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12 thoughts on “Forex Profit Predictor”

  1. A rehashed Hurst cycle indy

    I dont have it but with new data coming in every min how can it NOT repaint its future predictions? Anyone care to explain it or have it and watched it.

  2. I didn’t take John Rawlins’ word for it but went on to Futures Magazine to check the previous predictions.

    Well, some of the predictions were spot on, but some were quite the opposite to what happened.

    For instance, in the article published 1/16/2010 John Rawlins stated that:

    “an analysis of this weekly chart indicates that between now and the end of April 2011, we will take out the July lows and push towards 975 in the S&P, and then see a rebound to the 1050 area by September of 2011.”

    So what happened? S&P didn’t go down a bit, but rather went straight up to a new top in April 2011 and then turned sharply downwards. Quite the opposite! In the following article, of 12/1/2010 John repeats the same prediction.

    Which therefore proves that his predictions are purely random. Sometimes he gets lucky, though. Not so surprising though, beacuse how could you predict a cycle curve for the next year or more? It’s hard enough to try to predict what will happen tomorrow, or the next hour. I think, since John has spent 30 years convinced that there is some inner soul in the markets, that could be predicted with some “rocket aerospace formulas”, there is no way he can let go of it.

    I thought it looked interesting but, as so often, the hard truth comes down hard on the true believers hoping for the holy magic.

  3. I own this product, And i will be asking for a refund.

    They sent this signal yesterday, Today it was stopped.


    Buy USD/JPY at 76.30. Stop at 76.03. Target Price is 76.89.

    Also looking at this indicator it does not seem to predict much at all. The trend is up for the next 30/30 minute bars, as you are watching it you are saying its going opposite to what his new indicator is saying and sure enough the PP Indi is sloping up at the time the price falls 20 to 200 pips.. I have written on forexfbi also.

  4. I have now applied for a refund. This thing is a load of crap.

    If i had traded the signals to the CPO rules my account what be down 16.3% over two weeks. Even the trades Derek Frey was sending through totally failing, I think in the time had this useless piece of SHIT the signals sent were shocking. It does not work. Unless you are selling it, then it does work…..there are going to be some sorry people around if they don’t get there refund sorted within 60 days..

    I would like to proceed for a full refund. I am not happy with the product. Yesterday for example it was not evening working, as with monday, it did not start working till 5.30 pm nz time. The market opened at 11am nz time.

    The trade signals are inconsistent. Derek has responded to my private emails and the forum thread in regards to problems with the CPO, MSI and Price bars, inadequately. Even if this product does work I feel strongly that its not yet ready for market, way to many bugs yet to be solved, and it is inconsistence in its forecasts of future movements therefore its not performing as marketed. In the webinars there is to0 much subjectivity in the manner questions are answered.

    The introduction marketing webinars were misleading in the fact it was never said that there would be limited cpo history presented, alerts that john showed red, green dots have not been programmed as they were presented by John Rawilns.

  5. CPO trade alert performance (ordered from most recent to least recent)action pair outcome per CPO rules %PnL

    sell EURUSD SL hit -2%
    buy GBPUSD TP hit (1.5*SL size 3%
    sell EURJPY SL hit -2%
    sell EURGBP SL hit -2%
    buy NZDUSD TP hit (1.5*SL size) 3%
    buy EURUSD BE
    sell USDJP SL hit -2%
    buy GBPUSD BE
    buy USDCHF BE
    buy GBPJPY TP hit (1.5*SL size) 3%
    buy EURUS SL hit -2%
    buy EURJPY SL hit -2%
    buy USDCHF SL hit -2%
    buy USDCHF BE
    sell NZDUSD SL hit -2%
    buy USDJPY SL hit -2%
    buy GBPJPY TP hit (1.5*SL size) 3%
    buy EURUSD SL hit -2%
    buy EURJPY SL hit -2%
    buy USDCHF SL hit -2%
    buy USDCHF BE
    sell NZDUSD SL hit -2%
    buy USDJPY SL hit -2%

    -16% total %PnL

  6. I just came across the email offering this product.

    The mere fact that is so expensive makes me think twice,
    no doubt if he gets 1000 traders buying he made a killing,lol.

    Thanks Paulo for telling your experience with this product.

  7. I own this product and tried to incorporate it into my existing trading means(basic candlesticks and price levels) but to no success.

    The best method Derek Fry recommends is when the CPO line is projected downward sloping and touches the sigma line and the patience line(3 criteria) but even then it is like so hard to figure out if it will be a runner or will it be a false signal with another 100 pips more to go before it turns.

    Too difficult for me and its not clear clean cut. Have asked for a refund and am waiting for the customer support manager to get back to me. Their support however is prompt. It’s not an all wonder system that is for sure.

  8. Unfortunately I bought this rubbish thinking it would maximize my profits – what a joke! All it ever did was LOSE!

    Worse still, their refund policy is a SHAM. They give you half back and then hope you forget the rest. I am still waiting from March.


  9. I too bought this product and ask for a refund of the guranteed money back claim. I received half of my refund in March and have nothing to show for the rest. I contact them monthly and never have gotten my money. They are cazy is they think I’m going to forget the thousand dollars they owe me. As said above

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