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209 thoughts on “Forex Lady Robot”

  1. Hey all, first trade, first win, 1 standard for 200. gbp/usd..solid buy…based on website we can expect 5 to 10 trades a week I think.

    emailed support about backtesting, doesn’t look like they will upgrade so we can. Forward testing is better anyway.

    I’ve been testing bots for well..awhile now..first one was Megadroid on first release. Seen and tossed a bunch. Lets hope they got it right on this one…GL trading

    PS..Have done extensive testing on Forex Hacked version 2.3
    The right settings make it 1 badasss ea…again..GL trading

  2. hey, I would like to know does this bot work on small dollar accts…Rita mentions opening an acct & starting w/$3,000 which is too much for my blood…what are the best settings to use? best pairs? I appreciate the knowledge & the help…good trading

  3. I bought it yesterday, but still no trades.. No error messages either.. :/

    Marty, I thought this was eurusd only, does it work on gbpusd as well??

    Do you set the same lotsize on k-lot as trade lot?

  4. Oddien–my bad yes eur/usd ..sorry. Had another trade..solid sell for 200..that’s 2 for 2 wins. haven’t put gbp to the test yet…it might work there since we are taking down 20 and the gbp moves in large swings like the eur. Will slap it on and find out…stay tuned

    recommend to set the same lotsize on k-lot as trade lot.

    You can start with 500 if you want..just trade micro lots or up to 1.6 mini….or so…Gl trading

  5. Just put the lady on gbp..changed the take to 15..and we shall see…everything say she’s running.. hummmm if she will work on gbp..what else might this lady hunt down pips on

  6. The robot works good! I had 3 trades of 20 pips each… No losses! I think it is much better to take 20 pips daily instead of using any other FX EA that promise billions….!

  7. I still havent got any trades yet.. I sent an mail to Rita asking what the problem could be, she said there was a problem with the algorithm on my EA…?? And she will send an update on monday.
    I will try as well on gbpusd when I get the update.

    This looks a bit like the 5-pipper, anyone tried it?

  8. I asked the support team (by I was surprised that their response was coming in just 1 hour:
    what I got from them-
    They honestly told me the Robot still has some problems in using FxPro, FXopen, but promised to provide me with the new version of Lady Robot on Monday for free (but I’m on Alpari UK)
    one more -for now the Robot uses EURUSD pair only but they are going to release an upgrade for GBPUSD soon.
    anyway…will see what happens tomorrow…
    — Fred

  9. Hello traders,
    Just loaded up last Friday with:

    1 G/U short trade closed on Friday for 20 pips. Nothing since.

    Good luck to us all.

  10. If anybody wants to buy this product go to there page and then close away and you are offered another 10% discount

    Just purchased this product will see if it stands up to its claims.


  11. @ Trung: didn’t fill on a E/U trade today.

    But did get filled on a U/CHF short for another 20 pip gainer. So far 2 for 2 after 2 days.

    Rec’d the update v1.1 today and all loaded in. Let’s see what day #3 has in store. Using FinFX on demo now.

    Good luck to us all!

  12. well that’s 3 for 3. Guess I will install the update now. I am only running on eur right now. so far a thumb up

  13. Trade #3 closed on AUS/USD short for a 12 pip loss. Still no entry on E/U. Based on updated v1.1.

    2 for 3 now.

  14. 5 wins 1 loss …running on eur/usd..the first version I took a 8 pip loss on the same trade version 1.1 took for a 20 pip win…I like this bot…GL trading

  15. Right on Marty!

    Closed #4 on A/U long for a 20 pip gain. 3 for 4. (2 trades on A/U today since installing v1.1)

    Still no trades on E/U.

    Has anyone experienced multiple trades at once?

  16. just took 15 pips on aud/usd. that’s 6 wins, 1 minor loss. running 5 pairs with reduced tp on some. GL trading…still on demo for now…another 2 weeks or so before live if all continues to go well

  17. I have ONE trade since I bought it on the day it came out, had my first trade last night, loss for 270 usd..

    so far: one loss, no win πŸ™

    How many pairs do you use it on?

