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4 thoughts on “Forex Catapult”

  1. yup i have had this even before casey released the product to mass public…

    If you use this EA and trade 6 major pairs at once you might go broke…If you stick with one or two major pairs you will profit from it but be prepare to lose about 3-4 times before you get in the trend..

    They are still testing this EA and hopefully they will overcome the choppy market which is deadly for this EA…

  2. Thanks, I may have to cut the 6 pairs I am running to three asap. It works so well in two days I was up 450pips, but I am afraid of the large drawdowns.

  3. Forex Catapult is the most useless purchase I have ever made, if you want to lose your money go for it.
    November showed 22 trades 10 losses and 12 in the money, over-al a loss of $14.00 on a mini account that is well short of all the hype in their presentation
    Not only that my repeated request for a refund have been denied, until I have been forced to lose money for 60 days.
    Their free Asia Mirror is another waste of time these guys keep telling they work great, stay away from them.

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