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Forex NukeForex Nuke is a new EA software advertised as EA built with a brand new strategy for 2010. The features of this robot are more or less the usual – low investment requirement, it works on MetaTrader 4 platform, it works on demo accounts, it doesn’t require experience and has video tutorials to give you a start. I’ll skip the details as they aren’t that important as long as it works.

What really interests me are the trading statements which reveal a lot about the system. Forex Nuke makes trades with a 250 pip stop loss and only 45 take profit. Needless to say the risk/reward ratio is huge and it means that one loss can erase your last 6 profitable trades. In the long term this strategy is flawed as you can see, regardless of its success rate – the past results don’t guarantee future success and only the characteristics that define the system can serve as an indicator of what to expect.

Hence, I wouldn’t ┬ánecessarily expect long term success from Forex Nuke. Though, it should be worth attention in short term “while it works”, if you think it’s worth your investment.

Having said that, my attention was drawn to the fact that the system can be adjusted to lower the risk, so if you have some experience or the authors will be willing to help, there’s a chance to fine tune it to work in the longer term too.

Some more facts:

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: 60 days 100% Money Back
  • Currencies supported: EUR/USD
  • Updates: Life-time free

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5 thoughts on “Forex Nuke”

  1. Sure you can adjust the paramaters of the EA. But when you do the back test results are now void. So what do you base a decesion to purchase on? The hopes that you can figure out the right SL and TP before your account gets wiped out?

  2. I tried the Forex Nuke 2 EA on my testbed on my VPS and I was pretty excited for the entire 50 days of testing the product as it was virtually 100% successful with very few small losses and then right before the end of the sixty day MBG and I was just about to go live on VPS and BANG! it blew all the profits of the previous 55 days in one bad trade. I decided to go for the refund and I was sad to do it because unlike so many products if was very reliable until it blew beets. If someone could come up with enhanced settings it might be worth a retry.

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