  18. Odd–I have lady running on well…7 pairs including gold. Ya gold… but I have to know. Just put on a few hrs ago. Could very well be your broker is the problem. Mind my asking? Trading bots don’t always do well with all brokers.. you running version 1.1 ? What pair? ON VPS ? If I can help, I will.

    Could be broker spreads are to wide.
    Could be slippage to far
    Could be requotes and delays and more

    Suggest email support and send both experts and journal files as attachments. They contain alot of info

  19. Marty,

    What is the version 1.1? Is it for metatrader or for the robot?

    I bought the robot but do not see any version in it.


  20. Eugene–You should have got an email with the download to version Lady_robot_v1_1. If you did not then I would contact support. I am running both versions on seperate 1h charts.

  21. Marty,

    If you would be so kind as to disclose what broker you are running the robot on. That would be most appreciated.

  22. Jon–trading Point…fairly tight spreads,no requotes.. Can open mini account there…or micro with 1:500 lev

  23. Marty, Thanks for answer.

    That was my thought as well, Running on Avafx, on vps. So it is not the spread.
    Have two losing trades on eurusd and one winning on gbpusd.

    Wich pair is the best for u Marty?

  24. Oddi–your welcome–so far almost all trades on eur because I didn’t have any other pairs attached to bot…Had first loss on eur version 1.1 for 17 pips and 2 pips with first release last night. It’s in line with website 72/25 win ratio and remember the bot was designed for the eur not the other pairs. Soon to be released new/update for the gbp/usd pair. The tp of 20 is not set in stone. My 17 pip loss only missed target by the spread close yet so could reset tp to 15 or 16 and see how that works for ya. I have tp set at 15 for the aud/usd and usd/cad…

    will check Avafx…

  25. Update after Day #4:

    Total trades: 11
    Wins: 7 (63.64% win ratio)
    Net pips: 110
    ROI: $1049 (34.97%) based on $3000 starting acct

    Good #’s so far. Win/loss ratio is very realistic. The 4 losing trades averaged 7-8 pip losses…very well managed.

    Exiting gains per default setting of 20 pips.

    On demo with FinFX. No VPS at this time. On with the fun!

  26. Just rec’d 2nd updated version v.1.24. Loaded, however, still indicates v1.1. Assuming it’s all good.

    On with the fun!

  27. After an email to support

    Dear Martin,

    Thank you for your message.

    We found the bug in the algorithm. It is related to the incorrect operation of the Robot after the transfer to Daylight Saving Time.

    We are trying to fix it.

    The update will be sent to you instantly.

  28. Ken–just loaded v1_24 onto eur aud and gbp… All show v1_24 in the upper right hand corner. Yours should to.

    Had a loss in the usd/cad last night. No longer running. bad entry. will wait for upgrades to all other new pairs.

  29. Ken–and all –yes I removed ea from charts, closed all charts..removed all previous versions from nav….exit platform…installed 2.4 to experts file…restart platform, charts.

    James– Tosh…EUR/USD 1HR time frame

  30. Thanks Marty. That seemed to work.

    Day #5 update:
    12th trade closed on A/U long for a 30 pip loss

    Net 80+ pip for $741 or 24.7% ROI

    7 wins out of 12 for a 58% win ratio

    v.1.24 now installed
    On with the fun!

  31. Ken–came home this morn to find my platform closed….jeeezzz I say…anyway restarted and entered a/u buy trade a few min ago. Gotta remember that Lady is not optimized for anything but eur so running her on anything but is well….a gamble. More fun to be had..GL trading…and your welcome

  32. thanks ken, i just recieve the manual from then about the time frame. I m only running eur/usd so far no trades.

  33. That’s true regarding FXLR being optimized for E/U. Left the other tested pairs on and it closed two more trades on A/U:

    *44 pip loser
    *20 pip winner on a reverse trade

    Interesting. Will leave the test pairs on just to see but E/U trades seem to be far and few. No problem with that if the win % is high πŸ™‚

    On with the fun!

