Forex Crescendo

Forex CrescendoForex Crescendo is a global approach to the market – it trades two currency pairs (GBPUSD and GBPJPY) at the same time with a portfolio-like approach to trading.

Forex Crescendo EA is based on a price approximation algorithm and automated money and risk management.

Let’s look at the numbers. What I’ve seen is a trading statement summary from trading since February 2010 until now (September 2010), and it shows a winning rate of 77%. The average profitable trade, however, is lower than the average loss trade by about 25%. The author says in his report that a good EA should have the average loss no more than 5 times larger than the average win, so in that context it should be perfect.

In my opinion though, the average profit should always be equal or higher than the average loss should the EA be profitable in the long run. It’s the most basic risk management and common sense really. So the author’s statements like that are quite frankly scary. But that’s just my opinion.

Other info about Forex Crescendo EA:

  • Cost: TBA
  • Currency pairs: GBPUSD, GBPJPY
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day money back guarantee

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29 thoughts on “Forex Crescendo”

  1. IF this is not as you say a good risk loss to reward ration EA, then where do you find one that is not just a paper traded EA that has those risk loss to reward and low draw downs???

    Doug – Clutch City H-Town

  2. Doug – and anyone else reading this; there are no EA’s being sold on the web that are worth the risk to your capital account. The price maybe a few hundreds of dollars, but the cost will be your account balance.
    Look at it like this; if you wrote an EA that produced (say) a net 10% per month, with a gross risk of 2% per open position on a given instrument, then you would not sell it. You would not sell it to anyone because you want it to stay working. Just common sense. My own EA’s take me about 2 to 3 man-years to create – they stay working because the method is my own, and whilst probably not unique, is rare enough not to alter the gross behaviour of the market. Do yourself a favour – study the markets, learn to trade, create your own method, then have it coded by a firm who will legally commit not to disclose your methods to any third party. That way lie profits. And yes, its not easy – did you think an unlimited earning potential would be?

  3. Having looked at Mark’s trading statement, although profit figures look impressive, the open positions look rather alarming. In particular the GBPJPY trade opened more than a week ago currently in -147pips negative. I personally do not favour an EA that uses no stops or hidden stops and leaving trades hanging for over a week hoping for the trade to reverse.

  4. Tim – NO retail trading will ever alter the gross behaviour of the market the amounts it accounts for is just way way to small, so we need never worry about that (unless of course you’re maybe trading $Millions per pip).

  5. I like the sound of this but I had a few questions I wanted answered before I take the plunge.
    Although they udertake to answer all questions promptly. 99.9% within 20 minutes. I must have been one of the unlucky because I have not had a response at all after 10 hours.

  6. About Forex crescendo EA I wrote them mail 2 times and I did not receive any reply until now mean I wrote then 2 days b3fore and still no answer then how will help a client who use their EA in 20 mints…what do u think?,,,,,

  7. After 1 day my demo dropped from 50.000 to 6.400 after a record number of 48 trades: tremendous start. Support was helpful within a couple of hours and send me an “updated” version. Apparently they already knew the problem and already solved it. After 4 days with another broker (their advice) I am running a profit of 40 pips. Frankly with a live account I would have run through a heart attack. EA experience up to now = 9 bought. Result is 8 refunds and 1 running (Crescendo). After this one, NO MORE!

  8. This EA has a major bug that just cost my mate $1300 in a day on a $4000 account. Notice in the big giant advertisement that the live trades stop on the 5th. Nothing on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th. This is when the bug was running rampant.
    This EA industry is just one big marketing machine. Notice that every “review” has a link to buy the product. Hardy independent advice.

  9. Troy’s right I have the EA and it has some kind of bug. I e-mailed them about the live statement getting stuck on the 5th and they have changed the statement to another link but dont tell you this on their website, the reason being they are trying to hide the fact that currently those open trades are down 20%, a 30% blow out is just waiting to happen. Its just another useless Multi trading system that a 10 year old could think up, with a 30% blowout waitng to happen for a miserable average return of 5-15% amonth, I’ll be getting a refund of this shite!!

  10. Yes lets just have an EA that trades a firm stop with a 2:1 risk reward ratio, theres plenty of sucessful systems out there that use these basic forex rules, so why doesn’t someone write an EA for one, screw all this Martingale, Multi trading and huge 1000pip stops to gain a few pips CRAP, they all break the basic rules of Forex trading!!
    It makes sense an EA like that would smash the competition allow the owner to make extra cash while still trading it, and as its only retail not effect the performance, brokers get their spread everyones a winner, COME ON LETS DO IT!!

