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Forex Profit LauncherForex Profit Launcher is a Forex Trading Signals Software from the same guys that brought you the Supremo FX Signals. The software gives out the signals on screen, as well as it has an option to email them to your inbox. It comes with a detailed manual explaining all the options and usage, so you don’t get lost. It also comes with the Manual Forex Profit Launcher Trading System, so you can also trade manually and study the strategies behind the Forex Profit Launcher software.

The software is easy to install so you can start trading and profiting right from the start. The authors have set a goal to create a system that would help traders of any skill level.

It certainly sounds like a good signals software, but the most important part is what trades it suggests. So let’s take a look at that. There’s not much proof provided, which again is a pity, but we get this summary of back-testing statement:

Forex Profit Launcher Proof

From the summary we can see a winning rate of about 83%, an average profit trade of 5139.71 and average loss trade of -8785.71. That would suggest a risk/award ratio of 1.7. Now, that would be bad news, however there are two things to note. The real risk/award ratio might be different because of a few large case-by-case losses (though it would mean a drawback nonetheless), and this is only signals software and not an EA, so you can modify them in live trading.

Overall, from the proof provided it doesn’t seem to be a perfect signals software, but it also comes with a manual trading strategy which can be worthwhile to study.

Some more facts:

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: 30 days 100% Money Back
  • Currencies supported: EUR/USD
  • Updates: Life-time free

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9 thoughts on “Forex Profit Launcher”

  1. I will try software but i’m not too optimistic after the Forex Mercenary and USDBOT fiasco especially as Forex Manuals are affiliates for Forex Mercenary possibly USDBOT too

  2. Once I saw Forex Manuals are behind this I ran away with great haste.. These guys churn out a new “FAB” system once a month. I think I’ll sit this one out despite the money back guarantee because I’m pretty sure that their business plan is to churn out system after system knowing full well that they are a load of crap and that they will in all likelihood get 80% – 90% refunds but there will be that 10% who can’t be bothered and hey presto a profit is made.. Then onto the next project.. Just going to save myself the effort and stay well away this time.

  3. How are we sure this is not another marketer just trying to get people to buy something that may last temporary like the USDBOT. Just give profits on the short term and the rest would be a history of losses.

  4. Yes your probably right,i have purchased all 3 models including the EA of Forex Profit Launcher which are hyped up to be The Holy grail and lo and behold within one day of purchase they are pushing the virtues of Forex Raptor via emails!!

  5. Early days yet Zora but i’m quite impressed with the basic system apart from the future line which tries to predict path of future prices often contradicting signals issued also switching timeframes usually gives a totally opposite reading,not studied the advanced version yet but it seems to me to be inferior to the basic system.
    The EA has not opened any trades so far therefore will reserve judgement.
    I will definitely be keeping the basic system but probably be seeking a refund on other two.
    Thankyou for your interest

  6. Yes this is just another marketer. Seems they are the only ones making money on this one. Did my own “strategy tester report” several actually and the numbers are not even close no matter how much you play with it. I should have looked closer at altered strategy report and noticed that this 2010 product uses data from 2008, that would have been a huge red flag. There is a reason for the 2008 data, it was the only good year for the past ten years, and 2009 sucked. The results were pretty close for 2008, but the money was not even in the ball park. I just hope I can get my money back. I wonder if this post will even make it on here or be immediately deleted?

  7. >I wonder if this post will even make it on here or be immediately deleted?

    Why wouldn’t it make it, James? This is an independent site and comments like yours are welcome. The only ones that are getting deleted are spam and clearly inflammatory posts.

  8. Thank you for saying that. It’s good to know that a negative response will not be suppressed. I wish I could have found some before I made my purchase. Still waiting for a response from their customer support. And like someone else mentioned they are already trying to sell me another “great” product. I will say something about them, they put on one great marketing campaign. I just wish there would have been some truth to it. Even after using every classic line to reel me in, that had me rolling my eyes, I still got hooked. Unfortunately for others poeples products, this will be the last time I get hooked on hype.

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