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4 thoughts on “Forex Hercules”

  1. I don’t know anything about this EA but one of the brokers they used for their alleged “godlike profits” was charged with fraud by the SEC.
    Just google BroCo Investments

    The EA might be the greatest thing since Lehman Bros. for all I know….. I’m just sayin’………..

  2. Purchased “power” version on June 5, Two trades on June 6, both big lossers (-45 pips each). This is a copier, if you look at their Master account it will show since May19 thru June 7, 36 wins, 42 losses. What’s more, when trading large lot (1 lot on $10,000 account), it has 5 losses for -225 pips, 2 wins for +130 pips. I will say, the overall account $5,000 Master account is up $343.50 as of June 8. Just doesn’t appear to be much better than throwing dart.

  3. Bought the standard edition 1 June, now down about 350 pips after being no more than 179 pips up (on the 14th). The trades really do feel like someone is just throwing a dart and bunging random trades on, as mentioned before. Today alone I have had -39, -58, -31, -104, -62, and +16, with open trades of about -23.
    Thank God I’m using a very small lot size!! Refund application on the way any minute.

  4. I am a little bit unlucky. Bad! bad… bad..!!!!. This is too much. Still lose. Going to refund. Been trading using Hercules for 25 days live. Up to now loss USD1428.78. 45% down account! Now really got very hardwork to build up the account. Trading using 0.08 lot still lose in up to USD316.05 in 48 hours. Before this trading 0.3 lot but still lose USD373.08 in 3 hours. So decrease to 0.08 lot lose up all the way down. Now still got open trade. Really bad. f**K. They claim “GUARANTEE YOU OLYMPIAN PROFIT, earn 400 – 2400 pips every month”. What a scam!!! stay away!

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