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9 thoughts on “Forex Masterplan”

  1. I’ve not tried Forex Masterplan or likely to,we have the usual upsell nonsense meaning your total outlay if taken up is $341.If the original product is any good why the need for upsells?

  2. I agree with Edward. Also no mention of money management so how can these expert dealers know what my appertite is for risk? Seems like a quick way to blow a $5000 trading account. Unless anyone knows different of course?

  3. Hei Guys,

    Interesting topic. Anybody really tried this system? Any real life experience? It sounds interesting but still need more proof…

  4. I say your 100% right about the up sells … he says in the video that its only 97 $ thats it ! whats up with that ?? Sounds like when they get enough money out of people ,they will be GONE !

  5. HI guys

    this guy has been hounding me to sign up . if he is makinging 20,000 a month why would he bother . i agree think when they have all our money they will be gone . the guarantee is not worth the paper its written on

  6. This product is crap.. its not a copy trade system as site claims, its nothing more than a simple EA. I bought this and even let them up sell me.. It has not made a single trade in 2 weeks. I emailed them for a refund, no response as of yet.. I say dont waste your money as I did….

  7. bought it.
    He will be in profit, but he has no trade in profit could close.
    you have to do it manually so it is not full auto …
    After one month I asked for my money back.
    My advice: do not buy it is not worth it.

  8. Been running it for a month now. Not a single trade. This is not a copier as the ahole tries to make you believe in his video. SCAM. STAY AWAY FROM THIS JUNK

  9. Waste of time, stay away, trades are very infrequent, some win, some lose, no consistency, client support, non existent, still trying to get a refund, before end of trial!

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