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290 thoughts on “Forex Hacked”

  1. Fantastic EA, been using this since it was release over a year ago. The secret is not to get greedy, and withdraw profits each month.

    Hacked will make profit no matter what, its just a matter of controlling the risk at times.

  2. I bought this expert and made a lot of tests. It’ll just blow an account of any size. I have asked for a refund but got no answer from support.
    The entry logic is as good as random and it’s all about the currency having enough volatility for the martingale to save the trade. Where the martingae should be used in exceptional cases, here it’s part of the trade. It just can’t run. I don’t understand all the positive reviews I read about that expert.

  3. I just started Hacked on an offshore demo. It opened buys on eur and gbp. It worked just like it was supposed to on the eur, bumped up the t/p and s/l when it got to 3 pips of the original t/p then closed out when it dropped a few pips. It immediately opened another order to follow the trend. +37 pips. The gbp is still climbing but a little slower up 10. So far so good. Waiting to see a hedge.

    nico, what kind of tests?

  4. I have to agree with Randy J. I am totally amazed at what this EA does. I started trading on 12/22 on a $2000 demo w/Migbank and am up $3000. Even through Christmas week, notoriously fickle, I am in awe.

  5. Update – my demo acount will only do mini lots and my starting capital of $2000 was not enough to cover the recent uptrend in the EUR and GBP markets. I should have only been running one pair. So the hedges got too large and took out the account. I’m going to try again with just GBP. When I go live I will trade micro to be safe.

  6. Hey sailmail—looking at this ea you told me/us about. It’s a martingale system….be very careful…use teeny tiny lots almost always with these kind of systems..will be checking in daily to see how things are going.

    Not to sure I like the huge drawdowns in equity balance of Leo. Here again,very small lots if you want to survive. Keep in touch.

  7. Marty – you said a mouthfull and I agree 100%. I’m trying it again with GBP and JPY as the two pairs. I will keep posting.

  8. I’m up and running with a new $2000 demo w/MigBank as of 12/31. Trading GBPUSD and USDJPY. Smallest lot size in demo is mini. So far up $1383. These settings are still too aggressive but the JPY is a less volatile pair than w/EURUSD so I’m not as nervous about over leveraging the account.

  9. Sailmail—interesting stuff you have there…looked at their site..not alot of fluff…version 2.3 I think…been a few upgrades…and cheap….might pick this up and use in combo with Leo..micro lots…so if I get this straight you picked up 1383 pips or are you using more then one lot on each pr….will have to talk to partner….oh..just picked off 2 sell EUR trades for a tidy little sum..manual trades though…I’ll be watching closely..keep me posted, thankx

  10. Sailmailman

    I have ask u same question as Mary, 1383 pips ? or if ur trading size was in micro then how did the EA manage to collect a profit of $1383 in 5 days ? how many trades in total?

    Too many questions…. :))

    I bought myself a copy of LTP this evening , not up on the station yet. still reading and trying to understand the installation.

    Thanks mate.

  11. Hey guys,

    No, you’re thinking straight trades at $1.00/pip. The hedge trades are set up with a multiplication factor, 1.68, in my case. Mini not micro. So the first trade will be at .10 lots, the 2nd at .17, .28, .47, .80, 1.34 and so on. I’ve had 37 trades, 27 winners and 10 losers. Current profit $1466.85. Just watching this thing work is a learning experience. The way it sets up trades, continueing trades then counter trades is pretty cool. Incidentally, I got it at a coupon sight, do a search, for $127. You can only use it on one broker but if you like it and want more their cheap.

  12. Still on demo. Setting up an offshore for live soon.

    I’m going to be very careful and conservative with this EA. But so far it’s doing well.

  13. bh—checked mt4 stats—on 1 acc they had the 4 majors gbp,chf,eur,jpy

    interesting enough, all the different settings poeple are using. not sure what pipstarter setting is. sailmail?

    would maybe open a 2500 acc running micro lots max from what I can see for risk. might aquire to add to portfolio

    sail—hows it going so far?

  14. Hey guys, things have been going well. My second $2000 demo went to $6400 in about 5 days. I just set up a real $2000 account with in Cyprus. Very easy and they contacted me by phone this morning with a welcome. My account is micro but trading base lot size of 5.0 which is $.50 a pip. I’m just trading GBPUSD to control risk. Up $234.63 overnight on 8 trades. Marty you are right on the 4 majors. I haven’t seen any others traded at mt4live. Know that they are riskier and will add to your drawdown. GBP has been the best performing.I will probably add another (JPY) when my account reaches $5000. My settings are Takeprofit=45, Booster=1.68, PipStarter=31. Good luck.

  15. Thanks Sailmail for the update.
    I could not find that coupon for this EA ($127), do u know the website to grab this discount?

    Good luck mate.


  16. Hey Sail

    how do i set stoploss in this EA ? when it takes trade it only locks in TP and SL shows 0.0



  17. The coupons are simply a marketing affiliate who is sharing some of their payment for the sell back with you. Search: forex hacked coupon.

  18. You don’t. It sets it’s own s/l when it gets close to the t/p to lock in profit if it retraces. The EA opens trades, multiplied by the booster amount, in the trending direction. It will also open an opposite trade when it determines one is needed to help balance your drawdown. Did you download the documentation and settings updates?

  19. sail–I take it you bought the lite version. thanks for the settings info that you are using. max trades per chart? 8? I plan to only use GBP as well. I have seen 8 losses in a row on 1 acc. Boost is low enough to cover at least 10 without margin call (I hope) thanks again…also looking at another EA to add to the portfolio. will let you know when dd is done

  20. I don’t see a lite version. 2.3 is the latest version. I think you will see that even though there may be a number of losses that there will be enough positive trades at the same time to counteract them. However, lot size is very important so you don’t get over-leveraged. My max trades are at 9.

  21. sail r you going to use the same settings on real acc as you did on demo except lot size of course. Looking to start a live acc with 4000. Just contacted point fx..waiting

  22. Sail—how are things going? Any update? Q–what leverage are u using 1:100 or 1:200 ? Mini acc at trading point allows 1 micro trading as well. Just the GBP you said?…Leo is having more problems and is nowhere near being put to live acc,at least for me. Keep in touch.

  23. I agree with most of what I have read above. I tested the product on my VPS for about six weeks on two different brokers. I agree that the martingale method will bust your account on a volatile pair with too agressive a multiplier. I cannot stress enough to trade very small lots and leave yourself 20 times the mini trade in margin. use a small multiplier of like 1.1 to increment the trades because sure as sh_t you are going to hit a bad patch and the stranded trades compounded by additional trades will blow you up.

    I don’t normally like EAs which you must empty the account to protect the results but will be implementing such an approach when I go live in Feb after the market settles a bit more. Upon emptying the wins I will also make sure the EA resets back down to mins. to rebuild. I will only be trading the JPY and the GBP.

    Personally, I think the EA is a keeper BUT it is a bit to risky and complicated for some beginners. Start small and be patient if you take the plunge.

  24. Hi everybody,
    Please see what I have just did:
    Alpari (UK) Ltd.

    Account: 2538848 Name: ts Currency: GBP 2011 January 18, 12:27
    Closed Transactions:
    Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Close Time Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit
    172254165 2011.01.18 09:36 balance Deposit 5 000.00
    172280921 2011.01.18 10:31 sell 8.00 eurgbp 0.83624 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 10:36 0.83563 0.00 0.00 0.00 488.00
    172281121 2011.01.18 10:31 buy 8.00 gbpusd 1.60271 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 10:36 1.60509 0.00 0.00 0.00 1 186.23
    172281377 2011.01.18 10:32 buy 8.00 gbpjpy 132.113 0.000 0.000 2011.01.18 10:36 132.239 0.00 0.00 0.00 762.26
    172285189 2011.01.18 10:38 buy 8.00 gbpjpy 132.234 0.000 0.000 2011.01.18 10:41 132.292 0.00 0.00 0.00 350.74
    172285234 2011.01.18 10:38 sell 8.00 eurgbp 0.83573 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 10:41 0.83580 0.00 0.00 0.00 -56.00
    172285300 2011.01.18 10:38 buy 8.00 gbpusd 1.60456 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 10:41 1.60459 0.00 0.00 0.00 14.96
    172287952 2011.01.18 10:43 buy 8.00 gbpusd 1.60376 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 10:46 1.60401 0.00 0.00 0.00 124.69
    172288301 2011.01.18 10:44 buy 8.00 gbpjpy 132.156 0.000 0.000 2011.01.18 10:46 132.201 0.00 0.00 0.00 272.31
    172288360 2011.01.18 10:45 sell 8.00 eurgbp 0.83612 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 10:46 0.83582 0.00 0.00 0.00 240.00
    172295858 2011.01.18 11:01 buy 8.00 eurgbp 0.83608 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 12:02 0.83663 0.00 0.00 0.00 440.00
    172295989 2011.01.18 11:01 buy 8.00 eurusd 1.34238 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 12:25 1.34143 0.00 0.00 0.00 -474.76
    172296249 2011.01.18 11:02 buy 8.00 eurchf 1.28634 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 11:45 1.28730 0.00 0.00 0.00 498.74
    172302162 2011.01.18 11:13 sell 8.00 gbpusd 1.60343 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 11:45 1.60111 0.00 0.00 0.00 1 159.20
    172302329 2011.01.18 11:14 buy 8.00 eurusd 1.34013 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 11:19 1.34124 0.00 0.00 0.00 553.58
    172305448 2011.01.18 11:20 buy 8.00 eurusd 1.34098 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 11:32 1.33984 0.00 0.00 0.00 -568.83
    172310379 2011.01.18 11:32 sell 3.00 gbpjpy 132.339 0.000 0.000 2011.01.18 11:45 132.215 0.00 0.00 0.00 281.36
    172323754 2011.01.18 12:04 buy 8.00 eurusd 1.33965 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 12:25 1.34141 0.00 0.00 0.00 879.61
    172329398 2011.01.18 12:15 buy 8.00 gbpusd 1.60106 0.00000 0.00000 2011.01.18 12:25 1.60065 0.00 0.00 0.00 -204.92
    0.00 0.00 0.00 5 947.17
    Closed P/L: 5 947.17
    Open Trades:
    Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit
    No transactions
    0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
    Floating P/L: 0.00
    Working Orders:
    Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Market Price
    No transactions

    Deposit/Withdrawal: 5 000.00 Credit Facility: 0.00
    Closed Trade P/L: 5 947.17 Floating P/L: 0.00 Margin: 0.00
    Balance: 10 947.17 Equity: 10 947.17 Free Margin: 10 947.17

    This DEMO ACCOUNT: and it means that anyone can do it and present as a real one to prove how good their system is:)

    by the way I wish this would be my real account – I don’t know how but I can really make 5K on demo account within few hours:))

  25. Hi Everyone I have purchased and demo testing this EA on a 50k demo account for 10 days. So far I made 9% in gain mostly in the first 5 days but since then the EA is not really trading and is sitting on 21 trades showing a loss of just over 5k. I have just checked the journel and it seems the EA is trying to modify several orders but gets an invalid message note (any advice please)
    I have mainy used the standard settings except I did activate the istoploss at 300 and set maxpctloss to 75.00.
    Intial lot setting is .50 on a 50k account leverage with Alpari is I think 500:1.

  26. Tomasz—thats crazy,would you please post your settings. Your lot size is way out of wack. Should be running with 3 0r 4 micro lots for risk, and playing the 4 majors at the sane time is nuts. But since it was a demo, it is interesting what this EA can do. Crazy stuff. GL trading

  27. Pal—very good advice.I plan to start with a mini acc with 3000. Not 4 as posted before. 1 0r 2 micro lots to start and build. Hope things work out.

  28. Marty,

    this thing is crazy man. Opens trade one after other untill u set the limit of trades in the inputs. I have managed to get an earlier version of this EA (2.2) and seems like that EA just keeps trading. My $1K demo is $200 up in one week and have -$200 floating so its basically at $1k if I close the trades.

    How is the latest version ? did u manage to install that ?

    Happy trading. πŸ™‚

  29. Bharat—just installed–no trades yet. many many inputs to tinker with..heres my settings as of right now
    0.01 lots
    45 t/p
    31 pipstarter
    1.68 boost
    max buy 9
    maxsell 9
    hours 0 0
    start trading-0
    end trading-7
    slpct 100
    t/ppct 100
    everthing else default
    including max hedge-false

    I may have forgot a few but close enough.

    still have leo and still have bugs to work out..but no losses yet..have you went for the refund? I have Leo off at the moment. Still have loop issue.

    going to demo this ea for awhile untill I am happy with the inputs and returns on average. keep in touch. I have an Idea if all goes well. Could be huge.