  34. Hi, does FXLR comes with “magic number”?? If not, attaching to more than one pair wouldn’t affect it?

  35. Ok folks, I would like to put things into perspective here Based on a $3000 account doubling every 2 months. ROI would be $375 per week or 12.5%. And lets assume you increase the lot size slightly as the account grows to match the 1 standard lot per 3000 or not..doesn’t really matter for this example. Lets break it down shall we.

    starting balance 3000
    end of week 8 6000 or 375 per week
    week 16 12000 or 750 per week
    week 24 24000 or 3000 per week or 12000 per month
    week 32 48000 or 6000 per week or 24000 per month

    That’s 8 months!!!..based on a ROI of 12.5% return per week

    SO far I am up since that first trade on EUR 3-23..$1250.00
    All based again on starting with 3000 and 1 stardard lot risk..Yes Ken..Let the FUN begin….GL trading

  36. Impressive Marty. Are you trading live yet?

    Up $485 on a $3000 acct for a 16% ROI after 6 trading days. This is based on 4 pairs:
    E/U, G/U, U/CHF & A/U. Realize LR’s optimized for only the E/U but testing in any case. Only losses were realized on E/U and A/U. G/U & U/CHF are 100% winners at this point.

    Will most likely dump A/U when I go live as the stop was over 40 pips….but LR entered/closed a 20 pip reversal winner too.

    On with the fun and GL to all!

  37. Ken–changed kLot to 2 and testing. Suggest to keep testing A/U but change the tp to 15. I’ve had no losses with that pair.

  38. Ken–your welcome—If all goes well the next 2 weeks of testing I will have 2 of 3 needles found in the haystack. Looking for 1 more to round out the trading strategies I will employ. That magic 12.5% return should be easily obtained if not more. The other bot I have on very, very conservative settings should give 20% month consistantly.

    Anybody testing Wall Street? Pricey Yes but if it does its Job, well worth the price. GL trading all

  39. Marty I’m glad FLR is working out so good for you too. Would you care to mention the other EA you are using that is producing 20% for you.
    I considered Wallstreet as well but too pricey for me at the moment.
    Thanks and good success trading to all.

  40. Franklin—sure the other ea is Forex Hacked version 2.3. The EA can produce amazing profits or blow up an account. It has to be used, in my opinion, on a fairly large account safely and you use minimum settings. I would not put to work untill the account is say..6000 even though I have tested successfully at 3000 for a period of the last 5 months. In the FH forum on this site,I have recently posted my optimized settings that I don’t believe anybody else is using. FH is not for the newbie because of so many optional settings. It can be set up hundreds of different ways. A bunch of folks have done alot of work with FH. Check it out. Some people have asked me why do you post your settings that you have worked so hard on. I said “Why not”….IT’s one Badasss ea that is based on a martingale system. This type of system can be very dangerous if you get greedy. Keep your greed in check, run conservative settings on larger accounts and you will be fine..Ka-Ching
    GL trading

  41. Just had a loss, 20 pips, with Lady on sell EUR- first release. Yes I am still running that 1 as well.

  42. JON–yes it is. May not trade for a day or two. aLL depends on the market…you do have smiley in the right hand corner? Offset and date and time in the left side? If so You are good to go. Glad to have you on board. GL trading

  43. Marty, thank you for the response. I appreciate your contribution to these forums.
    You have enlightened me on so much.
    Thank you and may the pips be on your side always.
    Good success to all.

  44. Thanks Frank–I try.
    added another 200 on E/U today for a total so far= 1450. Ave well above the 12.5% I’m looking for…I want to start an investment group/fund/pool. Will post more info later

  45. Good stuff Marty!

    3 long trades closed on 4/5:
    E/U, G/U and U/CHF for a total of 60+ pips.
    Total gains @ $1080 for a 36% ROI.

