Forex Pip Dragon

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10 thoughts on “Forex Pip Dragon”

  1. No this is a totally different group. This is actually a system similar to Forex Signals in that essentially its a monthly service fee (fairly low) actually. I actually heard about this group from Vladamir Ribakov who is one of the traders for TFS and has a good rep so I dont think the guy would put his rep on the line supporting a shady group and no it wasnt actually a mass emailing it was a personal email response because I told him I was looking for a good complimentary system to TFS.

  2. Looking it appears to be a LIVE account on Thinkforex which means its real money and not a demo unlike most.. Going to check it out.. We shall see.

  3. It has been taken down temporarily [possible Marketing Strategy]…even they deleted their myfxbook account…

    Here is the trade results for the last 4 days..

    two trades still going on for the last 2 days with a -41$…It will probably going to hit the target as Gbp/usd Eur/usd is not showing signs of high trends…It is bouncing back and forth..

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