  30. Hi I just checked and Alpari state max leverage is 1 to 500, How can I tell what leverage my Demo account is actually using and can I change this ?

  31. changed my settings..first trade win…going to let run on them for a day or two…and then enable maxhedge..only running GBP/USD at the moment.will update as we go…GL trading

  32. Marty

    u sure u want max and min trades at 9 ? will trade too much mate. I have that at 3 each and that way it will not trade one after other. evenif u set maxhedge at false it will keep trading like hedging if u have the aboves at 9. what I m doing is that when FH takes any trade and the trade goes in up to $10 in positive, I take that and let FH think about opening the next trade. I manually keep closing the trades and let FH open the trade. those in negative , I dont touch because those ones actually directs FH for the next trade.

    This is what I think.

    Leo is working perfect with me. It did took my demo down by $160 but then recovered the losses in 3 days. it is in profits now , not huge profits though. I think I m still waiting some more time in regards to Leo. I have that at 0.05 lots.

    Thanks and Happy trading.


  33. BH—something was wrong…scalping mode and no trades all night…when through and reset/changed my settings…and yes dropped the max buys and sells…and hey…started trading again. hummmm

    going to vps soon will put Leo on that

  34. FH took wrong short positions today and GBP is running up towards sky since then, πŸ™‚ -$450 so far, Lucky its running on Demo.

    GL all πŸ™‚

  35. BH—fixed the problems…in 2 trades ..GBP and JPY/USD…was late to the party…have 1 hedge trade in each right now.
    changed settings back to standard,,,,45,31,1.68,6 max….and will manage trades as we go.

    this EA can be a slug moving along at a snails pace or a 3000 HP dragster and everything inbetween….Have checked out the safer long term settings?

    BH just gotta retace abit and your in like Flin….lol

  36. find it odd..maybe..have both a buy and sell on JPY with 0.10 lots

    it’s like it’s not sure of direction so bam..cover both sides…interesting way to trade…

    maxhedge off….

    the fun is about to begin…GL trading

  37. Marty

    I have not concluded the long term settings on this yet. It seems like this EA never sleeps. Specially when the volatility is at the highest this EA behaves like the fastest runner in the ground without any direction to run. πŸ™‚

    make sure to lock up the SL. this thing has not clear point of return. I have not had any negative trade that was closed by this EA. It will start hedging in opposite direction but will still keep the loosing position open for ever. I normally close those ones manually once reaches -$150 and below.

    :), good night

  38. Thanks for the tips there BH

    How long have you been running this one?
    I have some ideas but will need a whole bunch of testing.
    I like never sleeps…lol
    never asks for a raise
    never calls in sick
    never have to pay overtime.yup..But wait,there’s

    Oh..when I was scalping I had 3 sells no buys before it hit tp and took the money home. 2 neg trades closed..More ideas

    Have a great weekend and of course…GL trading

  39. Hello All,
    I just returned FapTurbo for a refund..need I say more.

    Most of you seem generally impressed with Forex Hacked, enough so that I am also purchasing the latest version. I hope to get to know some of you here, and tip my hat to you all for the time you have given to this forum for the benefit of us all..Thank-you!!

    Talk to you soon.

  40. Mister–I am just finding out what this EA can do or not do.
    So many ways to play the game.

    Going to set up a couple of platfroms using the different scalping settings using the max hedge feature. Maybe stumble upon some way thats safe and effective to run on all the (5)pairs. Will keep in touch..GL trading

  41. Marty,
    I have installed with no issues. I have set up the GBP to settings others have suggested here..and will now wait until Sunday to do some testing, and react to the results.

    look forward to hearing about your results.

    Appreciate the contact!

  42. Mister

    U will see the action start on Sunday. Be there in front of the screen and see this thing start trading. All the best.


    Its been 2 weeks now, but keep in mind as I said before I m running the earlier version not the one u guys r on. The latest version is more secure about hedging I guess.

    Happy trading guys


  43. Bharat,

    A pleasure to make contact with you. I will be in front of the screen Sunday! I have setup on a 5K demo acct on FXOpen, to simulate a live acct I am opening next week. I have tweaked GBP only to see what happens. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated..Will stay in touch.

  44. BH — I hope you are right. the trend following settings in the newer version seems to be working. I think even the maker of this EA with the latest update has no idea what it can do at this point. crazy man crazy. Going to adjust hybrid settings to match houirly/daily market fluctuations, including the maxhedge and trend following settings in each of the 5 currency prs. Lets see what this baby can do…..Ya and yes with a hedge on the tp will move up to the next level in the series of trades taken untill a reversal and your tp pips is found. Then it closes all the trades in that series at the same time and starts over with a new set.Yes BH– the newer version 2.3 is ya…crazy.

    Have Sun thru thursday off this week to work on this. GL trading

  45. Marty__ Have FH installed, smiley face, no errors. 1.25 hours into opening trading, and no positions opened. Any thoughts?

  46. Mister–none at the moment It seems the standard settings, there are lots of them, will do the job given time.’

    been doing some work going outside the box as far as settings go. will post if it will all fit. dong another test. You wont find these settings at your local supermarket. here is outcome #1… 1:100 lev..$3000 to start

    Initial deposit 3000.00
    Total net profit 1662.80 Gross profit 3472.98 Gross loss -1810.18
    Profit factor 1.92 Expected payoff 7.39
    Absolute drawdown 478.74 Maximal drawdown 1004.61 (26.47%) Relative drawdown 26.47% (1004.61)

    Total trades 225 Short positions (won %) 108 (50.00%) Long positions (won %) 117 (62.39%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 127 (56.44%) Loss trades (% of total) 98 (43.56%)
    Largest profit trade 404.16 loss trade -93.30
    Average profit trade 27.35 loss trade -18.47
    Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 6 (69.00) consecutive losses (loss in money) 5 (-315.74)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 462.24 (2) consecutive loss (count of losses) -315.74 (5)
    Average consecutive wins 3 consecutive losses 2

    This is for Jan so far. You wont believe my settings. Want safe, solid returns. Nothing less

  47. Mister–I have no new GBP trades yet..but I do have more outside the box stuff. Will post as I get them done. Maybe getting closer to finding all the magic #’s.

  48. Marty,

    Your “outside the box” settings results look very interesting to say the least! Hope you decide to share with us in time.

    I enabled the USDJPY and EURUSD along with the GBPUSD before turning in last night, still no positions taken so far. Really wondering about this EA. All conservative settings.

    Lots 0.05 TP48 Boost 1.4 PipStarter31 MaxOrders6 24Hrs.

    Will wait and while longer and see.

  49. Hi Mister, I have been trading FH different versions about one year now, and its a very good ea, but needs sometimes manual actions, like closing loosing trades.
    If you use FXOpen like I do, you need to set the lot size to 0.10 it will not open any trade under that size.
    Hope it helps,

  50. this is what happened using some of their settings. Your not going to like it. Going to test another set of data to make sure this kind of thing is not just some bad tic data for that period. OK 35, pipstart 21, boost 2
    MISTER–the same will happen with your settings I’m sure
    This was a test from Nov 1 to you can see it didn’t get through Nov.

    Symbol GBPUSD (Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar)
    Period 1 Hour (H1) 2010.11.01 00:00 – 2011.01.11 23:05 (2010.11.01 – 2011.01.12)
    Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
    Parameters User=”Your Username”; _________=”Magic Number Must be UNIQUE for each chart!”; MagicNumber=123456; Lots=0.03; TakeProfit=35; Booster=2; PipStarter=21; MaxBuyOrders=9; MaxSellOrders=9; AllowiStopLoss=false; iStopLoss=600; StartHour=0; StartMinute=0; StopHour=0; StopMinute=0; StartingTradeDay=0; EndingTradeDay=7; slippage=3; allowTrending=true; trendTrigger=3; trendPips=5; trendStoploss=5; StopLossPct=100; TakeProfitPct=100; PauseNewTrades=false; StoppedOutPause=600; SupportECN=false; MassHedge=false; MassHedgeBooster=1.21; TradesDeep=6; EA_Name=”ForexHacked 2.2″;

    Initial deposit 3000.00
    Total net profit -1785.55 Gross profit 9823.91 Gross loss -11609.46
    Profit factor 0.85 Expected payoff -5.78
    Absolute drawdown 1785.55 Maximal drawdown 9062.44 (88.18%) Relative drawdown 88.18% (9062.44)

    Total trades 309 Short positions (won %) 149 (67.79%) Long positions (won %) 160 (58.13%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 194 (62.78%) Loss trades (% of total) 115 (37.22%)
    Largest profit trade 1094.40 loss trade -4152.96
    Average profit trade 50.64 loss trade -100.95
    Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 20 (212.37) consecutive losses (loss in money) 7 (-9000.63)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 1537.41 (6) consecutive loss (count of losses) -9000.63 (7)
    Average consecutive wins 4 consecutive losses 2

    1614 2010.11.23 09:39 s/l 308 0.06 1.59148 1.59148 1.59018 16.20 10206.95
    1615 2010.11.23 13:17 sell 309 0.03 1.59230 0.00000 1.58880
    1616 2010.11.23 14:20 modify 309 0.03 1.59230 1.58959 1.58830
    1617 2010.11.23 14:21 s/l 309 0.03 1.58959 1.58959 1.58830 8.13 10215.08
    1618 2010.11.25 13:22 close at stop 302 1.92 1.57266 0.00000 1.59779 -4152.96 6062.12
    1619 2010.11.25 13:22 close at stop 300 0.96 1.57266 0.00000 1.59779 -2279.04 3783.08
    1620 2010.11.25 13:22 close at stop 298 0.48 1.57266 0.00000 1.59779 -1240.80 2542.28
    1621 2010.11.25 13:22 close at stop 297 0.24 1.57266 0.00000 1.59779 -671.04 1871.24
    1622 2010.11.25 13:22 close at stop 295 0.12 1.57266 0.00000 1.59779 -360.84 1510.40
    1623 2010.11.25 13:22 close at stop 294 0.06 1.57266 0.00000 1.59779 -193.08 1317.32
    1624 2010.11.25 13:22 close at stop 293 0.03 1.57266 0.00000 1.59779 -102.87 1214.45

    BHarat–now I see what you mean by having to close manually

    My outside the box settings, this doesn’t happen. More testing to be done

  51. OK folks –solved the issue of closing trades manually..Although i’m still optimizing ( not curve fitting ) the settings for safety, here is my latest test…Enjoy…and just in case you are wondering..I have been trading a long, long time. Note: this is on a 1:100 acc. I watched the drawdown, used up in margin not acc balance. It was only one section in the beginning that caused it. Ave thoughout was more like 25% or less. TEST FROM 9-28-10 thru to 1-23 11

    Initial deposit 3000.00
    Total net profit 7616.03 Gross profit 19278.93 Gross loss -11662.90
    Profit factor 1.65 Expected payoff 5.85
    Absolute drawdown 1679.00 Maximal drawdown 2900.73 (68.71%) Relative drawdown 68.71% (2900.73)

    Total trades 1302 Short positions (won %) 629 (57.55%) Long positions (won %) 673 (54.53%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 729 (55.99%) Loss trades (% of total) 573 (44.01%)
    Largest profit trade 451.20 loss trade -182.88
    Average profit trade 26.45 loss trade -20.35
    Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 9 (94.71) consecutive losses (loss in money) 6 (-666.78)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 532.32 (2) consecutive loss (count of losses) -666.78 (6)
    Average consecutive wins 2 consecutive losses 2

    Here are the open/closed trades at end of test

    6376 2011.01.23 23:59 close at stop 1302 0.03 1.59947 0.00000 1.59638 -0.27 10617.44
    6377 2011.01.23 23:59 close at stop 1301 0.03 1.59921 0.00000 1.60268 -1.41 10616.03


  52. not quite there yet..getting close..better not perfect yet.

    Initial deposit 3000.00
    Total net profit 10856.85 Gross profit 23972.71 Gross loss -13115.87
    Profit factor 1.83 Expected payoff 8.48
    Absolute drawdown 632.95 Maximal drawdown 3759.06 (31.48%) Relative drawdown 31.48% (3759.06)

    Total trades 1280 Short positions (won %) 619 (54.12%) Long positions (won %) 661 (55.37%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 701 (54.77%) Loss trades (% of total) 579 (45.23%)
    Largest profit trade 576.00 loss trade -164.40
    Average profit trade 34.20 loss trade -22.65
    Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 13 (252.00) consecutive losses (loss in money) 6 (-578.70)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 612.00 (5) consecutive loss (count of losses) -578.70 (6)
    Average consecutive wins 3 consecutive losses 2

    again, no manually closed trades

    3849 2011.01.23 23:59 close at stop 1280 0.03 1.59945 0.00000 1.59638 -0.21 13857.75
    3850 2011.01.23 23:59 close at stop 1279 0.03 1.59921 0.00000 1.60251 -0.90 13856.85

  53. Marty

    excellent work mate. let us know the final settings if u dont mind.
    Would u still keep the istoploss at 600? I had some good results when I reduced it. what is ur expert take on that?


