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11 thoughts on “Forex Growth Bot”

  1. Same here, just bought it, on a live acct. Have it set at .01 lots, everything else at default. FPA had a very good look at this. The “live” account is not what I went by since it seems to have a huge risk (.05). From the thread on FPA its had consistant results, also they updated it b4 I even got it online, a very good sign to me. They also answered online questions on FPA, I mean they seem to really be paying attention. No results as of yet, but I will report back weekly. cheers, john

  2. Lost frist two trades for a total of -36 pips. Opened 5 trades Thursday. closed 1 at +67 pips. I manualy closed the other 4 just before the non-farm release (that thing alwasy burns me) totalling another +138. Its opened 2 more today 1 closed -15 pips the other is at -6 and still going. So for the week (depending on what happens with this other trade), i’m up 154 pips. A very successful start. Its still early in my testing and I will continue to update weekly. Cheers, John

  3. Follow up to yesterday. It opened 3 more trades, which at one point were up 100 pips. It then actually let them go negative. When it bounced back up 30 pips to the good I closed the trades manually. So net total I was up 184 pips on the week. If there is a downside to this bot its that it doesn’t tend to close winning trades. They have added a % stop loss to it, however offered no instructions on its use. I left it at default 0.00. So aparently at default its not doing anything as far as stops. Still as an entry picker its great, just have to decide when to get out (greed kills). Cheers, John

  4. Ok gotta leave some negative comments here. I’m having issues with it closing some losing trades but not all, in fact the ones it closes are the small losses and not the bigger ones. I’ve had those run in excess of 130 pips. The bigger issue is that the bot can’t pick a trade back up. In questioning why it would close the smaller of 3 trades in the same direction to support, i accidentally closed meta trader (pasting a pic). my fault i know, but they still have not come up with an update so it can pick up its own trades… seems now they want to create a signal service. It seems like the bigger gains trades the FPA site gets , i don’t get just the lower ones, and that could be broker to some degree. I have to say the real disappointment is when you look at it over the time its run. On FPA everything (well most) was made in the first week, so now its averageing 200 per week. well when ya make 1000 in one week you can slack and get that average. I’ve been losing on it lately. taken some big hits. Support thinks its because i changed the time frame on it, but this last one didn’t have any changes, i have a ticket in to them, first time i haven’t had a reply in 1 day ( normally support is very good) perhaps they have figured that they made all the money they needed off the ea and just need to spend time on the signal service. cheers john

  5. Please, DO NOT use this robot!

    The less people who use it, the better it will work for those of us who do ;D

  6. Believe me forex growth bot really works, im using it on my live account and im so much happy using it. Different brokers give different results, but at the end i got lot of profit..

  7. This is best trend-ridden forex robot i ever see, not that alone, its the one that have been in the market and have thrive in diff market conditions, this guys are d best, i have six copies of growbot, its best out there, you good advisor not by lot traded but by pips acquired,

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