    On with the fun!

  46. Marty,
    I am a little behind on reading this forum.

    Broker is GFT, in the US.

    Lady did open a trade on EUR/ 20 pips.

    Also I opened a GBP/USD 20 Pips

    Trade opened on the EUR/USD still trading down…

    What other pairs is it working well on? I realize it is only meant for the EUR/USD pair, but would like to see what else works.

  47. Jon–ok so far…testing all 6 but not from the start. Took down wins on eveything but us/chf…just put that 1 on chart.just had gbp/usd and eur/jpy win and in buy eur/usd now….up $1785.00

    eur/usd tp 20
    gbp/usd tp 20
    aud/usd tp 15
    usd/jpy tp 15
    usd/chf tp 15
    eur/jpy tp 20

  48. Marty,

    Thanks for your answers.
    I see you have a different tp pips on some of the pairs. Why would that be. Did you change the tp value in the inputs area? I take it you did. Thanks for your input.

  49. Jon– yes..each pair has its own unique personality. Each move slightly different. The 15 tp is just an educated guess based on London,New York bars..Since I/we cannot backtest to determine a better # for those pairs I thought I would start with 15 on forward testing. That’s the jist of it…GL trading….and yes from the input tab…all else default….eur,gbp, and the eur/jpy tend to move farther.

  50. Did anyone had a losing trade on the EURUSD today ? I had a losing trade of 42 pips on this. Can someone let me know if you had the same trade ? I just want to make sure that I have the same setting. thanks

  51. yup 43…can’t win em all..worth noting the stoch oscillator was overbought 100% for hours prior to trade open on 4 hr chart. Just noted is all

  52. the previous EUR/USD trade was a 43pip loss and I got another eur/usd trade with another loss..4 pips

    It just put on a usd/chf sell trade … we shall see how that goes…

  53. Traders!

    First day live.
    *Breakeven trade on E/U long (minus commission)
    *Seemed to have missed the earlier E/U loss
    *However, took a 49 pip loss on A/U long (ouch)…of course, the day I go live
    *Currently in U/CHF short

    On with the fun.

  54. Is anybody experiencing disconnects to your platform and does/will this cause problems with the robot to loose it’s ability to function properly when that happens? I have to wonder if that may be why I am not profitable with this robot.

  55. @ Jon, no disconnect issues I’m aware of. Not sure how it would affect the trading results.

    **2nd Day Live:
    *Closed a G/U long trade for a 53 pip loss
    *Minus 29% ROI after 2 days live (1 out of 3 winners)

    Debating on reducing lot size to .50. Account’s gonna get washed out at this pace.

  56. I’m thinking about buying but see that some of you are taking some losses. May I ask if LR has a built-in s/l that doesn’t show or are you closing the trades manually?


  57. Well, after a not so good end of week this is how it stands for me anyway.. ok..with all the testing of pairs and all, since I started on 3-23, I was up above 50 roi untill now..would have made all of 6 dollars….Now for the good news…if I would have just played the EUR/USD like this bot was made to trade…I would be up $564 or 18.8% ROI on account of 3000….Gonna have bad weeks no I have closed all but eur charts… going to run all 3 bots on eur only for awhile… Support mentioned a GBP/Usd bot soon to come and the different timeframes. I will wait for those…..

  58. @Ken,
    You can see if your platform disconnects by checking your log. You will see if it shows multiple logins.

  59. Hey Marty,

    Feeln your pain even more so as I’m live. After 4 days of live trading:

    *5 trades closed
    *2 out of 5 winners
    *net minus 73 pips
    *-26% ROI
    *No trades placed on E/U yet
    *Currently trading E/U, G/U & U/CHF
    *Avg pips lost between the 3 losers @ 38

  60. Live Update:

    E/U trade just closed for a 28 pip loss. Now at -36% ROI and it hasn’t been a week yet live.

    Had to reduce lot sizing down to .50. WTF’s going on??

