Forex Hippo

Forex HippoForex Hippo is a fully automated Expert Advisor trading all major currency pairs.

Forex Hippo has a proprietary “loss prevention system”, and has a built in money management system. It works with all brokers on MetaTrader 4 platform and has adjustable settings. The software comes with free lifetime updates.

The trading statement on a demo account of this EA is available at ForexPeaceArmy, it’s very similar to a live trading statement shown on the official website.

As of writing this post, the EA trades with a 97% winning rate and drawdown of nearly 0%. Forex Hippo doesn’t use a stop loss so it’s hard to calculate its risk/award ratio, but the average loss is significantly lower than the average win. That indicates a solid trading strategy behind the EA.

Additional details:

  • Cost: $99
  • Currency pairs supported: All major currency pairs
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day money back guarantee

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3 thoughts on “Forex Hippo”

  1. Doesn’t use stop loss? That’s asking for a margin call! Isn’t it dangerous to promote this kind of EA?

  2. Not any more dangerous that any kind of EA. Of course you would need to watch it closely. Just because the EA doesn’t place a SL, doesn’t mean you can’t.

  3. I have used the software but the losses are way bigger than the wins. I got my refund didnt perform so well in my account.

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