  54. running test on live demo.

    Bh says–Would u still keep the istoploss at 600?

    not sure at this point. stay tuned…GL trading

  55. All–
    Thanks to Rayman for pointing out the minimum Lot size positions were triggered for all pairs I had enabled. All looked good when leaving fro work this AM..up $646.00 with an open DD of $900..all due to the GPB falling off a cliff πŸ™‚

    Marty/BH –Excellent work Marty!! ..would like to see your final settings, and agree with BH..600 seems steep for the istoploss, but understand it may be needed in the big picture.

    Happy Trading guys!

  56. Still testing–not happy with results yet…live demo made a few very odd b/s. So stopped for more testing. No magic #s yet

  57. Ok still working on safty of funds with just about anything the market can throw at it. Getting closer I think. Some of you have been following my work with this and other EA’s.

    Symbol GBPUSD (Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar)
    Period 1 Hour (H1) 2010.09.30 00:00 – 2011.01.24 23:05 (2010.09.30 – 2011.01.25)

    Initial deposit 5000.00
    Total net profit 6002.78 Gross profit 11246.09 Gross loss -5243.31
    Profit factor 2.14 Expected payoff 15.16
    Absolute drawdown 194.83 Maximal drawdown 1958.28 (20.99%) Relative drawdown 20.99% (1958.28)

    Can I live with this. Safer yet (below)

    Symbol GBPUSD (Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar)
    Period 1 Hour (H1) 2010.09.28 18:00 – 2011.01.24 23:05 (2010.09.01 – 2011.01.25)

    Initial deposit 5000.00
    Total net profit 4320.11 Gross profit 7871.57 Gross loss -3551.46
    Profit factor 2.22 Expected payoff 10.44
    Absolute drawdown 94.81 Maximal drawdown 1392.76 (15.37%) Relative drawdown 16.09% (1200.54)

    Any thoughts? GL trading

    Is this good enough? Maybe…One thing for sure is that if you over leverage your account-you will lose it. I have to take a break and go to work now…lol

    Where-o-where did sailmail go

  58. Ok I do not recomend using these on live acc yet untill I am done testing. I am sure I will be changing things a bit. Change slippage to 4. Also I wouldn’t run this ea with less then 5000 with these settings, more like 7 to 8000 on mini account. There is a reason for the tp at 60 to allow large runs or cliffs like the GBP had the other day. Note– this was done with .03 micro lots. Drop it to 1 micro and the drawdown was about 9.5% with returns of 5 to 600 a month. I wish I could be more help but GL trading.

    Symbol GBPUSD (Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar)
    Period 1 Hour (H1) 2010.09.30 00:00 – 2011.01.24 23:05 (2010.09.30 – 2011.01.25)
    Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
    Parameters User=”Your Username”; _________=”Magic Number Must be UNIQUE for each chart!”; MagicNumber=369852; Lots=0.03; TakeProfit=60; Booster=1.9; PipStarter=57; MaxBuyOrders=9; MaxSellOrders=9; AllowiStopLoss=true; iStopLoss=200; StartHour=0; StartMinute=0; StopHour=0; StopMinute=0; StartingTradeDay=0; EndingTradeDay=7; slippage=3; allowTrending=false; trendTrigger=3; trendPips=5; trendStoploss=5; StopLossPct=100; TakeProfitPct=100; PauseNewTrades=false; StoppedOutPause=600; SupportECN=false; MassHedge=false; MassHedgeBooster=1.21; TradesDeep=6; EA_Name=”ForexHacked 2.2″;

    Bars in test 2072 Ticks modelled 6302532 Modelling quality n/a
    Mismatched charts errors 216

    Initial deposit 5000.00
    Total net profit 6002.78 Gross profit 11246.09 Gross loss -5243.31
    Profit factor 2.14 Expected payoff 15.16
    Absolute drawdown 194.83 Maximal drawdown 1958.28 (20.99%) Relative drawdown 20.99% (1958.28)

    Total trades 396 Short positions (won %) 201 (72.64%) Long positions (won %) 195 (73.85%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 290 (73.23%) Loss trades (% of total) 106 (26.77%)
    Largest profit trade 846.00 loss trade -233.31
    Average profit trade 38.78 loss trade -49.47
    Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 12 (251.08) consecutive losses (loss in money) 4 (-108.11)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 921.80 (5) consecutive loss (count of losses) -664.30 (3)
    Average consecutive wins 4 consecutive losses 2

  59. Marty

    I’ve been busy, could not follow u. I m still busy but ur work up there (testing) looks great. will sure have to read all again to understand as I m not in to the programming side of any EA, I mean I dont know that much.

    My EA has made me almost $300 since Monday and have -$240 in floating.

    will update u more soon.

    Thanks for being there

    Ya, Sialmail has disappeared, I dont know where, come back Sail…….. πŸ™‚


  60. Gents!!–Rayman–BH–Marty

    All going very well. Running very conservative settings on a 5k demo, all 5 pairs. Took 24hrs to recover from the GBP suicide attempt, but most importantly..survived and rebounded.

    3 days running now..$2,200 up in equity with a $350.00 open DD. Very impressive so far. Going to implement into my 5k live account next week..that will be the tru test.

    Marty–How are you making out there?? πŸ™‚

  61. Marty–

    My apologies, I didn’t see your last results here..they look very good!! Please let us know how they result moving forward.

    Thanks again for sharing!!

  62. Hello all, testing some ultra aggresive settings for the GBP now as well as adding JPY as a hedge to the GBP. Lots of work to do on the JPY as it is a totally different animal. Seems I will be busy for months optimizing for all the currency pairs. I cann’t seem to get my demo running after it crached. It made 4 buy trades within seconds and I stopped the EA. It was running on different settings then what I posted above. emailed support. GL trading

    Mister–No apologies needed but thanks…just didn’t want somebody using my settings on live acc and then blow it up. Please, if you want to start using them, test test and test somemore before installing on live acc. I blew up many tests (as noted above) using some of the so called standard settings you see on MT4 stats. Lots and lots of work to do before going live..and as always..GL trading

  63. BH–

    3days to the hour..equity at +$2714.00 with -$280 Open. Very impressive considering the volatility of the last 2 days!!

    How are you making out?

  64. tested again the settings obove and almost blow up a 10000 test acc using .04 micro lots. still lots of work to do so please don’t use. Thanks

    BH –ur welcome

  65. after pouring over data I believe my platform is corrupt. All this work might be for not.tester is missing trades,even with 5 slippage. Stay tuned as more drama unfolds. crap…I’ll be back

  66. Marty

    I was happy to see +$135 today when I got back from work but guess what there was huge nagetive floating and couple of them were closed by EA at about six today which brought back the balance where it was on Monday. As I said this EA behaves like machine gun mate. It keep on trading but this is the problem (DD) goes long way. I have made some changes in to stoploss and lets see How it goes.

    Thanks for the update. And ya, dont worry about the TYPO mate.


  67. Hey all, I’m back! I’ve had a couple of very stressful weeks. I did the unforgivable sin of too large of lot size of .50 micro with $2000 account. Then the GBPUSD went to the sky. I had to close down FH so I didn’t get a margin call. I’ve been trading manually since and almost have it all back. Now I’m scared to death to try it again. I think if I’d used .01 I would have been okay. Incidentaly, support responded to an inquiry with some new settings that have been working for them. 24 takeprofit, 1.7 booster, 16 pipstarter, 3 trendtrigger, 5 trendpips, 5 trendstoploss. What do you guys think?

  68. sailmail–your back, great…I’ve been testing a ton of different settings and your are right about too large of lot size. I blow up an acc with 3000 and 1 micro.testing of course. I have not tested those settings of yours yet- will test- but I have noticed that the trend settings, though i have only really just started to test them, didn’t put any more money in acc then without them on. the best tests so far (above) on January 27, 2011 @ 4:32 am. Use 1 micro untill 5-6000 then 2

    this with 2 micro lots..same setings

    Initial deposit 5000.00
    Total net profit 4320.11 Gross profit 7871.57 Gross loss -3551.46
    Profit factor 2.22 Expected payoff 10.44
    Absolute drawdown 94.81 Maximal drawdown 1392.76 (15.37%) Relative drawdown 16.09% (1200.54)

    Working on better returns with more safty in mind

    on your settings–try sl on the 4th tier- ie –tp 24 then set sl at 96. I’ll be testing for months I think lol. Going to retest my settings above with a few tweeks and if all looks good to start I will put to work with 1 micro min 4000 acc. untill I find better settings. Glad ur back

  69. Sailmail–could be, depends on acc size. Still testing lots of different settings. Whatever boost is chosen and # of lots you have to be able to go at least 9 trades deep to survive.Working on the best sl settings to use not just a random # like 2 or 300. Thought was maybe 3 or 4 deep from tp but it may be better fom pipstarter. Why have open trades when your 6,7 or 8 trades deep. Why not close and have that margin freed up to use for the deeper runs. Eventually I will get to the max hedge settings, you know, when where why how much etc. Not sure yet..untill I test test and test some more forever.and ever…lol

    Oh and Sail—I do forgive you my the bug on the you don’t have the guts to do that again…GL trading

  70. Sorry Sailmail–I wound not use them. I will test somemore to see if I made or the tester made some mistakes..Here’s why
    1-25-11 bal 3100….GBP cliff….Toast..did not make it through…test start 9-30-10 0.01 micro lot
    stoploss set at 200
    Failed second test again..changed sl to 96.. well made it through the gbp cliff but not looking good my friend..results posted at bottem

    Initial deposit 2000.00
    Total net profit -1710.04
    Gross profit 10789.12
    Gross loss -12499.16
    Profit factor 0.86
    Expected payoff -0.65
    Absolute drawdown 1710.04
    Maximal drawdown 3106.15 (91.46%)
    Relative drawdown 91.46% (3106.15)
    Total trades 2637
    Short positions (won %) 1314 (62.63%)
    Long positions (won %) 1323 (61.38%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 1635 (62.00%)
    Loss trades (% of total) 1002 (38.00%)
    profit trade 251.09
    loss trade -674.73
    profit trade 6.60
    loss trade -12.47
    consecutive wins (profit in money) 19 (56.69)
    consecutive losses (loss in money) 9 (-1178.28)
    consecutive profit (count of wins) 251.09 (1)
    consecutive loss (count of losses) -2814.12 (8)
    consecutive wins 4
    consecutive losses 2

    Initial deposit 2000.00
    Total net profit 389.19
    Gross profit 12512.31
    Gross loss -12123.12
    Profit factor 1.03
    Expected payoff 0.14
    Absolute drawdown 1480.89
    Maximal drawdown 3283.05 (85.52%)
    Relative drawdown 85.52% (3283.05)
    Total trades 2745
    Short positions (won %) 1349 (64.27%)
    Long positions (won %) 1396 (63.04%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 1747 (63.64%)
    Loss trades (% of total) 998 (36.36%)
    profit trade 365.43
    loss trade -672.00
    profit trade 7.16
    loss trade -12.15
    consecutive wins (profit in money) 17 (74.32)
    consecutive losses (loss in money) 5 (-38.74)
    consecutive profit (count of wins) 476.34 (6)
    consecutive loss (count of losses) -758.40 (3)
    consecutive wins 4
    consecutive losses 2

  71. working on new set of settings. I will see if I can get the same type/% of results with a 2 or 3000 deposit..I have an idea..requires a leap of faith for all involved.

