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12 thoughts on “Forex Megabot”

  1. I attended the so called webinar today. First observation was it was a carefully managed pre-recorded script to make it look like it was live, when in fact it was wasn’t. Usually you get microphone clunking and so forth, but the sound was too perfect. So my verdict is another marketing work of art, with no substance.

    Even the question and answer session appeared to be a recorded script that made a mockery of the request to type in your questions, every question was punctuated by ‘thanks guys, another one has just bought the bot. Needless to say my questions were not answered and I doubt anyone else’s, as the questions were so basic.

    We still have not been told very much at about this bot, so once again, i’m sitting this one out on the fence, until we have some proof.

  2. I agree BobO – what a lot of self-indulgent twattle. I turned off after listening to the 1st 37mins of backtest results, profits etc and these guys did nothing to explain why this EA is different to the rest.- too good to be true – sure is….

  3. I heard the same speech almost to the names of the so called people that said they ordered. I did notice something strange they said you can trade the Forex Market 24/7, well we all know how that goes don’t we.
    I typed in a question and asked if they could show us a live account as the Bot was working and got no response what so every.
    Also the Questions that were asked were the very same ones that were asked when they did another webinar for another bot that was also a flop.
    I turned it off because I was tired to hearing almost the same thing.
    I Megabot is going to be a Megaflop.

    Happy Trading to all

  4. Where did they go? I’ve searched for suport from them and found only closed web pages. As well, my megabot is installed and status “authenticated” but as mentioned by someone else it is status “closed” ie. not running and with a 22:00-23:00 trading session. It did not trade today during that hour.Does anybody know how to contact them? I’m going to have to go thru clickbank. Good luck everyone and thanks in advance.

  5. I made the mistake of buying it. It would not activate and
    technical support did not exist although I tried many
    At least this one didn’t clean out my account before it
    failed, it just never even started to run.

  6. In light of the fact there is not 1 person, saying ‘Megabot is on track to making me 300% per year’, I hope everyone went straight to Click Bank and got the refund.

  7. About two years ago I bought Megadroid. As I listened to the prerecorded webinar for Megabot I referenced my FAQ page from my prior purchase of Megadriod. Word for word they were saying he identical things. Maybe Megabot has upgraded settings from the Megadroid settings of two years ago. Maybe they’re exactly the same. Who can we trust in this industry. So great to have places like this to compare experiences to better piece the puzzle of truths versus lies together! Megabot comes with bonuses that I don’t remember Megadroid coming with. Its so unfair to cheat people who may have already paid to purchased the same bot two years ago without realizing they’re paying for the same thing twice. I’m just learning to find reviews and forums to cross reference as much as possible. Clickbank is upset with me for returning too many robots and systems now after buying and not knowng I could find forums like this and be saved least some of the time.

  8. Well, I must correct my entry entered 20110128.
    Megabot started working but only when I entered requested parameters in (address in megabot manual). Up to now 5 orders (20110202 -20110210) opened and all closed positive (341 pips).
    The rest stays as I said in my first entry: no support, no active web sites, no email answers,
    excepting (thanks admin, I tried that too before i commented) page
    So, yes, Megabot works – so far so good.
    Also, there is ongoing real testing of Megabot on
    Opening time there is different then mine, though.
    Also, megabot openes account (not every day) when active (22:00-23:00 GMT) but closes it according to its parameters.
    Best wishes to all.

  9. Hello Ivan and fellow traders,

    Are you running Megabot in Demo or Live as I am running it in both but only the Demo is trading successfully. The Live account has not traded anything in the last 2 weeks since I openned my account. My broker says it could be due to low liquidity. That’s funny cause I was under the impression that Forex was very liquid.

    Still no support or email response.


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