Forex Executive

Forex ExecutiveForex Executive is a new Forex trading software that claims to be the software that works as opposed to 95% robots that fail (according to authors).

The strategy of the system itself is based on price action analysis (the Advanced Price Analysis system).

Forex Executive is a signals software that issues buy and sell signals with entry and exit points. It works on volatile currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, EUR/JPY and USD/CAD.

Additionally, as a bonus, it includes the Forex Executive manual trading system.

Unfortunately the authors do not provide any trading statements as a proof of trading strategy success, so there’s no way to evaluate it without giving it a run.

Some more details:

  • Cost: $97
  • Currency pairs supported: EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day 100% Money Back

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27 thoughts on “Forex Executive”

  1. im using the indicators they give you free at the website and it works pretty good i have made 2 trades and made about 60 pips in one day i recomended.

  2. i havent used the software i want to make that clear but the indicators they offer for free if you understand them they are very good.

  3. Bought the package and all the upsells. However having trouble making the indicators work. The manual mentions manually placing the ex4 file in the indicators file and the dll file in the libraries file which I have done but can’t find a template file and the manuial mentions using the template file. Also need to input your validation details everytime you load the indicator and the manual says you only need to load these details in once. So either I am messing things up or this product is just a rework of something else and the seller hasnt done a very good job of rehashing. Please let me know if anyone has got this thing working.




  4. Taz, I have the same problems as you have. Somehow the vendors have missed the signals file. I have written to John Simons, the author. He was decent enough to reply with a new folder within twenty four hours. However the problem still exists. I have shot back another email to him about my disappointment. I think he does not realise the mistake that he is making. Could you too email him at Without the setup file we can’t make the thing to work.

  5. Bought the whole program and where can I find step by step instructions on how to unzip the download files? Not computer saavy. New to this type of trading. Would like to set this up in a demo account first to see if this is something I can see doing.
    Instruction manual? I would appreciate any help getting started.



  6. Rob, John Simon, the author of this program has failed to provide us with Install.exe file. Without this file the program is useless. Write to him at the email address that I have given Taz above. Once we get the said file I will assist you in getting the program running.

  7. I had a lot of trouble with finding the template for this program, emailed John many times. He gave me the same instructions that I followed through the guide.

    I just created my own template to resemble the one that we were supposed to have.
    The signals come very occasionally and you have to be by your computer all the time to act upon them.
    Have not made any positive trades so far as signal come but by the time one inputs the data on to an order the market has moved on.

  8. I’d love to get an update if these problems where fixed.

    The fx executive’s website does look very good, but again, don’t they all? Even though there are oto’s being advertised, I think I will still test it out since it does have a 60 day money back but I’d like to have the upload and file problems fixed first.

  9. I purchased Forex Executive and the upsells almost a week ago now. However, I have been unable to download due to an Internet Explorer error. I have emailed John several times asking for him to just email me the files, but keep getting the same suggestion that I should just login and that should fix the problem. I don’t have a problem logging in, never have, but whoever is answering the emails doesn’t seem to be reading that and, like I said before, keeps offering suggestions about how to properly log in and that once I do that it will fix the problem. Anyone here that can email me the files? I can prove that I purchased it by forwarding the Clickbank receipts as well as screen shots of the error that I’m getting, which by the way I’ve already sent to John so for the life of me I cannot figure out how to make my request more clear. I am beyond frustrated at the moment and pretty tempted to ask for a refund as I don’t have a product and don’t seem any closer to getting it even after all the time I’ve spent writing emails and sending screen shots…my email is if anyone would be willing to help. Please help me, I don’t want to ask for a refund, I just want what I purchased!

  10. Yemade money?s Andy, the trades that I missed have gone positive, with this software you have to remain near the computer 24/7. That is not on.

    I am considering may to upgrade to the auto version. Any one using this, and have the trades

  11. Andy, the trades that I missed have gone positive, with this software you have to remain near the computer 24/7. That is not on.

    I am considering may to upgrade to the auto version. Any one using this? and have the trades made any money

  12. I bought this the other day and had problem downloading it but John sorted that. Installed as per instructions and followed guide. Played around with it this afternoon and up about 10% (using it on £3000 demo account) from 2 trades. Would have been slightly more but bottled it on first trade! Whilst I think the auto version might be nice I like being able to use my own judgement.

  13. I purchased it a few days ago. There was no .exe file, I just placed the experts in the expert folder, indicators in the indicator file and template in the template file. There are actually two template folders. One under experts and the other under the main program folder.
    I bought the auto trading program as well. I didn’t want to miss those late night good looking trades. But… Of course it only allows you to trade the GBPUSD in the 4 hour time frame. Been running it for a day now, so far no trades.
    There appears to be some positive trades during the night. During the day I’ve tried a few but so far they lost. Of course there is very little action during this time.
    That’s why I really wanted the auto trading bot for the night time.
    So far I’m not impressed with any of it. I will test for a couple more days and if the same results happen, it’s going back. I usually don’t like to return things I buy but this kind of crap needs to stop. This was very misleading with the auto trading bot. This is not what I expected or wanted.

