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  1. I have been demo testing this EA/system on the GBP/USD for a couple of months. It is designed to only trade one time a day (at the same time) if certain conditions are met. I manually back tested it and from Oct 2009 thru Oct 2010 the results were quite amazing. I started with a $3000 demo account and traded only 1 regular lot ($10/point). I also used the recommended TP and SL of 40 pips. So I either gain $400 or lose $400 on a trade. At the end of the test the account balance was over $25400 (or $22.4k profit) Some months were better than others. There was only one losing month at (-$400) and 2 months were break even at zero dollars. The biggest month profit was $6k. Seems like a pretty good EA/system to me. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  2. Hi Patrick the morning trade means that it sets itself up when the market opens around 7am to 9am (Forex Morning Trade). If conditions are met the EA will open a trade between those 2 hrs and hopefully you will make some money !! It does appear that Forex Morning Trade is a cut above the rest as I have had good results to date. The vendor is very good and answers all questions.

  3. I have not been able to make profit as yet on th EA Forex Morning trade, but the only thing I can certify is that the admin looks very honest. I have been in constant mailing with him about his system and how to operates it. He replied every timesand does not hesitate to explain!

    Bye now!

  4. Hello…Thanks for all of your reviews as they really do help. In fact, the “Morning Trade” seems to be the only consistently positive reviewing I have seen for forex which is a very good sign. Somewhere here I have a sheet that shows how 40 pips a day can turn into a really, really big account if one starts with only $1000. and invests 2% each trade. So the only real question is the 95% hit rate. There have been quite a few systems geared toward market openings. I never found one that wouldn’t eat up my account though. Usually these involve a straddle with the potential to trade one way and lose and then the other. Morning Trade seems to pick a direction and go with it. That is another positive sign. I may actually buy this one. Anyway, thanks again for all of your input. GL Trading……Tom

  5. Does the robot work with ECN? Seeing how you cannot place SL or TP with the buy/sell order but must do it after the trade was executed.

  6. I have tried the contact address for mark cric and it says there is no such address. Getting kinda skeptical at this point. No answer?

  7. hi,

    could you tell me some info on this system some system does have a good stop loss policy and with one losing trade, you ruin 3 good trade.

    so, could you tell me
    -what is a normal stop loss (50 pips – 100 pips).
    -more or less the % of winning trade
    -How many trade per week you do?

    thank you very much for your help

  8. ie I wanted to say “.Some system doesn’t have a good stop loss policy” in the message above

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