  61. Looks like it missed the e/u trade. I am only trading eur. NO trades since 4-7. Still 18.8 ROI if only traded EUR
    Has anybody contacted support about lack of trades. I am running all 3 versions, still no trades…could be simply a bad market and no setups.

  62. Marty it still trades almost everyday for me on my live account. Damn, I am about to give up on this bot. Another loss on EUR/USD. 6 losses, 1 win, 1 breakeven so far

  63. Marty, Im running live on the Eur/Usd in fxdd and I have a lossing trade yesterday. I dont think this is a good bot since we can’t run backtesting on the performance and their website only show a short live performance.

  64. In a buy eur @ 1.44617 with version 1.1

    Trung-James just not sure what is going on with this bot yet…it could be just the market not having enough follow through and conditions. I still am hopeful…….about to crash and burn..need to sleep now

  65. Marty, what do u mean by taking down pips? (+ or -).

    Let Rita know about this week’s performance of LR. She replied asking to see my trades this week…I sent. Assuming she should already know if they’re trading live too.

    Still hopeful but not looking good.

  66. hi guys im using flr since 1st april on eurusd
    6 /7 wins

    im having offset = 3 what does this mean ?????

  67. Just now took down another 40 pips fron version 1 and version 1.24. It seems the first version and 1.24 are having the same entries. Interesting, wonder if they both are using the same sl format. Will continue to run all 3 versions for comparison.

    Charlie– 3hrs off GMT…I have the same 3 offset

    Ken your welcome

  68. Trung—bots do not always work with all brokers. Could be spread and or requotes, slow connection speeds, or any numbers of other issues. Try true ECN broker with no requotes and tighter spreads.
    Are you setting this error… Error 138 means that the broker replied with a ”Requote” signal to your expert
    advisor’s OrderSend function.

  69. Update on live trading:

    *64 pip loss on U/CHF
    *20 pip gain on G/U
    ROI @ minus 40%

    Decided to only run E/U after this mess with the other pairs.

    Marty, think you said you’re only running E/U correct? I’m not getting the trade frequency on E/U like you are but guess we’ll see after strictly trading E/U.

    This is the last week before my 30 day return window expires. We’ll see what happens.

  70. Outstanding Marty. So is your v1.1 outperforming v1.24? Is it even close?

    I’ve limited LR to the E/U pair and reduced the lot size to .50 since I’m down almost 40%. Only had 1 trade on E/U since going live and it was a nice loser. On v1.24.

  71. Ken–something is wrong—I’ve had what 21 trades or so on eur…thats all 3 bots…first version working the best so far…go figure

    ?…i run my puter with/on atomic time
    broker–no reqoutes
    2-3 spread.. non ecn but seems to be good enough..trades as of late..
    version 1_1 gave me 20 pips on the 14th..last trade with that one
    version 1 and 1_24…20 pips each on the 18th..sells
    version 1 also 15th,19th for 40

    close to 50 roi if only played eur with the 3 versions

    check expert and journal tabs for errors/delays
    if on home puter,check ping speeds
    set puter to atomic time..a must do

    let me know what you find if you will…you should have more trades in the eur…if you continue not to get the trades..look very closely at your broker..Marty

  72. Thanks Marty,

    I reloaded both v1 and 1.24. Since I’m live I’m assuming I can only run one so I’m going back to v1.

    I’m on an ECN platform with 2 or less spread, no requotes. Running on my laptop. I’m seeing some previous loss of connections but reconnected right away. Thinking this should have nothing to do with E/U’s lack of trades.

    Not seeing errors and don’t know how to check for ping speed.

    Not sure how to set to the atomic clock but was set to synch with the clock. I revised to the clock. Noticed a few other options under .gov but will try this for now.

    Thanks again for your input. BTW, have you tried FX Overdrive? Appears it’s similar to LEO, which I tried and canceled awhile back.

