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17 thoughts on “Forex Fortune Signal”

  1. Hello,

    People talk highly about Mr. Kishore M. Is there any one who tried this service before? If you could speak up, I would appreciate so much. Thanks…

  2. ok. No trades on friday. And more info about their signal service – their signals are delivered by email and you could also recieve them using twitter or facebook. More updates about their trades next week.

  3. Thank you Tony. Since the signals will be pending orders, it is normal that you did not get any order yet. However, coming week I believe you will have some signals. The important thing is that it can be less but winning once instead alot but loosing once. Please keep updating us.

    Thanks alot…

  4. Hello Tony,

    Is there anything new? Have you had any trade yet? If so, how did it go? I would appreciate if you could share with us.


  5. hellow tony… how r u doing i have been waiting for ur review…pls let me know how happy ur with forex fortune signals…..pls add me in skype ckvpm1 and chinnikrishna
    thank u

  6. hi guys. does anyone uses this signal service because it is so much talkrd about.please if anyone does let us know.thanks

  7. First of all sorry about the late reply. I have been very busy lately. ok know lets get into the review.

    Ok guys as I said there signals are delivered by email. Most of their signals are delivered during Newyork session. But I live in Sydney and the time their signals are delivered I am usually sleeping. Because I have to get up early in the morning to go to work.So, I have not been able to take a lot of advantage of their signals.

    But when I check the emails next day there is usually a 30 to 40 pips profit trade over night that I have missed. So I can say their signals are not too bad. And if you happen to live in london or newyork they can be perfect for you.

    Their pending orders usually have a tp and sl of 100 pips but they always seem to close their trade with a 30 to 40 pips tp or sl.

    Ok what I will do is check all the emails sent my forex fortune signals and see how many pips they have made during the whole time.

    Once I have done that I will let you know asap.

  8. ok I just checked all the emails sent by Kishore M and here is the list of performance since 27 April.

    27 April +31 pips
    28 April +47
    28 april +46
    29 April -30
    29 april +10
    3 May -33
    5 May +32,+25,+25 = 82
    9 May – 40

    Total pips made = 216
    pips lost = 113
    Net pips gained = 216 – 113= 113 pips

    Ok this has been the performance so far. Now you be the judge.

  9. hi tony, its good to know that you have started trading live. please how many times do they send their signals daily. thanks

  10. They usually send 1-2signals per day. They are all pending orders. Hardly ever three signals.

    Another 15 pips last night

  11. Hello,

    Please someone let us know about the results and new auto-trade (signal copier) system. I appreciate your help.


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