    Folks I need input please..If you could get this type of return,would you do it? timeframe 4 months

    Initial deposit 10000.00
    Total net profit 17203.58 Account balance $27,203.58
    Profit factor 2.72 Expected payoff 30.89
    Absolute drawdown 366.84 Maximal drawdown 2387.58 (12.92%) Relative drawdown 18.14% (2301.13)

    Total trades 557 Short positions (won %) 269 (69.14%) Long positions (won %) 288 (68.40%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 383 (68.76%) Loss trades (% of total) 174 (31.24%)
    Largest profit trade 1128.00 loss trade -216.54
    Average profit trade 71.05 loss trade -57.51
    Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 9 (281.33) consecutive losses (loss in money) 4 (-369.34)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 1276.50 (2) consecutive loss (count of losses) -574.48 (3)
    Average consecutive wins 4 consecutive losses 2

    GL trading…Marty

  72. sail–same settings-1 micro-2000 acc-4 months

    Initial deposit 2000.00
    Total net profit 4390.43 Gross profit 7270.75 Gross loss -2880.32
    Profit factor 2.52 Expected payoff 8.13
    Absolute drawdown 94.48 Maximal drawdown 1097.41 (26.27%) Relative drawdown 26.27% (1097.41)

    Total trades 540 Short positions (won %) 260 (68.08%) Long positions (won %) 280 (67.14%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 365 (67.59%) Loss trades (% of total) 175 (32.41%)
    Largest profit trade 534.00 loss trade -98.02
    Average profit trade 19.92 loss trade -16.46
    Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 9 (73.30) consecutive losses (loss in money) 4 (-222.43)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 616.79 (4) consecutive loss (count of losses) -258.05 (3)
    Average consecutive wins 4 consecutive losses 2

  73. I’m anxious to see what you have come up with.

    I’ve started FH on a demo with the settings I received from support at .01 lots. I will keep everyone informed.

  74. Sail–good luck with those….be very careful my friend. This is very close as to what I will use to start. Unless I find better in the meantime….GL Trading

    Lots=0.01; TakeProfit=60; Booster=1.9; PipStarter=45; MaxBuyOrders=9; MaxSellOrders=9; AllowiStopLoss=true; iStopLoss=200; StartHour=0; StartMinute=0; StopHour=0; StopMinute=0; StartingTradeDay=0; EndingTradeDay=7; slippage=5; allowTrending=false; trendTrigger=3; trendPips=5; trendStoploss=5; StopLossPct=100; TakeProfitPct=100; PauseNewTrades=false; StoppedOutPause=600; SupportECN=false; MassHedge=false; MassHedgeBooster=1.21; TradesDeep=4;

    Remember,to change ECN to true if on an ECN


    It’s evident you guys have spent considerable time with this EA. I have spent countless hours the last two weeks testing, and am finding it difficult to produce positive results during a long slow trend.

    It’s impossible to adjust to the steep changes, but the long slow trends are a killer. I’m still using very conservative settings with the intent of producing a slow growing, but fairly consistent profit.

    Any suggestions guys would be greatly appreciated.

  76. When I tried to do strategy tests (back tests) I received inconclusive results also. I got a lot of errors (error 322 I think) in the journal that I didn’t understand. According to the website they don’t believe in backtesting anyway. Forward testing through MT4live shows realtime results. That may be all we can go by other than seeing our own results in a demo account. I studied all of the example accounts on the website very closely as I set my demo up. I’m going to let mine run for a couple of weeks before I go live. You can see what my setting are doing at: ( Interesting side note, I lost signal from my broker yesterday, as happens once or twice a day, and when they came back on line only about half my account history was available. GL

  77. Hello Guys,

    I m not able to rate this EA apart from what I said earlier that this EA is one of those Crazy EAs. “Never say Die”. It has been keeping my A/C balance between $800 to $1300. keeps playing between this.

    Marty, I have applied the latest settings u have posted up here and lets see. I m still on Demo and have no intension to go live with this EA until this thing prove itself trustworthy.

    Be honest with u guys, only one EA out of 5 I have used till date has been good with me and that is Megadroid. does not trade very often but it has been 95% accurate.

    Goodluck guys, πŸ™‚

  78. Mister–I agree, that’s why I have spent so much time testing. Ok there is only 3 things with this EA.
    Have a large enough account.Found another poster that has been running FH for awhile and min acc should be about 5000 to run 1 micro,1 pr.
    Second, if pipstarter and T/P are to low, in a rise or drop like the GBP did, you will go 10-11 deep. The reason I am doing 45/60 is that it can do a 3,4,500 rise or drop and survive. The long slow climbs or drops can also kill an account. I have a sl on @ 200 to allow some room (4) deep and then take out. Even though I have maxtrades set at 9 it will never get there. It will go deeper but not stop at 9 total trades. Doesn’t matter if set to 6 or 20.
    Third–Scalping at 6,7,8,9 pips is suicide. I’ve seen the market go 200 pips without looking back. Back testing, it’s a killer.

    Had to download a new EA. The one I had would not except new inputs and just now got it up and running again on my settings. Settings are not to low or high and the profit is good. If you want go with 1.75 as the boost, a bit safer.

    Sail–is your broker AXITrader?
    Backtesting will only give you an idea. This EA rocks when the market jogs up and down, but when it spikes or long slow runs, you have to manage it, even manual hedge trades. Like it or not, it will not stand on its own.

    One last thing,,your going to laugh…I’ve spent so much time testing that I haven’t got around to my live demo. What is the proper way to close all trades, take profit and restart, or close a few and keep going. etc etc. No really I’m not joking….lol

  79. BH–account size is everything with this EA. I will be live soon enough with those settings I posted. Maybe a slight tweek but if I do I will post…GL trading

  80. Marty-my broker is out of Cyprus. Micro account 1:500.
    If I wanted to close the trades in a trend I would probably try the smallest one first and work up to the largest.

  81. Sail–looked at trading point and used their demo…was looking for vps in neighborhood. Me, 1:300 mini with AxiTrader right now. Not a ECN broker.

  82. Sail
    I m currently trying out the settings the way Marty is doing. Support suggested settings are at no help at all. I am getting all the settings Marty has posted in next hr or so.

    I had a doubt about the account balance. Your comment on that supports my doubt. I will be using ur settings soon. I m on FXCM demo which offers 1:200. I personally dont like higher lev.

    Thanks guys.

  83. added trending as true 3,5,5. The reason is this. From all the testing, it really doesn’t add to acc balance but it may/has saved me from going in a deep run if the market doesn’t quite get to target.

    I had an a piff in me…..Yes I had. If I’m right, it’s a game changer.

    BH –that’s FXCM UK ?

  84. Fxcm–first in first out rules and no hedging. I think this applys to most if not all US brokers. If so, BH, you need a different broker–or—are you able to apply this EA and have it work properly. You might want to talk to them. Demo may work fine but…not on live acc. I may be wrong. BH, why fxcm?

    correction—max trades will continue to setpoint even if your sl is set to take trade out on 4 or 5th trade deep—I believe. Still have mine set at 9 and 200 sl–no change

    Update 9 profit trades, 1 – small loss since Tues night. In 4 deep with buys and 1 sell right now. GL trading

  85. Marty

    No nothing special about FXCM. This was the first broker I started trading forex live 3yrs ago. I had my live since then along with Demo. Never traded after I lost $350 (micro) but accounts were somehow active.

    I m live on ITFX. M planning fire ITFX soon.

    Made $74 today after market opened on GBP. Of course the winning was awarded by FH. currently $337 DD though.


  86. BH- ok, fair enough. The up trend in the gbp in early Feb here,I show GBP going 10 deep on my settings. This is unexceptable. May have found a solution to the slow up/down trend and large spikes. Still testing

  87. ea not working as it is supposed to. sent logs again to support. now starting to piss me off. thought we had a keeper here. maybe not

  88. just some of the problems

    2011.02.07 09:50:42 ForexHacked23 GBPUSD,H1: invalid stoploss for OrderModify function

    2011.02.06 14:04:59 ForexHacked23 GBPUSD,H1: invalid ticket for OrderModify function

    .02.07 07:26 buy 0.01 gbpusd 1.61525 –ok start

    .02.07 11:05 buy 0.02 gbpusd 1.61076 –ok 45 pipstarter

    02.07 17:49 buy 0.04 gbpusd 1.61044
    02.07 18:45 buy 0.07 gbpusd 1.61215
    02.07 18:57 buy 0.13 gbpusd 1.61172
    02.08 01:57 buy 0.25 gbpusd 1.61145

    what’s wrong with this picture…neither sl. trending, or tp should have set in motion these trades. And not only mass hedge not closing trades and wiping out 100,000 accounts in testing, the tester is wacked out as well. Something in the code maybe. I dont know yet

  89. and there’s this as well.trending true..3 5 5

    price sl tp
    buy 0.01 gbpusd 1.60987 1.61512 1.61637
    buy 0.25 gbpusd 1.60416 1.60986 1.61116
    sell 0.01 gbpusd 1.60656 1.61044 1.60914
    sell 0.04 gbpusd 1.62353 1.61766 1.61653

    I could go on with more but…all taken out on trendind sl
    all about 12 pips short of tp. This is not right as well.

  90. I haven’t had anything like that but my trending doesn’t seem to working either. Other than that mine has been working very well at 24, 1.7, 16 X 9. At .02 micro this could take a while though;)

  91. to them ….. Hello again, OK it did it again. Opened 3 more buy trades( .04,.07,.13 ) when it wasn’t suppose to. Here again are the logs. It was running fine untill today.
    Q: What is the proper procedure for changing inputs. Does the ea need to be turned off first or does that matter?

    this from support….bullshit
    Hello ,
    Thank you for contact us
    This is how a martingale system works. With the right settings and right risk, you can be virtually safe enough to double your account every 2 months or so, withdraw that money and start over. With the right risk you shouldn’t need to worry about a stoploss or number of trades till the EA gets the profit and close all trades

    not a happy camper…the 4th opened after I sent email

    It may be that the tester is corrupting the demo and or…vise-versa. Just don’t know it this point

  92. I’ve changed my lot size while the EA is on the chart with success. But if I was going to change the other settings I would remove and reinstall the EA to be sure. I might start with a new copy of the EA and restart metatrader too.

    What are your settings?

  93. I got this in an email from support: 5 trendstoploss (Some brokers have a minimum stoploss so 5 might be too low and therefore won’t allow this trending feature to work at all unless you raise it up to meet your brokers minimum)
    My trend wasn’t working so I changed it to 6 and now it is working.

  94. Thanks sail—ok,I’m back,calm now.
    reset everything to false except sl at 200
    I think what is happening is that I’m doing so much testing on the same platform as my live demo, that for whatever reason the demo and tester is being corrupted somehow. Seems nobody else is having the same issues as I am.
    retesting 60,1.9,60,sl 200 to see if all is well with the tester.
    I am not starting my live demo untill I am done with testing.

  95. The EA does seem to get corrupted easily if changes are made while it is in the chart. I had made some changes and then noticed that my trades wouldn’t/couldn’t close even when the t/p was passed. Just would not close even manually. I was able to close all trades at one time and then start over. Luckily it was on my demo account.

  96. sail– when you closed all the trades and started over,did you remove the ea from chart,close chart, then reopen new chart and reinstall ea?

  97. Of course not. I should have. I’m not the sharpest pencil in the cup.
    Once I closed all of the trades the EA opened 3 new ones immediately. Since it was on the demo I didn’t think about it much. It seems to be working now but the market hasn’t moved much. Will keep posting.

  98. Marty ** Sail**

    I have made total of $304 in last week. Hooked up this EA with only two pairs GBPUSD and USDJPY. two diff demos. My pip starter was 35, booster was at 1.31 and Max-Min trades were set at 6.

    changing max min trades back to 9 now. It is sure that this thing has trending problem ,

    GL guys

  99. Boys , I’ve just got this EA back on to 4pairs with same settings as those two I mentioned. will let u know how it goes by tomorrow same time.

    Marty, I doing this on a 5K demo now, thanks for the suggestion about the A/C balance importance.

    Goodnight boys


  100. sail,I’m just a working stiff myself. Forget bout it!

    BH– I may be running to high a booooost….still testing

  101. This sent to support below-NO NOT USE MASS HEDGE-here’s why

    Hello again, Yes it’s me. Ok, a bit about me. I have been trading forex many many years and tested dozens of ea’s. I’m sending you 3 tests, 2 with mass hedge true and 1 without. Your mass hedge feature seems to be an account killer. Here’s why.
    The tests I have sent have an uptrend. With mass hedge enabled, for whatever reason the ea will continue to open more trades after the max trades is reached and continue doing so untill the account implodes. The fix is quite simple. Allow only 1 mass trade against the maximum allowed open trades untill all can closed. So if the max open trades is set to 7, no more can open and only 1 mass hedge trade against the 7. If the trend is up, the mass hedge trade has to remain completely seperate from other buy trades. Same for downtrends. Only a suggestion. Thanks for listening.