  14. Hi all of you who have trouble downloading. After I contacted ClickBank for a refund John Simons sent me a new template. The program seems to be working. I received my first alert about an hour ago for the USDCAD pair.

    However, one minor problem still exists. That is, every time I open a new chart and attach the Forex Executive template and indicator I am asked to validate it the program. This is a nuisance and not what the instructions mention.

  15. Hi all,

    sorry for my poor english ;-( french guys are lazy)
    i bought forex executive 1 week ago, hre my status:
    for the fxExec indicator:
    i use it in several currencies & several time chart to see, and nothing, only 3-4 trade indications, which were not relevant. and during 4 complete days.
    So, from my point of view, it is not working. Moreover alert are not displayed ;-( something’s missing ?
    for the fxExec A.P.A iBot:
    well, in same four days, only 2 trades !! both losing.
    by strategies tester, the iBOT blocked after 3 trades .

    packages are well explained, & i don’t think i missed something but who knows ??
    anyway, i sent a mail to be refund, i lost too much time for something which is given, to be working with default settings.

    besides, i tested them on 3 different tradres, just in case!

    i will check something else now …

    as explained in the pdf, you must save your chart as template once you have set every thing (email-ticket N°…), then just recall your template & no need to feel information again.

  16. no is not a scam i’ve gotten very good signals of course u will have your losses but it wins more than it losses

  17. Hi Everyone
    First things first, with this type of manual software its best to have some knowledge of how the markets work. The product maybe able to be successful without prior knowledge, but Im guessing you would lose your money if you just plough in on every signal. Ive tried and tested this product and have to say I like it !….. a lot ! on a 1 hour time frame, trading about 10 pairs. (also I would like to confirm I have no attachment with the seller or am I an affiliate)

    Signals vary from user to user depending on your choice of time frame, I like to use a 1 hour time frame, so signals are once or twice a day, according to the inventor you can use other time frames, but I personally prefer H1, because I am looking for a stronger signal.

    On H1 You should get at least one decent signal a day during the most volatile trading sessions, ie: London & USA.

    From what I can make out (although please feel free to correct me if you think Im wrong), the system signals when an indecision bar is formed, a neutral bar, i.e. the market hasn’t made up its mind up which way it wants to go (in candle stick charting this would be called a “Spinning top”, the opening price and closing price of the bar are very close to the same price. This system takes advantage of this market indecision and trades the “Breakout” of this candle/bar in either direction.

    Forex executive then uses the high and low of that candle/bar as its entry and stop loss in two directions, it uses by default a 1:1 risk reward strategy, which again is wise to do at the very least, its quite clever when you think about it, because at the start of a trade its allowing you the option of being 50% right or wrong, so its flexible from that aspect as opposed to many other “Black Box Systems” you can purchase, in trading terms its hedging your chances of being correct to whether to go long or short.

    Personally I set my pending order with a trailing stop equal to 50% of the target. That means when 50% of the target is reached the stop loss goes to break-even and trails my price, at this point I cant lose! ….. when this happens I cancel my other pending order (the one in the other direction)…. sit back and Im now in a free trade and hope the market storms off in my direction forever !!…. well there’s no harm on being optimistic !!

    Anyway I think this manual system has some mileage and if used with some basic knowledge can be successful.

    Sorry for the long winded post, but I felt I had something to say…LOL !!

  18. Hi me again………………..

    Seriously, reading the posts on here its pathetic… give up now, you guys need to start learning about trading and dont expect it all to be on a plate for you ! This is a cut throat business. Professionals will take your money day in and day out….I will , I cant wait too…. Get some basic knowledge of trading and then you have a chance…buy a system, robot, what ever and your dead in the water…..the sharks are out there and you are the fish !!…you have been warned, please go learn some stuff !! or dont , Im happy to pay for my Porsche with your help !!

  19. The system is good: you don’t need any template, just open the expert file on the left and drag it into the chart or double click on it.
    If you cannot do it, you should leave trading alone since these are the basis ABC.
    After saying that, there is another system around the market that is exactly the same; it is called forex revolutionary and the expert should be downloaded into the indicators folder rather than into just the expert folder.
    It means that you don’t need to purchase another system to have another licence to make it work.
    I suggest H1 because it gives you more signals than H4 and most of them are profitable.
    Hope it helps

  20. I purchased a week ago my forex company helped me to install it, but it seems this software will not activate. I was really excited to have an indicator since I had purchased a slave, but my slave got sick and not orders for a week. So,
    If the software we are downloading is old and inactive, then we are paying for nothing. But should it start to work and do what it is supposed to do, then I would take the time to test it again, but as of right now, I think they are making money on the interest that we have just deposited into someone’s account.

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