Forex Neutrino

Forex NeutrinoForex Neutrino is a new Forex trading signals program built to beat the Forex robots.

The few demo signals it shows are on the GBPUSD 4 hour chart. So supposedly it gives out long term signals.

Unfortunately that’s about all information provided on their website, there’s no real proof either. The only way to really know how it works is to test it.

Please post your opinion if you have experience with this software.

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: 60 days 100% Money Back
  • Updates: Life-time free

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23 thoughts on “Forex Neutrino”

  1. I just bought this software, but received nothing.
    There are 3( THREE ) upsellings without any explanation.
    In the end it is nothing to download.
    You just get a confirmation mail, thats all.
    Stay away from this.

  2. Here is a testimonial about forex Neutrino Hi Rich,
    –I’ve got to admit I nearly made a very grave error when I tried out Forex Neutrino. As soon as I switched on the software, my first trade was a loser which had me panicking and I decided there and then it was a waste of time… but then I found out that this was down to my own error and hadn’t been following the signals correctly. By the end of the week I was on fire and making consistent steady gains. I’ve been using this for just over a month now, and I can actually see myself going full-time as a Forex trader in the immediate future.Louise Harper, Bristol UK
    Here is another about a horseracing system—Hi Ian,

    –I’ve got to admit I nearly made a very grave error when I tried out Betting Tycoon. As soon as I started, my first bet was a loser which had me panicking and I decided there and then it was a waste of time… however I soon discovered that this was down to my own error and I hadn’t been following the rules correctly. By the end of the week I was on fire and picking consecutive winners. I’ve been using this for just over a month now and I can actually see myself going full-time in the immediate future Louise Harper, Bristol UK .
    These were same day (19 jan 10)and seem to suggest that they were done by the same copywriter and may be attempts to hoodwink the buyer that the products were actually tried out by real people.

  3. Same as Mike..

    Just upsells with no download links.. Stay away from this one people, smells really bad.. No reply to emails..

  4. You sure there wasn’t no more emails that went to the spam box or something like that? Seems weird that they wouldn’t even send the product, it wouldn’t survive on Clickbank for long like that.

    Please do post back if anything changes.

  5. There was definately nothing.
    I received a mail with a promotion for ForexMeta:

    Hello ,

    First off thanks again for purchasing Forex Neutrino You
    have joined
    an elite group of traders. Now in order to put Forex Neutrino to
    work you need to select a brokerage firm to work with.
    Whether you are ready to
    make an actual deposit with a Live Account or if you simply want
    to practice
    your trading and evaluate Forex Neutrino you will need a

    Choosing the right brokerage is extremely important so I wanted
    to take the
    time to follow up with you and ensure you are pointed in the
    right direction!

    We have been in the Forex Business for a long time and have
    worked with all
    sorts of Brokerages. Some of these can be a real nightmare to
    deal with, but
    there are a select few that are well established companies with
    great customer

    My favorite Brokerage is ForexMeta, they offer the following:

  6. Eventually got the package and have now been trading it for some hours.

    Early observations are.

    The Neutrino basic package loves to generate trades against the Market. So far it has generated 6 signals for me with a TP of 15 pips and a SL of 45.

    Well as you would expect anything that generates signals against the market trend is not going to do that well.

    So far of the 6 signals 2 have hit their SL and the other 4 are very close to hitting their SL. Not one single signal came even close to hitting a measly 15 pip TP. The amazing thing is even though the two losing trades have hit their SL the software is STILL generating Sell signals. So if you buy this package and load it up do not believe all the up and down arrows… The system repaints them again and again until the market eventually goes in its predicted direction.

    On a positive note if I had traded against Neutrino I would have hit all 6 TP’s at 15 pips each.

    Neautrino? More like Latrine-o

  7. The EA is a scalping Bot. It trades or rather is supposed to trade the 5 minute and 1 minute markets scalping points here and there. Set up 2 charts on EURUSD as this is the recommendation. One chart for 5 minutes and the other 2 minutes. So far after quite a few hours no trades. Will monitor this and report back any trades.

    The trend finder in the advanced system is nothing like that as described in the manual so no idea how to take trades. Awaiting a reply from my email, this is the second email sent, the other one sent some 16 hours ago and still no replies.

  8. and

    Amazing this guy, not only is he a Forex genius he’s also a Betfair genius.. Look at the wording, nearly exactly the same with a few changes.. Even all the testimonials are exactly the same from the same people.. THIS IS A SCAM. Stay away. I’ve asked for a refund and heard nothing back yet. I’ve posted the refund with clickbank and still nothing.. STAY WELL AWAY FROM THIS ONE PEOPLE

  9. Dunno man, all this says is that the same marketing guys are behind the two products. Not necessarily a scam.

    And as I always say, if it gives back money, it’s not a scam. In case of Clickbank they always give money back 100%.