    Boys GL trading–hope they listen

  102. reply

    Hello Martin,
    Thank you for contact us
    Thanks for the statements, I will check them out later

    At least I got a response

  103. Yep, at-least there is a reply.

    today’s and carried forward DD is now at $492 but A/C has gone up by another $280 today(9thFeb). this is after all 4 pairs dressed with FH. Demo is at $5602.37

    Happy trading

  104. Hey all, retesting sails settings and made a mistake with the take profit # and a couple other ones. 15000 to 83000 in 2 months, oops. still testing.

  105. Marty, 15K to 83K is the number I like πŸ™‚

    pass me the settings mate. My demo 5K went all the way 6800 and now below 5K. I dont know this thing when starts DD it does not close trade ……

    I m almost giving up on this thing.

    Good luck guys.


  106. BH–those settings are very risky. Same settings only lower boost and only 1 micro lot. best backtested settings at this point, fairly low dd. increase boost by .2 for every 7000 increase in acc size. start 15000.

    Lots=0.01; TakeProfit=33; Booster=1.6; PipStarter=16; MaxBuyOrders=14; MaxSellOrders=14; AllowiStopLoss=false; iStopLoss=240; StartHour=0; StartMinute=0; StopHour=0; StopMinute=0; StartingTradeDay=0; EndingTradeDay=7; slippage=5; allowTrending=true; trendTrigger=3; trendPips=3; trendStoploss=3; StopLossPct=100; TakeProfitPct=100; PauseNewTrades=false; StoppedOutPause=600; SupportECN=false; MassHedge=false; MassHedgeBooster=2; TradesDeep=4; EA_Name=”ForexHacked 2.2″;

    Use with caution

    What to start a trading pool through lawyer/trust. Like I said –account size is everything with this EA…GL

  107. BH–boost increase by .02 or .03 per. but on demo it won’t matter, Tried lower boost but lost money in the longer runs. I think it was about 1.58 break even on those.

  108. I have run this EA on standard scalp settings on a 50K demo account now for just over a month. Lot Size 1.0 on a 50K account across 3 pairs.

    As at this morning account balance is $12.45 not quite what they were shooting for.


  109. Mark– in a post above I state that the scalp settings are account killers but I/we very much appreciate your work and your post…Thanks……. Run some tests on my settings I just posted on the 14th. Would like some input. I think this ea needs a large account like 20 or 25 thou to start to be successful even with my settings. Still testing

    Just returned LTP. They were not happy

    Just bought Auto pip bot, Yet to install $67 2 upsells 77 and 37. will post when I know more..GL

  110. Marty

    settings u posted up here are in effect on two of the pairs.
    will update u as it goes. Thanks for all the hard work mate.


  111. Marty

    will u recommend closing the trade manually if it shows profit? or just leave it for the EA to decide ?


  112. BH–2 pairs? which ones? wow…2.. GBP and.. Let the ea close and open new trades. The only time you may want to open a trade manually is a large hedge trade if you think the market will continue in same direction. Do not use the ea’s mass hedge. I think it is broken! No word from support on that yet.

    started test on new ea adv version first. looks based on 20/70 moving ave. Used default settings. Liken what I see so far. Looks like it might just do what it was designed to do..make money. will test the standard version default settings next. And I am using a small acc to start……looks good. will post as I go

  113. wow wow wow 28% dd

    Initial deposit 15000.00
    Total net profit 18508.08 Gross profit 44526.36 Gross loss -26018.28
    Profit factor 1.71 Expected payoff 222.99

    this is the last 4 months tests and only the adv version. simple ea that appears to work right out of box. ok will post with 2% of acc balance and 2 micro lots on a 5000 acc to start. default everything else..coming up

  114. ok, out of box with 2% of acc balance per trade and 0.02 micro to start

    Initial deposit 5000.00
    Total net profit 2065.62 Gross profit 4432.58 Gross loss -2366.96
    Profit factor 1.87 Expected payoff 24.89
    Absolute drawdown 13.40 Maximal drawdown 632.48 (10.28%) Relative drawdown 10.28% (632.48)

    gotta test the standard version now..will post

  115. Hi Marty

    I have just opened a new demo account $25k and have placed your settings on 4 pairs.

    Will keep you posted.

    Thanks for your efforts

  116. Mark–optimized for the GBP/USD. May work on USD/JPY from the work I did on that pair. 4 May be to many for the account size. And you are welcome.

    OK, out of box standard version.

    Initial deposit 5000.00
    Total net profit 234.80 Gross profit 948.70 Gross loss -713.90
    Profit factor 1.33 Expected payoff 1.33
    Absolute drawdown 40.94 Maximal drawdown 123.70 (2.32%) Relative drawdown 2.32% (123.70)

    Now lets see what it can do..will post

  117. OK, the standard version will need to be optimized I think. May take awhile to do. Was running some low settings for risk. Gotta go back to my day job for the rest of the week so will not be posting much. Lots of work to do on both ea’s

  118. Day 1

    4 pairs-Marty’s settings but lot size 0.10 max trades buy 8 sell 8

    Start- $25000 Balance $29920. Up 19.68%
    cool but scary what goes up must come down ???????

    I have blown a 50k demo account in 1 month flat but I have learnt a lot about this EA.

    Standard setting are too wide it takes forever to earn a dollar and well how you can expect the results they publish is a mystery. That said with the right settings it can be a gun, trades so quick and snatches profits like Robin Hood. If the market is ebbing and flowing with plenty of volume its good and this is the market most of the time.

    What I have noticed with this EA is that it gets in to serious trouble when you have fast trends in one direction. Most of this happens at the open of a market or on the release of market news so this is what i’m thinking.

    I am thinking this could be more of a semi automatic bot. Dont let it trade for the first hour of the open and turn it off when Med and High level Forex news is due. The economic calaenders are published weekly ahead so shouldnt be too hard to know when ?

    I will carry on with Marty’s settings for the moment and post the results.

  119. Mark–getting greedy—-reduce lots to 1 micro or….and increase max to 12 to 14. If you want more profits with just a bit more dd change the boost to 1.7. You will be happy with the results I think…..Gotta smile though… Got Balls…lol GL trading

  120. I’m with you Marty, greed is the enemy with this one. I’m up to .75 micro and feeling more confident each day. I’ve run for 2 weeks live at 24, 1.7, 16, maxtrades=9 GBP/USD and have not had a difficult time at all. I got a little nervous with 8 open a couple of times and did think of moving to 12 but haven’t made the change. There seems to be less volatility currently so I’m not too worried. Incidentally, if you do get maxed out and need more room you can close the oldest/smallest order and FH will open another larger trade moving the t/p. It may be just enough for you to catch the reversal. Next stop VPS w/ unless someone knows a better one. Cheers.

  121. Good Morning (did I say I live in Australia)

    4 pairs-Marty’s settings but lot size 0.10 max trades buy 8 sell.

    Start 25000 Balance $32949 Equity $30064 Up 20.2%

    You are both right greed is the enemy but i’m on demo and it is good to get burned on demo you learn so much and it compounds what not to do when I go live.
    In the end all I want is 6% a month that doubles the account every year and thats enough for me.

    GL Sailmailman. Real money huh.

  122. Hey boys, Good’day

    good to read the action in ur demo Mark W.

    Marty, u were right , the account balance is the major factor for the EA to show some action. My demo is at $3800 and with settings above this EA is in deep sleep. Not trading at all.

    Sail, Good to see u mate.


    Oh BTW just got refunded for LTP.

  123. Right on Sail…wish you the best
    BH–LTP…hummm…couldn’t take it anymore…neither could I
    FH sleeping? shoudn’t be with my settings..always in…not sure whats up with that..
    Mark–this ea can double acc in an easy 6 months or less safely if acc is big enough. Trying to reduce dd to below 12%.
    Big problems with autopipbot. not taking trades out at tp. Support working on it. Get that fixed and I will optimize the advanced version. Solid ea based on sound trading principles. Double acc every 4 months with about a 15% dd or less when I get done. It will work on smaller accounts.

  124. Thanks Marty

    I have reduced account lot size to 0.03 across the 4 majors and set the rest of the son your recomendation.

    Traded well on friday I am up 22.6% in 3 days which will slow down now of course.


  125. Mark–It’s always a good idea to trade there things exactly as you would in a live acc. Good to see what it can do on the extreme end but noway on live. On back tests over 41/2 months the market has went to 13 open trades several times before a reversal. 1.6 boost still makes money on the longer runs and doesn’t take your account to deep into standard lots. Big problem if it doesn’t reverse which of course will happen sometime. Can always hedge it.

    Fix-its on the way for the Autopipbot standard. Both of them have option to use a % of balance per trade. Looks like the adv version is the ticket. Will test and post. Running straight out of box with 3% risk per trade as we speak. That will set the stage for the optimzed version #’s soon to come..GL trading

  126. ok, non opti for APB trade 3% of acc bal per trade

    Initial deposit 3000.00
    Total net profit 1350.14 Gross profit 4158.30 Gross loss -2808.16
    Profit factor 1.48 Expected payoff 16.27
    Absolute drawdown 16.60 Maximal drawdown 664.60 (16.80%) Relative drawdown 16.80% (664.60)

    Mark–here’s your double

    will post opti when done

  127. ok opti on 3000 acc…in 4 months.. risky but….

    Initial deposit 3000.00
    Total net profit 17340.86 Gross profit 54120.60 Gross loss -36779.74
    Profit factor 1.47 Expected payoff 178.77
    Absolute drawdown 287.20 Maximal drawdown 9698.08 (35.22%) Relative drawdown 48.58% (6814.72

  128. Marty so far so ggod.

    4 pairs your settings lot size 0.01 and making good profits. 2% gain last night, 2 pairs went 10 trades deep and both came out ahead. Like you keep saying big account small bets is the only way to use this EA.

    I will condsider going live very soon.

  129. Mark- little bits a day add up to huge profits. If you are going to use my settings on live account, keep to 0.01 micro lots. If and when the acc builds up, I suggest only raise the boost slightly, like 1.60 to 1.62 and so on. I would only go to 2 micro when acc is big enough say 60 or 80,000 and put the boost back to 1.60 and start over.

    Axi trader shutdown my demo today. SO I have to find another broker. Looking at (Go Markets) UK. to open live account. I will have to demo them first I guess.

    Optimized Autopipbot CTF…kicks butt..will run that one on live acc for sure. Can double acc with min dd in 2 months or so. Not nearly as wild as FH but will do the job nicely untill acc is big enough to handle both bots. And then of course add a third. Looks like support has fixed the org version FX to take tp when it should. Still need to opti that one to add to arsonal.

    In the meantime I will keep testing FH. I hope I have been of some value to some. GL trading

    I still would like to open an investment pool. Large account means alot less risk. Think about it

  130. Hi Marty,

    I will go live with Alpari UK V Soon and will keep the low settings for sure. Thanks.

    Oh word of warning and you may all already know this but the demo account spreads are set lower on most demo accounts than they are on live accounts (sneeky huh) so wont know the real outcome until we put real money on the line.

    Autopipbot What strategy is that and how long have you tested it for ?

  131. Mark–yup 4 is to much. I would start with 1 or 2 . With running my settings a slight boost increase will really change amount of profit as well as increase risk so use caution please. Would hate to see a blowup.

    APB CTF version been testing….Based on mechanical, longer turm holds and stand vers short turm but not quite scalping trades. standard version was just fixed to take tp so I am just now doing testing on that one.

    Test on stand vers out of box not so good..lost money for last 4 months. Have to opti this one for sure before I even stick on demo…..just means more work is all….GL trading

  132. Many thanks to everyone for your comments. I am quite a newbie in forex and have 2 questions to ask on FH.

    1) The default setting for Allow stoploss is false. Does it mean that all loosing trades will continued to be opened forever without the EA closing it. Please explain.

    2) What is the best currency pair and what time frame.

    3) Also, I opened a micro account on FXOpen. My deposit of $480 is showing 48,000. Is 0.01 lot on my micro account same as 0.01 standard lot size?

    Thank you.

  133. People simply cannot control their GREED.
    Use this strictly as a monthly income machine using fixed minimum balance requirement and fixed lot sizes that you will never increase. Then you are fine. People keep harping about Martingale or busting this EA clearly don’t know what they are talking about. That’s pretty obvious. And don’t fool yourself, you probably cannot control your greed none whatsoever.

  134. Ya and no MASS HEDGE, maintain minimum balance, withdraw any amount over that minimum balance you have set every single month, and never increase lot sizes. Know your leverage and the amount of DD you can safely sustain. Then you are safe so don’t listen to the know it alls who know nothing about this EA.

  135. Taiye

    Thanks for your input but can you be a little more clear. What do you mean by fixed lot size that will never increase. Are you saying zero booster or do you just mean fixed starting lot size. Also what experience or results are you having with FH and over how long ? are you live and what account size V lot size do you feel is suitable ?

