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  1. pay close attention to the transaction statement.there are 3 trades that were opened in 9/10 and 10/10,but somehow were closed in 4/10 and 5/10.probably an error in the excel spreadsheet,a definite red flag.same kind of errors found in forex retribution sales pitch.buyer beware.

  2. Update: I sent Rita Lasker an email in re: the “error” on the transaction statement in her sales page.This is her email reply;–

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Rita Lasker Support Team
    To: wbabyrj@aol.com
    Sent: Wed, Oct 27, 2010 3:10 am
    Subject: Re:

    Dear Sir!!

    WOW! Congratulation! You are the winner!

    It was a joke…
    We decided to make special “build-in” error to find out “does anybody pay attention to our advertising?”
    We have special offer for 3 first members who informed us about this error:


    Are you our second winner! Would you like us to send you the Robot for free now?



  3. Update: Rita sent me the robot at no charge.I agreed to test the ea for 30 days on demo.If it performs as stated in the sales page then I would give it a positive review and pay the 99.00 sales price.Will keep you posted.

  4. Just out of curiosity,went back to their sales page today and looked at their transaction statement.It looks like someone corrected the 3 errors on the closing dates.That proves these so called “live” proof statements can be fabricated and/or manipulated at will.Just more marketing tactics to sell garbage.However,I will continue to test this thing on demo for 30 days.I activated it on 10/27/10.So far it has placed 2 trades:1 on gbp/usd15 for a 65 pip loss,1 on gbp/usd30 for a 50 pip loss.Default setting are being used.

  5. Update: 3 trades.2 on the eur/usd30 for total loss of 120 pips,1 on eur/usd15 for loss of 60 pips.No winning trades since installation.Not looking good so far.Will update at the end of the week.

  6. I purchased and installed the four EAs [E/U for 15m&30 and G/U for 15m&30m charts] with the default settings and I had one trade happen the first 24 hrs which was a full T/P of 50 pips, per the EA inputs, on the E/U 30m chart on 11/2.

    THIS IS NOT YET AN ENDORSEMENT NOR A REBUKE. Just sharing my experience.

    I have experimented and tested dozens of EAs and have had wide and varied experiences. Unfortunately, almost all of them bad experiences. I will try to remember to come back and update my testing here.

    I will say the only reason I am testing this EA is because I had read a few legitimate positive comments about Rita Lasker Fish Forex EA but that is about all I have to share.

  7. Update: 4 trades since last update,1gbp/usd15 for -65 pips,1 gbp/usd30 for breakeven,2 gbp/usd15 for +70 and + 50.

  8. Did anyone notice that on the statements all orders closed at the order price showed no spread loss. Something looks fishy to me. Can anyone find a broker that will do that please let me know and I can make millions

  9. I’ve been testing Quattro on default, using Alpari US. So far I’m up about $27 total. I will be more specific, if there is any interest. I’ve seen a lot worst, at least it mantains itself. First week I was up $179…that didn’t last too long, but at least I’m not loosing. Dan

  10. Any more updates on the Forex Quattro? I’ve heard positive things on Rita Lasker, but not much on this robot. I’m trying to decide between this and the Megadroid.

    Thanks in advance.

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