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4 thoughts on “Forex Sixth Sense”

  1. Visually systems looks similarly, but there are 500 more systems that looks similar to this. Principle of work is different in every cases. It is foolish to say that it is the same system just by type.
    ALL indicators, systems, robots similar! Nothing really NEW not invented 🙂
    Main question is – it is profitable or not?!

  2. I need to hear from a real user who can say if this works or not! Over a month ago I bought a similar system from forex income code installed it but was getting no signals from the system and all my numerous efforts to contact the vendor to assist me has been in vain and for the past few days have been making attempts to get my refund. Just over a week ago I bought similar system this time from fx ssg at moment I can’t say it works or not as I’m still struggling with the set up,still trying to get assistance I needed because, I made a mistake on the installation! I will like to hear about forexsixthsense because I want also to try it until I get the one that works,that includes their customer support, how quick and regular is their response?

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