  73. hi guys

    im running on v1.24 which is doing well on eurusd i only trade eurusd as rita recommend

    im having 2 questions I see others not so satisfied does the broker have an influence on the robots performance ?

    why are so many trying onther currencies ??

    charlie the newbie

  74. Charlie–broker can have an impact. Some ea’s may do well with 1 broker but not another. Choose wisely

    L Bots are designed for the EUR but we thought maybe it could be adapted to the other pairs as well..that’s all.

    Going live next week with other bot and will put all 3 LB on min settings 0.01 micro lots untill proven over time.. GL trading

  75. Marty – have enjoyed your comments. Can I find your settings on Hacked 2.3 at their website? I have the bot already and enjoy it (on demo) but would like to try out your settings seeing you are having steady live success…Thanks for your help..

  76. Bill–thank you, no, my settings that I am going live with I have not posted. Should be live Wed next week with FH and Lady. I have spent countless hours testing. I have reasons for not posting. The settings I have recently posted are good but still have the potential to devastate an acc. Run FH on min settings (lots and boost) and keep greed out of the picture you should do fine. I may post my live settings in the near future after I prove safe, solid returns with min dd on a small startup account. Keep checking in, I will..GL trading

  77. Live Update:

    No trades posted since the 18th (3 days now), since going with strictly E/U, v1. Amazing considering all the movement this week on E/U.

  78. Marty – thanks for all your work and effort on making FH the powerful (and safe?) tool it hopefully can be. I will be watching this site and trying out your Jan. 27th settings from the Hacked review. Best to you…and thanks.

  79. Bill–those settings should work well for you…keep the greed in check…think I have another idea with those settings…if it works i will post for you..GL trading

  80. im using 1.24 and there is no trades for more than a week. Does anyone else have the same results on version 1.24

  81. Last trade on v1.24 was on the 18th. Only trading E/U. Still down under 40% ROI live. Was trading other pairs but taken on the radar.

    If I was only trading E/U from the beginning I’d be down about 9% ROI. However, would only have 1 trade since 4/6. Which is still the case. With all the E/U movement this month I’m amazed at the lack of trades. This is disappointing I must say.

  82. 20 pips on eurusd today

    entry 1.4623 tp 1.4643
    on live account
    11/12 trades this month

    not too bad i think

  83. Charlie,

    Interesting. My E/U trade entered @ 1.4232 for a 20 pip gain. First trade since the 18th. First winning E/U trade period.

    Down 34% ROI on live acct.

  84. Charlie,

    No idea. I’m on FinFX/ECN. Might help explain the lack of E/U trades too. I was getting trades on other pairs but as soon as I went live it went to crap.

    Therefore, I’m only trading the E/U pair as the system was intended.

  85. ladyrobot 1.24 made another 20 pips today on eurusd

    entry 1.4728 target 1.4748
    I begin to start to love my ladyrobot she makes sexy results


    my time 02.17 on 28Th april gmt +7

  86. charlie,

    which broker are you using ? I am using fxdd and there is no trades since the 13th and it was a losing trade for me

  87. I had the same trade as Charlie. E/U for a 2nd win.

    Down 31% ROI on live account. Still at .50 lot until the acct balance gets back up to $2500.

  88. hey guy last vnight my ladybot opened 2 trades 4837 and 4835 eurusd buy. After the robot openedd the uptrend reversed and went down the bot closed twice with only 2 pips loss each time .

    i must say a very safe robot

    im testing on demo phoenix robot only big losses

    any other good bots for free available on the net

  89. Update on LR live:

    E/U long for 1 pip loss. Impressed that was smart enough to bail. Still skeptical but hopeful of this & all EA’s until proven otherwise.

    Are you noticing trades seem to only occur during the NY session?

  90. hi ken ,

    yes i notice the same trade for 80 % during ny session

    had 2 trades during london session and never during asia session


  91. hi guys flr 1-24

    usdjpy sell 81.23 tarhet 81.03 got target

    hi guys after an update from FXopen i got a message
    your version is expired flr 1-24

    what iw going wrong here ? i mailed rita already

    new version ??????