  136. I see jonny posted on forexfbi as well. You wouldn’t mind posting your acc bal, lev your getting from broker,broker, and system settings.

    Oc I agree with most everything you had to say. The know it all reference is well out there. We all are trying to figure this ea out to trade as safely as possible. GL trading.

    Mark j and oc are touch and goes.

    tseting on usd/jpy pair now. Probably better suited for fh and smaller accounts.

  137. I can say this forex hacked is a most responsive EA, do trades frequently when compared to other EAs which may be inactive for several days without one trade. But this forex hacked EA lose more than win. Only win occasionally with tiny amount.
    I have demo account 1500 usd, now remain less than 150 usd in less than 1 week! I already set the setting according to the user manual. Even I try other settings, also lose more than win. up to now, i never meet a satifactory EA in the market. any good EA recommend to me? thanks a lot.

  138. Ann, I have found this EA very profitable. Share your settings with us and maybe we can help you.

  139. Hi Sailmailman:
    by demo account remain only less than 10 usd now (because of this EA) and cannot trade.
    Could you tell me your setting to my email: annbeea @

    Thank you a lot.

  140. Sail-good to hear from you. Still testing every setting under the sun with this ea. lots to tell.

    Ann– do share, can’t hurt.

    Looks as if I might go with trading-point as my broker. I can get a mini with 1:400 or 500, no requotes and fairly tight spreads for a non ecn

  141. Hi Sail,

    Thanks for assisting to help. For me, i dont think this EA is working well because it just blew off the whole of my account even after using the correct settings. Please see below setting i used as recommended by FH:

    35 takeprofit
    21 pipstarter
    1.65 booster
    10 max buys
    10 max sells

    The rest default.

    The EA kept boosting the lot size, all against the trend untill my account was wipped off. The lot size setting was also in line with the recommendation of FH.

    What do you think Sail?

  142. Yes, I try this EA , and blown up my demo already within 1 week, very fast! hope knowing the best setting for this EA? i use version 2.02, please share with thanks.

  143. Ann, Taiye – Lot size is the most critical setting for this EA. You must start small because of the boost factor. I know this by experience, I started too large. I started again at 1.0 micro and after 3 weeks of positive trading have gone to 1.1 micro. You have to use a broker that can set you up with a micro account. I use Trading-Point but there are many others. My other settings I got from support@forexheacked and are: 24 t/p, 1.75 booster (I’ve changed this from 1.7), 16 pipstarter. I only trade GPBUSD and have found 9 maxbuys/sells sufficient but may move to more if the market starts swinging wildly. Don’t use maxhedge. I have tried the trend setting but it must bump up 3 times to make more profit than with it off. These settings are making money so I am not using it now. Try it both ways. The rest are default. These settings are making small profits but consistently and I have gained over 20% in the last 3 weeks. Contrary to Jonny and OC’s advice I plan to slowly move my lot size up .1 every other week or so until I am making a steady profit I am comfortable with. I may change booster to 1.8 also. I hope this helps. Good luck.

  144. Also, my account size to start was $1850. And yes, this EA trades against the trend and profits on the retrace. This freaks some people out. Sometimes I wish there were a more conventional EA out there that worked as well or better than FH but I have not found or heard of one yet.

    I just set up a VPS account with Black Box VPS and like it very much so far. I travel some and it is comforting to know I am profiting as I drive. Also good if the power goes out during a storm.


  145. Many thanks Sail for the advise. Very much appreciated. I just hope i will get convinced with time to get back to FH because i am very much discouraged.
    Pls confirm, do you use initial stop loss? If no, at what point does the EA close out a loosing trade?
    Many thanks.

  146. It depends on the trend settings. Default is Trigger=3, Pips=5, Stop=5. If set to True and, this is important, your broker allows a stop within 5 pips, then the price gets within 3 pips of your takeprofit, the EA will modify your order and move the takeprofit another 5 pips and set a stoploss 5 pips back. My broker will only allow modification at Stop=6. This is a great feature if the market is in a long trend. My experience has been that my order is modified and then the market reverses and I’m closed out at the stoploss for less profit than if it was turned off. The order needs to be modified at least 3 times to make better profit. Having said that, it is a great safety feature if you are not as greedy as me;)

  147. Hi Guys.


    My current settiongs on a 20k GBP pound account are.

    33 TProfit 16Pip Starter 1.6 Boost (Marty above)
    Lot Size 0.10 Leverage 1:100 Max Buy 8 Max Sell 8 Stop Loss True Stop Pips 130. 1 Currncy Pair EUR/USD

    Finding this is taking profit of 1.5% every 24Hrs. No dramas and so far has only traded 5 deep.

    I calculate that if it runs 8 deep then hits stop loss my total loss will be aprox 20% of the account balance which is acceptable as long as it is a rare occurance. I demoed for 2 months and only had this happen once.

    I am just considering splitting my loss size in half ie 0.05 on 2 negativley corresponding pairs Im using EURUSD and AUDUSD. The theory being that in the normal world when nothing dramatic happens I should still continue at around 1.5% per day but on a bad day with a sudden trend they hopefully will counter each other out .

    Please feel free to comment and or advise on the stratergy as I am happy to accept any advise or improvments that make sense.

  148. Mark–reworking some settings from an earlier post. Even on a 20k acc I would stick with a smaller lot size…maybe .02 micro and build from there. doubling acc every 4 or 5 months is a very good return my friend. smaller lots, increase boost slightly as acc grows…and I mean ever so slightly. Gl trading

  149. Hi Sail, Thanks again. Do you use initial stop loss for your setting?? Mark mentioned his as 130 pips. Thanks.

  150. Taiye-I have not set iStoploss to true. I don’t leave my trading unmonitored for any length of time so have not needed it. I’ve set my pipstarter to 16 X 9 maxtrades = 144 pips. If need be I can set more maxtrades which would give me more pips to work with. My takeprofit is set at 24 so as the trades are modified the t/p is not far behind. It’s not a perfect plan but it gives me time to evaluate the market news and trend and then decide on a stoploss level. If I was going to leave FH running unattended I would probably set stoploss to 200.

  151. Anybody else getting emails about GPS forex by Mike Larson? Might check it out, who knows, maybe somrthing to add to the mix…If it works of course.

    Sail–looking good with that return your getting. DD acc every 4 to 5 months is a solid way to trade this ea. I think I said that somewhere before….hummmm

    You all know me, still testing setting changes.

  152. Hi marty,

    Understood on the lot size,I think my max loss at 20% of the account is acceptable to me that is but you are quite right it is a higher risk reward stratergy I am running.

    GPX robot I have a friend using it on demo at the moment he is quite impressed so far.He tells me it only opens 1 trade a day at the exact same time and only if the market fits and so far he has had all winners.

  153. Hi Guys,

    Well a new and expensive lesson for me. Was up 20% on the account then the Japan Quake occured. At first it was ok just went much deeper than usual 9 deep and Friday the markets closed. Monday the market opened but it did so way higher than the close which leap frogged my stop losses and my pip starter triggers. After a couple of minuets the brokers shut all but one of the trades down way past the SL and II took a 6.5k loss FH then opened a 10 and 11 trade deep tradeand after5 battling all day I was losing the battle and shut down the trades for a further 4k loss. Could of been worse if I had left it turns out I would have doubled that loss so. Spo back to the drawing board with much smaller lot sizes take the long raod and try to recover my losses. ;(

  154. Oh So the moral of the story

    Never leave your trades open over the weekend, alaways close then no matter what.

  155. Mark–with my settings I am starting with 1 micro lot on a 25000 acc. gbp/usd 1:100 trending on 6,3,4. – 14 deep…even with a 100 thou acc I would never start with 1 mini…preserve acc no matter what…live to trade another day

    Just added aud/usd at 28,000 –different settings as it is a completely different animal then the gbp.. and only use on aud/usd chart. Not opti but for the aud….your gonna say wtf with these setings….ready…here you are…crazy..just crazy…c and p next post

  156. my opti aud settings

    Lots=0.01; TakeProfit=30; Booster=2; PipStarter=15; MaxBuyOrders=14; MaxSellOrders=14; AllowiStopLoss=false; iStopLoss=265; StartHour=0; StartMinute=0; StopHour=0; StopMinute=0; StartingTradeDay=0; EndingTradeDay=7; slippage=4; allowTrending=true; trendTrigger=12; trendPips=4; trendStoploss=3; StopLossPct=100; TakeProfitPct=100; PauseNewTrades=false; StoppedOutPause=600; SupportECN=true; MassHedge=false; MassHedgeBooster=1; TradesDeep=3; EA_Name=”ForexHacked 2.2″;

    again, only on the aud/usd

  157. BH-Sail…looking to build my own ea. A few years back I put together a trading system that was impossible to trade manually but an ea could and smoke the market. A pure plug and play ea. Maybe have done in the next 6 to 8 months. Stay in touch..will not sell but….

    Aud/usd slaying the market with no problems as of yet.

  158. Hello Hello boys,

    Marty, Sail, Mark W,

    How r u guys ?

    I have been trading manually ever-since I disappeared from here. It has been a fun time to see profits guys, specially on all Fridays. This week alone I have made $1672 in my live and $6333 in my Demo (of-course in demo I was trading bigger lot sizes). Most money I have made was on Silver and Eur/Usd. I did not do much with JPY.

    Marty, good to read that u r building ur own EA. Good mate, I m here to BETA test it :), wow thats good Marty , all the best. U should do this mate since u know much more inside out about the EAs.

    Honestly I was so seek of blowing off Demos with these EAs and It was actually taking more of my time , I think it should have been other way around when we use EA. Anyways, I dont have any EA on my live since long and the only EA I have on my DEMO is the Megadroid. The best EA ever I have used. Megadroid is also the very first EA I bought when I started trading currency. Never spended any extra minute behind this EA. It has always made me money , the only thing is it does not trade often. But I m testing something with that EA which should substitute the number of trades Vs Profits. will let u guys know once it is proved with me.

    Was this all too much to read ? Sorry guys, it was too long since I wrote something here so pls bare with me πŸ™‚

    Have very wonderful weekend and will talk to u all on Monday.

    Happy trading πŸ™‚


  159. BH–have mega sitting on my shelf…think version 1.3…..have not used since I bought it on release…what 3 years ago or so. I forget. Right on with the live trading man. Keep it up. Beta… build it..they will come.

    Anybody got anu suggestions on who I can use to build my ea?
    It would have brought in somewhere around 4.5 to 600 pips this week alone. Just glanced at data. Want to build sooner then later…like now! And safe to use on smaller accounts.

  160. BH-Inputs set on new ea–now I have to try and trade it manualy. Based on past years data…looks like it might friggen rock…time will tell…might not be able to input trades fast enough..going to live demo over the next four days, will be intense at times…wish me luck…GL trading

  161. Marty, Good u r giving shape to something sooner then later. I would suggest u to keep the SMA values as part of the new EA definition somewhere in the program. The best SMA values as per my exp. are 8 and 54 for any time frame over 30 mins. If u can also insert any shifts in the programs along with these SMAs then the ideal shift will be 3 or 4 at the most.

    I dont have anymore suggestions as of now but will sure forward u some if something clicks in my mind.

    Happy trading guys.

    Bharat πŸ™‚

  162. BH–thanks for the tips

    How to hedge this ea? Hummmm…only way I believe is to find solid ea or ea’s that works best on trends and sharp moves not chop or channel. Looking into this right now.

    BH yes whipped big time on first run…much more work to do

  163. Just purchased Rita Laskers fx Lady Bot. testing now..possible hedging ea…at least part of the time

  164. Lady bot running..cann’t be backtested…will not know how this one does for 3+ weeks on demo. Emailed support about this and no…doesn’t look like they will update so you can backtest. I Did however find an ea that has huge potential..double acc every month or so without martingale, scalper for 10-15 pips…but 500 bucks later…I will Keep looking.

  165. Lady bot just took down her first 20 pips for 200….using 1 standard. looks solid so far…first trade, first win…will continue to post progress…GL trading

    BH-Sail..By the way, Have found by accident a new set of settings for the gbp..Blow your mind..The 1 pair is all you need to prosper..will not post here…I will however set up an email acc. Upon request..Works with smaller account size. Will post later.

  166. admin..thank you I will

    BH–have had 2 soild trades with the lady this week running on eur/usd..testing her on other pairs…looking good so far..

  167. I have been following you guys for weeks…. keep up the good work.I also have forext hacked and megadroid. Forex funnel did very well but keeped on blowing my accounts and now they are gone.

