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16 thoughts on “Forex Pips Finder”

  1. don’t buy it because u will find much better simple indicator some where in the free forum..i bought it and i regret wasting 200$..

  2. In my opinion, just a bunch of fancy talking used car salesman, who have made over the 4h system developed by Ash, without giving him any credit. Don’t be fooled by fancy talk, all they want is your money, worst product, I have ever bought.

  3. Hi Sham,
    Is Pips finder really that bad. Have you begun using/testing it?

    Have you begun testing? What free forum are you referring to that you can find similar indicators fo free. And just what are those Indicators ? Thanks.

  4. I tested Forex Pips Finder from August 31 until September 8 on
    EurUsd and GbpUsd 1Hr, 30min and 15min got only 1 sell signal on EurUsd on August 31. So, you can how it works. It is piece of nonsense. I will try to get my money back. These people just moneymakers from us. Guys, never buy it. It is suck.

  5. The only trades finished in either huge losses or in those cases where a profit was made it was less than $20 with huge drawdowns before profit was made. Hundreds of dollars to get $20 is a recipe to lose your account. Do not touch it – it is a load of BS. I have been trying to get a refund as guaranteed but they keep stalling and not answering my emails. They are just a bunch of smaooth talking scammers. Leave them alone and save yourself some grief and your money!

  6. Good presentation in webinar but most disappointing product and service. Have tried to get a refund but did not succeed. Stay away.

  7. Is this the Forex PipFinder promoted by Karl Lawrence where he is offering just 20 copies before they all run out?

  8. I became a member Feb 22 and Karl has a mirror trade ea and I have installed it on a small live account and with 6 trades now 3 closed and one with a very small loss but the other two good profit. Three trades still open and all in profit of 100 pips each. Webinars are included and I find Karl very informative. So far pip finder is very good.

  9. mirror trader service provided is very good and the Actual webinars are very details and well worth viewing Karl carried out a live trade which hit 20p in about 10min 20-25 was the estimated target so very impressed..


    Regarding ForexPipFinder – beware. A friend of mine went onto the seminar yesterday. It was advertised as a Forex Trading Seminar at a value of $4’995, with the first 50 participants getting free entry. According to her, it was nothing more than a second rate sales seminar with only one piece of information regarding trading which was, wait for it – count the pips not the money!! He (Karl Lawrence) did say during the seminar that there were 600 participants. Did the other 550 pay $4’995 for attending? If so, I have no doubt they would be clamouring to have their money returned. They are selling a mirroring service/EA at $497

    She asked for the company’s details – phone number and address. They declined to give this and would only supply an email address linked to the website (

    The guy, Karl Lawrence, claims to live in UK but the bank details for payment are made to US via SWREG. SWREG itself has many bad reports on various forums, especially many people report they are having immense difficulties with little or no success in obtaining a refund for various products bought via that company.

    This has many of the characteristics of a scam…be very careful, guys and gals.

  11. Even though I know that the very most of the “products” out there are scams, I still want to watch videos and presentations, bacause once in a while you can find something of interest.

    Sometimes the scams make me smile because they’re so easy to see through, yet harmless, but sometimes they make me mad. This one is from the last category.

    As usual when the scammers have nothing substantial to show about their products, they go on about how much money they have made on their product and how incredibly rich they’ve become. That’s a strong warning signal.

    He had only 20 copies to sell. Why all the effort making a webinar for so little return? It was just to make you hurry enough to hinder you to use your common sense. When the 20 were gone he was anxious to end the webinar. When you try the link after the 20 copies have gone, you can order as many copies you want. Common trick.

    All that was easy to see through, but what made me mad was that he took the dishonesty to the next level, swearing (on a bible or the book of the law – don’t remember which) that what he showed was true. All the so-called proof was surely fake. He reckon there is very little chance that anyone would actually check it up – and if someone would, he’d be gone to the next scam.

    Also, the webinar I saw was just a replay, but it was to look as it was live.

    Please fellow traders: don’t fall for the cheap tricks! And this guy was unusually insidious.

    And what about the affiliates? I got this link from Tom Strignano. Obviously, he doesn’t care if you win or lose, as long as he gets some extra money. Everybody should “spam” the senders of such emails and ask why they try to swindle you deliberately.

