Forex Hybrid DS

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2 thoughts on “Forex Hybrid DS”

  1. After all the hype and “freebies”,it was released today.Very pricey at 997.00.These are the same people who put out the Gomega systems about 1 1/2 years ago for about 5k.I don’t think those systems did to well.Too $$$$ for me.I hope some find success with it. GTTA

  2. Have received all the free stuff on this but have not utilised it. WAY TOO COMPLICATED therefore probably doesn’t work as they try to blind you with ‘science’. The Dual System aspect suggests that it is part automated and part human judgement. Pointless paying someone else for something that partly hinges on your own judgement!!!

    If it is that good then the originators must be making a fortune so why charge $1000. I have never yet come across a system that actually works

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