  168. Gr41–found by accident a set of settings for the gbp that won’t blow up accounts if used correctly for FH. Have not posted yet Maybe soon…I use the same combo for the a/u just tweeked slightly.

  169. Marty, Id like to see those GBS settings… Id like to see the trades profit day by day with less than 15% drawn down.

    A 10 pip win within 3 hrs would be a nice goal for each trade taken.

  170. GR41–Both results on a 1:100 lev acc–dd would be lower with higher lev acc…made it through all the ups and downs quite nicely.

    GBPUSD (Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar)
    Period 1 Hour (H1) 2010.11.02 20:00 – 2011.04.01 20:00 (2010.11.01 – 2011.04.02)

    Initial deposit 3000.00
    Total net profit 3329.03 Gross profit 9234.00 Gross loss -5904.97
    Profit factor 1.56 Expected payoff 2.54
    Absolute drawdown 318.55 Maximal drawdown 1249.21 (27.66%) Relative drawdown 27.66% (1249.21)

    Initial deposit 15000.00
    Total net profit 37553.62 Gross profit 50222.50 Gross loss -12668.88
    Profit factor 3.96 Expected payoff 29.16
    Absolute drawdown 1851.18 Maximal drawdown 9756.10 (20.14%) Relative drawdown 28.92% (8155.48)

    Same settings for both except tweek to boost

    Have found none better or safer to use with this far. Is this something you would want to use? Have to sleep back in 24 or so

  171. Marty, thanks for the note back.

    Whats the settings? For this last set up and will it back test well? I will test forward starting sunday eveing.

    Garry and Shelly

  172. Thanks Sail–2 more weeks of testing new bot and should be live by then

    GR41-BH–SAIL—With these settings FH went 9 deep 1 time to 15.26 lots…8 deep 4 times on the 5 month test. I have to say..these settings are for entertainment only and if used on a live account use extreme caution. The only tweek is the boost…1.72 – 2.5.. ONLY on GBP/USD..GL trading
    Boost setting ( below ) to be used on a min account size of 15000 or more and a 1:200 leverage

    Symbol GBPUSD (Great Britain Pound vs US Dollar)
    Period 1 Hour (H1) Lots=0.01; TakeProfit=60; Booster=2.5; PipStarter=30; MaxBuyOrders=9; MaxSellOrders=9; AllowiStopLoss=false; iStopLoss=265; StartHour=0; StartMinute=0; StopHour=0; StopMinute=0; StartingTradeDay=0; EndingTradeDay=7; slippage=4; allowTrending=true; trendTrigger=23; trendPips=8; trendStoploss=2; StopLossPct=100; TakeProfitPct=100; PauseNewTrades=false; StoppedOutPause=600; SupportECN=true; MassHedge=false; MassHedgeBooster=1; TradesDeep=3; EA_Name=”ForexHacked 2.2″;

    Yes it will backtest well. Again, the secret to FH is a large account.

  173. Interesting enough, I have been testing with the mindset that every run has a positive outcome. What if all but runs of 7 or more don’t. 7,8,9 deep don’t happen very often. What if recovery took place within 24 hrs and continued to make gains from there untill the next long run. You could (I’m testing now) perhaps increase lots and lowered boost to increase profits…Sorry, thinking out loud

  174. You can to…believe it…1:100 acc 5 months

    Initial deposit 20000.00
    Total net profit 168718.09
    Gross profit 196359.40
    Gross loss -27641.31

    Profit factor 7.10
    Expected payoff 3749.29

    Absolute drawdown 2460.76

    Insane I tell ya….ok lets shoot for half that..GL trading

  175. Hey traders,

    So what’s your honest take on Hacked? I’ve been trading for a few years manually. Demo’d a few EA’s but went live for the first time with Lady Robot. Hey Marty, think we’ve been talking on the LR site.

    Have yet to see an EA that truly works compared to manual trading however, hopeful.

    On with the fun!

  176. Hey ken..yes we have…just took another 40 pips from LB

    Yes FH can be deadly if used improperly…but with the right settings.. friggin rocks…

    BH..Doing well thank you….You running FH on some mild settings?….Me, still testing of course. I am not doing any man trading right now. Way to busy with Forex project and trust…hummmm trust you say…yeeesss. Somethings up and will let all in on as soon as all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. May be awhile yet…lawyers

  177. 5k and 15K start up live money accounts is crazy. Need some real life settlings for money we can afford to loose ( dont wanna loose). Settlings for say, $1000 to a max of $3,000. any more than that and its all just dreaming and testing for nothing. I know that tweeking should be done with high monetary settlings, but lower cash amts are preferred if you wanna test live values. Any martingale system makes great money on 5k or 15k starts. I used Forex funnel sucessful many times before it cost me some really big bucks and deep pockets didint protect me .

    Id like to see some real tweeks from others that can keep money coming in and not break my bank.


  178. ps. forex hacked runs some what like blessing 3 and the new one, Evolution, Any comparisons done between FH and these?


  179. Garry– with funnel, what was your tp target (pips)? I have not looked into either one of those yet.

  180. Hello Gary—would you mind posting your funnel settings that blew up your account. I would like to analyze what and how things went wrong…if you dont mind , thanks

  181. Funnel is now completly dead and web site is dead. since the funnel softwre trys to authorizes itself with the clcik bank number, it errors out and is not useable now.

    blown any account about every 3 months. started wiht .01 lots and 2500 .

    Forex hacked is much safer.

  182. greatings to all of you

    MTOneF-Demo (Build 229)

    Symbol GBPUSD (British Pound vs US Dollar – 1 Lot = 100,000 ($10.00 pp))
    Period 15 Minutes (M15) 2010.01.03 23:00 – 2011.02.25 20:45 (2010.01.01 – 2011.02.26)
    Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
    Parameters _________=”Magic Number Must be UNIQUE for each chart!”; MagicNumber=133714; Lots=0.01; TakeProfit=49; Booster=2; PipStarter=25; MaxBuyOrders=15; MaxSellOrders=15; AllowiStopLoss=false; iStopLoss=300; StartHour=0; StartMinute=0; StopHour=23; StopMinute=55; StartingTradeDay=0; EndingTradeDay=7; slippage=3; allowTrending=true; trendTrigger=1; trendPips=5; trendStoploss=5; StopLossPct=100; TakeProfitPct=100; PauseNewTrades=false; StoppedOutPause=600; SupportECN=true; MassHedge=false; MassHedgeBooster=1.01; TradesDeep=5; EA_Name=”ForexHacked 2.2″;
    Bars in test 22420 Ticks modelled 11013749 Modelling quality 90.00%
    Mismatched charts errors 3
    Initial deposit 10000.00
    Total net profit 136950.47 Gross profit 182991.01 Gross loss -46040.54
    Profit factor 3.97 Expected payoff 43.74
    Absolute drawdown 4346.10 Maximal drawdown 25980.20 (35.50%) Relative drawdown 68.96% (12560.40)

  183. Garry-FH…would not try to run on a 1000 acc unless a nano. I have had success with a 2000 1:100 standard but would not attempt with anything less if you want to keep it.

    I am now live with both LR and FH…GL trading to all

    PS– on a 1:400 standard account

  184. BH–are you running megadroid? live? check new release…just uploaded and testing again….FH running as expected is LR so far

  185. Hi Guys,
    I’m really new to this EA and want to try it out. Hope you guys can help me out.
    Marty, I see that you have started a Live account running FH. Which currency pairs are you trading and what are your settings for them? Thnx

  186. Damin-yes I am live and have hundreds of hours testing FH. No I have not posted my current settings yet for this bot. I am only trading the GBP/USD. There is no need to trade more than one pair. I have reasons why I have not posted current settings (yet). Do you have FH now or thinking. I will try and help out as much as I can. Think outside the box..GL trading all

  187. Hi Marty, Yup I have just purchased the FH 2.3 and am testing it on a micro demo account starting 5k. Not really sure if i have installed it correctly. What would be a recommended setting for the gbp/usd in this case?

  188. Damien–don’t forget micro accounts-depending on broker-only allow 100 lots max per ticket. You just got your hands on one of the baddest EA’s on the planet. Do not engage masshedge for any reason. It is flawed in my opinion. My post on the 27th JAN– tp60,pip starter 57..change slippage to 4, allow stoploss=false.. all else same…do not get greedy, set to 1 or 2 micro lots to start, GBP/usd only…Play with the settings and test,and test somemore. The more you learn what FH can and cannot do the better. Scalping with this EA will blow your acc up. Read through the forum from the start, lots of info if you have not done so already…I’ll be back…and as always,,GL trading

  189. I’m using trading point. Not sure if I have loaded it properly .. haven’t had a single trade today on the gbp.

  190. I’m not very sure if my settings are right… could someone verify this for me. My TP on settings is 60. However, on the chart, when I drag the cursor from entry price to TP it counts as 600 points. is this correct?

  191. hi. here is another good back test

    Strategy Tester Report
    MTOneF-Demo (Build 392)

    Symbol GBPUSD (British Pound vs US Dollar – 1 Lot = 100,000 ($10.00 pp))
    Period 5 Minutes (M5) 2010.01.03 23:00 – 2011.03.18 20:55 (2010.01.01 – 2011.03.20)
    Model Every tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
    Parameters _________=”Magic Number Must be UNIQUE for each chart!”; MagicNumber=133714; Lots=0.01; TakeProfit=15; Booster=2; PipStarter=7; MaxBuyOrders=50; MaxSellOrders=50; AllowiStopLoss=false; iStopLoss=300; StartHour=17; StartMinute=55; StopHour=7; StopMinute=55; StartingTradeDay=0; EndingTradeDay=7; slippage=3; allowTrending=true; trendTrigger=1; trendPips=1; trendStoploss=1; StopLossPct=100; TakeProfitPct=100; PauseNewTrades=true; StoppedOutPause=222; SupportECN=true; MassHedge=false; MassHedgeBooster=1.01; TradesDeep=1; EA_Name=”ForexHacked 2.2″;
    Bars in test 69420 Ticks modelled 11276041 Modelling quality 90.00%
    Mismatched charts errors 5
    Initial deposit 10000.00
    Total net profit 195374.42 Gross profit 267762.83 Gross loss -72388.41
    Profit factor 3.70 Expected payoff 21.45
    Absolute drawdown 1948.51 Maximal drawdown 50775.50 (36.56%) Relative drawdown 58.58% (36691.50)
    Total trades 9109 Short positions (won %) 4447 (59.64%) Long positions (won %) 4662 (62.14%)
    Profit trades (% of total) 5549 (60.92%) Loss trades (% of total) 3560 (39.08%)
    Largest profit trade 12288.00 loss trade -2176.00
    Average profit trade 48.25 loss trade -20.33
    Maximum consecutive wins (profit in money) 17 (55.52) consecutive losses (loss in money) 12 (-3900.90)
    Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins) 15573.90 (7) consecutive loss (count of losses) -5757.26 (10)
    Average consecutive wins 4 consecutive losses 3

  192. Damien–your using a micro account. I tried the micro there and found it to be very limiting. I am live with TP standard account which I am use to.

    No trades? Yes something is wrong… user id entered? smiley in right corner? bunch of data in lefthand corner?check expert logs for errors?
    backtest your settings, added the extra didgit on micro being 5 did broker.

  193. Hi Marty. Managed to set it up correctly. Thnx =). Ran some back tests on the Gbp/Usd. Results were not very favourable.

    I saw one of your posts on a test result you got.
    Initial deposit 20000.00
    Total net profit 168718.09
    Gross profit 196359.40
    Gross loss -27641.31
    Profit factor 7.10
    Expected payoff 3749.29
    Absolute drawdown 2460.76
    Insane I tell ya….ok lets shoot for half that..GL trading

    What was your setting for this?

    Best regards,

  194. Damien–running those settings live, have not posted yet, some things out of my control. Please be patient.

    How big of an account do you plan to start with?

  195. I opened a micro account for $500 with fxopen. please can someone tell me a very conservative settings I will use with FH 3.2 that will not blow out my account?

  196. Hi Marty could we converse by email.

    Hi Ned, i’m not sure if $500 is sufficient. to play safe, it would be better to have a $1000 instead. as this is using a martingale strategy, use the min 0.01 lot.

  197. where is everybody? FH performing well. Lady Bot is well.. having to play her as FH and martingale it with lower lot settings. So far working as expected…

  198. Marty, I’ve got FH on live now also and doing well. Have been waiting to see what you ended up with your settings though to see if you can actually get up to the 7.1 profit factor… right now mine are giving me 3.7 profit factor.
    Since you are interested in seeing steady results, I have also been using a strategy on Tradency for the last month and a half that is really doing well, steady profits every day. If interested, email me.