  10. If the advert lies then it is a scam. The testimonials are clearly lies. Well in my book if they lie in their ads then they surely are not to be trusted at all. IF you are told a lie in order to extract money from you then it’s a scam

    Also do you not find it totally amazing that BOTH authors lost lots of money and BOTH authors read every book that they could lay their hands on to find out how the Guru’s do it. Oh and coincidentally both authors after so much study found the guru’s secret.

    Do you not only find it a coincidence that the emails of the authors are..

    If the alarm bells are not ringing after that then I do not know what will convince you.

    I’m glad to hear that Clickbank give money back 100% because I’m claiming. Also of the 6 trades that I placed, a total of 5 have hit their SL -225 pips with the final trade currently -22 pips. I have since un-installed the software and removed it from my PC.

  11. If the advert lies then it’s a misleading advertisement. And let’s be honest, most of these Forex robots/signals exaggerate and hype up their products to sell better. That would make them all scams. But most of them give back the money if you’re not satisfied, so…

    There are far worse scams out there that really deserve the name than those that actually give you back your money. It’s just my personal opinion but I like to use the word carefully.

    Regarding the matching copy and other things, again, same marketers.

    Imagine if you wanted to sell your product, how would you do it? You’d hire someone to do it for you. Or maybe vice versa, they would hire you to create them a product, so they can sell it using their proven marketing methods. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the same person has created both products.

    Anyways, it doesn’t matter, it either works or not. Thanks for posting back your results.

  12. I suppose you are right.. It’s not a scam but for sure not a single word can be believed on either site. Results included. I’m pretty sure that I have a lot of the indicators on my PC somewhere all downloaded from free sites. There was something extremely familiar about quite a few of the indicators, just the names were different.. Ah well good luck with your testing. I’ll post back if I was successful with my refund claim.

  13. Beej,

    Have you noticed that the formula here is exactly the same as Forex Mutant, ie the signals repaint when the price goes against them and leave no accurate historical record. Looks identical to me.

    As per Mutant I sent emails off asking them to explain how you are supposed to trade the signals if they move all the time and surprise surprise no answer.

    Interesting in the marketing bullshit it says the systems tell you when to get out of trades, sometimes closing with 3 digit gains. Well I don’t know how this is supposed to happen given the thing operates on a TP target set at 15 pips!!

    Like you first 6 trades ended up stopping out at the 45 pip mark, so if live would have been 270 pips down at this point.

    I would strongly advise anyone to avoid.

  14. My experience so far reflects that of Beej, as well as others:
    1. I paid, then it wouldn’t download. After 6-7 emails to “Rich S.”, received several more selling emails (I’d already BOUGHT it!) – finally an email came saying his server had been down….
    2. So several days later I finally could install it. Have been demo trading with it. Same experience, tho’ I have had a few modest winners. But overall it’s down $hundreds.
    3. Yes, the PT’s are set modest (10-12 pips, not 15) and the SL’s are in the 40-50 range. No trailing Stop Orders either. So this is a formula that obviously does NOT manage risk, which should be #1 priorty. (If you don’t know that, take the course from ForexNittyGritty, a GREAT trainer to make your own decisions.)
    4. There is no manual with this, no help, no tel. (even tho’ his sales pitch says he offers top support!). I emailed questions to his personal @gmail address that he uses for the sales pitches – no answer, no reply.
    5. Today I asked for a refund. I don’t expect a reply – I’ll give him a few days, then I’m going to ClickBank. In the meantime I continue to test, to see if the signals improve – if so, I’ll post back.

  15. Thanks for your comments guys. Was considering taking a look at this product, (afterall, its only $100) but I will save that $100 instead.
    I guess, the old adage: if it looks to good to be true…..

  16. Full refund was given, software completely deleted off my PC and another product which failed completely..

    Going to give Zen trading a go… Will sit in silence just looking at a screen for hours and hours until some majestic moment happens and I achieve total enlightenment and know exactly which direction to trade and when.. Failing that I’ll just flip a coin.. Hell I’d probably do better than most of these so called systems.

  17. Neutrino continues to be useless.
    Never got a reply to requests for info and refund.
    Ended up going to ClickBank and they refunded next day. A big reason why I gave this system a try (in spite of suspicions aroused by dubious sales pitches) was it used C.Bank for payment- so it all worked out but I wasted a lot of time.

  18. Another big hoax!!! I didn’t get any better results than guys above.(..Sighh..)Guess there really isn’t something like ‘easy money’…

  19. After reading the reviews I thought I add my personal experiences as well. Well way back early 2010, I read about Forex Mutant and got sucked by the facts and examples. Fortunately I paid through Clickbanks’, and once I downloaded the software; I try to open it with no joy. The software did not work, no matter what I did. Alarm bells ringing; to think it is no good hence write and wait for reply to no avail. No reply came forth even it said on the package about their policy. So waiting more than 2 weeks lapse, had to get back to clickbank and explained that the software was not functioning at all and refund request, which took a week to get my money back. Since then I read no more about these robot systems despite all the thousands of emails cramming up in my mailbox.

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