  12. Hey Everybody 🙂
    This gonna be a report about Karl Lawrence’s ForexPipFinder:
    ALSO READ IT WHEN YOU ALREADY BOUGHT IT AND WANT YOUR MONEY BACK (you can go to the end of that review)
    These guys or especially Karl Lawrence are advertising for their Product called the “ForexPipFinder” which consists of an EA and something called a Mirror Trader which should copy that Trades of Karl Lawrence. They also offer Life Training online call sessions where you can write to the person leading the call session in a little Chat Box and he usually responds speaking to the call listeners after a while. They charge USD 497.00 excl. taxes for that package.
    Now I wanna tell you my experience with them and wanna tell you how you can get your money back:
    I bought their Product the 19/2/2012 without knowing too much about it and because it sounded very well. Also when you get offered a money back guarantee you think you cannot loose too much.
    During their advertising call or show, they are teaching you that when trading forex you you should always count in pips and never in money… that’s it… nothing more… Furtherwise they pretend to sell 20 copies of their system in that call. I say pretend, because it sounds like these are the only 20 copies they are going to sell…
    This is absolute bulls**t. They are making this call more or less once a week and also have an automatic online recording that pretends to be a live call… They are running this already for many month and who knows how many hundreds or thousands of times they sold that and made 500 USD each. 20 copies only is an absolute and direct lie.
    Then in their training calls they try to show you how to trade manually, but I did not follow that too much since I wasn’t interested to trade manually. Also it did not seem too professional.
    BTW: The contact EMail the give you is
    Even though they say they would respond to you within a day or sometimes even 8 hours this is another lie.
    They do respond, that is sometimes true. Sometimes you have to send your mail twice and sometimes you have to ask the same question several times in different ways to finally get the answer on the question you actually asked… Very bad service.
    If you ask in life in one of their training sessions the chance is a bit better to get a quick and good answer, but you have to be there when they make the call session… They definitely have many customers and a bad service and therefor don’t really care for single persons who have questions.
    When I first asked for a refund it was end of february. They replied with the “KIND” Question why I’m not happy with their product and if they could help me… I fell for it and gave it another try. I opened up some more free demo account and tried both the EA and their Mirror Trader. BTW: All of my Account show less money then when I opened them. I tried several things but it does not really work even though their Mirror Trader FX-Book states different:

    So the 15/3/2012 I asked for a refund again. Same thing… they asked if they could help me… I answered with no and that i want my money. That is when they stopped replying to my mails. I logged into their life sessions and asked their for it several times. Every time the answered that they would take care of it and nothing happened for weeks.
    Then I finally had the Idea to get directly in contact with SWREG which is the Online Company they us to sell their stuff….
    Good Idea… 🙂
    Go to: and click on “I want to request a refund” OR: Then enter Your Email Address and your Order Number and click on search. Fill out the form and give some reason why you don’t want it anymore. The ForexPipFinder guys were responding to me in the same way if they could not help me. After I said no again the meant I should give it more time and see how it goes. NOTICE, that all these further Mails were sent to SWREG Info and they copied it to ForexPipFinder. Always go via SWREG because Karl Lawrence’s (if this is really his name…) guys don’t reply always. Well, after some 2 more mails I got an answer from SWREG that since ForexPipFinders don’t reply they gonna refund my money back and it could take up to 7 business days for the money to be transferred. This was now the 6th of April 2012. Today, the 16th of April 2012 I contacted my bank for confirmation and yes. The money was refunded already to the date: 6th April 2012… Finally 🙂

    My Conclusion…
    Very bad guys these “ForexPipFinders” because they are using the good trust of normal people for ripping them of. There are good systems for Forex out there and there are other ways earning money online. But I recommend to avoid these guys and there ForexPipFinder. Also one more Tip. If possible buy things which are using the Sales-System ClickBank. There it is easy to get a refund of your money…

    I wish everybody all the best and enjoy.
    Happiness is the most important thing in life 😉
    Take care and best regards,
    Joe from Germany

  13. BEWARE – ForexPipFinder Refund Issues

    I also watched a ‘live’ webcast where Karl Lawrence stated that he would allow refunds ‘forever’ because he was so sure that his system worked and he was making his living on it. I tried out the system for 6 weeks and recorded the trades and results. The ‘live’ alerts showed a 62% win rate but after 43 trades, there was a profit of only 53 pips. That is pathetic. Nobody could make a living on that performance. I sent in a refund request and was denied because the 30 day refund period had expired. I responded with the ‘forever’ statement and received the same rejection. I contacted SWREG, the agency who handled the original purchase and they were no help. I sent them an explanation which I think they just forwarded to ForexPipFinder and then they sent me back the same rejection. Any ideas as to who I can submit a complaint to that can actually get some results?

  14. I had a similar experience with these scammers, from the ForexAchiever – Oliver Green end of this double-sided scam. For your info the key to refunds here is to go to Digital River, parent company of SWReg. Have their telephone receptionist transfer your call to their Complaint Escalation Team. SWReg is a shady subsidiary of Digital River, but DR is a large public company that is completely legit. They actually process the billing for SWReg. They will take your complaint about the vendor, and about SWReg Operations and refund you immediately. Hope this helps some. Digital River Corporate Headquarters 10380 Bren Road West, Minnetonka, MN 55343 USA Telephone: +1 (952) 253-1234

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