  199. Hi Marty,

    you seem to be good with forex hacked. Could you please tell me the best setting for a micro account with 1:500? I Blew my accounts 3 times already with different settings and different pairs but all of them made me lose some of day. I’m planning to put my last 500€. I hope I will get all the money I lost back :s.

    Thank you for responding me.


  200. Jerome-I will see if I can help. click my name. inside is mail.

    3 accounts? I can understand that if you were using settings that you might have found on mt4 stats or somewhere like that, would have caused great pain.

    look forward to hearing from you…GL trading all

  201. BH—I found more fh secrets. Sometime ago I said I was going to build. Doing just that…hummm

    Running 2 sets on gbp/usd on a 3000 account. Do not over leverage from greed or the need to see some action. I’m only running 2 sets because I did my homework. Have over 1000 hrs in. Keep returns real and balanced. A 3000 account taking 10 % a month…that’s real and no need to take more

    GL trading

  202. Hello there Forex hacked seems like interesting EA and after reading all comments for 1 hour, i think i am going to give it a try and hoping to get to know and get advices from you guys.


  203. Hi,
    Can anyone please explain what the definition of the following variables in FH?

    Allow Trending: True/False
    Trend Trigger: 3
    Trend Pips: 5
    trendStoploss: 5
    StoplossPct: 100
    TakeProfitPct: 100
    PauseNew Trades: True/False Def:False
    StoppedOutPause: 600
    Support ECN: True/False
    MassHedge: True/False Def:False
    MassHedgeBooster: 1.01
    TredeDeep: 5

  204. As Saw the question:
    By Comment by Duy on July 19, 2011 @ 9:09 pm
    Can anyone please explain what the definition of the following variables in FH?

    Allow Trending: True/False
    Trend Trigger: 3
    Trend Pips: 5
    trendStoploss: 5
    StoplossPct: 100
    TakeProfitPct: 100
    PauseNew Trades: True/False Def:False
    StoppedOutPause: 600
    Support ECN: True/False
    MassHedge: True/False Def:False
    MassHedgeBooster: 1.01
    TredeDeep: 5
    I did wander, is there any posts after that and is there a answer?

  205. So, how is Forex Hacked working out for those who have bought? Using a VPS sounds ideal, too (running FH all
    day long.) Any insights would be most appreciated.

  206. I purchased this EA and ran it on DEMO account – then went live on very conservative settings according to their documentation – This EA opened trade after trade after trade and had so many bad positions open that my account got margined called and that cost me dearly….Very poor support and no response on getting a refund – they just won’t answer any emails.
    I would not recommend this EA to my worse enemy – its that poor…….

  207. Phillip

    sounds like you had a low pipstarter and maybe to high of a booster. Sorry for your loss.

    To all that try this ea, do not use their documentation for your settings. They can and will kill your account.

    You have to be ultra conservative and backtest any settings that you might want to run…oh say from July of (08) to mid 09. If the settings you choose to run makes it through that nasty bit of data with your account intact…less than an 80% dd which is where most margin calls are made, you just might succeed.

    Gl trading

  208. Hi Marty,
    what about settings 24TP 16PS 1.8Bon GBP/USD, did you try??

    I have an account of 4000 $ and i am using 80Ps 100TP 1.6B with 0.03 lot but the dd sometimes is very hight.

    I wanna try your 60-57 1.9, what about the dd??

    Thank you

  209. Walter, most if not all will have a large dd.

    Shoot for 10% return per month on backtests and you should be fairly safe with your account.

    Do not use the lower settings. The markets have a way of taking all your money.

    Suggest what you are currently using to 80 ps, 80 tp, .01 lot with a boost of 1.68 Make sure masshedge is off.

    4000 starting account with a 10% compounding return for 5 years is an incredible amount of money. As your account grows, tweek ever so slightly to achieve the 10% ave return.

    There are many different ways to play FH and this is just one of them. Keep greed out of the picture and play with no less then 2500 per microlot…ever.

    Will post a way to manage FH when it looks like a large dd is about to happen to minimize the dd. Hopefully I will have that ready soon.

    Hope this helps

    GL trading

  210. you know the funny thing is that on Forexfbi website, i have read pretty much every comments made(good or bad) by each ea (all 45 forex robots) in this web-site but only one ea i did not see any bad comments what so ever which is forex-hecked. there’s something fishy going on here. i read from different forex forums and some forexhecked accounts even got blown out.

  211. Hi Marty,

    Been reading your posts with great interest. I’ve been using FH for almost 2 years but am just now figuring out (in a most expensive way, I might add) that money management and minimum lot size is citical to the success of this EA. I’m sure you’ve heard the story too many times, already. I’m using FXOpen micro accounts for the GBPUSD (TP45, Booster1.8, PS36, Max8 all else default) and EURGBP (TP45, Booster1.9, PS31, Max11 all else default) .01 lot size. Rich these settings won’t make me, but I like having money in my account at the end of the month and seeing about 7-8% monthly return. Anyway, I’ve learned a lot from reading your posts.

  212. Stephen, Thank you so much.

    Hummm- It can and will make you rich given time, here’s why

    Componding is the 8th wonder of the world…take this for instance…starting with 2500 with a 7% return a month

    Year 5, compounding time #12

    Current principal is $135388.88
    Interest earned on $135388.88 is $135388.88 Γ— 0.07 = 9477.22
    This makes your new pricipal $135388.88 + $9477.22 = $144866.09

    almost 10g’s a month..not bad

    Tweek it ever so slightly that 2500 at 10% return looks like this

    Year 5, compounding time #12

    Current principal is $692003.81
    Interest earned on $692003.81 is $692003.81 Γ— 0.1 = 69200.38
    This makes your new pricipal $692003.81 + $69200.38 = $761204.19

    70k a month or so…….not bad

    Stay tuned … I will be back

    ? Anyone having issues with build 416 or 418 with FH?

  213. Hi Marty,

    Thanks very much for your reply. I would perhaps disagree with your compounding example given that earnings from the EA, if remaining in the account, do not accrue additional interest. That being said, there is no question that in the right hands the EA can indeed be quite profitable. I’d love to share settings and currency pairs with you.

    So far there haven’t been any MT4 updates from the brokers I am using – FxDD and FXOpen. I’m currently running 409.

    Hope my email has reached you. If not, let me know.

  214. Hi Marty,

    You seems good with FH.
    I would like to communicate with you through email.

    See you soon!

  215. I have a lot of buys and sells in the demo EURUSD but I tried it in real with USDJPY and only one sell during some hours. On the other hand it start working inmediately on open and if you close a position by yourself inmediately it buy or sell a new one. When there is a fast move up or down (it is what I call it ‘eating pips’ that always happen about 8.30 to 9:15 and 14.30 to 15.15 ) it buys or sells and it is a real mess because in this situations should not do anything in my opinion. I do nothing. I just wait to see what happend it I have no position open. Maybe this should be taken into account the next EA revision.I am in Europe not in the USA

  216. Anyone still hanging on this board? Marty whats your opinion of FH after all the hours you have in on it now? Its been a while since I have seen you post anything.

  217. Neocount,I still have the bot and after many, many hours of testing it can be used safely if you are extremely conservative with your settings and have a big enough account to start with.

    I will check back and or click on comment name to contact.

    GL trading

  218. Hi Marty,
    I clicked your name to contact, but it took me to I was wondering what settings i could put on forex hacked for an account size of $250.00 and what leverage should i use. I know that’s a small amount but thanks in advance

  219. Ben, yes my email is the frontier address.

    250.00 not good with FH. I have done well with 600 to start but nothing less.

    Going to upgrade to the pro version…maybe when I get enough info

  220. I have been using FH for nearly a year now. It is a good strategy provided there is proper risk management.
    Lately, I have encountered a few occasions on my VPS (2 different accounts and different hosts) where the transactions were triggered twice. For eg, my buy levels was 9 and I made the 1st buy. As the price dropped and on hitting the pip starter value, 2 buy transactions were triggered at the same price instead of just 1 transaction. The 2 transactions (level 2) will then open 2 further transactions (at level 3) when the price dropped further by the pip starter value and so forth. These duplicate transactions are counted in the max buy levels of 9 and disrupt the entire strategy and risk profile. Because of this problem, I have made losses.
    Can anyone explain the cause of this ie whether it is due to the VPS or has something to do with the brokers. TQ

  221. People making weird comments have never looked at risk. If your risk is below 10% total & trade one pair, you are fine. Assume all levels will open, add up the lot size & see if that is below 10% total. If not, that is too much risk. Simple.

  222. Hi guys, I am new here.
    Just running FH 2.5 and I noticed some weird things happening my my AAAFx 3000USD demo account.

    First of all I am using a very conservative SL of 10pips. I now have two open positions with no SL, how the hell is that possible ?

    I am also using a lot size of 0.05 I know I should be using 0.03 according to their documentation, but once again I noticed that there is an open position with a lot size of 0.09, how is that possible ?

    I receive a reply from them saying that that’s how the martingale system works. Ok i can understand the increasing lots for coping with the losses but I cannot understand they are zeroing my SL without me knowing about it…

    Any Thoughts ?


  223. Hi Marty,
    Please note that I’m trading with Forex Hacked PRO on a demo account with the amount of $ 3000 and leverage 1:500 provided by ALPARI UK on (EURUSD – EURCHF – EURGBP – USDCAD – USDCHF – AUDUSD – GBPUSD).
    I used the default settings except number of lots & Take Profit (Lots 0.1; Take Profit is 5; Booster is 1.55; Pip Starter is 50; Stop Loss pct is 30; Start Trailing Loss is 20 ; Stop Trailing Loss is 5 ; Slippage is 7) with Time Frame M15.
    Noting that Sometimes the stop loss is closing the trade very near to the opening price like -2.00$ loss and sometimes will reach -180$ loss and not closing and not showing on the trade!
    Also with some trades with Sell order, take profit is higher than the opening price and if Buy order: take profit is less than the opening price (With Another Loss and account blow-up).
    Kindly advice for the whole settings with 5 pips profit only (Since you are an expert with this EA) 
    Thank you in advance
    Best Regards,

  224. Hello Anwar

    Have not used pro but…..only use GDPUSD on such a small account.

    If those are your settings then something is very pip starter 50 and tp 5…..whooops. Please send me exactly what your settings are in the exact order.

    Also .01 lot setting for 3k account…micro..greed kills accounts.

    Trailing stop….if trailing stop is used at 20 then a small retracement of 5 will result in a loss of 15…Make sure it’s set to False. Again something amiss.

    Note email change…. try these
    Forex Hacked Pro Settings

    General Settings

    User Username
    Use manual lots false
    Lots 0.01
    Booster 1.55
    Take Profit 17.9
    Pip Starter 60.2

    Miscellaneous Settings

    Turbo Mode false
    Turbo Divider 3.0
    Continue Trading true
    MM false
    Divider 100.0
    Chart Display true

    Additional Safe Guards

    Use Stoploss Pct false
    Stoploss Pct 20.0
    Use Take Profit Pct false
    Take Profit Pct 1.0
    Use Trailing Stop false
    Start Trailing 15.0
    Stop Trailing 5.0
    Slippage 7.0

    System 1 Settings

    Use Strategy_1 true
    Magic Number_1 1006
    Max Trades_1 15
    Use Dollar Take Profit_s1 false
    Dollar Take Profit_s1 15.0
    System 1_comment Forex Hacked Pro System 1

    System 2 Settings

    Use Strategy_2 true
    Magic Number_2 2006
    Max Trades_2 15
    Use Dollar Take Profit_s2 false
    Dollar Take Profit_s2 15.0
    System 2_comment Forex Hacked Pro System 2

    System 3 Settings

    Use Strategy_3 true
    Magic Number_3 3006
    Max Trades_3 15
    Use Dollar Take Profit_s3 false
    Dollar Take Profit_s3 15.0
    System 3_comment Forex Hacked Pro System 3

    Hope this helps..feel free to contact me…again not optimized settings.

    GL trading


  225. Hi Hispanico77

    Is your sl set to false?

    .09 from .05 boost setting 1.90?

    Lack of all needed info..guessing here

    Change starting lots to .02 MAX and keep boost to 1.65 or less.. unless you think completely outside the box like I do

    GL Trading


  226. Hi to everyone, I just purchased FH and am wondering if there is any more recent/up to date feedback from anyone using FH?

    I am currently using FH on a FXDD demo account. Just trying out the different presets that come with FH.

    Hope to hear from others on how they are doing and their setups.


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