 of those are wins (+50 pips), but then on the 6th trade it hit the 90SL (-90) (Today 23/01/2014). I know the ‘live MT4 statements’ on the Steam website do have a few -90 SL’s on them so I am hoping it’s just normal and unlucky I have got one so soon.

    If it happens again so soon, I will come back and update, and then maybe try changing my SL from 90 to 25, 30, or 40. If anybody has tried different SL’s or even settings with steam that work with low risk, please please comment!

  31. @ CJ. The day 23.01.14 is a bank holiday you can see in the bank holiday file is incl. in the current update. Cause the risk, i would keep the standard settings like they are at SL 90pips.

    @ all, if someone would post the brokers give back good results would help all here. I am still testing so i don’t post my broker. My tip is to test a few other brokers and see then if the results let show.

  32. I have a loss of -96 pips today (28 Feburary) although today is no bank holiday after Forex Steam’s bank holiday file. Someone can report this loss too? Also what i wonder why is the “standard” stoploss setting of -90 pips passed? Therefore i doubt this software can keep the stoploss settings in general!!!

  33. 10pip TP vs 90pip SL !!!! one SL eats nine TP
    Provider claims that it never hit the SL and it always closes wrong position in -20pip.
    But it easily goes to -90 and hits the SL. It has happened several times for my account and I can provide you with my account history……
    I even emailed them, asked them for any special point/setting, they were not helpful at all….
    REALLY Large numbers of highly suspicious positive reviews!

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