Forex Fractal Breakout

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2 thoughts on “Forex Fractal Breakout”

  1. I have no experience with this product that is why I am on this page however I did notice on another web site that it is alleged that this product was developed by a person that I bought software from several years ago.

    At that time I was a newbee and did not know the consequences very well, I blindly trusted the information supplied and set it loose on two live accounts, one for my wife and one for myself. You guessed it both accounts cleaned out in a matter of days.

    There does not appear to be anything new in this product a set of 3 moving averages and another indicator MAAngle which is available for free on the net. Of course the word fractal is promoted and does not appear on the chart displayed but this name was in the software that I purchased from this person so unless he has found a new way to use it keep your money in your pocket.

    Having said all of the above I have found the following test to be a good indication of whether a product is supposedly genuine. Open up the web page and before you read any of the sales pitch, immediatelu close down the page, if you are then redirected to another page where they promise you a special discount or a free piece of software the run like crazy as they are after your money no matter how small the amount is and if the price looks too cheap then be prepared for upsells after you have already paid for the very basic piece of software they are selling.

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