  92. @ Marty, GL going live!

    Marty & Charlie, I rec’d the same message regarding the expiration. Tried to reload v1.24 but same thing. Switched back to v1.1.

    Have a message into Rita too.

    On with the fun.

  93. Just heard back from Rita with v1.24 Unlimited to download. Up and running.

    On with the fun!

  94. I am now live with both LR and FH. I will post FH settings once I prove them on a live account to be both safe and profitable… GL trading to all

  95. none here since live. uploaded most recent release of megadroid. Going to test. had since first 1.0 ..find out if it has improved enough to put on live account again. We shall see…GL Trading all

  96. last night ladyrobot made another succesful trade

    gbpusd sell + 20 pips

    so lady made 3 x 20 pips

    not too bad

    fgb 234 pips my accnt looks nice this month

  97. Nice going Charlie. Only trading E/U on Lady cuz I’ve had bad results on the other pairs. LR’s been very quiet on the E/U pair lately. Wondering if it stays out due to the news filled week.

    Are you live or demo on LR and FGB?

  98. very quiet indeed, still no trades since upgrade. Did they forget to the bot on? yupper, that’s it, gotta be. Have a safe fun weekend folks…GL trading all

  99. Hi Ken ,

    I’m live on FXOPEN LR works well on eurusd gbpusd and usdchf the rest forget it

    FGB on eurusd live on FXOPEN same accnt

    Phoenix EA on demo started 2 weeks ago with 100 000 usd now its 112469 usd not too bad either. SOLIDITY BROKERS

    Why i believed so many traders before wont go far with robots

  100. Ladyrobot made another 20 pips on gbpusd sell

    balance this week 80 pips 0 loss great

    FGB eurusd sell 12 pips 246 pips in its first 3 days

  101. sry i forgot one trade

    lady robot 80 pips 0 loss this week

    FGB 248 – 28pips 220 pips

    gain this week 300 pips

    c u guys

  102. guys, did any of you guys use LR only for Eurusa as intended. Can you post your performance on that here. I want to see what the overall results are. Im think about going live with LR but not sure if its safe.

  103. No trades since install of 1_24 unlimited on EUR/USD. Emailed support, no reply yet

    Jamesfx– most have fooled around with other pairs including me. But adding up just EUR trades would have taken about a 50% ROI last month with a 3000 acc and 1 standard lot. I am live with LB on the EUR/USD pair

  104. Emailed again about no trades…something is wrong with 1_24 unlimited I think. Waiting for a reply again

    Has anybody got a EUR/USD trade since upgrade?

  105. Marty,

    Got one E/U winner yesterday on v.Unlimited. 2nd trade so far. 1 winner/1 loser.

    @JamesFX, yes, only trading E/U. I dabbled in other pairs but got burned.

  106. sry guys i was away for a few days . The unlimited is working market conditions arent well according to rita laskar

    lr made 60 pips this and lost 44 pips

    + 16 pips

  107. This from Rita/support

    Our Lady Robot works on an intraday trend.

    If the trend formed during the European session gets confirmation during the American session, then Lady Robot opens an order following the trend.

    If the trend gets no confirmation, then Lady Robot does not open an order, because of the fact that if the intraday trend breaks, the movement can be unpredictable.

    This is why Lady Robot keeps waiting for the strong confirmation of an intraday trend.

    Hope this helps..GL trading

  108. Marty,

    50% is a great ROI. What broker did you used ? I want to go live but not sure if this robot is broker sensitive like many other EA out there.

  109. Lady has been very quiet this month so far. I use Trading Point as my broker. Running a 1:400 standard account.

  110. Just got smacked hard, 2 losses on EUR for 100 pips or about 1/3 of account. Not a happy camper right now.

  111. everyone, how eurusa trades did lr made this month. So far I dont see any trades at all. am I not having the settings corrextly. or is there a new version ?

  112. charlie, which broker r u using to run this ea ? looks like you are getting more trades than most other people.

