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22 thoughts on “Forex Pip Alerts”


    I’ve just received this email. What he’s not telling you is that on the payments page you’ll pay $1 for 3 days only then it’s $47 per month recurring.


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  2. Stay clear,i tried them last week and their signals were awful in fact if i had traded the opposite direction i would have made a packet,trying to get a refund is like trying to get blood out of a stone,i’ve had to open a dispute through Plimus

  3. Too early to judge but it works good for me. Friday : 2 signals = 69+ Pips on GBP/USD and 52+ Pips on AUD/USD. before that ( 3 days since I started with them ) the signals were mixed but they ended with positive so I can’t complain! all on demo of course 🙂 The only problem with them is that they send their signals anytime. there is no specific time for trading which I think would be a lot better for users. didn’t try their support so I wouldn’t know. anyways, you can’t be too careful. so I’m giving it 1 month to try and we’ll see. good luck to all

  4. That’s weird.
    I wonder what Sigals Mike get, I’ve tried also these signals last friday and they went off in the stoploss.

    And with the signals of today, I lost my capital.

    So I’m giving it also 1 month to try and we’ll see. good luck to all

  5. Certainly not looking good, down nearly 250 pips since last tuesday, thank god its only demo account,the losers are outweighing any winners big time.Brian Sampson forex guru seems a bit of a joke so far,I make a steady 10 pips and more per day with my own stuff(maybe i’m a forex guru L.O.L,heading for a refund me thinks.

  6. so far way more loses them wins on the signal service.
    The ultra has even more loses, no trades on the robot so cant say.
    Not looking good.
    The ultra

  7. I finally managed to get a refund via Plimus,the vendors(Forex Pip Alerts)certainly did not honour their pledge of a no questions asked refund.

  8. NEWS NEWS!!!!
    Site is DOWN!!!

    You don’t have permission to access /members/ on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    Apache mod_fcgid/2.3.6 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at Port 80

    This is the interenet message I have been receiving the last 2 days when I try to log into the members area, the same link from my email thanking me for my purchase and giving my log in password.
    I have been trading these signals the last 2 weeks trying to gather if they were profitable or not. I have had to log into the members area though because the email alert system does not work. I have also had correspondence with a person who bought the EA and upgrade both of which don’t work.

  9. Having the same problems as Matts Micro, absolutely disgusting not only paying for a system that doesent work but now paying for no signals,not that they are any good anyway,what i’ve now noticed is that there are a lot of similar sites now popping up offering the same kind of service with a very similar video featuring an actor all i can say is SCAM !

  10. SCAM! I am in a dispute under plimus to have my refund claim over a WEEK! He has been avoiding it and not REFUNDING AT ALL! PLEASE! Stay clear! Not forgetting it didn’t state there’s a recurring subscription! Cancel them quickly!

  11. I bought the whole package – all 4 modules because I was swayed by the wording of the No Quetions Asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee” No that I am not happy with the performance and have even been sent some incorrect info I wand to exercise my rights and claim my refund. Come on Brian and Paul do the right thing here – prove us all wrong and honour your committment! The wording somewhere in there went “I’ll cheerfully refund your money”. So much so that my emails to Brian go unanswered – I have sent emails to Paul from Plimus and even he does not respond. Here’s an open challenge to you guys – refund me my purchase and I will come backk to this forum and tell the world that you are ok to do business with and that you will honour your promises and that you are not just out to rip us off.

  12. still no response from plimus after 3 days of requesting refund what a total bunch of cowboys, trading standards may be a last resort!!

  13. Trying to get a refund from these people is like getting blood from a stone.

    The statement no questions on refunds on vendors site does not hold water.

  14. I surely benefited from the comments above, I will not fall for such a SCAM. Talk to a sane about something unreal, if he beleives it, then that person is insane.

  15. this site and company are thieves and liars i have documented absolute proof for anyone who is truely interested do not i repeat do not give them any info or credit card details

  16. To paul

    i have repeatedly asked you to cancel my subscription to and you have ignored my requests i have now given my documented correspondence to the Victorian fraud squad here in Australia who assure me that they will be contacting you to investigate this matter, my lawyer is also involved and says that this makes for a strong case.

    i have since found many forums regarding this kind of behaviour with respect to your site and it is quite damming and dosent look good for

    i suspect that you will just reopen under a new identity and continue to steal from people.

    what goes around comes around its only a matter of time

  17. Liars and thieves , if you want your money back only way to go through Plimus. They dont refund anything. Their pick will only lose you money, no email alerts also. Forex Pip Alerts is a scam. Dont buy it , its hard to get money back.

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