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Forex Cash RocketForex Cash Rocket is a new completely automated Expert Advisor that implements several trading technologies to achieve accurate trading results. It implements such technologies as NAMA (Neural Adaptive Market Analysis) technology, Profit Protection Matrix, Selective Pocket Analyzer and Market Extrapolator.

These technologies enable Forex Cash Rocket to use automatic market detection which allows to adjust its strategies to market changes as they happen. Neural adaptive market analysis, which improves the accuracy and detection of profitable trades. As well as price action analysis which allows to maximize each trade. Additionally it has a built-in money management system.

The NAMA technology in Forex Cash Rocket consists of 3 parts:

  • The first part is a price buffer which enables the system to adapt to the market. It works by analyzing price action movement after large moves. The system then analyses the price action and finds trades that meet the criteria for the buffer, which prevents from placing trades in choppy markets.
  • The second part enables the system to learn by keeping a history of bad and good trades. That allows the EA to go after the winning trades and avoid bad ones.
  • The third part is the chart pattern analysis. It can analyze thousands of patterns in a set depth (the more depth you set, the more patterns are analyzed) and thus make more accurate decisions.

The system has been back-tested and forward tested for several months performing with a low drawdown and high winning rate. It’s built on the MetaTrader 4 platform and is compatible with any broker that supports this platform.

Once released, Forex Cash Rocket will provide frequently updated live trading results.

Some more details:

  • Cost: $97
  • Guarantee: Clickbank’s 60-day 100% Money Back

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21 thoughts on “Forex Cash Rocket”

  1. Since launch, 1 trade, but on EUR/USD, winning trade. I let it run on my PC from the morning till night, then I turn it off.
    I opened a couple of tickets and I got punctual replies…nothing to complain about, at least they exist!!!
    I also asked about the number of trades it can make and this is the answer:
    Yes don’t expect the system to start putting out random orders,the FCR looks carefully for price points and price action before taking a trade. Expect atleast 1 or 2 trades a day someitme when markets dont move we put ours on the 15MIN to get more trades .

    I hope not to get disappointed, but I have a good feeling about this EA and the staff behind it…in case I’ll ask for a refund.

  2. I am trying the robot on 15 minutes time chart now since the 30 mins did not produce any trades.

    Hope to see some trades, but with all the robots out there none seem to work as advertised.

  3. I don’t know how to put the results over here but I have all positive trades so far…
    Especially on the EUR/USD, I told them and they answered to enjoy testing on this currency but that the good ones are the other two. I have a screenshot of the trades if you tell me how to post it here…
    I think I may go live sooner or later…
    I’m waiting for some addition reviews to be more confident…

  4. HI Maria,

    You can upload the screenshot to and then post a link here.

    Or if you want to share the full statement, you could use and also post a link here.

  5. Hi Maria, how many trades have you had on the EUR/USD?
    I have just had one trade on the USD/CHF today and that was positive, and that is all since the launch.

  6. Hi all,
    thanks for the info, admin.
    here’s the link from imageshack:

    They are all my trade till today.
    One losing trade so far since launch.
    The funny thing is that I leave the EA running part-time.
    I’m probably going to go live with beamfx, as suggested, fund the account and try to use their demo, possibly on VPS.
    If anyone has already a live account with this EA, can post his/her experience, please?

  7. hmmm… this afternoon 2 losses (total of 82), 1 win (24 only, one loss each pair). Account down to 570….
    Let’s see what’s going to happen, I’ll wait before going live (that’s for sure)…

  8. Had a few small winning trades today, mind you i was only using lot size 0.05.

    I having been using the software on a live account since launch, will increase the lot size to 0.1 now.

    Hope this will not wipeout my account.

  9. Hi Phil,
    if I understood well, you’re running the EA on a live account. Can you seggest how much money you’re using and what broker? I have hard times finding out something decent…
    Developers suggest a minimum of 1000 or 500 to fund the account and an ECN broker (with VPS) with tight spreads.
    I’d like to try smaller live accounts before doing something serious..
    Any suggestion?
    Thank you

  10. I have had a 500 to 1500 on the live account, and the broker was Alpari UK.They seem to be ok.
    At this moment I am on a 500 account.

    Since using a lot of 0.1 today i had two loosing trades, these trades lost me 10% of my account. I will be going back to using lot 0.05

  11. Hi,Maria. I have a question.
    I read that it works USD/CHF and EUR/CHF..
    but is it EUR/USD works,too? how about it’s results?

    thank you.

  12. Hi MJ-K,
    scroll up and you’ll get your answer (I wrote about EUR/USD at the beginning of this forum). Nothing has changed.

    Hi Phil,
    thanks for your useful info. The EA had too many frequent losses lately (and still has). Do you think changing lot increases its winning possibilities? I doubt it…
    I’m getting more and more convinced we can’t rely on robot for trading, think I’ll have to learn PRICE ACTION much better and do it by myself.
    But as far as I can get refunded I’ll probably givve them a try…you never know!

  13. Maria i am not so sure, i think the larger lot size you have the program takes more risky trades.

    The risk say 1% of your capital is never adhered towhen the trade goes aginst you.

  14. I bought it and installed it on a full time VPS on April 17th. I put it on 15 minutes and let it go so far I have had 6 winning trades and 5 losing trades. I am up $35.00 largest win was $41.00 and largest loss was $30.00. Not great but I am up, I am trading .10 lots for now. I decided to switch to 30 minutes for less trades but hopefully more winners and less losers. I will let you know if this helps.
    I am undecided about this program….

  15. I bought this when it first came out, had it running for the first week with one losing trade, then rebooted my PC over the weekend like I usually do and the software crashed on me and won’t let me reinstall. I’ve had a support ticket in to these guys since the 19th with no reply as to the problem which probably has to do with their anti-piracy feature as it won’t let me reinstall onto the same PC, but won’t let me reinstall onto another PC either due to the license supposedly already being in use on the first PC. Looks like it’s refund time already … 🙁

  16. Purchased this forex Ea on April 15th installed it with the settings given, running auto 15 min Timeframes, on April 16th 1st trade opened. At the end-of-month summary report from my broker I had 10 loosing trades and only 5 winners.

    This is the 2nd Ea I purchased, will give this one a little more time and then decide.

  17. After very poor reults in the 15M timeframe I put it on 30 minutes and in 10 days I only had 2 trade’s both losers for a 101 point loss. I should have known better but I beleieved the hype. I took it off and have asked clickbank for a complete refund. This EA is a Loser save your money and don’t waste your time on this one…..

  18. Bought this EA on 18/04/2010. Installed it in my Real account. On USD/CHF and EUR/CHF. Total 3 trades triggered on USD/CHF. 2 losing and 1 winning. This was within 3days. On 4th day couldn’t use the EA as it shows Code has expired and need to purchase new code. Enquired thru their customer service and was told that i requested for a refund. Very strange as i didn’t ask for any refund. Everytime i enquired about this, the same reply came. Stay away from all EA’s out there

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