  113. The signal from my ea is stating that version is expired. Why is that ? This probaly explains that I dont have any trades lately. my version is 1.24

  114. Charlie, I had the same signal yesterday on eursd but had big loss, the signal closed after an hour. Sell 1,42093 close 1,41534. How it is possible?

  115. reinstalled LR. running .1 mini lots. If you are going to play 3 or 4 pairs on a small account, drop your lot size accordingly. Rita recommends for med risk 3000 just to run the eur with 1 standard lot, so if you also play the gbp and chf, a 9000 account would keep the risk where it belongs. Also, if you lower your lots, have a loss, you can bump the lot size for the next trade on that pair to make up the loss. Rome was not built in a day…but it was built slowly

    LR took down 20 pips on both the eur and gbp for me last night. I lowered lot size to lower my risk. Remember, always think about how much you can lose, not how much you can make. GL trading

  116. Carol– you said— I had the same signal yesterday on eursd but had big loss, the signal closed after an hour. Sell 1,42093 close 1,41534. How it is possible? This doesn’t make any all

    The high for the eur was on the 26th– 1.42054

    What broker are you using, something not at all right. Check spread and data spike from broker. No way you should have had a 4 pip spread on the eur at that time of day and if you did should have taken profit on the sell.

    recommend to uninstall LR and mt4 platform and reinstall both. May have glitch in one or both…GL Marty

    Note -if testing other bots always test on a seperate mt4 platform other then the one you are using to forward test or live..

  117. yesterday 20 pips gain at 14.00 pm GMT+1. Settings are ok, I think. Rita asked me if internet connection was stable. At the moment of the operation I was working in internet and I had no interruptions. Big mistery πŸ˜‰

  118. Sorry, in effect it was a buy signal, oper at 2093 and closed at 41534 after an hour. In the day after I had a 20 pips gain. Tha problem is, IMHO, that
    gains are about 20, 30 pips and losses, about 50-60 pips. Statistics are correct 60, 65% gains, but losses are bigger and after a moth operating in real account I’had a little loss in initial amount. I knew it was not probably the double of amount on the advertisment page but we are wery, wery far from this….

  119. Took a hit on eur buy for 21 pips. bumped lot to .2 for next trade. There are lots of reasons to use caution and stay well below allowable risk. gl trading

  120. Another minor loss on eur and chf this morn. Increased lot size slightly for next trades. GL trading

  121. two losses again! 200 € under the initial amount! Something wrong o that. I wrote to Rita Lasker and she said she had the same results but losses were lower thwn gains. I don’t understand

  122. yup-took a 28 pip loss on the eur last night. That is 3 in a row even though 2 were minor. Increased lot size, up to .5 mini’s now. I believe this is the only way to play Lady bot. Keep your lot size low and martingale up slightly untill the win and that back to starting point. We are just not getting the follow through that the system is based on. Lady has been struggling for awhile now. I hope things turn for the better…soon. GL trading all

  123. Seems lady is on a losing streak. Another 28 pips on the gbp. A few more like these and I will pull from account and shelve untill new updates or lower risk even farther into micros. Deep into a chf trade right now, Not good

  124. Hows everyone doing with trading only eur/usd with this ea for the month of May. I would like to know the the real ROI for the month so I can decide to run it on my real live account. thanks

  125. lady is by far the best robot on eurusd 4 trades this week all winners
    im using it 10 weeks now 9 weeks profit one week little loss

    lady isn’t built for other pairs why you guys are using it on other pairs

    do you ride an offroad race with a porsche carera ??????????
    i stopped and returned forex growth bot
    i stopped autocratfx
    now i’m testing quantumfx
    only flr survives with good profits on her name

  126. hi guys im using flr for 3 months now

    on eurusd only lady made 700 pips and lost 122 pips only

    on a 1000 usd accnt 1 usd / pip means 578 usd profit
    is 57,8% which is very realistic

    more as they say on internet for all robots isnt possible i think

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