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Forex RipperForex Ripper is a Forex robot for scalping and day trading. On average it does 2-3 days and the authors claim high accuracy. Forex Ripper is based on a sophisticated system that analyses price patterns, indicators and multiple time frames.

The system has moderately high targets with a balanced stop loss (about 95 pips) which gives it the potential to be profitable in the long run. For this reason it claims to have a small drawdown and cannot be seen by the brokers as a scalper. That means it’s possible to trade with this EA even with those brokers that don’t allow scalpers.

The advanced EA which comes with Forex Ripper is designed as a long term robot. This system analyses markets in weekly and monthly time frames. Due to its long term nature, it is also safer to trade as it makes only 3-4 trades per week with more accuracy. In addition the advanced system can be configured to trade during specific hours.

The authors claim that the basic robot and the advanced EA should be used together – one for daily profit and the other for long term profit.

Some more facts:

  • Cost: $97 (+$77 for the advanced EA)
  • Guarantee: 60 days 100% Money Back
  • Updates: Life-time free

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19 thoughts on “Forex Ripper”

  1. As usual, this robot is a piece of crap. They get you on the website and try to upsell you. Then, when you get the robot, one has a take profit of 25 and stop of 75 and the other one has a take profit of 35 and a stop of 95.

    I did 6 month back tests on both and they both blew the account out.

    So either the supposed “wonks” who created this are complete idiots or they aren’t wonks. They are just a couple of greedy robot marketers who are trying to sell the usual robot snakeoil.

  2. i wanted to try the thing but it would not download all the way as advertised and my plateform company could get it to go and there isnot a email address and phone number to contact the people they just want money end of story.but great advertising don’t you think. at least he can read script.

  3. I have not tested the system yet. The videos that came with the system have no sound. And the biggest problem is that I am not able to communicate with the vevdors. Snakeoil…. but a lot of big names in the Forex industry are promoting this “Ripper”.

  4. Seems the negative commentary is very in keeping with the name of this robot – ‘ripper’, as in ‘rip-off’.

  5. Thanks for all your information. I was about to purchase this product, already holding my credit card in my hand when I came accross these reviews. Great job guys, you saved me out of greedy marketers.
    Caroline, UK

  6. Thank you every body for your comments.

    I’ll just repeat what Caroline from the UK said exept I returned my credit card back in my wallet.

  7. Total scam tried to locate the vender impossible.wanted my money and no can do. ClickBank is no help.try to get my money back with other means

  8. How do you mean Clickbank is no help? They always give money back in 48 hours max. This would be the first time I hear they don’t do that.

  9. Yes, I too had my credit card out but hesitated and continued to search the internet for more information. Seems a lot of the ‘commentators’ on FX are promoting this product but very little real information around……so, card stays in my wallet!

  10. bought the product. Afterward I signed up to become an affiliate of the product. Got member login info and start to look at other products they had. I click the product “Invader” and it open the “Ripper” program. They SOLD OUT the
    Invader Robot some months ago. I think the Ripper Robot is
    nothing but the Invader Robot re-packaged and twit to trade
    longer time frames. All that Wall Street stuff is just a BIG
    lie! Like others say; the sale copy is really good….AH?

  11. I too have never had trouble with clickbank. As for the Ripper, it is a rip-off. They say on the site that it works on all pairs, then the manual says to install it on one pair. Also, it doesn’t work with ECN brokers or brokers under the “no hedge trades” rules. I asked for my money back immediately.

  12. Purchased Forex Ripper on 4th March – Installed immediately and as of today 10th March, NO TRADES have occurred. Followed instructions to the letter and have previously installed successfully at least 50 EA’s. Forex Ripoff is the name they should have called it. Will be seeking refund today!

  13. This ones a first for me..marketed by a fellow New Zealander who just happens to be a former Wall street whizz?
    Sigh…I e-mailed him to ask why it won`t work with my NZ ( ECN) Broker and no reply, Clickbank have approved my refund, (As always)…why do I buy these things ??

  14. There are just too much hype going around for forex robots. I can’t believe that most of the forex robots are created by programmers who are found by internet markteres. I know it because I’m in the marketing circle.

    In spite of that, we all agree that many people need automated trading systems to help them as many do not have time to trade or are unsuccessful. So there comes all sorts of Forex robots that made people believe those are holy grails. What an unethical way of marketing.

    It’s true that some of the Forex robots like Fapturbo, Megadroid etc do make good money, but only for a certain period only. Once market conditions change, they will lose money…and that’s what many people faced when using them recently.

    I have been in the research team for automated systems for years and will advice not to go for those robots that promise high returns, it’s too good to be true. Instead, a conservative yet consistent type of returns will be more realistic. Always try on demo account and find the broker that suit the EA first.

  15. Tried Ripper EA and I agree with you all. By accident I ran a free EA called Bogie-HedgeHog-v4 and it open the same trade on demo. I can just as well using this free EA and WIN and LOOSE in the same manner.

  16. I can’t get the robot to work despite following the instructions. Worst of all the Ripper support is non-existent. What a ripoff. I tried a few other robots and those that worked made sure that I joined the 95% of losers.

  17. Can anyone help me please?……I want a refund on this product….was foolish enough to buy it in the 1st place in hindsight……..and we all know that hindsight is 20 20 vision…..but have not received a response at all from them via the e mail addy that was supplied when I wrote to them asking for a refund…..I paid by credit card online… that clickbank?.How do I get my money refunded? Paid over a £100 for 2 products of Forex Ripoff, so could do with getting it back….any advice re how to would be much appreciated. Mark

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