  11. I bought and this EA sucks! I have way to show how it dont worth even 10 bucks, and after buy the support is terrible. I’m trying get my money back, with no response.

  12. I got my refund ok I gree with Leandro that this EA totally SUCKS it will blow your account evenually it might take months or even years to do but in the mean-time it banks you a miserable return. On a plus side I did find thier support good and they dealt with my refund straight away, although as I write this their site is down and their member area too this would worry me???

  13. I am surprised reading all these negative comments. I have been running this EA on Alpari UK since October 4th and have been rather succesful. How come that we have such different results?

  14. Jez,
    GBPJPY went all the way down but this robot kept put buy orders untill reached 30% DD and closed all open orders in minus.

  15. This EA should not be on sale, it is a “work in progress”!
    The idea behind it is clever but, in practice, it will destroy your account very quickly!
    The way it works is to dig a hole, if it goes against you, dig a bigger hole and keep digging so you can’t get out!
    Not a good strategy….

  16. I bought this EA and found that it had 40 open trades at one point, with a huge drawdown. Had to manually close all trades to get out.

  17. I bought this EA, running it on my dummy account, making lossing trades. 10k account up 200 in 2wks..urmmmmmm

    Looks like i’ll be asking for a refund too.


  18. They are supposed to be releasing version 1.3 on 11/22. I tried it as well and the DD was unreal. I hate being a beta-tester for this stuff, so I got my money back. Be aware that the 60 day refund guarantee REQUIRES that you submit proof of results. I was able to do that, which left no doubt that the thing sucks.

  19. I have the same problem you write to them and ask a Q and you get no answer! never and it says you can call them when you click on the call button it doen’t do anything and and I have not gotten a single answer what a fuckin joke and they say you don’t have to do a thing and just leave everything like it is and it does the rest bullshit

  20. Let it be known that I was banned from the CR blog. I received the usual “you are only negative” procedure and now…… I have become the enemy and it never made any real money anyway.

    Forex Crescendo Expert Advisor is a rip off and I have been using it for a few months. If I had something good to say about it, I would… but, Google This !!

  21. I almost forgot. When you google FOREX CRESCENDO EXPERT ADVISOR it will almost assuredly return + “Andrea the Liar”

    He’s as fake as the publishing company could make him. You won’t get the chance to ask though. YOU’LL BE BANNED.

    And no…….. I’m NOT done yet

  22. Thank you everybody for posting your experiences… Their sales copy on these EA’s plus the 60day ClickBank guarantee makes it almost tempting…
    I keep thinking if their EA is a bunch of crap why would they provide a 60 day guarantee? Surely, everybody will demo trade for a month, realize its another crap EA and request their refund?!

    It leaves me baffled at this whole murky-world industry. I spoke to Tony Lazzaro who’s organized honestforexsignals (his latest offering including Colin Atkinson’s trading room, god knows who/what else). Anyway, he told me that it is about 5 guys that run ALL these EA scamms. I don’t know whether that is true, but it is imaginable.

    Thing is it does seem like it should be possible, Automatic Trading, using an EA, but are any good ones available between $97 and $149 or $1999 (even)?

    Some, say Fapturbo and megadroid work. Creators of megadroid have come up with LTP and that seems to be working although it is another small tp high sl strategy. One loss can burn out many weeks of profit.

    Would love to hear of an EA that genuinely works with verified trading proof over a consistent period of time. Even a signal provider that does!
    (if you do know, drop me a line at linde.trding @

    Thank You

  23. I was pointed to this Robot by a TOP trader .. so I have given it time, NOT yet bought, but I have asked a lot of questions, the response time has been s l o w to say the least, so there is BS No1.. a shame I quite liked what these guys had to say BUT I am sick to death of BS.
    I wonder if these robots are written by the brokers?

    Unless I hear something to change my mind I am out


  24. I have been using this product for over a year now and have seen my account grow by 42%. It seem that a lot of you seem to think it going to make you rich over a short time but this is not so. It take time. I started with a £500 account trading 0.01 lots. It does have at times quite a big draw down but if you study and understand the market and then dont panic you will find that it comes back and then makes you a nice profit.


  25. Just made another £14.20 today after having a drawdown of about £56.00 over the last few days.

    This product is about patience.


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