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7 thoughts on “Forex Pip Taker”

  1. Good Afternoon All
    I just got this Email from some one named Josh and he is showing us in a You Tube Video how he made 400 pips in his trade with Forex Pip Taker.
    However if you look at the video closely toward the end you will see something rather strange.
    This guy sells Short on the trade however the way he says it in the video shows his entry and stops at different places.
    Maybe it’s me or maybe he messed up somewhere.
    I did think it rather strange when he showed his Entry in one place and his stop loss under the entry point instead of above it if he was selling short. Strange

    I’m going to keep an eye on this one just to see how it turns out. Who knows maybe I’m wrong. Time will Tell.

    Happy Trading to All and may the Forex be with us.

  2. I saw that too where his stoploss seems to be lower than his entry but when u add it up the prices for the entry, stoploss and take profit were right but i guess he didn’t follow the script and pointed in the wrong direction. Apart from that it doesn’t look bad… the others hehehehe…..I mean it could be a good product but learn the principles of trading first and who knows u modify the system and it works to your advantage……but always use due dilligence and my opinion is that if you gonna try these ‘systems’ always use money that u CAN afford to risk so if it doesn’t work out at least you were realistic in knowing that u can lose your money. Take care and Good trading

  3. Hello Joseph
    That could be possible and then again he might not have followed the script like Ram said.
    Anyway I guess we will just have to wait and see.

    Happy Trading to all

  4. Hello All
    Has anyone had any luck with the Forex Pip Taker System yet?

    Let us know how it goes.

    Happy Trading to all

  5. Hello All
    I bought FPT one week ago and I’m already up 600.00 on my demo account of 1,000.00
    I wanted to see how it worked on a small account. Just trading 1% of my acount. This thing works great once you figure out how to use the indicators.
    I’ll keep you updated. This thing is way better than 1 click pips which after giving it 2 weeks to work I asked for a refund. Not one single trade with the regular or the extreme. Nothing. It’s a waste of time to get it.
    May the Forex be with us.

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